15 Pictures That Prove Scarlett Johansson is Better off Single

When it comes to gorgeous actresses, it doesn't get any better than the stunning, Scarlett Johansson. Over the years, we've watched her date other actors and even get married--twice. However, after just two years of marriage, we've learned that Scarlett and her husband Romaine Dauriac, have just entered splitsville. While we feel bad for the actress, we can't help but thank our lucky stars that the gorgeous actress is back on the market.

Ever since watching her in movies like Ghost World and Lost in Translation back in the early '00s, we never really got over our crush on Scar Jo. Everything from her golden blonde hair, her blue eyes and her exquisite curves has had us in awe for years. After witnessing Scarlett's divorce for the second time before she even turned 33, we think it's time to examine the actress, and explain why she's simply better off single.

Sure, having a significant other has its advantages, but when you live in the limelight like Scarlett does, marriage just doesn't seem conducive to her lifestyle. Scarlett loves making great films and even writing and performing music, and with more time on her hands, we're definitely looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us. Scarlett Johansson has proved to us time and time again that she's a beautiful, talented actress that can take on just about any role whether she's single or not. Don't believe us? Take a look at the following list of pictures that prove why Scarlett Johansson is definitely better off single.

16 She Has The Red Carpet All To Herself


We've watched Scar Jo share the red carpet with many a fine gentleman, and let's face it-- she always steals the spotlight. When it comes to starring on camera, it's hard to shine next to someone as good looking as Scarlett. All the more reason for the actress to go solo at award shows and movie premiers. Whether she's wearing a sultry black dress, a red gown with a plunging neck line-- or even a burlap sack-- Scarlett puts anyone standing in a fifty foot vicinity to shame no matter what they're wearing. However, we'd like to volunteer ourselves to stand next to ScarJo any day, even if it means making us look bad-- it's quite worth the sacrifice. Wouldn't you agree?

15 She Can Be Your Date To The Next Notre Dame Basketball Game


Going back home to Indiana to catch a Notre Dame basketball game, but wish you had a hot date to accompany you? Well, good news- Scarlett is now single and represents when it comes to the Indiana basketball team (can she be any more perfect?). Imagine waltzing into a game with this gorgeous actress seated next to you? No one would be paying attention to the game, that's for sure. Even if you're not a Notre Dame fan, now that Scarlett is single, maybe she'll wear your old college sweater. Now that she's single again, you have more of a chance now than you ever did before!

14 She Can Finally Have Time for Twitter


During a time when celebrities won't shut up online about politics and current events happening around the world, huge movie star, ScarJo, doesn't even have a Twitter account! Perhaps when she was with her last husband she didn't have the time to post witty banter or observances on the social media platform. While she probably has her hands full at the moment with her young daughter, Rose, maybe she'll use the free time she has to post on Twitter. Since the announcement of Scarlett's divorce, one brave soul assumed Scarlett's Twitter handle and used it in his post to let the actress know he was available. You've got to at least give him props for trying.

13 She Doesn't Seem Too Good At The Whole Marriage Thing


For being 32 years old, ScarJo sure has been through a lot when it comes to her love life. She's dated some of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors, including Jared Leto, Josh Hartnett and Sean Penn. Along with her long list of boyfriends, ScarJo has now been divorced two times. The actress divorced fellow actor, Ryan Reynolds after just two years of marriage before meeting her most recent husband, Romain Dauriac. ScarJo and Romain announced their split after just two short years of marriage (well, then again, two years in Hollywood is probably considered an average time to be married to someone). While relationships in Hollywood can be extremely difficult due to constant public scrutiny, maybe Scarlett just isn't the marrying type? Either way, we think no less of the actress.

12 If You're Eligible For A Senior Discount, You May Have A Chance


Do you get an extra 10% off of your McDonalds order for being a senior citizen? Not only can you get discounts at many other fine establishments, but you can also score a date with the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson! Back when the actress was promoting her film, Lost In Translation, she stated that she never wanted to date a man under the age of 30 (she was just 18 years old at the time). Scarlett then proved that she wasn't kidding about that statement by dating Benicio Del Toro, who was a whopping seventeen years older than her! So, if you're afraid that you've missed your chance with the 32 year old actress, grab some Rogaine and give it your best shot. You never know.

11 More Drunken Nights Out On The Town

Sure, married life can be pretty awesome, but nothing beats getting dolled up and getting into some trouble with some of your best friends, right? Luckily for ScarJo, those days aren't over after all! Scarlett has admitted to enjoying cuddling up on the couch with some good Thai food, but also claims to love going dancing. Perhaps you'll run into ScarJo at one of Hollywood's hottest restaurants sometime soon. Scared you won't be able to spot ScarJo in a crowded bar? Don't be scared. Just be on the look-out for a beautiful blonde woman sporting red lipstick awkwardly posing with surrounding beer cans or champagne bottles like she is in this lovely picture.

10 More Time For Disneyland

If there's one thing Scarlett Johansson loves more than starring in successful blockbusters, it's going to Disneyland. How much does she like the magical wonderland, you might be asking yourself? Well, ScarJo loves Disneyland so much, she chose to have her 20th birthday at the amusement park. Even though Scarlett was a bonafide movie star by the time she turned 20 and could have had a swanky birthday party just about anywhere she wanted to, she still couldn't help but choose Disneyland to celebrate with her friends. Scarlett further proves she's a child at heart by admitting that her favorite film to this day is still Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

9 She Can Finally Take On Another Identity


As proven by TomCat, Brangelina and J-Law; we just love giving celebs and celeb couples their unique nicknames-- and obviously ScarJo is no exception. While we love calling the actress by her cool Hollywood nickname, ScarJo, the actress has openly expressed her disdain for the name. Scarlett thinks her nickname sounds awful and wishes it hadn't stuck around all these years. Now that the actress is newly single, she can take on a whole new identity-- or at least change up her makeup and hairdo. While ScarJo may hate what we call her, in our eyes, having a good nickname means you've made it in Hollywood. Can you imagine calling J-Lo or Kimye by their actual names? Nope. We simply don't have the time for all that.

8 She Can Dip Her Toes In The Lady Pond


Remember Katy Perry's breakout single, "I Kissed a Girl"? We bet you weren't aware that the sultry Scarlett Johansson was actually the inspiration behind the catchy pop hit. Apparently, Perry had the idea after coming across a picture of the sexy actress in a magazine and claiming that she'd love to make out with her. According to NME.com, Perry told her boyfriend at the time, "I’m not going to lie: If Scarlett Johansson walked into the room and wanted to make out with me, I would make out with her. I hope you’re okay with that?” Yes Katie, we are definitely all okay with that. While ScarJo and Katy Perry never actually locked lips, we did witness the actress laying a wet one on Sandra Bullock at the Golden Globes.

7 She'll Probably Write More Music


It's just a fact: when people are angry, sad or suffering from heartbreak, they tend to write amazing music (Taylor Swift, anyone?)! Along with being a great actress, ScarJo is actually an accomplished singer and songwriter. She's released two albums over the course of her career and they've been fairly well received. The actress also sang an Oscar Nominated song entitled, 'Before My Time' for the film, Chasing Ice. Scarlett's deep, brooding voice is somewhat haunting and we can't help but to love it. No matter if she's singing, acting, or just looking at us seductively; we can't help but be smitten with the incredibly talented actress.

6 More Room In The Bed For Furry Snuggle Buddies

Scarlett Johansson has been an animal lover for as long as she can remember. Chances are that if you date ScarJo, you'd better love animals too. After ScarJo starred in the film, We Bought a Zoo, she talked openly about how much she enjoyed working on set with the different animals and how she connected with them. At home, the actress currently has a cat named Trooper and a little Chihuahua that goes by the name Maggie. Good news for the newly single ScarJo: there's much more room in her bed for her furry family members now that the hubby is out of the picture. So, let's get this straight-- Scarlett is a total knockout, she's a talented actress and she loves animals? Seriously, what's not to love?

5 There's Always Someone Willing To Help Her With Her Zipper


One of the perks of having a significant other is having someone to help you put on your watch, carry in the groceries, and zip you up from the back (or zip you down after a long night out). Now that ScarJo is sans husband, who on earth will be there to help her out with her back zipper? Have no fear ScarJo, we can think of at least 100 people who would be happy to help you with that pesky zipper (or one million). We can't help but wonder, who helped ScarJo out with her zipper in this photo? Whoever it was, we can't help but feel seriously jealous that it wasn't us.

4 She's An Inspiration To Hard Working Moms


Scarlett Johansson proves to us all that being a successful actress and having a baby is completely possible-- and you can still look amazing doing it. It's sad that ScarJo's baby, Rose Dorothy, won't have both parents under the same roof anymore, but she's darn lucky to have such an incredible woman as a mother. Even as big as she was, ScarJo had no problem putting on an evening gown and a beautiful smile at the red carpet event shown in the photo above. ScarJo proves that being a mom doesn't mean you have to give up your entire career and shy away from the cameras: you can still be a mother and uphold a successful career. ScarJo is truly an inspiration to hard working moms everywhere.

3 More Time to Make Great Movies


When it comes to making blockbuster hits, ScarJo knows what she's doing. Unlike most actresses in Hollywood, Scarlett Johansson manages to star in a wide range of films in completely different genres-- and they're almost always incredibly acted. We've learned to always expect the unexpected from the incredible actress and she rarely disappoints. Whether we're watching her awesome stunts as Black Widow in Marvel's The Avengers, getting turned on by her provocative performance in Vicky Cristina Barcelona or being charmed by her soothing voice in Her; we hope Scarlett never retires from making movies. And we love the fact that she does a lot of her own stunts in many of her movies. Now that she's separated from her husband, her schedule is probably wide open to make more awesome films.

2 More Weekends Free To Host SNL


Lots of actors and actresses host Saturday Night Live-- but not all of them are good at it. Scarlett Johansson has hosted the historic sketch comedy show four times now (not including her two cameos), proving she has the comedic chops it takes. ScarJo surprised us all with her knack for impressions, notably with her Miley Cyrus and Ivanka Trump impressions. The actress even has a recurring character as Lexi in the Mike's Fountainry commercial sketch. Now that Scarlett's weekends aren't filled with plans with the husband, she's all freed up to do more episodes of SNL. We have a feeling that with all the attention the Trump family is getting these days, Scarlett's Ivanka impression will pop up from time to time.

1 You Have A Higher Chance of Inspiring Her New Tattoo


A lot of us can agree that nothing is sexier than a beautiful woman with a collection of tattoos. Over the years, Scarlett has acquired quite a few tattoos and we've definitely been noticing. Ever imagine what it would be like to see your name tattooed on the beautiful actress? Now that she's single, you have more of a chance than ever to sweep the actress off her feet and inspire her next ink. As far as we know, ScarJo is sporting four tattoos: one on her ankle, one on her wrist, one on her forearm and one on her ribcage (as seen in the photo above; "Lucky" us indeed). We can't help but wonder where else the actress is hiding a tattoo... but we'd love to find out.

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