15 Pictures Victoria's Secret Models Hope You Never See

It's easy to imagine that Victoria's Secret models are perfect, untouchable human beings that exist purely for our viewing pleasure. However, there are rare times when we're reminded that these models

It's easy to imagine that Victoria's Secret models are perfect, untouchable human beings that exist purely for our viewing pleasure. However, there are rare times when we're reminded that these models are actually just like us-- klutzy moments and all. Thanks largely to paparazzi and passerbys in the right place at the right time, we catch a glimpse of these rare moments and can't help but be intrigued.

Why is it so fascinating to see models in their everyday life, doing embarrassing things? Perhaps it makes us feel better about ourselves to see something so perfect appear to in fact be imperfect-- just like us. While we may feel guilty for staring, we can't help but wonder what was going through the minds of these models when the unthinkable happens: the release of bad photos. Models try hard to hide their makeup-less faces, nip slips and bad hair days, but sometimes, there's nothing they can do. Tabloid magazines have become the enemy for many models as they reveal a side of them they'd rather not reveal to the public.

While we normally love to see our favorite Victoria's Secret models strutting down the runway or laying on sandy beaches in skimpy swimsuits, let us indulge in photos these models would rather us not see. We'll try not to judge too hard...

15 Candice Swanepoel's Ankle Roll


28 year-old South African beauty, Candice Swanepoel always keeps our attention thanks to her flowing blonde hair and mesmerizing baby blues. However, at this particular fashion show, we were staring at her for completely different reasons. Candice lost her footing during the chic fashion show but lucky for her, at least four gentlemen were quick to come to her aid. That's what happens when you look like, well, Candice Swanepoel.

When Candice isn't falling on her pretty tush in front of hundreds of people, she is earning the big bucks showing off her best assets. In 2012, Forbes declared Candice 10th place on their list of the highest earning models. After seeing Candice grace the covers of 10 different Vogue Magazines from around the world, we believe it.

14 Tyra Banks' Bad Makeup Job


Tyra Banks is probably one of the most well known supermodels in the world thanks to her hit show, America's Next Top Model. As we see on the show, Tyra is always serving us beautiful new looks and her hairdos always look on point. However, on this particular night, Tyra may have missed the mark-- by like, a mile. We sincerely hope whoever did Tyra's makeup on this fateful night was fired, and had all her makeup brushes burned. What was Tyra thinking going out of the house like this? What really concerns us, is that Tyra didn't think to look in the mirror before leaving for this event. Is she unable to see her reflection? Was it a full moon? We just have so many questions.

13 Kendall Jenner Gets Nippy


Usually when we get dressed, we make sure to remember to put on our underwear, and look in a mirror really quick before leaving the house-- unlike Victoria's Secret Model, Kendall Jenner. This gorgeous 21 year-old beauty didn't seem to realize that her sleek black shirt was showing off her nipples for all the world to see. And if we didn't know Kendall had a pierced nipple, we sure do now.

This pic is probably most surprising because Kendall seems to be the most reserved sister from her Kardashian-Jenner clan. With Kim baring it all on a regular basis, the last thing we expected to see was Kendall's breasts while she was innocently walking down the streets. We're not complaining though.

12 Natasha Poly With Cupcake


Ever heard the myth that models never eat? Turns out, it isn't true-- at least not for Victoria's Secret model, Natasha Poly. The Russian bombshell first appeared on the scene back in 2004 and we haven't been able to get her off our minds since. Vogue Paris even declared Natasha as one of the top 30 most in demand models of the early 2000s. As of last summer, the model had appeared on 52 different Vogue covers since the beginning of her career.

While the picture may not be the most flattering, we have to admit: the sloppy cupcake really accents her glittering diamond bracelets and headband quite nicely. In the same shoot, Natasha was pictured eating a chicken wing, an ice cream cone, a chocolate bar and a frappuccino. Even though it may not be glamorous, she sure makes the food look good.

11 Gigi Hadid In Unfortunate Lighting


Gigi Hadid is perhaps the most recognizable supermodel of her time. Thanks to her sexy Instagram photos and gorgeous portfolio, we can't help but hop aboard the Gigi Hadid train. Unfortunately, in between shoots, the paparazzi caught Gigi in some unflattering lighting. At least Gigi's outfit was on point! Although this photo isn't great, almost every photo Gigi takes-- candid or not-- is practically flawless. We watched Gigi come into her own on shows like the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with her housewife mother, Yolanda Foster. She went from basic aspiring model to a total supermodel. She's also known for her incredible friends consisting of beautiful supermodels and musicians-- we're pretty sure they inspired the term, "squad goals".

10 Naomi Campbell Takes a Tumble


If this photo doesn't scream complete embarrassment on the highest level, we're not sure what does. Back in 1993, Naomi Campbell walked in Vivienne Westwood's show in Paris, France and had one of the most epic falls in model history. The funniest part about this incident was the fact that once the supermodel fell, she just sat there on the runway in disbelief at her utter misfortune. To this day, the fall is one of the most talked about of its kind. It's so iconic, that the nine-inch platforms Naomi wore that fateful day were put on display at a Vivienne Westwood exhibit in the Bowes Museum in Paris, in 2011.

For most of Naomi's career, she has reportedly been extremely difficult to deal with and has been named a major diva in the modeling world. Was the fall karma? Who knows. Even if Naomi's dignity was trashed, at least she really gave the shoes a name for themselves. Was it worth it, Naomi?

9 Stella Maxwell's Nip Slip

Nothing makes a good paparazzi photo like a good old fashioned nip slip. Apparently in this part of London on September 20th, 2016, there was an epic shortage of double sided tape as made clear by model, Stella Maxwell. The Victoria's Secret Angel was on her way to the Love Magazine's London Fashion Week party when her nip slipped right out of her loose fitting dress. Other photos taken that night show some serious side-boob that puts all other side boobs to shame. Honestly, we're not even sure why the model bothered putting a top on that night, her chest was basically completely hanging out. This dress also featured an extremely high slit that just stopped short of showing her underwear-- although we'd be surprised if she bothered putting any on.

8 Bella Hadid, The Breakdancer


This photo is hard to look away from-- which is clearly what the entire audience was feeling from the look of this photograph. While model Bella Hadid was falling down onto all fours, viewers had their jaws on the ground and their phones ready. During a Michael Kors fashion show in New York City, Bella lost her footing and fell face first onto the runway. While no one bothered to come to the model's aid (they clearly were in shock of the trainwreck), Bella picked herself back up and gracefully finished the show like a real professional. The 19 year-old model later Tweeted, "Guys I'm a professional break dancer now, I forgot to tell you". While lots of other models would cry and let the fall ruin the show, Bella was poised enough to admit she had an accident and moved on with her life. Props to you, Bella.

7 Leg Gap Extreme


For those who don't know, having the much desired "leg gap" is a goal of model wanna-bees everywhere (thanks Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie). But this photo editor seemed to take the leg gap to a whole other level. If you look closely, this photo from a Victoria's Secret catalogue shows a model with impossibly gapped legs. She looks like some sort of contorted cartoon and not like a human at all.

This isn't the first time Victoria's Secret catalogues have been criticized about their extreme use of photoshop on their models. Other photoshop mistakes include crazy broadened shoulders, extra long arms, and of course, impossibly skinny waists. While these photoshop mistakes are pretty hilarious, we can't help but question the practice of photoshopping models as it gives us common folk an extremely false sense of beauty. Not cool, Victoria's Secret.

6 Alessandra Ambrosio Getting a Mani

via:Alessandra's Beijos

No matter how beautiful you are, you still have to take time to maintain your claws-- even the beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio! Here we see Alessandra zoning out as she gets her nails painted. We have to admit, even though her face leads us to believe nobody's home up there, she still looks absolutely gorgeous.

Brazilian model made history as the first spokesperson for Victoria's PINK line and has had an explosive career ever since. The model has been named 6th in Forbes' list of highest-paid models and was named one of the "Most Beautiful People in the World" by People Magazine. In 2004, Alessandra walked the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway wearing the Dream Fantasy Bra worth 2.5 million dollars.

5 Gisele Bundchen as Napoleon Dynamite


It's really hard to find an unflattering photo of Gisele Bundchen, but low and behold, we dug one up. Normally the model sports long wavy hair, but in this particular show, she was styled more like Napoleon Dynamite than a beautiful model. Many times, fashion shows follow a theme where all the models dress alike or have certain garments in common. While the wig may look funny out of context, it probably really helped bring the show together in a stylistic way. In our opinion this red curly wig is an excellent solution to models who want to hide from paparazzi and go unrecognized in public streets. Seeing Gisele in this wig, we can't help but question if it's actually her! Why was she put in this wig, you ask? To disguise herself? To scare away predators? Your guess is as good as ours.

4 Heidi Klum's Christmas Trip

via:Sözcü TV

This last Christmas, America's Got Talent aired a Christmas Special on NBC. When thinking back on the show, we fail to remember anything but the segment featuring Heidi Klum belting out the famous Christmas tune, Santa Baby-- and falling flat on her butt. While her singing voice was surprisingly pleasant, it was overshadowed by her somewhat dramatic fall following an intense choreographed twirl. As Heidi always does, she handled the situation with grace, picked herself up off the floor and finished the number. She then received a standing ovation from the audience and the ever-critical judge, Simon Cowell. No matter what happens, we can always count on Heidi to display her holiday spirit whether she's singing Christmas songs or creating insanely entertaining costumes for Halloween. Heidi never disappoints!

3 Maryna Linchuk Bares It All

28 year-old Belarusian model, Maryna Linchuk was caught with her top down during one of her bathing suit shoots. Luckily for her, Maryna's fashion stylist was wiling to literally hold her breasts and protect them from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Unfortunately, even with her official boob protector, paparazzi still got a pretty interesting shot that made its way into tabloids.

Maryna has walked in Victoria's Secret fashion shows five times over the course of her career and has graced the covers of various international Vogue Magazine covers. Vogue Paris even named Maryna one of the top 30 models of the 2000s.

2 Kendall Jenner's Breakout


Sometimes we forget that models are just like us, breakouts and all. Unfortunately when us peasants have acne issues, there aren't paparazzi waiting outside our door for a picture. While en route to her next destination, cameras caught Kendall completely make-up-less revealing her bad breakout. In a way, it's almost a relief to see Kendall suffering from something so normal-- she can't be perfect looking every day! Apparently, Kendall has been suffering from acne since her teen years, and after treatments and a good dermatologist (and lots of money) her skin has cleared up significantly. However, thanks to lots of traveling and heavy stage make-up, we're not surprised to learn that Kendall suffers from breakouts now and then. We still love you, Kendall.

1 Gisele Bundchen Chowing Down


What? Another picture of a model eating something fattening? Yes people, models eat! Even the incredibly flawless Victoria's Secret Angel, Gisele Bundchen. This is Gisele's second appearance on this list and let's face it, we're not mad about it. We can't help but wonder what kind of pizza toppings Gisele likes most. Does she enjoy pepperoni? Vegetable? Meat lovers? We may never know.

According to Gisele's personal chef, she and her husband actually don't eat pizza too often. The chef told that the couple has a long list of foods that they don't like to eat including white sugar, white flower, MSG and iodized salt... so how did Gisele justify eating this delicious piece of pizza? We all have cheat days, even supermodels like Gisele.


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