15 Pictures Genie Bouchard Doesn't Want You To See

Eugenie “Genie” Bouchard is one of the hottest women in tennis, on and off the court. The 22 year old tennis player is ranked number 46 in the world, was the first Canadian born player to reach the fi

Eugenie “Genie” Bouchard is one of the hottest women in tennis, on and off the court. The 22 year old tennis player is ranked number 46 in the world, was the first Canadian born player to reach the finals of a Grand Slam (in singles), won the 2012 Wimbledon girls’ title, and reached the semifinals in both the 2014 French Open and the 2014 Australian Open. As far as accolades go, she hasn’t seen any Grand Slam wins, but she has received countless awards, such as the 2015 Tennis Canada female player of the year award and the 2014 Bobbie Rosenfeld Award. Clearly, she’s got a bright future in tennis ahead of her, but hey, if she decides tennis isn’t her bag, maybe she’ll become a model because she’s an incredible beauty too.

Bouchard has a near perfect body. She’s 5’10” and athletic with crystal blue eyes and long blonde hair. It doesn’t hurt that she’s also very rich. She’s won more than $4 million in prize money, has had countless endorsement deals, and her current net worth is estimated to be around $3.3 million. As far as brand endorsements go, she’s been signed with plenty of household names, including Nike, Coca-Cola, Babolat tennis racquets, and more. The girl has her stuff together, and she’s a total sweetheart too.

It seems Bouchard leads a pretty charmed life, but like everyone she has had some not-so-idealistic moments. Lucky for you they were caught in a photograph. The following photos are the pictures Bouchard would rather you didn’t see. Both on and off the court, these are the pictures Eugenie Bouchard doesn’t want you to look at. Enjoy.

15 Weird Halloween Costume


There’s no denying that the plunging black top flatters Bouchard’s physique, but what exactly are these girls dressed as? The cat ears suggest sexy cats. They do have the sexy part down but, without a nose and whiskers, this costume is just weird. The hip hugging, mismatched straight-leg jeans aren’t working to sell the kitten look either. It simply would have made more sense if she’d gone for a completely black bodysuit and lost the arm jewelry. The choker could be a cat collar, but it’s gawky and erases her neck.

This picture is awkward for more reasons than poor costume choice. Bouchard’s uncomfortable posture, especially her weirdly twisted ankles, suggests she wasn’t entirely at ease with her photo being taken. She’s not even smiling. Maybe she just knew that her friend’s costume was even more embarrassing than her own, and that’s why? Or, maybe she was aware that she’d gotten a bit too much sun with her sunglasses on? Whatever the reason, you can tell by her face this isn’t a picture she wants out there.

14 Checking For B**b Sweat


Okay, so there’s no definitive proof that Bouchard is checking her top for boob sweat, but that’s what it looks like. She’s pulled up her top to search for something, and what else could be in there? She didn’t lose her ball in there. That’s in her pocket. She’s got the tennis ball wedged into her shorts, and that’s pretty silly looking too. Otherwise, this is a good picture that shows off her perfect physique and toned legs and booty.

Bouchard takes great care of her body. In the morning, she gets her protein in the form of eggs, but sweetens up the meal with orange juice and fruit. She admits to loving Italian food, but doesn’t overdo it. Everything in moderation, as they say. She spends four hours on the tennis court every day. And, when she’s not hammering balls on the tennis court, she’s at the gym.

13 Sweating Through Her Shorts


Bouchard’s tennis game is on-point, as is her competitive spirit. There are lots of pictures on the web that showcase her incredible agility in beautiful form. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of them because not every photograph taken is going to be an attractive one. Bouchard’s unfortunate stink face combined with unflattering shorts make this picture stand out as one of her worst. The awkward position of her arms doesn’t help matters much. She looks like she’s caught an invisible hippo. She’d probably like to throw a hippo at whoever took and published this pic.

Bouchard shouldn’t sweat this photo though. She’s a powerful game player, and every professional tennis player has shots like this one floating around on the Internet. Although she looks like she’s smelled a fart, when you look at the picture as a whole you see a fierce competitor focused on the ball and ready to nail it over the net. That being said, this is easily one of the first photos Bouchard would scrub from the Internet if she could.

12 Weirdly Eating A Banana


It was inevitable that eventually someone would snap a photo of Bouchard eating a banana, and it happens to be pretty embarrassing. She almost looks like she’s pissed off at someone, and possibly contemplating their death. Isn’t that banana so small too? She looks like she’s eating what’s called a mini-banana, which makes her normal sized hands look huge. It also makes her mouth look bigger, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Bouchard’s favorite foods are bananas and eggs. She gorges on both daily, but there’s no food she loves more than bananas. She told Self Magazine that her favorite healthy snack, for all-day energy, is bananas. She eats like five of them a day at least. Considering bananas pack a punch of potassium and manganese, it makes sense that Bouchard would favor them over other fruits. Potassium plays an essential role in muscle function and manganese is essential to metabolism, which promotes energy. Despite the health benefits of bananas, this is just one of those unfortunate photos taken by sports photographers that’s found a permanent home online.

11 Crying Into A Towel


Bouchard is tough, but not so tough she’s never shed a tear. The tennis pro fell at the US Open in September of 2015 and suffered a pretty serious concussion. Since then, her symptoms are marked by dizzy spells which come and go, including in October 2015 when this photo was taken. She was forced to forfeit a 2015 China Open match against Andrea Petkovic. That same month she was forced to withdraw from several other matches. The stress over her losses was simply too much to handle, and Bouchard was overcome with emotion and walked off the court crying into a towel.

Bouchard’s recovery has been long and arduous, but she seems good as new in recent matches. She’s got a new coach, Thomas Hogstedt, and some wins under her belt (but, no tournament wins yet). She took home more than $500,000 in prize money in 2016, and has played in a number of major matches, including Wimbledon and the US Open.

10 Another Unfortunate Costume Choice


Bouchard certainly has a way with bad costumes. She seems incapable of picking costumes that flatter and make sense. She wore this costume to the 2014 Linz Player Party, which asked that guests come dressed in the “theme of ballet.” Most of the attendees kept it simple with white tights and silken skirts with body suits, but not Bouchard. She went full-on with layers of tulle and ended up looking more like the clumsy fairy than the sugarplum fairy.

Still, with that smile, who could complain? So what if her tank top is haphazardly tucked in, and the shirt and skirt add weight to her slim body. She’s still a sight to behold. Her hair looks great, and she looks like she’s having fun. She probably wasn’t having too much fun when she got a look at the pictures and discovered her costume choice wasn’t such a good idea. At least she got the shoes right.

9 Flirting With Her Mixed Doubles Partner


As far as we know, Bouchard is still single, but don’t count yourself in the running unless you’re an athlete or Hollywood B-lister, as Bouchard’s list of beaus only includes other famous people and sportsmen. So far, she’s been connected to a couple of hockey players, including the Montreal Canadiens’ Alex Galchenyuk and the Chicago Wolves’ Jordan Caron. It was rumored that she was hooking up with her mixed doubles partner, Nick Kyrgios (pictured).

When asked to address the rumors of a relationship between her and Kyrgios, Bouchard vehemently denied those rumors. Obviously, if she’s trying to deny a hookup, she wouldn’t want anyone viewing photos where she’s obviously flirting with the guy in question. Kyrgios is considered the Australian “bad boy” of tennis, but their mild flirtation hasn’t ruined Bouchard’s good girl image. She’s still a nice girl even if she was flirting her way through the US Open, including participating in frisky towel fights.

8 Getting Her Hair Done


After the Australian Open, Bouchard spent an entire day meeting with the press. Of all the photos they could have used to sell her media day, this awkward “getting ready” photo was chosen by a number of websites. It shows her getting her blonde locks straightened by a woman wearing a hideous fur (fringe?) vest. The look on Bouchard’s face says it all, “Why are you taking my picture right now?”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess that Bouchard probably wishes they would have selected another photo… Maybe one where she was smiling instead of making that weird duck face? It’s strange they were even able to catch Bouchard making such a dowdy face. Off the court, she’s usually happy-go-lucky and beautiful, so this is a rare occasion to catch her looking so ridiculous. At least her hair and skin look great, and she clearly doesn’t need any makeup. This would have been a great picture if she’d smiled. If we were her, we’d be mad at the photographer who picked such an inopportune moment to steal a photo.

7 The Infamous Balcony Shot


Someone, obviously not Bouchard, took this picture of her in a thong bikini. Wouldn’t you like to thank that person? And, then thank whoever had the good sense to publish this photo to the Internet? Bouchard’s hard work on the tennis court and rigorous gym schedule has certainly has paid off. She’s got a great booty, and the rest of her figure is pretty incredible too.

Bouchard took a vacation to the Bahamas to celebrate a year of hard work. She stayed at the Atlantis Paradise Island Hotel, splashed in the ocean, and stared longingly at the sea from her balcony. She had a tough year, so she deserved a little reprieve. She was unable to secure a second Wimbledon final, but she did work hard to get her condition under control and return to the courts. She made an impact, and didn’t seem to have any concussion issues, which is a good sign for a future comeback.

6 Goofing Off On The Court


Clearly, Bouchard has a great sense of humor. She always seems to be giggling, smiling, and having a good time. That being said, it’s doubtful she wants this ridiculous tongue-lagging photo shared online. Not only is her posture awkward (she looks like a slightly bent over, tennis playing Barbie doll), but her eyes are doing something weird and her tongue is hanging out of her head. We bet if Bouchard could track down the photographer who snapped and published this gem, she’d beat him with her tennis racquet.

She really is very funny, so it makes sense there are pictures of her making silly faces. Of all her terrible costumes, the best is when she donned skin tone colored underwear and stuffed it with socks to imitate Kim Kardashian’s infamous post-baby naked photo. She also made light of the “twirling” controversy, which was when a photog asked her to twirl for the camera, a request many thought was extremely sexist and disrespectful. The incident has been nicknamed, “TwirlGate,” and, when asked about it, Bouchard admitted she thought the whole thing was pretty funny. Maybe because she’s so silly, she doesn’t care about this picture all that much?

5 Courtside Medical Attention


The quarter-finals of the US Open were hard on Bouchard. Not only did she bite it in a tense tiebreaker against Ekaterina Makarova, she also suffered while playing in extremely high temperatures. It was 100-degrees in New York that day. During the final moments of the game, Bouchard called for a medical timeout. The paramedics cooled her skin with ice packs and cold water bottles. They took her vitals and had her take a break until she was cooled down. When she returned to play, she still seemed a bit fatigued and lost her match against Makarova.

High temperatures are hard on professional tennis players. Not only does it cause players to sweat more in a failed attempt to cool their bodies, high temps can also cause exhaustion and dehydration. It was a smart move on Bouchard’s part to take a cool-down break. It’s too bad she didn’t come out on top during the tiebreaker, but a close game is something to be proud of.

4 Yet Another Terrible Costume Choice


What is Bouchard dressed as now? At first glance, it’s hard to ascertain; is she wearing pajamas? Is she supposed to be a lounge singer or a dream girl? And, who is the hottie standing next to her? If you look at the bra cups of their nighties, there are guns there. Eureka! Bouchard is a Fembot from the Austin Powers films. For once, her costume actually makes sense, but judging by her ridiculous duck face and ill-fitting nightgown, it’s highly unlikely Bouchard wants these pictures floating around online.

The whole costume is a bit awkward on her, but if she had fun that’s all that matters. If you’re wondering who the beauty is next to Bouchard, that’s Charlotte Bouchard. They’re sisters. Bouchard also has an equally hot twin sister, Beatrice Bouchard. The three sisters party together as much as possible, and take advantage of any opportunity to dress up in ridiculous costumes. Bouchard resides in Florida where she trains for tennis tournaments, but the rest of her family lives in Montreal, Canada. Bouchard prefers to spend as much of her downtime as possible with her long-distance family.

3 Embarrassed In Front Of Reporter


The reporter asked Bouchard who her “dream date” is, and the bashful tennis player answered, “Justin Bieber.” Well, no wonder she’s embarrassed. Bieber has expressed enough arrogance recently to embarrass himself, and he’s a bit of a childhood heartthrob. The sort of celebrity that only tween girls worship, and who adult women consider a guilty pleasure. Still, Bouchard’s self-conscious admittance is pretty cute, and Justin Bieber isn’t so bad. He’s certainly been working hard lately to improve his image. Besides, she could have admitted having a crush on another famous Canadian superstar: Alex Trebek.

Although Bouchard laughed off the interview, many on Twitter found the reporter’s line of questioning sexist. The Twitter-sphere wondered if male tennis players would be asked the same question. “Would they have asked Nadal?” Rafael Nadal is a Spanish male tennis player. Some would argue that these interviews humanize tennis players… Plus, what if Bieber sees Bouchard’s interview and asks her out?

2 Bending Over The Net

via Fox Sports

During a match against France’s Alize Cornet, Bouchard ran into the net and collapsed over it. The picture was taken during the women’s singles fourth round match on the seventh day of the Wimbledon Championship in 2014. There’s no telling if she was joking or what, but it’s clear she wouldn’t want this awkward picture gawked at, but who can help it? Although the picture is weird, it shows off Bouchard’s incredible physique; she’s tall and has great legs. She’s in great shape, and that’s nothing to be embarrassed of.

It’s her great body and adorable face that have landed her on the covers of a number of magazines. Of course, she wouldn’t be a household name without her tennis career, so that’s another reason why. So far, she’s appeared on the cover of CHIC, Elle Quebec, Flare, Australian Tennis, and more. She’s a covergirl, and has a future in modeling if she ever decides she’s done with tennis.

1 Ducking To Avoid A Ball


Bouchard showed up to an event to promote the upcoming Rogers Cup in Montreal. She met with friends, smiled for pictures, and took to the court to show off her skills. This picture was snapped as she ducked to avoid a rogue return ball. Her strange posture and fly-away hair make this one to laugh at, and hopefully she doesn’t mind too much. It’s not her fault the ball was coming straight for her at the exact moment some photographer was clicking his camera.

Bouchard’s awkward play stances are certainly fodder for sports photographers, as they seem keen to catch her in an uncomfortable position or with a weird look on her face. Although these pictures are clearly the one’s Bouchard doesn’t want you to see, they’re not so bad. She shouldn’t lose any sleep at night over these pictures or any others. In fact, we encourage Bouchard to keep showing off her silly side, her tough side, and her sensitive side, if only to give us something good to look at.


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