15 Pictures Hope Solo Doesn’t Want You To See

At the age of 35, Hope Solo is living a quiet life nowadays; you can follow her through the likes of Instagram or Twitter to see what she’s up to today. However, you likely know living away from the spotlight wasn’t always the case for the American goalkeeper. At one point in time, Solo was one of the most searched female athletes in the world and a figure people wanted to know more about.

If you followed her career, you know Solo endured many ups and downs. Of course, a lot of ups took place on the field as she’s regarded as the greatest female goaltender to ever play the game. She even dominated the tabloids at one point with her various appearances including a revealing spread for ESPN and an appearance on Dancing with the Stars. However, a lot of bad also came out, as Solo dealt with various court battles dealing with assault on both sides of the fence.

Along with that, Solo made the news for all the wrong reason during an iCloud hack, which revealed some private photos, and her most recent incident that took place during the Rio Games, which cost her a national team spot. In this article, we take a look at everything Hope Solo doesn’t want us to see! Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend. Here are 15 pictures Hope Solo doesn’t want you to see. Let us begin!

15 Tipsy On Live Television

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You got to love Hope Solo for being a bit of a wild child despite her hierarchy status in the world of USA soccer. In her tell-all book, Solo admitted to being drunk during a Today Show interview which took place back in 2008 following her gold medal winning performance. Following the win, the team went on an all night bender partying it up with Vince Vaughn (out of all people). Solo wasn’t shying away from the incident, revealing the juicy details in her tell-all autobiography.

Following some severe partying, Solo and her teammates basically changed from their dresses to tracksuits and took on the interview, still noticeably drunk at that point. In her brief statement Solo was out of it, slurring some of her words and catching some of her mistakes as well. It was funny and all, but in terms of young women aspiring to be like Hope, she’d rather they didn’t see this comical shot.

14 It Was A Cold Day

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This certainly isn’t the worst picture on the list, but one that reveals a little more than expected as Solo appears to be braless in the shot. It also seems like it was pretty cold that day as something seems to be popping out quite intensely. Don’t lie, it’s the first thing you noticed from the shot. Nudity hasn’t eluded Solo’s personal and public life, but we’ll have a little more on that later and throughout the article (yes, that means there are several not-so-clothed pictures coming up, so stay tuned).

At the age of 35, it seems like Solo’s playing days are slowly but surely coming to an end, with soccer players' age expectancy usually around her current age. Growing up in a troubled home with her parents splitting up, Solo relied on soccer at a young age in order to escape the realities of her life. She began as a forward, dominating for her high school, scoring 109 goals. She used her athletic skills in goal later on, making the full-time transition once she joined the Washington Huskies.

13 Lesser Known Relationships

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Before Solo permanently settled down and married football player Jerramy Stevens, like everybody else she explored the dating pool. Her track record isn’t all that bad and it seems like she wasn’t the type of chick to date just any guy. Although in her tell-all book, she did open up to the fact that she hooked up with a celebrity for a one-night-type of ordeal, but she didn’t give the name of that lucky son of gun.

In terms of the other lucky dudes, we’ll discuss some of them in other entries throughout the article. The picture you see above is from one of Hope’s most lengthy relationships which was rumored to have lasted from 2007 till 2011. According to the gossip mill, Hope Solo and party promoter Adrian Galaviz, had an on and off relationship during the four year time span. She eventually moved on for the next dude on the list, another relationship she likely wants us to forget about.

12 Another Ex

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As we stated, her dating track record didn’t read like a lengthy work resume, but nonetheless there still was a couple of names worth mentioning and Kwame Darko is one of those names. Following the end of her on and off relationship to Adrian Galaviz, the party promoter dude, Solo switched her sights onto Darko. He’s a DC based rapper along with being a defensive back in the world of American Football. The two dated in 2012, and as you can imagine, it was a short-lived fling.

Rumors also indicated that Solo briefly dated soccer player C. J. Sapong at one point in 2011, but those rumors have yet to be confirmed by Hope herself. She would also be in a rumored fling with a Dancing with the Stars dude, but we’ll touch base on that a little later in the article. Jerramy Stevens would end up winning the Hope Solo sweepstakes but as you’ll see in the next entry, it came with some rough points for the couple.

11 The Stevens Incident

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Drafted by Seattle in the first round of the NFL draft, Jerramy Stevens was a highly scouted prospect before entering the NFL. He was a top end receiver for a long part of his career and he even played for the Seahawks during their Super Bowl XL appearance.

Off the field, his resume wasn’t as impressive however. His troubled times began during his high school days when he was arrested for assault charges. Things would only get worse in 2000 when he was charged with a r*pe allegation. He was clean for quite some time till 2011 when he once again faced charges for felony battery after hitting two bouncers at a Tampa Bay, Florida bar.

His most noteworthy charge would come after that however. In November of 2012, Stevens was once again charged, this time for assaulting his partner Hope Solo. She was injured following the ordeal and the incident went viral. The case ended up being dropped for lack of evidence and the couple got married the next day, believe it or not!

10 In Court For Punching Nephew

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In case you didn’t know, Solo was in court on more than one occasion based on assault charges. In the first incident we just discussed, she was allegedly the victim, but in this curious case, Solo was shockingly the aggressor and the entire situation was something she hopes none of us remember.

The charges were made in the summer of 2014, so don’t feel too bad if you forget or simply don’t remember. Solo was charged with two counts of assault. This is where things get weird, as Hope was accused of hitting her nephew and, striking her half-sister as well. She pleaded not guilty to the charges, but the situation would persist with various other court battles in the future. Ultimately, Solo won the case, but it wasn’t all that well received around the sports world. Many athletes claimed that a double standard existed and that the same verdict wouldn’t have happened with a male sporting star. Nonetheless, Solo remained on the World Cup roster despite the arrest.

9 Locked In

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Leave it to the media and paparazzi to catch every little thing. In the first picture, it seems like Solo was dressed in regular attire attending the court hearing. However, this picture clearly shows that Solo was in pretty deep as she was locked in by the court. The picture made the rounds online and on television, surely, it was a moment she wasn’t really proud of and a picture she wants us to forget about.

As of January 2015, Solo was finally dismissed of all the charges due to lack of cooperation from both the victims (her nephew and half-sister). Solo’s defense proved to be sufficient as she made the claim that her nephew, who was nearly seven feet tall, attacked her first and she was only defending herself from the initial assault that was initiated by the nephew. Solo would end up refilling a new claim to reopen the case recently in the summer of 2016, however, that was denied as the court refused to review the case once more.

8 Bitter Ending

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We’ve likely seen the last of Solo on the International stage, and boy, did it ever end off on a terrible note! During the US’s Olympic run, the team was ousted in the Quarter Finals despite being heavily favored to go all the way. Solo and her team were eliminated via the shootout; the loss enraged the team as Sweden took on a cautious and defensive approach throughout the game, which is something you can’t fault them for at all. Despite Solo’s best efforts to stall the game during the game winning kick, it didn’t seem to faze the Swedish kick-taker one bit as she laughed throughout Solo’s “glove antics”. She scored nonetheless, ending Solo and the team’s run on a sour note. Hope only made things worse after the game, but we’ll have more on that a little later.

Looking at all her terrific accomplishments, it’s a shame that some will remember Solo’s career for this incident and heartbreaking loss.

7 Posing In The Buff

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There was just something about Hope Solo that made her a huge star not only in the US, but around the world as well. Yes, she was a terrific goalie but her looks also helped her cause as fans and supporters wanted to know more. She became one of the most heavily searched female athletes in the world, and it’s safe to say she didn’t shy away from the fame taking such stunning and revealing pictures.

Throughout her career, Solo has been caught barring it all several times, whether it was purposely done for an ESPN shoot, or other magazines. There has also been the unfortunate leaked pictures that went viral of Solo wearing nothing at all, but those shots were taken against her will. The private pictures went viral, showing the wild side of the American goalkeeper. We’ll have more on that incident in the number one entry, so stay tuned.

6 Rumored Dancing With The Stars Romance

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One of Solo’s biggest career highlights that took place away from the pitch saw her join the cast of Dancing with the Stars back in 2011. The show is a huge platform in terms of exposure and it certainly helped Solo’s popularity at the time.

On the show, Solo was placed with Ukrainian dancer Maskim Chmerkovskiy. The 2011 time period seemed to be quite eventful for Solo, as she was linked in another romantic relationship to the dancer. The duo had quite the run together finally losing out in the semi-final round. Following the show, it seemed like the relationship did not continue, making it a romantic interest Solo wants us to forget about. Obviously, Hope moved on and so did Maskim who’s currently with the stunning Latin dancer Peta Murgatroyd, a two-time Dancing with the Stars winner.

5 More "Buff"

Here’s something a lot of guys wish they could have seen with their very own eyes, live, in person. This picture features a very nude Hope Solo in the middle of the street. Of course, as we stated, Solo was not shy when it came to unveiling her body. Solo praised the fact that women athletes were worshiped for their beauty, claiming it shows just how far the country has come since “skin-thin models”. Solo embraced the culture change and didn’t back down one bit taking part in various risqué type of shoots, including her 2011 appearance in The Body Issue for ESPN Magazine, that saw the goaltender appear in several steamy pics, pretty much wearing absolutely nothing throughout the magazine.

She likely doesn’t regret the photos and she’s probably right, however, when it comes to young girls that look up to her, it isn’t the best look, especially with the leaked photos also coming out.

4 A Promotional Wizard

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Being a Promotional Wizard isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not something Solo wants to be specifically remembered for. Several female athletes are known for their selling prowess, and Solo was regarded as a giant in the field. Danica Patrick was another female athlete that was compared to Solo when it comes to advertising for products. Both have an incredible reach.

In the documentary Branded, Solo looked at the way female athletes were branded compared to the men, often looking like sex symbols. Solo agreed there was in fact a double standard in terms of how male and female athletes are portrayed. Solo’s appearance on the documentary made it the highest viewed episode of the series.

Despite the comments, the marketing didn’t really seem to affect Solo as she took on a plethora of deals, whether they pushed the “sex button” or not. The statement was quite conflicting given her strong appetite for endorsement deals throughout the years.

3 Comments After Sweden Game

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"We played a bunch of cowards. The better team did not win." Hope Solo, 2016.

Those comments made by Hope just added to the controversy and looking at what transpired after she made the statement, we truly believe she regrets expressing her opinion which seemed to be a “heat of the moment” type of reaction. Nonetheless, the Olympic Committee was none too pleased, and it landed the American goalie in some hot water. Solo would ultimately take back the comments, but it was too late.

The US team would end up suspending Solo for six months along with terminating her national team contract. The harsh verdict wasn’t just cause of the comments, it was revealed that it was due to a history of misconduct problems. Solo was none too pleased with the verdict, claiming it was just an excuse to finally force her out of the team. Many of her teammates claimed it violated her rights. It remains to be seen if we’ve seen the last of the starlet goaltender on the international stage.

2 Angry Hope Solo

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A winner throughout her career, Solo rarely lost and when she did, let’s just say she didn’t really handle it all that well. Her resume is something to behold in truth, an Olympic gold medalist in 2008 and 2011, FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion in 2015, along with victories in the Algarve Cup, Four Nations Tournament and CONCACAF Women’s Gold Cup. And that’s just her team contributions; if we start listing her personal awards, we’ll be here for a long time, so instead, we’ll just name her most prestigious victory in 2009 as the U.S. Soccer Female Athlete of the Year.

For Solo’s sake, we hope her legacy will be remembered as a winner, with such a prestigious resume. However, this forgettable picture paints another image and one Solo doesn’t want us to see, as a sore loser. Given the way her US National Team involvement ended, it’s more than likely some fans will remember her for that very attitude.

1 The iCloud Hack

The iCloud hacks took no prisoners, exposing the lives of countless athletes and popular figures around the world. The pictures breached the privacy of various athletes, including Hope Solo, who was on the wrong end of the leak, with more than a couple of private photos making the public rounds.

The leaked iCloud pictures showed that Solo had quite the wild side behind the scenes. The pictures were quite graphic and revealing, with Solo being completely nude in the risqué shots that were not meant for the public eye. The leak took place back in 2014, and a plethora of pictures were published pertaining to Solo’s private life. It was a moment she wants to forget about, as it clearly invaded her privacy showing us a side of her we had no right to see. In terms of pictures in this article, this shot is surely the number one picture Solo doesn’t want us to see!

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