15 Pictures That Prove Ariana Grande Is Not That Innocent

Ariana Grande has come a long way from being the sweet, innocent child star on Victorious (where she starred opposite Victoria Justice). Smash hit songs and risqué poses are all part of her repertoire now, yet she still manages to maintain an innocent look and reputation, no matter how loud and crazy she gets.

Or so she thinks.

In our quest to prove that there's a sexy Ariana Grande out there -- and we just have to look for her -- we've come up with fifteen unforgettable pictures of the "Bang Bang" singer who, interestingly, got her start on the Broadway stage. The girl who got her name from a character in the cartoon, Felix the Cat (yes, it's true!), suddenly has become all woman.

And God has certainly blessed the Internet for it.

Here's our list of 15 sexy Ariana Grande photos. May the photographers who took these be ever-blessed with everything their heart desires.

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Ariana Grande Sexy Classic Beauty
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15 Classic Beauty Is Timeless

Ariana Grande Sexy Classic Beauty

Not for anything, but Ariana Grande is gorgeous in that timeless, classic beauty type of way, much like Sophia Loren was (and, frankly, still is). Nothing demonstrates that more than this picture, which was taken backstage and edited in black and white. This is one of those pictures that's absolutely perfect, making it a sexy Ariana Grande picture to remember: the contrast of the black and white is great, the pose is natural and surprising, and the look on her face indicates a woman that's both beautiful and dedicated to her craft. And, if you look closely, you can see the first hint of her under-the-breast tattoo.

14 Here Comes Bunny

Ariana Grande Sexy

Playboy bunny style lace ears, a white baby doll bikini, and a strategically placed strawberry are the three components of this sexy Ariana Grande picture that will leave the horny boys begging for more. But despite the fact that she wasn't afraid to don a set of Playboy bunny ears and little else, Grande told Playboy that she wasn't afraid to snap off on fans who thought of her as little more than "a piece of meat." “We need to talk about these moments openly because they are harmful and they live on inside of us as shame. We need to share and be vocal when something makes us feel uncomfortable because if we don’t, it will just continue. We are not objects or prizes. We are QUEENS," she said. Grande also said that being sexy in her art and her music is not an open invitation to disrespect. Good for her!

13 She Wore An Itsy-Bitsy, Teeny-Weeny...

Sexy Ariana Grande Before she was Famous

It seems as though Ariana Grande just started looking sexy straight out the gate. And there's no better evidence of this than this sexy Ariana Grande photo, which was taken while she was still on Victorious. Unfortunately, even though that was the show that catapulted her into the superstar that she is today, it wasn't exactly the best of times either for her or for her co-star, Victoria Justice. According to several reports, Victoria would frequently throw shade at Ariana (remember the "I think we all sing" comment?), and several fans speculated that Victoria and Ariana were still feuding, even up until today. It took a special report from MTV News, wherein Victoria had to come out and flat out deny that she and Ariana were at each other's throats, for the rumors to finally stop.

12 Bang, Bang, Into The Room...

Sexy Ariana Grande Photo at Wango Tango

Ariana Grande is good at a lot of things, but aside from her singing, she's known for her amazing dancing. This sexy Ariana Grande photo was taken at KIIS-FM's Wango Tango annual concert event in Los Angeles, CA, and there's not much we can say about this photo that hasn't already been said, because it's just too cute. Ariana Grande likes dancing so much, in fact, that some of the cops that go to her concert dance along, too! And what's more, there's one cop named PC Paul Taylor who became world famous after a video of him dancing at one of her concerts went viral. Bang, bang indeed!

11 On Stage Doin' Her Thang

If there's one thing that Ariana Grande likes doing, it's showing off her butt. And even though she's not as curvaceous as some of her contemporaries (like Nicki Minaj), she still looks good from the back. Despite this sexy Ariana Grande picture, and many more like it, she still got a lot of heat online from people who wanted to shame her. (Who are these trolls and how dare they do this to Ariana!) But as Bustle reported, she really didn't care what they had to say and how they had to say it. Reports Bustle, " Ariana Grande commented on Minaj's Instagram video of the performance that every butt — large, small, and in between — are "f**king awesome," which is way better of a statement than the last one she made about booties." Go, Ariana! Get at those haters!

10 Barbarella, Come And Save Me From My Misery

Ariana Grande Sexy Barbarella

In the 1960s, Jane Fonda portrayed the futuristic space hero Barbarella, a 41st century cadet who spent her days exploring space with a blind guardian angel. (Yes, it sounds silly when you write it out, but trust us, it was sexy.) And while pop princess Ariana Grande isn't the first one to channel Fonda's legendary character, she's the first to make it look this good. With a metal bustier, a retro gun that's more than slightly reminiscent of the classic film directed by Roger Vadim, and makeup that is On. Point., this sexy Ariana Grande photo definitely belongs in the Hall of Fame. The word "YAS!" was specifically invented for photos like this. And when the late, great Scott Weiland sang about Barbarella, he -- no doubt -- had a vision of this sexy Ariana Grande photo.

9 Simple, Yet Stunning

Ariana Grande Sexy and Simple

It doesn't seem like Ariana Grande can ever take a bad photo, but she seems to be at her prettiest when she's all-natural. And there's, perhaps, a good reason for that: her unique heritage. Ariana Grande was born Ariana Grande-Butera in Boca Raton, FL, and she's of full blooded Italian descent. Her mother is from Abruzzo, whereas her father is from Sicily. And, perhaps, you can see the full extent of this Italian/Sicilian ethnicity here -- in this, one of our favorite sexy Ariana Grande photos. Incidentally, too, Ariana's parents were born and raised in New York, but they moved to Florida right before Ariana was born. (She also has a half-brother, Internet star Frankie Grande.)

8 Nights In White Fringe

Sexy Ariana Grande White Fringe

If there's one thing we can count on Ariana Grande for, it's the fact that she always looks cute, no matter when or where we snap her. Here, we see our girl in a cute little get-up made of white fringe, and while this outfit can look dated in the wrong circumstances, she manages to pull it off just fine. That's why we had to include this entry into our list of sexy Ariana Grande photos. But there's more to this story than meets the eye: around the same time that this photo was taken, word got out that Ariana Grande's grandfather had just beaten an aggressive form of cancer. When word got out to Ariana's fans, they made the hashtag #WeAreProudofGrandpaGrande trend on Twitter. Now, that's dedication!

7 Pretty Little Girl With The Red Bow On

Ariana Grande Sexy Red Bow

Most people know that Ariana Grande got her start on the Disney Channel, on the hit show Victorious. On the show, Grande played Cat Valentine, who was often a foil for Victoria Justice's character of Tori Vega. After the show ended after a three season successful run, Grande went on to star in the spin-off show Sam and Cat, but that show only lasted for one season. It was around the time of Sam and Cat launching that this sexy Ariana Grande photo was taken, and while she looks adorable here, you can see where she got her plastic surgery, and how much weight she's lost. Still, you have to admit that even when she's rocking a simple red bow, Ariana Grande knows how to werk.

6 Strike A Pose

Sexy Ariana Grande photos Gold bathing suit

If it seems like Ariana Grande is always striking a pose, there's a good reason for it: it's because, when she was younger, she used to like running around the house in Halloween masks. In an interview, Ariana even said that her parents were scared that she would "grow up to become a serial killer" because she never met a mask that she didn't like. Fortunately for all of us, she stopped wearing the Halloween masks and, instead, traded it in for sexy costumes. Such is the case with this sexy Ariana Grande photo, where she's shown in a gold metal jumpsuit and matching gold mirrored stiletto heels. Every day is like Halloween, indeed!

5 It's Wango Tango, Baby!

We just had to include another one from Wango Tango in Los Angeles, because not only is it the gold standard of summer festivals, but it's a lot of fun, and it involves a lot of sexy performances. And needless to say, Ariana Grande's performance was so good -- and so sexy -- that we included not one, but two photos from the night. It's amazing how two different camera angles can lead to two sexy Ariana Grande photos, but here we are. Another thing you'll notice, as well, is that Ariana Grande likes to wear black and white, and some believe that's because she's paying tribute to her favorite books, the Harry Potter series (which, incidentally, also has a character named Ariana).

4 Bang, Bang, There Goes Your Heart

Sexy Ariana Grande Bang Bang Selfie

Ariana Grande loves Instagram, and Instagram loves Ariana Grande. She's become quite the selfie queen in the years that she's gone from a teen star to a pop culture phenomenon, and there's no better example of that than this sexy Ariana Grande photo, which was swiped from her Instagram. (It's perhaps no coincidence that she won an MTV Millennial Award for being a "global Instagrammer.") She always seems to look fashionable, even if she's just taking a selfie, and that's perhaps in part to the fact that she credits Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn as her "style inspirations" (and fine choices, both!). No wonder she always looks on point, even if she's just flipping over the camera phone!

3 Eye Of The Tigress

Ariana Grande Sexy Tiger

You know why we love this sexy Ariana Grande photo? Because she seems to really be having a good time in it. Confidence, of course, is extremely sexy, and so is a genuine smile, and in this photo, she's wearing both. Yes, the outfit is a little outrageous, but it's Ariana, and that's what makes it not only cute, but workable. And what's more, that smile you see is actually genuine, and despite reports of her diva-like behavior, she's actually known for being a nice person. Scooter Braun, her manager -- who also manages Justin Bieber -- said that she's "one of the nicest people you'll ever meet."

2 Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman

Ariana Grande Sexy Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman

This iconic sexy Ariana Grande photo was taken at around the same time that she was starting to move away from her Sam and Cat days and start to move into her "pop culture phenomenon days. With this photo, she debuted a much more mature look than she'd been rocking in the past, and that included the ponytail that you see here. Her iconic ponytail, believe it or not, is to hide hair loss. For her role in Victorious, she used to dye her hair red on an almost weekly basis, which caused her hair to fall out. "I had to bleach my hair and dye it red every other week for the first four years," she said. Grande also revealed that she wears extensions in a ponytail and prefers to have brown hair.

1 These Boots Are Made For Walkin'...

Sexy Ariana Grande Boots

Yes, Ariana Grande is beautiful -- you need only look at this sexy Ariana Grande photo to see for yourself -- but, more importantly, she's extremely talented and extremely successful. She's the first female artist to have her first two albums debut at number one since 2010. Susan Boyle was the last woman to have earned this honor. The two ladies, along with Leann Rimes, are also the only ones to have more than one best selling album in less than a year. We can't get enough of how effortlessly sexy she looks no matter what she's doing. Heck, she makes sitting in a folding chair look hot! You go, Ari!

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