15 Pictures Nicki Minaj Doesn't Want You To See

Here come 15 pictures of Nick Minaj that she probably wishes would go away. You'll love them big time.

Nicki Minaj is the kind of chick that turns up at Paris Fashion Week wearing only a pastie. Well, not quite "only". See, she had this jacket that did a full reveal of one of those 34Fs and, other than a smallish pastie, she was totally bare. Other things she doesn't want to shout about? Well, there's her brother's upcoming trial, leaked admissions of girl on girl affairs, diva fits all over the place, the odd leaked nudie and more nip slips than you can shake a stick at. Oh yeah, and she may be getting sued for abusing a boyfriend. Hey, it's never, ever dull around Nicki. We sometimes follow some celebrities on social media because of all those raunchy pictures they post. Sure, there's plenty of those hot snaps with Minaj. But mix hot pictures with outrageous behavior and fans come flocking. Her 75 million Instagram followers can't get enough of all those revealing pictures, hot outfits and diva fits. And with all that Nicki gossip buzzing around? She's hot, hot and more hot. Get ready for gossip, nip slips, fits, and more. Here come 15 pictures of Nick Minaj that she probably wishes would go away. You'll love them big time.

15 Paris Fashion Week And The Pastie

OK, she roles up for 2017's Paris Fashion Week. Fashion? Paris Striptease Week is more like it. There's Nicki Minaj front row center at a fashion show in a jacket that does a full boob reveal. And the only thing standing between Minaj and an arrest for indecent exposure is that star-shaped pastie. Hey, with Nicki you might even expect the pastie to "slip off". Oops, sorry. Mistake. Not. But, apparently, it hung in there. Not content with messing with the heads of fashion houses and show watchers, she goes out and gets a picture of tourist Nicki at the Eiffel Tower. Don't think she'll send it home to the folks. Or, maybe our Nicki would do just that. Seems Minaj is getting into fashion in a big way. Is there something we don't know? Are pasties the new black? Guys everywhere are shouting: YES! She'll look back on that stunt and whinge. What was I thinking?

14 The Girl On Girl Side Of Things

WTF? Who the heck is Remy Ma? She is a rapper you may have never heard of. Why? She was living the Orange Is The New Black lifestyle for 6 years or so. Seems in 2007, she got off a charge of the attempted murder of a guy who got shot outside of a club, but was jailed for witness tampering. Now, supposedly Nicki has dissed Remy and Remy has dissed Nicki. You know how life in the fast rapper lane stuff goes. If you hate somebody you put them down in rap-time. But it all gets kind of confusing because at one point there was a tape that showed a chick everybody thought was Nicki saying she and Remy Ma had done the deed, slipped between the sheets, and got hot and heavy. Well, you get the general idea. Except only thing is it "appears" Nicki has Tweeted denials. Or rather non-denials. It's all very confusing and we can't wait for more. Watch out Nicki. Remy could be packing.

13 Oops, The Nip Slip In The Hot Tub

Music videos. The name of the game is to be as raunchy, controversial and hot as the law allows. So, there's our Nicki, making a music video in a hot tub, her 34Fs spilling out of a lime green barely there bathing suit. She is shouting, bouncing up and down and frolicking in the bubbles. And, oops, in all the excitement the girls make an escape and are there for censors to cover up. Hey, as part of the whole operation, she was wearing stilettos that were so high, she had to be carried from one place to the other by a very happy, very big guy. And don't forget the time she had an oops slip on live TV. Good Morning America will never be the same again. It certainly woke the nation up in style. But then, as the Daily Mail commented, Nicki is a champ at trying to stuff her girls into outfits that seem to get skimpier and skimpier. Hey, that's the point boys.

12 Diva Fit Numero Uno - A Spot Of Cell Phone Throwing

OK, she's on stage in Dubai and singing her totally sexy song, "Feeling Myself". The fans are loving it. She's blonde and pretty in pink. It's going great. Then she puts on a totally pissed off face, stops singing and crosses the stage to a security guard who reportedly (sin of sins) was not paying attention to our diva, but rather chatting on his cell phone. She puts out her hand, grabs the guy's phone and then throws it away. Now, she feels better and picks up where she left off in the show. No word on whether the guy ever recovered his phone, but it's a pretty safe bet you won't see him at a Nicki Minaj show ever again. But, hey, it's probably cool with him. When Nicki's around, trouble is soon to follow. Back before she found fame and fortune she was fired from Red Lobster for being rude to customers. Can you believe it?

11 Those Leaked Pictures

According to, back a year or so ago, someone started posting "very explicit naked pictures" of Minaj on Twitter using a Twitter handle that was very similar to Minaj's ex, Safaree Samuels. Oh my word, everyone said. We can't believe he would do that. Well, turns out he didn't. Would I do that, he asked? Well, maybe came the reply. See, there have been "issues" between the two (we'll get to in to in a moment). Now, here is where it gets deliciously vague, because a rep for Samuels "couldn't (or wouldn't) say if the photos were real". Which means, friends, they almost certainly were. If you're interested, do your Google Images thing. Beware of Nicki Minaj imitators.

10 Nicki's Photoshop Diet

Thing is, Nicki Minaj doesn't pretend to be a twig of a girl. She is busty, lusty and in your face. But, what we just can't have are rolls of fat or cellulite or the like. So, before and after; it's just clear that the image was drastically altered to make her waist look smaller and to "disappear" those bulges. Now, like stars everywhere, she gets accused of 'Body by Photoshop'. Sometimes she denies. Sometimes she doesn't. But in this case, there just ain't no doubt about it. She sometimes gets shade for working on her booty to make it more bountiful, if you know what we mean.

9 Let's Slap The Boyfriend Around

Now, you will find this hard to believe (or not), but at one point ex-boyfriend and rapper Safaree Samuels, was threatening to sue Minaj for (wait for it) abusing him while they were all loved up. This made a change from slapping one another around on Twitter and with song lyrics big time. As Dlisted reported, "Last night, Nicki put on her good nails, hopped on Twitter, and proceeded to scratch at Safaree until she damn near blew out one of Twitter’s server farms. According to Nicki, she received a lawsuit from Safaree on Monday... in which he claims Nicki emotionally and physically abused him." Supposed he'll call the security guard as a witness? What's it all about? In a word or two or three: Getting his hands on some of her $70 million.

8 Diva Fit Numero Two - Cat Fight With Mariah Carey

Back in 2013, American Idol was on the road and holding auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina. And? And there was Keith Urban sitting between two divas, namely Nick Minaj and Mariah Carey. And what happened? There was a shouting match between the two queen bees, leaving Keith Urban, literally, stuck in the middle. It's unclear what started it, but Minaj starts shouting, "I’m not [expletive] putting up with your [expletive] highness over here.” Mariah's response? Unfortunately, it was inaudible. A "reformed" Minaj went on Jay Leno, claiming to love Carey and her work and promising her temper tantrums were a thing of the past. She has replaced that character flaw with lying, we guess.

7 The Thing With Her Brother

Reportedly, Nicki is crazy about her big brother Jelani Maraj. So much so that she paid 30 thousand dollars to help foot the bill for his elaborate wedding. How sweet! But wait, there's a problem. And that is? He's been charged with child r*pe of a 12-year-old girl on Long Island, New York. There's more. Guess who paid his $100,000 bail? Yep, good old sis Nicki. Well, at last report, he plans to plead not guilty and so it looks as if it is going to trial. Love him, she might, but don't expect our Nicki to role up for that dog and pony show. No way. Heck, who knows if his wife will roll up to that gig.

6 The Bootylicious Nip Slip

For obvious reasons, tabloids love Nicki Minaj. And no tabloid runs more Nicki wardrobe malfunction stories than England's Daily Mail. Dressed all sexy and black in what the paper called "a seriously bootylicious aesthetic", she took to the London stage two hours late and then "flashed her nipple after busting out of her skimpy stage outfit". It was reportedly, a "serious eyeful". To make it better (worse?), she pretended not to notice the nip slip for a while and went on for several minutes. The fans were probably delighted. And afterwards? She tried to make out it was no big deal. If 34Fs aren't a big deal, what is? Want to see more? Google Images and Nicki Minaj nip slips. Trust us, it happens a lot.

5 A Spot Of Leopard Print Pasties And Drunk-Instagram

On more than one occasion, followers have suspected that Nicki (and others) hit the Instagram site a little worse for the wear. That was certainly the case when she posted some fuzzy-eyed shots, complete with a slurred mouth and leopard print pasties. This was shortly after the launch of her K-Mart fashion range. Can you even use "K-Mart" and "fashion" in the same sentence? Probably not. Anyway, the pasties were, of necessity, rather large. Those nips of hers are "F" size, don't you know. And there have been one or two "suspect" videos in which Nicki appears to weave a little. Well a lot.

4 Making Out With A Fan?

Shocking isn't it? Relax. It's the Nicki Minaj wax figure at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas. It's the hot young Nicki as she was in her Anaconda video. The pictures started appearing online. Cue the red-faced Madame Tussauds people to say, “We have been made aware of the inappropriate photograph that was taken at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas, involving Nicki Minaj’s new wax figure." How dare those fans disrespect those wax figures. Hey, wax dummies need love too. Now, the red-faced museum is forced to hire staff to monitor the customers. If this kind of thing happens with Nicki, imagine what those guys are getting up to with Marilyn Monroe...

3 Another Boyfriend, Another Dissing Match

Now, here's a project for those of you with curious minds. Find one ex-boyfriend of Nicki Minaj that she hasn't dissed or been dissed by. Good luck with that one. Take it from us, it's a nonexistent list. Take rapper Meek Mill. A while back, they were all loved up. Rumor had it she was sneaking off to hotels when he wasn't around. Rapper Drake seemed to be in the frame at one point. Meek Mill was posting hot bedroom shots that maybe were and maybe weren't Nicki. They broke up because he cheated. No wait. Maybe they broke up because she cheated. Get the picture? Then a chick claiming to be his sister put out a track that trashed Nicki big time. Rappers lead interesting lives.

2 An Abusive Father

Nicki Minaj has reportedly said she had wanted to kill her father. And why? Her father Robert, was, according to the Daily Mail, "a cocaine and alcohol addict who used to beat his children, including Nicki". And, trust us, her mother, Carol, wasn't spared. Carol has said that he would get high on booze and drugs, come home and terrorize his wife and children. And reportedly she used to pray that she would become rich and famous, so she could get rid of her father and take care of her mother. Well, the dad is still around and amazingly is "devastated" she would want him out of their lives. Duh. And while we are on family, here's something for free: Nicki has a twin sister who many think is better looking...

1 Nicki And The Bum Feely Dancers

What young rapper goes to a hot, young thing party and gets her bum felt by the strippers? Right! Nicki Minaj. Hey, what's the harm in it? Everybody's having a good time. And we know that Nicki maybe goes for some girl on girl action. And, let's face it, that booty is just too hard to resist. But the girls don't look like they are trying very hard not to get up close and personal. And look at the good news. There's not a nipple or angry boyfriend or spiteful diva in sight. We thought we'd end on a happy note. No word on which party it was. After all, Nicki goes to lots and lots of parties. By the way, she "endorsed" the strippers. Whatever that means.

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