15 Plot Holes In The MCU That We Choose To Ignore

There is no denying that the Marvel Cinematic Universe, more commonly known as the MCU, has pretty much taken over the world. Since Iron Man first burst onto our screens back in 2008, the MCU has laid out a series of intricate movies and TV shows that have created not just an entertainment universe, but an entire entertainment experience and a new way to enjoy and experience movies.

Generally speaking, the MCU has prided itself on its continuity throughout its universe with each movie being a single, stand alone installment but also a small cog in a larger, overarching storyline.  However, because of the scope, size, and sheer scale of the MCU, it can be prone to the odd plot hole and mishap from time to time, so with that in mind here are 15 plot holes within the MCU that we choose to ignore. Hopefully this doesn't make you like the movies any less.

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15 Thor's Place In Mythology 

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We start our list with a seemingly minor mishap within the MCU but a mishap that has still caused a few inconsistencies. When the world of comic books and mythology meet it can be a difficult thing to merge the two, which is the case with Thor. Taking inspiration from mythology, Thor and his fellow Asgardians have been coming to Earth for many years and because of this they were seen as gods to the local people.

During Thor's first solo movie, Thor and Loki's backstory and childhood is told as a story by Odin. In that story, Odin came to Earth to do battle with the Frost Giants and became gods to the Vikings. Later in the movie when Thor is banished to Earth, Erik Selvig notices Thor's stories in a book of mythology, however, Thor would have been too young to take part in the battle that made the Asgardians gods and he'd never been to Earth before his banishment. So how did the people know so much about the god of thunder?

14 Loki Becomes Odin

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Another dip into Thor's universe with our next entry. At the end of Thor's second movie, Thor: The Dark World, Loki, after helping Thor save the day, faked his own death and somehow managed to fool everyone into thinking he is Odin and is now king of Asgard. The movie itself had a few misfires and inconsistencies but the biggest one is that it was never shown just how Loki had tricked Thor and what he had done with his father, Odin.

With the up and coming Thor: Ragnarok due out in the fall, and the end credit scene in Doctor Strange in which Thor asks Doctor Strange for his help in finding Odin, this plot hole may well be addressed soon and just what Loki did and how he did it will hopefully get explained.

13 Star-Lord's Walkman

When Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy hit our screens, it became one of the surprise hits of the MCU. Telling the story of a group of intergalactic criminals coming together to save the universe, Guardians of the Galaxy quickly become one of the most popular and successful movies to come out of the MCU.

When the young Peter Quill is taken by aliens, he only has what he's wearing and his Walkman on him. Somehow the Walkman and the tapes not only last and remain unscratched or undamaged until he's a grown man but it never seems to run out of batteries. We're not sure how this is possible or if space somehow sells AA Earth batteries or maybe it's a magic walkman?

12 Thor Leave's Loki's Scepter On Earth

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One of the big themes that has been apparent throughout the early stages of the MCU is the Infinity Stone. Obviously this has all been building up to Avengers: Infinity War which will see our favorite heroes do battle with Thanos. The Stones were first introduced as the Tesseract. The powerful and dangerous power source was the reason that The Avengers assembled in the first movie and it was how Loki traveled to Earth.

Once the Avengers formed and stopped Loki to save the day, Thor took Loki back to Asgard with him as his prisoner and also took back the Tesseract. However, he seemed to forget about Loki's scepter which housed the equally powerful Mind Stone, which Loki used on several devastating occasions. Not only did Thor not take it back with him but somewhere between the first Avengers movie and Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Avengers lost possession of it and it found its way into the hands of HYDRA. A slight oversight from our heroes.

11 Thor's Return To Earth In The Avengers 

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Speaking of the first Avengers movie, one of the biggest plot holes that is never really addressed or explained is how Thor managed to get to Earth to stop Loki and join The Avengers.

At the end of the first Thor movie, Thor destroys the Bifrost, the rainbow bridge in which beings can pass from one world or realm to another. He does this in order to save Earth and it comes at an even bigger cost to Thor when Loki tells him that he will never be able to visit Earth again or see his love Jane Foster. It's a big moment in the Thor movie and yet when The Avengers finally get together Thor just turns up as if nothing has happened and the events of his first solo movie didn't happen. Only a passing comment by Loki about dark magic is the only explanation we get. In later movies the Bifrost has been fully restored and again, no one ever mentions how this happened and therefore why it was such a big deal for Thor to break it in the first place.

10 The Chitauri All Dropped Dead When The Mothership Was Destroyed 

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It's fair to say that the first Avengers movie was a complete triumph, not just in comic book movies but as a movie in general. Having such a big cast all wanting some screen time as well as providing a story that it deserves, The Avengers, was a joy to watch. The setup and execution of the first phase of the MCU was a big success.

However, even with all the great things about The Avengers, the movie wasn't without its faults and one of those was the alien bad guys themselves, The Chitauri. The Avengers needed a big, Earth-threatening villain in order to get them to come together and they got just that with Loki and The Chitauri who threatened to destroy the world. But as their invading army became seemingly too strong for The Avengers, Iron Man threw a missile at the mothership and then every single one of them dropped dead. There was never any mention of The Chitauri being linked to each other in this kind of way. Because of this the ending and resolution seemed a bit easy and almost insulting to the audiences.

9 Odin Had The Infinity Gauntlet

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Our next entry is more of a MCU mistake than a plot hole but it still has some fans out there talking about it. During the first Thor movie, Odin has a vault in which he locks up all the rarest and most powerful items in the realms. As Loki spends a few scenes in the vault, we can clearly see that Odin has The Infinity Gauntlet locked away safely inside. However, at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thanos is shown in the mid credits scene to be putting on the Infinity gauntlet as he says "Fine, I'll do it myself."

We get the feeling that when the first Thor movie was written, the MCU didn't know everything about the future movies and therefore weren't sure that the Infinity Stones would play such a big part. It's unlikely that there are two Infinity Gauntlets out there so we think it's more a case that the writers just added in this easter egg as a nod to the Marvel storyline and later realized their mistake and are now just going to ignore it.

8 Thanos Recruiting Loki 

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For a while now it has been clear that throughout the MCU Thanos has been behind the scenes, pulling the strings in order to get what he wants. In Guardians of the Galaxy, the mad Titan uses Ronan to get one of the Infinity Stones for him. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, it is shown that Ultron didn't work alone and was in fact guided by Thanos and of course, in the first Avengers movie, Loki is given his powerful scepter and use of the Chitauri army by Thanos.

We know that Thanos is the big bad for the universe and The Avengers has been building up to a showdown between him and The Avengers, but how does Thanos keep meeting these people? There's no reference to how Loki and Thanos came to meet or how Ultron could in any way be linked to Thanos. It just seems like the writers tap on Thanos at the end of everything in order to keep building up their theme rather than fully explaining any of this.

7 Thanos Gives Away The Mind Stone 

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Our previous entry talked about how Thanos managed to manipulate or even meet some of the MCU villains such as Loki and Ultron, but this entry is an even bigger plot hole and focuses on the Infinity Stones themselves. As we've already mentioned, Thanos and the Infinity Stones have been an underlined theme and threat throughout the entire MCU and will soon come out on screens in Avengers: Infinity War.

However, in order for Thanos to truly be the threat we all know he can be, he needs to get his hands on all the Infinity Stones. Most of them have been seen in various movies but we know that Thanos has had his hands on at least one, but he gave it away. When Loki was given his scepter by Thanos it contained the Mind Stone, which means that Thanos gave Loki the stone in order to get another stone that was powering the Tesseract. If Thanos needs the Infinity Stones then he surely wouldn't give them away, especially since Loki lost his stones so now Thanos has none.

6 Zemo's Plan 

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Throughout the MCU movies, particularly the ones involving the Avengers, an interesting theme has popped up and that's the responsibility of the superheroes and should they be accountable for their actions. This theme all came to a head in Captain America: Civil War in which our favorite heroes were divided in their opinions of what a hero should be and if they should be monitored.

In the middle of this movie we got the character of Zemo, who had lost his family in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Although The Avengers saved the day, Zemo held them responsible for his family's death, Captain America and Iron Man in particular. So Zemo hatched a plan in order to bring down the two biggest Avengers. However, Zemo's plan required too many specific things that if anything at all happened slightly differently than he'd prepared for then his entire plan would fail. And let's not forget the ending in which his ultimate reveal to Captain America and Iron Man needed them both to be in the same place at the same time and there is no way he could have known that, especially as they were at odds with each other at the time.

5 Captain America's Crash 

Our next entry is an example of a movie ending that serves no other purpose than to push forward the franchise. At the end of Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve Rogers is left flying a plane that has other mini planes and bombs aboard it. In order to stop these bombs flying off and destroying cities, Captain America decides to crash the plane into the ice in order to save the world.

But the fact is Captain America didn't need to make this grand gesture and crash the plane. Considering that the plane was flying over the Atlantic, Captain America not only had plenty of time to work out a better plan, he also could have crashed the plane anywhere else other than into the ice. The only reason this happened was to make sure that Captain America was frozen and could be thawed out in the present day.

4 Extremis 

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During Iron Man 3, Tony Stark manages to get his hands on the Extremis project, which can give a person the power to regenerate and regrow limbs and beat pretty much any illness. The only flaw with Extremis is that it caused the people involved to overheat to such an extent that they could breathe fire. Once Stark's girlfriend, Pepper Potts, was exposed to it, the genius Stark put his mind to work and managed to stabilize Extremis. He saved Pepper Potts and even used it so the surgeons could remove the shrapnel from his heart.

However, since Stark magically made Extremis work, he seems to have forgotten all about it. Extremis could have come in very handy especially in Avengers: Age of Ultron when Hawkeye was injured, but instead of Tony Stark pulling out his super healer, he made Hawkeye use an experimental tissue regenerator when he could have fixed it in half the time with Extremis.

3 Captain America's Plan 

We've already mentioned plans that involve a series of specific aspects that are just a bit too implausible, Zemo's plan for example. But Captain America is guilty of this himself. In Captain America: The First Avenger, not only does the good Captain needlessly crash his plane into the ice but his final showdown with The Red Skull is equally unlikely and implausible.

The final scenes involved Captain America breaking into The Red Skull's base, fighting all the bad guys and then getting himself captured by the Red Skull. He's then taken into a room where he meets with the Red Skull and they have a chat before the Cap's friends burst in and save him. But the plan doesn't work on any level. How would his friends know which room he was being held in? How did they or the Cap know that The Red Skull just wouldn't kill him straight away? The fact is that the base was too big for his friends to find him that quickly and the rest is just a bit too convenient.

2 Iron Man's Suits 

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The number two entry on our list comes in the form of Tony Stark's infamous Iron suits. In Iron Man 3, Stark spends most of the movie out of his Iron suit as it needs to recharge. However, at the climax of the movie Stark calls Jarvis and initiates the "House Party Protocol." The protocol allows Jarvis to control the suits remotely and therefore they can be used as an Iron army to stop the bad guys.

It was a very cool scene, especially as most of Iron Man 3, had Stark without his Iron Man suit but this scene alone brings up a big question: if Jarvis can control all of these suits so easily then why didn't Stark do it earlier? Especially earlier in the movie when Stark gives out his home address to a terrorist and calls him out for a face off. This seems like a huge plot hole in the movie and we can't believe that no one questioned this.

1 The Avengers Only Assemble Sometimes

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The number one entry on our list of plot holes within the MCU is The Avengers themselves. Ever since the first Avengers movie came out, it's been hard for us fans to understand why the heroes don't call on each other when they need help. We understand that the main heroes each have their own solo movies and stories to deal with but in a universe in which so many heroes are so close and friendly, why wouldn't they team up more often?

In pretty much all the solo superhero movies, the world has been at stake, or at least there has been a big enough threat that thousands of lives have been at stake. Why wouldn't the heroes call their buddies for help? This actually seems to be something that the MCU are finally starting to address since Captain America: Civil War. The stand alone movies are starting to have more heroes in them, the next one being Thor: Ragnarok which will have The Hulk and Doctor Strange. So maybe this plot hole is well on its way to being fixed.

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