15 Pictures Of Christina Aguilera Showing More Skin Than She Wanted To

Celebrities walk into the spotlight knowing what they are getting themselves into, but they choose the celebrity life because there are so many huge benefits to being famous. There is wealth and fame

Celebrities walk into the spotlight knowing what they are getting themselves into, but they choose the celebrity life because there are so many huge benefits to being famous. There is wealth and fame that most people will never experience in their lifetime and celebrities are truly blessed to be able to live the kind of lifestyle that most people can only dream of. Being a celebrity, however, can certainly have its downfalls as well. Being famous doesn’t exempt you from making mistakes and unfortunately, when a celebrity makes a mistake it’s out there for the world to see.

Christina Aguilera is no exception to the rule and she has been in the limelight for almost 20 years. Throughout that time, we have witnessed some major mistakes as well as some fashion faux pas incidents. When she first arrived on the scene, she was an innocent pop star that was taking Britney Spears on for the role of pop princess. She certainly gave her a run for her money when she became one of the most successful singers of her generation. Yet, it didn’t take long for Hollywood to have its usual effect on a young and impressionable female. She went from being a young and impressionable good girl to a "Dirrty" girl. For better or worse, she rose to success alongside Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears but not before showing off a little more of herself than she intended to. Check out our list of the 15 times Christina Aguilera showed off more than she wanted to, and see how the scrutiny of fame can give the world an eyeful.

16 Movie Award Mess

You can’t really blame the famous singer since many new celebs can’t afford a stylist, but in this case, Aguilera really needed one. You would think that when a celebrity knows they are going to be photographed that they would take extra care in their wardrobe, but Aguilera has made more wardrobe mistakes than the average girl. In this case, it wasn’t so much that she was unclothed but she definitely should have thought twice about leaving the house in this getup. When Christina Aguilera arrived at the MTV Movie Awards in 2001, she was wearing an outfit that was considered to be cringe-worthy right from the get-go. Donned in a see-through corset and jeans that were not only attention-seeking but tied up in the front. You just knew that she was going to end up on the worst-dressed list. To add insult to injury, the starlet wore so much makeup that she looked more like a showgirl than the truly talented songstress she is.

15 A Nip Slip

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There are reasons why bras were invented and that’s to keep the girls exactly where they belong, tucked into the dresses safe and sound. The last thing you want to do is wear a flimsy dress without some decent support. That’s exactly what Christina Aguilera did, however, when performing on the hit series, The Voice. From there, the rest is history. Being one of the judges on The Voice was part of Aguilera's attempt at resurrecting her career and in the spring of 2012, her nipple tried to jump ship. During one appearance on the show, Aguilera performed the song, "The Prayer," with her protégé Chris Mann. This was the moment when her nipple decided to make a public appearance. The funniest part of the nipple slip was when Aguilera nonchalantly just tucked her nipple back into place without one bit of alarm on her face. It was no surprise that the ratings went through the roof for this particular episode.

14 A Blockbuster Fail

The Blockbuster Movie Awards in 2001 had Christina Aguilera showing up in one of the worst outfits ever created. For such a beautiful girl you have to wonder what she thinks when she gets dressed sometimes. It could be the celebrity ego that makes one think that they can wear just about anything and they will be forgiven, but Aguilera has taken more than one hit for wearing a terrible outfit. When she showed up to the red carpet, the beautiful singer looked liked she belonged in the circus. To the dismay of the many fashionistas in attendance, Aguilera was wearing a floor length pink velvet gown. As if it wasn’t bad enough that she was wearing velvet ensemble, it looked as if the dress had been shredded by clothing sheers. The starlet once again had over-styled her hair and donned way too much makeup for the event. It was possible that she was trying out a Moulin Rouge ensemble that evening or perhaps auditioning for Cirque du Soleil.

13 Pictured in the Buff

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It’s certainly not the first time that naked pictures of a celebrity circulated the Internet. The famous people involved have always denied that they have anything to do with the leak and fans are left wondering if it was a publicity stunt or if their pictures were somehow hacked. In 2010, Christina Aguilera had some pictures leaked and they didn't exactly show her in the best light. It often makes us wonder why celebs do it at all since the risk just seems too high. The pictures don’t show Aguilera in an attractive light as she is seen in what appears to be a dressing room or a closet. The famous singer is posing seductively in a barely-there outfit that shows off all her goodies. It seems that the only things covering her up are some glitter and nipple pasties. The pictures came around the time when she announced her divorce to her then-husband. Many people claimed that the pictures were a desperate attempt to give her marriage another try, but it’s much more likely that it was a publicity stunt.


11 Her Dirty Look

Via Celebuzz

This was not a good look for Christina Aguilera, in fact, it’s pretty cringe-worthy if we’re going to be honest. Not only are her boobs falling out of her shirt but the positioning of the picture just has her whole body looking a mess. It wouldn’t be the first time that Aguilera has fallen out of her top. It happens so often that you have to wonder if she does it on purpose. The dress is not flattering in any way and without wearing a bra combined with the awkward angle of the camera, it made her look like she had a lot of weight on her and her boobs were sagging. For such a beautiful woman you would think that she would try harder when it came to her fashion choices but she is constantly hitting “misses” in the fashion world. This particular picture was taken while she was speaking onstage during an appearance on The Voice in 2012. The show is set in Pasadena California and Aguilera is a regular judge on the show.

10 Genie In A Bottle

In 1999, Christina Aguilera was just on the cusp of realizing her extraordinary career in music. She had released her popular self-titled pop album and was well on her way to being an A-list star in the music industry. She still had a certain sense of innocence about her, and made people believe that she undoubtedly used to be on The All New Mickey Mouse Club.  This was prior to the release of her infamous hit song, "Dirrty." Yet, the look she donned during the "Genie In A Bottle" phase was a bit scandalous, considering her age, although not as shocking as some of the other outfits she has donned since. This photo was taken when she appeared at the American Music Awards. Whether she was aware of the fact that the event was prestigious or not, she still managed to show up in tight snakeskin pants in a bright red color paired with a blue crop top. The chunky black heels sure didn’t help the look either since it may not have been the best choice for someone trying to be taken seriously in the music business.

9 Mistakes In Twos

This is yet another hit and miss for the popular pop star when she once again appeared at an awards show in a less than an appealing outfit. Christina Aguilera didn’t learn her lesson from 1999 when she attended the American Music Awards because she did it again in 2003. The prestigious award ceremony is the kind of event that stars all over the world pray to be a part of. Despite the train wreck of an outfit she donned in 1999, she went at it again with an edgier look, pairing a ripped crop top with some cargo pants. Although she proved that she had a fantastic body by showing off her trim figure, the critics ripped her apart for taking too much liberty at an event that usually requires a gown. Sometimes critics are forgiving if it means taking a risk for the sake of fashion, but she is on the worst dressed list so often that it’s difficult to constantly give her a pass.

8 A Bathing Suit Style

Via News People

Many people had to wonder if Christina Aguilera decided to don her swimwear to the party that year. Always a regular attendee, you would think that she would take the opportunity to really shine with some fancy celebrity style. Maybe she thought that there would be a swimming pool available to her, either way, it was not a look that the critics agreed with. Teen People Magazine held their annual 25 Hottest Stars Under 25 soiree in 2003, for the sixth year in a row. Aguilera was lucky enough to land on the VIP list and attended the May event. Despite the casual attire at the party, she went a little far by wearing a red top that was curiously similar to something that would be seen at the beach. With the cut and style of the top, it could only be described as a one-piece bathing suit. She then made matters worse by pairing it with green cargo pants. Somebody get this girl a stylist!

7 The Too Casual Pop Star

There is no doubt about it that Christina Aguilera is a stunning girl, and when it comes to her body, she is doing everything right. Yet, the songstress has a real problem in the wardrobe area, especially when it comes to high-class events and prestigious award ceremonies. When premiere night arrives, most stars go for the glamor choices because they know the cameras will be everywhere and they want to look their very best. Not only that, but it’s a great opportunity to mingle and make new connections. In 2002, Aguilera arrived at the 8 Mile premiere in nothing more than jeans and a cropped white T-shirt. She’s a big fan of showing off her midriff but there is a time and a place, and premieres just aren’t meant for such casual attire. Her look was way too casual and the overdone tan didn’t help when the critics went at her.

6 Showing Too Much Booty


Performing live shows are all about entertainment and sometimes even shocking the crowd during the performance. However, that may not be the case when it comes to award shows as it seems that’s where Christina Aguilera likes to show off the worst of her wardrobe choices. Aguilera arrived at yet another awards show with a scandalous outfit that was shocking, to say the least. She may have gone a little too far when she decided to use buttless chaps as part of her wardrobe for the MTV Europe Music Awards that she attended in 2003. Scotland got more than they bargained for when she arrived onstage to perform in nothing but a white bodysuit and buttless chaps, but they should have known to expect something like that since there was a brief time where this was Aguilera's go-to outfit of choice. Thank God for the body suit choice, otherwise, the audience would have seen a lot more of Aguilera than they may have wanted. Whether it’s an attendee or performer, she has continued to fail in regards to her fashion choices.

5 The Pink Carpet

The best way to describe Christina Aguilera’s outfit on the red carpet of the 2001 Grammy Awards was to compare it to a pink and furry carpet. The dress was so awful that many wondered where she found such a hideous design. The critics, of course, ate it up and spit it out in the papers the following day. Poor Aguilera didn’t stand a chance when she picked that outfit for the awards. She has consistently picked terrible choices for prestigious events. The dress featured string ties down the front, baring her breasts for the world to see. The design, however, wasn’t the worst part of the design. It was the material and color choice that made the critics shudder and lie awake at night. The color of Pepto-Bismol and the texture of grandma’s shag carpet came together to create a look that could only be considered mortifying at best. She paired that with a head full of braids and once again Aguilera missed the mark to being picked for the best-dressed list.

4 A Stripper Look

Christina Aguilera was called out as one of the worst dressed celebrities at the VH1 Big in 2002 Awards for her skin-tight dress that hugged her form so tightly that it was a wonder that she could breathe at all. Critics called it her “stripper look” and it was considered a classic case of Aguilera choosing a dress that was highly inappropriate for an awards event. Perhaps she thought that she could get away with it since it was a VH1 event, but award ceremonies are meant as a prestigious event and should be respected as such. In 2002, she showed up to the event wearing a skin-tight dress that had snaps barely holding the ensemble together in the front and her breasts were popping out of the top. To add insult to injury, the dress had a tattoo decal on the front that horrified critics from all over the world. The awards were held at The Grand Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, but even the prestigious locale couldn't help out this poor fashion choice.

3 Barely There Wardrobe


2002 marked another year for wardrobe fails at the hands of Christina Aguilera. The MTV Video Music Awards is the kind of award event that can be more forgiving when it comes to crazy outfit choices since it’s not necessarily the type of event where celebrities are forced to wear a full-on ballgown (although some still do). It’s the type of awards show where the audience and viewers alike are likely to experience some laughs and some surprising events. Many celebrities have acted out skits or even performed pranks on other guests while attending these awards. Aguilera, however, took a colossal chance when she chose her wardrobe and once again fell on the critics' rather sharp blade. The awards were held at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City, and Aguilera showed up in a barely-there jean miniskirt and a top that was nothing more than a scarf tied around her breasts.

2 The Walking Witch

Via Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera had worn her hair in the shade of gray before it became popular, and at the time, it was frowned upon. Many missed the singer’s gorgeous blonde locks and when she showed up at the awards with gray and black hair, critics wondered what had gotten into the starlet. These days, dying your hair gray is not even something that people bat an eye at, but color craziness has gone to a whole new level over the years. In 2003, Aguilera showed up at the American Music Awards dressed as a witch. No wait, that wasn’t the look she was going for, but it was the look that the fashion masterminds gave her. At the time, Aguilera was at the height of her career as a successful singer who had more than proved her talent at that point. She should have been showing off her style potential when she walked the red carpet, but instead, she arrived wearing something that looked like a Halloween costume.

1 Young And Impressionable

Via Cosmopolitan

You can imagine the amount of pressure a young girl would have on her when entering the celebrity world of music. They are constantly told what to do and how to act but not only that, young women are encouraged to drop their innocent persona and don something else entirely. We saw the same thing happen when Britney Spears arrived. One minute she was wearing jogging pants in a video and the next thing we knew, she had a snake wrapped around her as men gyrated against her body on stage. Girls are thrown into this world when they are still underage but yet, they dress much older and in a provocative way. That seemed to be the case in 2000 for Aguilera when she arrived at the MTV Music Video Awards wearing a dress that wasn’t quite holding its status as an actual piece of apparel. Gone was the blonde hair and in exchange, there were bright red highlights. Her casual look from 1999 was replaced with a dress that didn’t leave much to the imagination, and it seemed to be pretty much downhill from there.

Sources: Mirror, Hollywood Life

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15 Pictures Of Christina Aguilera Showing More Skin Than She Wanted To