15 Pictures The Miz And Maryse Don’t Want You To See

We often discuss the WWE’s power couples such as Triple H and Stephanie and John Cena and Nikki Bella, but rarely do we mention the likes of Miz and Maryse. The couple has turned into quite the duo as Maryse has aided Miz in changing his entire career trajectory around. Before Maryse, Miz was an afterthought with many labelling his career to be over sooner rather than later. That all changed a year ago when Miz won the IC Title on Raw alongside his returning wife. The couple powered the SmackDown Live brand as Miz would engage Daniel Bryan in what is arguably known as the best feud on the entire show. Despite the fact that he dropped the belt, the duo is still thriving set to face Cena and Nikki at WrestleMania in what should be a high profile bout for the night.

In this article, we'll take a look down the long road of the two by showing some pictures they probably don’t want us to see. Today, they’re enjoying some good times, but that wasn’t always the case as you’ll see in these pictures that take place both in and out of the company. These are 15 pictures the Miz and Maryse don’t want us to see. Like always, be sure to share the article with a friend and let us know your favorite pic from the list. Enjoy!


15 Handshake Snub

Not only did Miz shock the wrestling world by main eventing WrestleMania XXVII, but he left the show with the championship still around his waist. What should have been a special moment for the Superstar quickly turned south and that began backstage as he celebrated the victory. Once he went backstage, overwhelmed with excitement and emotions, he extended his hand to Triple H, only to be left hanging as Hunter just starred at his hand in one of the most cringeworthy moments you’ll ever see.

As for his title run, that was short-lived as well. Less than a month later, Miz would drop the title in a WrestleMania rematch against John Cena at the Extreme Rules PPV. Miz would never reclaim the title again against Cena losing to him two more times and then, changing storylines going from a prominent player to one in the mid-card. His win at ‘Mania was special, but everything after, was truly forgettable and that starts with the handshake that Miz likely doesn’t want you to see.

14 Maryse & Swagger


Maryse would end up booking her WWE ticket through the Diva Search competition. Although she didn’t win, her involvement was enough for the WWE to sign her to a developmental deal. For the Quebec native, this was a dream come true as she always aspired to work for the WWE.

The time of her signing took place in 2006, right around the same time the company hired Jack Swagger, another wrestler the WWE had huge aspirations for. While working the OVW territory, the two grew very close to one another with various pictures online of the two partying it up while down in development. Keep in mind, with a lesser travel schedule, the likelihood of partying was much more real in the developmental scene.

It seems like once they got called up in 2008, both went their separate ways. The WWE had huge plans for Swagger and that was immediately put to place when he joined the ECW brand quickly winning the championship. As for Maryse, she would regularly appear SmackDown starting in 2008, taking up her role as the arrogant heel type, a gimmick she still plays today.

13 Breaking Kayfabe

Keeping the integrity of the business behind closed doors was everything back in the 80s and 90s. Today however, with the uprising of social media, that’s all changed and we now know that some of the bitterest rivals on-screen are actually quite close behind the scenes.

A prime example of that is in the picture you see above with a couple of Ohio boys partying it up, although they’re heated rivals on-screen (well, they were a couple of months ago). This picture was taken at The Miz’s wedding believe it or not, as other WWE Superstars are also in the picture, including his former tag partner John Morrison, who’s currently working for Lucha Underground and Zack Ryder, another former Miz rival. The wedding took place back in February of 2014. The couple tied the knot overseas in the Bahamas and as you can see in the picture, several Superstars made the trip down including several of his “bitter rivals”.

12 Maryse & Her Modelling Days


Today, in the current climate of the WWE, both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have done a fantastic job in changing the criteria for a female wrestler. Nowadays, the WWE takes experience and athleticism as a crucial component for a future female performer. Back in the day however, that wasn’t the case.

The old formula we speak of is the WWE simply hiring good looking human beings. Typically, the company looked at models to fit the bill of the “Diva” role for the show. Maryse was hired with the company during that mindset as she came from a background in modeling.

She has several pictures online swirling from some past shoots before the WWE. The photos are quite revealing, and in all likelihood, pictures she probably doesn’t want us to see today given all of her fame and accolades since her modeling days. We best believe her husband Miz isn’t too thrilled about the pictures either, but that’s only speculation. One of her most noteworthy modeling accomplishments came in 2007 when she graced the cover of Playboy’s 2007 Girls of Canada calendar spread.

11 Miz’s Early Days

Coming from a background in reality TV, Miz decided to set his sights on a new career in the world of pro wrestling. He began with a WWE affiliate joining Ultimate Pro Wrestling in 2003 and he’d eventually make his WWE debut with the Tough Enough reality show. Despite the fact that he was a heel throughout, the Ohio native managed to make it all the way to the finals, ultimately losing out to Daniel Puder.

As you see in the picture above, his look certainly wasn’t always the greatest and not close to being WWE material at one point, but the WWE would look past that given his charisma. He was given another opportunity following Tough Enough and he would report to Deep South Wrestling finding some decent success.

His debut was slated for April on SmackDown but because of unforeseen circumstances, it would be pushed to the summer and not as a wrestler but as a host. It wasn’t the best of starts to his career in the role, but we’ll have more on his hosting skills a little later, stay tuned.

10 Miss Hawaiian Tropic


One of Maryse’s biggest accomplishments before her WWE signing wasn’t winning an independent championship but instead, a modelling accolade claiming the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada 2003 at the age of 20. She would ultimately finish second at the Internationals of the same competition for 2004.

Thankfully for Ouellet, her background was the norm back in the day. However, you most certainly believe her success would be much different nowadays if that was the case with such a background. Those who have limited experience face years and years of developmental till they’re finally called up to NXT. Today, the window to make it onto the main roster is most likely four years for someone with no experience. Maryse flipped those odds as she cracked the roster less than two years after she signed a developmental deal. We truly believe she’d like us to forget about her prior experiences before working with the WWE with such a resume that excluded any prior pro wrestling work.

9 Miz Hosting The Diva Search Competition

For The Miz, what was supposed to be an exciting start with SmackDown in April turned into a lackluster debut as a host. Vignettes initially aired for his April debut, but plans were later nixed when Miz was apparently “cancelled” and banned from the show.

The company would change his role into a host as he began to hype up crowds before live events. He would continue on with random hosting gigs till he was later granted keys to the 2006 Diva Search.

While hosting, things got off to a decent start, but soon enough, that would all go south as Miz became a regular botcher messing up his lines on a weekly basis. The crowds heckled Miz and it seemed like his time was up following the stint. However, the company would finally put Miz in the ring after the Diva Search, picking up a debut win against Tatanka. He would ultimately make up for his poor hosting skills in 2015 when he was a stellar host on the WWE’s Tough Enough reality series.


8 Maryse & Her Brief Indie Stint


It’s inevitable in the world of pro wrestling, once you leave the WWE, most Superstars turn to the indie scene. Although many forget, Maryse followed the same path in 2012 following her WWE departure.

In her final days with the company, Maryse was mostly involved in NXT storylines. Once she suffered an abdominal injury, the company released her while she was nursing the injury following surgery. She would hit the indies for a short amount of time appearing for companies like Family Wrestling Entertainment in October of 2012. She was a mainstay with the promotion for quite some time, offering her services as a commentator during women’s matches.

Along with her indie work, Maryse stayed active earning a realtor licence in 2013 and even appearing in various TV shows and movies throughout that time while away from the WWE. She finally returned to the company in 2016 following WrestleMania 32. She remains active with the company and is set to appear at this year’s ‘Mania alongside her husband.

7 Miz On The Real World

Like Maryse, Miz did not have a wrestling background once he was signed to a WWE deal coming in with minimal amounts of experience. What he did have however, was a prominent past in the world of entertainment as a reality star with MTV’s, The Real World which took place in 2001. Miz dropped out of college for the gig, and was a part of the show’s tenth season. The program opened several doors for the A-Lister as he appeared on various spin-offs of the show and countless other reality series. An interesting fact many forget about Miz is that his name and character was born on the reality show. He used his “Miz” ego to rub people the wrong way; he later realized that it would make for great TV as a wrestling gimmick one day.

After working various other reality shows like Fear Factor, Miz finally made the plunge to make it as a pro wrestler. Despite years and years of getting heat by fans for his past in the world of show business, it seems like he’s finally turning the corner as a great heel for SmackDown Live.

6 Maryse & Her Stint With Ted DiBiase


During her first WWE stint, fans vaguely remember Maryse’s run with the company. Her most notable accomplishments were claiming the Divas Championship on two separate occasions. Aside from that, memories of Maryse are few and far between for most fans.

Before the WWE would release the Quebec native, her final run was served as a manger working alongside former WWE Superstar Ted DiBiase. At the time, the pairing was a big deal as the company had high hopes for Ted in his solo run.

The brief partnership didn’t turn out as planned. Maryse was later moved to a love triangle story with NXT stars. As for Ted, the WWE dropped his Million Dollar Championship and he never recovered as he would leave the company for good in 2013. Maryse was instead gone before that as we previously mentioned, cutting ties with the WWE in October of 2011.

5 Miz With OVW

Growing up in Parma, Ohio, Miz was quite active as a youngster captaining both the basketball and cross country teams. He was active during his high school days and that would translate to his fraternity days with Miami University. He studied in the field of business but would ultimately drop out in 2001 giving his acting chops a try in a role on the MTV reality series, The Real World.

As we discussed, he would make the move to pro wrestling and join the WWE. He started off with Deep South and then he would get shipped off to OVW, as you see in the picture above. His first match didn’t go off so well as he lost in his debut with the promotion via count-out to Rene Dupree (remember that dude?). He would then get thrown into a Tag Team scenario which started off promising, but ended in disaster when Miz was forced to relinquish the championships after his partner Chris Cage, was abruptly released by the company. His short push ended there, and he would later get thrown onto the main roster as a host.

4 Besties With The Bellas


E!'s Total Divas clarified the fact that there was in fact actual beef between the Bellas and Maryse. The two sides were close friends at one point in time, so much so that Brie and Maryse actually lived together. That would all come crumbling down during an incident that took place when all three were out of the WWE.

The story goes that the WWE apparently contacted a bunch of former Divas, including Maryse and the Bellas for a possible return not only in the ring, but for a new reality show, Total Divas. According to the rumor mill a couple of the women held back trying to get better terms with the company and that included the three. Ultimately, the Bellas signed and Maryse, along with several others, were left in the dark. The scenario put a huge damper on the relationship and it wasn’t addressed till Maryse’s return.

During an episode of Total Divas, Maryse confronted Brie about the situation. Things got heated and it appears like the days of the gals all being besties are pretty much done. It’ll be interesting to see Nikki and Maryse together in the ring come WrestleMania. That should make for some interesting television, wouldn’t you say?

3 More Party Pics

Yes, we truly couldn’t help ourselves as we felt the need to post another Maryse party picture from back in the day. This Halloween inspired party picture features Maryse with the “puppies” out, along with Jack Swagger (again) and the lovely Alicia Fox. Cigarette in hand, Ouellet seems to be having a good time.

Outside of the ring, Maryse loves both rock music and the techno scene, which explains her former appetite for the party life. As for her wrestling chops, her biggest inspiration came from Lita, who she idolized when watching the product.

Her dreams of being in the WWE would eventually come true winning two Divas Championships along with having the honor of performing at a WrestleMania event. Despite returning to the company, Maryse has yet to compete in the ring, although she’s had several altercations with both Renee Young and recently Nikki Bella. Although the initial plan seemed to have Miz and Maryse paired up with Ambrose and Renee, it now seems like the logical plan is for a feud with Cena and Nikki, which is likely to reach its peak at WrestleMania.

2 Rejecting The Miz


The 2006 Diva Search comp was pretty big for several reasons. For one, it was one of the first times Miz and Maryse met. Secondly, despite being eliminated early, the show opened the door for Maryse with the company. It even opened the door for the Bella twins who didn’t participate on the show, but got a contract based off of their potential coming from their audition.

Despite The Miz’s poor hosting skills and various cringeworthy botches on the show, he would grow with the company. The WWE would not tie the two together during Maryse’s initial run and instead, they would poke fun at the situation having Maryse reject Miz backstage by literally putting a hand in his face. Miz was enjoying a fine run during that period, so it likely didn’t bruise his ego but looking back however, we best believe he would have liked the segment to have gone differently. Not to worry though, Maryse would return in 2016 helping The Miz to his greatest WWE spell yet. Also, this time, rejection wasn’t in sight as we got the unfortunate visual of the two embracing on various occasions.

1 Maryse’s Adult Adventures

In terms of moments both Maryse and The Miz want you to forget about, nothing comes close to this very moment. Maryse previously made the curious decision in her career to work an adult tape of the amateur nature at one point in time. Yes, there in fact is a video of Maryse making love online and without a doubt looking back, she probably wishes she never did so but hey, we all have things we regret, and for Maryse that’s probably one of them.

The past is the past, and Miz and Maryse share a great relationship nowadays residing out of Los Angeles, California. The couple did however share a brief scare when an alleged stalker was sending Maryse letters and sending her delusional voicemails. Maryse claims her life was threatened and she would later file a restraining order against the 61 year old fan.

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