15Thor's Place In Mythology 

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We start our list with a seemingly minor mishap within the MCU but a mishap that has still caused a few inconsistencies. When the world of comic books and mythology meet it can be a difficult thing to merge the two, which is the case with Thor. Taking inspiration from

mythology, Thor and his fellow Asgardians have been coming to Earth for many years and because of this they were seen as gods to the local people.

During Thor's first solo movie, Thor and Loki's backstory and childhood is told as a story by Odin. In that story, Odin came to Earth to do battle with the Frost Giants and became gods to the Vikings. Later in the movie when Thor is banished to Earth, Erik Selvig notices Thor's stories in a book of mythology, however, Thor would have been too young to take part in the battle that made the Asgardians gods and he'd never been to Earth before his banishment. So how did the people know so much about the god of thunder?

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