15 Classic Pictures Of Paris And Nicole From The 2000s

Ah the early 2000s, when life was much simpler. Get it? Probably the most famous Hollywood BFFs of all time, Paris Whitney Hilton and Nicole Richie were the ultimate IT girls. Spending the majority of the early 2000s up to no good, the besties kindly invited us all to watch, often ending up on the front page of the papers displaying their nether regions. Yep, garnering a reputation for getting drunk and disorderly, the pair also had a primetime show, showcasing their wild antics for all to see. Managing to get away with most of it due to their A-List socialite status, the pair also heavily relied on their mega rich famous parents. With Hilton part of the massively wealthy Hilton franchise, and Richie the daughter to legend Lionel, Nicole and Paris happily grew up in the paparazzi spotlight.

However, after a number of humps and bumps, the twosome split, with rumors that they had stopped speaking for good. Then, seemingly going further and further downhill, the pair was embroiled in a number of arrests, with both Paris and Nicole arrested for reckless driving. Now, worlds apart from their early days as teenage socialites, the ex-pals are living completely different lives, with Nicole a full time mother and Paris... hmm, what does that girl actually do? So, to celebrate the pop culture phenomenon of the past, here are 15 pictures of Nicole & Paris from the 2000s.

15 Let's Get Wasted

Known for getting wasted in more ways than one, Paris and Nicole were the ultimate IT girls. Coining the term, "socialite" the former BFFs also roped in a number of other high profile Hollywood kids to join them in their wealthy, trashy elite group. With the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Kelly Osborne, Tara Reid and other non-entities, the girl crew was also responsible for the first appearance of one Kim Kardashian. Yep, best friends with the hotel heiress Hilton herself, Kardashian obviously enjoyed the spotlight a little too much, going on to outdo her one-time best friend by becoming the queen of reality television instead. With the gang known for their hair extensions, matching purses and dogs to go inside them, the Hollywood starlets were the envy of teenage girls everywhere. Madness.

14 Friends In High Places

As well as having a list of low rate wealthy Hollywood kids in their gang, Paris and Nicole also had a number of friends who were actually famous. Yes, pals with the likes of Mariah Carey and rumors of romps with English royalty, the pair also had a long list of celebrity boyfriends. With Paris raking in the majority, the Hollywood heiress had her fair share of celebrity romances. That's right, from Terminator star Edward Furlong, to Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, it was her romance with Rick Salomon that shot Paris to ultimate stardom, with Rick making and then selling a tape of them embroiled in some bedroom antics. Named, 1 Night in Paris the video became one of the most successful naughty home made tapes of all time, with Paris left highly embarrassed, yet seemingly much more famous. What a guy.

13 Rocking New Trends

Always ones to rock the newest trends, Paris and Nicole were mostly famous for their Von Dutch hats and Juicy Couture tracksuits. Yep, cringe worthy today, the fashion at the time was booming, with Paris and Nicole right at the center of the action. Influencing teenagers all over the world, the two were extreme trend setters. From skunk hair, to wearing belts over their shirts, Paris and Nicole also displayed an unhealthy obsession with the color pink, wearing the 'feminine' tone on a number of occasions. Obviously interested in the wonderful world of fashion, Nicole took it one step further when releasing her own brand in 2008. Named, House of Harlow, after her daughter, the line is surprisingly successful, with Richie winning Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010.

12 Making Enemies

Although loved by some, Paris and Nicole also had their critics, with the two often ridiculed for their behavior. However, it seems Paris is still intent on fighting, having recently thrown shade at some of her former best friends. Yep, from liking photographs that insult Kim Kardashian on Instagram, to massively falling out with Lindsay Lohan, it was her argument with Nicole that really hit the headlines. With no actual explanation to what happened, there have been several rumors. With one source suggesting that the feud erupted after Nicole got jealous of all the attention that surrounded her best pal, Paris stirred things further when commenting, "I brought her on my show [Simple Life], she just got very jealous and turned on me for no reason. I think she just can't stand being around me because I get all the attention and people really don't care about her". Ouch!

11 Besties

Although the pair are not as close as they once were, it is still fun to remember them as a package deal. Besties since birth, the two were inseparably close, with Nicole recently stating, "Paris is somebody that's been in my life since day one." When responding to a question regarding whether they were still in touch, Nicole went on to say, "The short answer to this is, I haven’t spoken to her in a while, but we are very good friends. I love her and I love her family. I have a lot of respect for her." Seemingly having no regrets with regards to her time with Paris and the show in which they took part in, Richie confessed, "I was twenty and I had a television network, which was Fox, come up to me and say, 'Do you want to take a trip for 28 days and get paid for it?' I was like, 'Okay!' It was great. It was like backpacking—it was with your best friend and you got paid for it and it was fun!"

10 Arrests And Legal Issues

We all know what happens when you have too much fun. Arrested numerous times, the pair was often seen in and out of police stations throughout the early 2000s. Both charged with reckless driving on separate occasions, Richie was also arrested for possession of heroin, causing her to swiftly check herself into a rehabilitation center. Arrested again sometime later, Richie was sent to prison, serving a whopping 82 minutes inside. Sporting some similar issues, Hilton has also been embroiled in a number of other legal issues, as well as insulting several minorities. Recorded making derogatory comments with regards to the gay community, Hilton quickly issued an apology, claiming that she was in fact a huge supporter of gay people. As a result, LOGO TV cancelled plans to air a documentary that was solely focused on the starlet, leaving Paris severely red faced.

9 The Simple Life

Airing in 2003, The Simple Life was an American reality television series that followed the adventures of BFFs Paris and Nicole. Shown doing manual jobs such as cleaning, farm work and working in restaurants, the TV show was highly successful. Running for five seasons, the program ended due to the break up in Paris and Nicole's relationship, much to the dismay of fans worldwide. Known for how ridiculously inappropriate it was, some of the show's highlights include, helping a toddler to stuff her 'bra', asking an elderly lady how big her son's ---- was, and numerous hook-ups with random teenage boys across the United States. Plus, if that wasn't enough, the show was also famed for its numerous catchphrases, with Hilton coining the ever famous, "that's hot" and Richie constantly confessing to, "loving it."

8 New Career Moves

After the success of The Simple Life, Paris and Nicole were in hot demand, with Paris going on to dip her toes in every direction possible. That's right, deciding she wanted to become an actress, Paris starred in the horror movie, House of Wax, garnering awful reviews in the process. Fed up of acting, Paris decided to be a writer, releasing her book, Confessions of an Heiress in 2004. Then concluding that music was her area of expertise, Paris signed to Warner Brothers records, releasing her debut single, "Stars are Blind" in 2006. With the song surprisingly successful, Paris' album was also an unexpected hit, selling over 600,000 copies worldwide. Now, a celebrity DJ, yep you read that right, Paris is often seen holding club residencies all over the world. Mental.

7 Funny Lady

With Paris now pretending to be a DJ, Nicole is certainly seen as the more successful of the two, as well as the most likeable. Also stepping into the world of acting, Nicole starred in a number of television guest spots. Starring in Eve, Six Feet Under, and 8 Simple Rules, Nicole also played recurring character, Heather Chandler, in the popular Chuck. Now, soon to be seen in the upcoming NBC sitcom, Great News, which is set in the world of television, Nicole was applauded for her comedic talent. In fact, with the show's producer none other than legendary funny lady Tina Fey, the SNL megastar highly praised Nicole, claiming, "She's a really funny person and has an instant likability. Those are instincts you can't teach. People have it or not. She has good timing without really pushing it."

6 2.4 Children

Not only is Nicole Richie extremely likeable, talented, smart, and hilarious, she is also a hands on mother of two, as well as a doting wife. That's right, after leaving production on The Simple Life, Nicole began dating Good Charlotte front man, Joel Madden. Going on to have two children together, Harlow born in 2008, and Sparrow in 2009, the couple is often pictured still very much in love. With Joel's brother and fellow band mate, Benji, later marrying worldwide famous actress Cameron Diaz, Nicole and Cameron are said to be the best of friends, often snapped laughing and joking around. Now, residing in Australia, Nicole and Joel re-located to Sydney due to his work commitments on The Voice Australia, but often fly back to Los Angeles for work events.

5 The Simple Life Revival

Despite publicly falling out with co-star and former best friend, Paris Hilton has recently expressed interest in a Simple Life revival. Said to be in talks with a number of studios with the possibility of bringing it back, Paris recently confessed, "I’m thinking about it. I’ve been offered a ton of other reality shows as well that I’ve turned down. But The Simple Life was just such a big part of my life and so iconic ... we’ll see what happens. It would be fun." With no word on whether Nicole would join, it sure seems unlikely with the pair now in their mid-thirties. However, claiming to have changed a lot since the days of the Hollywood heiress, Hilton stated that producers pressured her into behaving how they wanted her to be seen, saying, "during The Simple Life, I was playing a character. They told me they wanted me to play this blonde airhead." Hmm.

4 The Classic Comedy Duo

With Paris claiming to be in talks with producers with regards to a Simple Life revival, a revamp would indeed be a must-see, despite the ageing of the former best friends. Known for its hilarious story lines, the show was shocking for the time, with the pair known for their outlandish behavior. Clearly scripted, the pair was a great double act, with Hilton acting as the straight man to Richie's comedic talents. In fact, before Kim Kardashian was even a thing, the pair name dropped her, announcing that she was also a hoe when meeting another girl aptly named, Kim Ho. A billion times better than those that followed, The Simple Life was the ultimate reality TV show, kick starting a new era in reality TV and rich snotty brats.

3 The High School Stereotypes 

Depicting a real life high school movie, the early 2000s was a real life breakfast club. That's right, with Paris and Nicole playing the part of the bitchy cheerleaders, it was up to Kelly Osborne to represent those who didn't quite fit in. Embroiled in a feud that just won't quit, Kelly and Paris have been at loggerheads since time began. Recently seen bashing each other over Twitter, the mortal enemies were said to have clashed beforehand when both attended the music festival Coachella. With Paris accusing Kelly of shooting her dirty looks, Kelly hilariously responded by writing, "it's not 2005, no one cares". However, with Kelly Osborne seemingly hating on anyone who so much as looks at her, who knows what really happened in the darkest depths of the Coachella backstage area.

2 Privileged Backgrounds

Raised in the wonderful world of the Hilton household, Paris is set to inherit a fortune. However, already rather rich, the Hiltons are one of the wealthiest families in Hollywood, with their hotels splashed around all over the world. Also enjoying a privileged upbringing, Nicole's was also rather different. Born to Peter Michael Escovedo, brother of singer Shelia E, Nicole was then handed over to Lionel Richie due to the family not being able to look after her. Officially adopting her when she was just nine years old, Richie entered into a life of luxury, with her every wish catered for. In fact, Nicole is also goddaughter to pop icon Michael Jackson, as well as counting Quincy Jones, and Marvin Davis as family friends, and new to the scene, socialite little sister Sofia Richie. Jealous much.

1 Gone But Not Forgotten

Although it may be 2017, and The Simple Life is a thing of the past, we will always remember just how wonderful the dynamic duo of Paris and Nicole really was. From kick starting a new generation of trashy reality TV, to becoming the forefront of fashion everywhere, Paris was even the original inventor of the scandalous sex tape. Firmly cementing themselves into American culture, the former BFFs have gone on to achieve more than the average mid-thirty-year-old would do in a life time. Yep, love them or hate them, they sure know what makes great TV. Looking back on the dastardly days of her youth, Nicole recently claimed, "I am actually extremely thankful I was so beastly in front of the world for a few reasons, It’s so bad in people’s minds that there’s nothing that can embarrass me now. I got a little surprise gift of freedom! I also truly believe if I didn’t have so many eyes on me, it would’ve been easier for me to slip back into my reckless behavior. I had people rooting me on and watching me at a time when I needed that."

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