15 Pics The WWE Doesn’t Want You To See Of Paige

The March headlines have been dominated by one name: Paige.

The March headlines have been dominated by the name: Paige. Things weren’t the greatest between herself and the WWE for quite some time now, but they reached a boiling point following the leak of some private photos and videos pertaining to the WWE star. The content found was truly disturbing, not only was Paige seen in intimate settings with other wrestlers, but she was even featured using some props in these antics, such as the NXT Title. The content revealed was really bad, and it seems like it’ll only continue with more photos and videos set to be released.

In response, Paige sent out a brief Tweet and wisely chose to lay low in light of the situation. The WWE has followed the same path remaining tight-lipped as well. Still only 24, and being involved in a project with The Rock, her dismissal from the company seems unlikely for the time being. However, many believe we’ve seen the last of Paige inside of the squared circle.

Whatever the case may be, most fans would welcome Paige back into the WWE. The general consensus hopes Paige returns. Although it seems far-fetched right now, some believe once she does comeback, her popularity will have soured even higher with fans having her back following the embarrassing leak. One thing’s for sure, it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out. For now, enjoy these other 15 pictures of Paige that the WWE doesn’t want you to see. Like always, be sure to share the link with a buddy and let us know your thoughts on her WWE future.

15 Paige & The NXT Title

In what was one of Paige’s best moments in the company has now become something the WWE wants us to forget about. Winning the title via a tournament, Paige’s championship reign was historical to say the least as she became the inaugural champion getting crowned with the NXT Women’s Championship for the first time in the brand’s history. Her title run was epic, holding on to the belt for 274 days till she was forced to relinquish the title following her abrupt call up to the main roster.

All that sounds great, but that piece of history has now become something the WWE wants us to forget about. One of the most disturbing photos unveiled from the leak featured Paige and her NXT Title, which was covered with a certain substance (we’ll leave that to your imagination). The company holds their belts in high regards and we can only assume the WWE was livid at the gesture.

14 Anything Involving Both Paige & Xavier Woods

Another tough part of the leaked photos was the fact that it also featured other Superstars, including one that is employed by the company and met in a high regard with his contributions to New Day. Of course, it’s no secret we're talking about Xavier Woods, who was featured in a leaked video alongside Paige as the two got intimate.

In all likelihood, the situation between the two went down during their developmental days. Woods entered the company in 2010 following his stint with TNA and New Japan. Paige would join a year later in 2011, and the two would work for FCW side-by-side. It’s believed the two grew close to one another during that point.

For now, it seems like Woods is going to be getting away with the leaked footage as he appeared on an episode of Raw following the leak. With his status so high up in the company, look for the WWE to try and sweep his involvement in the situation under a rug as quickly as possible.

13 Anything Involving Paige & Brad Maddox

Another part of the leaked photos and videos that shocked the wrestling community was the fact that former WWE star Brad Maddox, was involved with Paige. Nobody knew that the two even had a connection, but as the videos have proven, they were quite close with a variety of clips featuring the two being intimate in various settings. Like in the case of Xavier, it seems like Paige and Brad developed a friendship during their time down in developmental with FCW.

Thankfully, for both the WWE and Brad, he’s out of the company so that’s a bullet dodged by both sides. Maddox initially changed his name on social media, along with locking his account following the news. He would later delete all of his social media accounts due to the harassment from fans following the news that revealed his intimate connection to Paige. Without a doubt, the WWE won’t be showing any Brad Maddox footage anytime soon.

12 Appearing At Other Wrestling Events

What makes the situation so much worse is the fact that Paige wasn’t in the best standing with the WWE before the leaked pictures. Not only was she suspended twice while nursing an injury, but she added insult to injury by touring the world alongside her fellow partner (if we can still call him that) Alberto Del Rio. She appeared with the former WWE star on other promotions, a rumor even indicated she was backstage with Del Rio at one point in time during his appearance with Impact Wrestling. Although she wasn’t on television, this is still very much frowned upon by the WWE.

With all that taking place, and now the leaked photos, one truly can assume that Paige’s status with the WWE isn’t the greatest, especially due to the fact that the company is ultra careful when it comes to press related issues, as they're a publicly traded company with a PG label hovering over their product.

11 FCW Days

With the recent leaks making headlines, it’s believed that most of the antics involving Paige and other wrestlers took place during her time down in developmental with Florida Championship Wrestling. It’s believed that the lifestyle down in developmental was quite wacky for many aspiring stars, evidentially, that includes Paige.

In all likelihood, the WWE probably wants you to forget about her association with the developmental brand due to the leaks and associations made. Paige was unsuccessful in her first WWE tryout back in late November of 2010, but would make the cut less than a year later in April of 2011. She was officially signed to her FCW deal in September of 2011 and would spend a couple of years sharpening her skills down in the underdeveloped territory. She would stay on board for the extinction of FCW and the launch of the ground breaking NXT developmental promotion.

10 Anything With Del Rio

For the WWE and Paige, things started falling apart once it was made public that the two were in fact dating behind the scenes. With Paige usually dating outside of the pro wrestling scene, the relationship was quite the surprise and one the WWE was none too pleased about, especially considering the age difference between the two. According to reports, WWE officials encouraged Paige to end the relationship and once that didn’t happen, things began to break down.

The dominos officially started to fall once Del Rio announced his second departure from the company. Alberto claimed the decision was his own as he stated he lost the passion to work for the company. Much to the WWE’s displeasure, things wouldn’t change between the two as not only did they stay a couple, but the former Divas Champion would spend most of her time on the shelf with her partner, whether it be out for a night on the town, or at a wrestling event which certainly infuriated the WWE as we stated earlier in the article.

9 Paige & The Kids

Of course, one of the biggest red flags for the WWE pertaining to the situation is the fact that Paige is a huge role model for the younger audiences watching the program. Although she seems like a veteran, Paige is only 24, which made the younger fans connect with her.

Obviously, having such pictures exposed is not the greatest look for both the WWE and Paige, especially considering the plethora of young fans she has. Nowadays, the WWE caters to younger audiences and with that said, they're very cautious with the content that goes out about their Superstars, both in the ring and outside of it in their lives away from the WWE. Having all of the younger fans being made aware of the leak certainly isn’t best for business and something the WWE hopes the younger demographic is not made aware of. For now, the company likely doesn’t want to shed any type of light on pictures of Paige with the younger fanbase following the unveiling of such graphic pictures.

8 Paige & The Rock

The timing of this leak honestly could not have been any worse. Not only was Paige dealing with difficulties pertaining to her WWE future, but The Rock was also working on a film that featured Paige and her family. For that, many believed that Paige was kept in the company at the expense of The Rock and his film. Many are now scratching their heads, and are likely wondering how The Rock and the WWE currently feel about the film.

In all likelihood, the logical choice would be to continue the film’s production, despite the leaked news. Some believe that this factor just added to the difficulty in actually releasing Paige when she’s currently involved in a project with the biggest Superstar the company has to offer. The film will get lots of exposure and surely, the WWE wants to have a connection to the film once it’s made public. For now, the best scenario is for the situation to die down and for the connections between The Rock and Paige to be kept on the down low for a little while.

7 Paige In WWE Films

It’s really no secret that the WWE was quite high on Paige before the leak or her relationship with Alberto De Rio took place. On-screen, she was regarded as one of the very best in the women’s division and off of it, the WWE planned on making her just as big with some gigs.

One of those gigs, was taking part in the WWE film Santa’s Little Helper, playing the role of Eleanor. Looking back now, the gig isn’t the greatest look considering it catered to the younger generation and was very lighthearted. Looking at the recent leak, the WWE likely wants us to forget she played a role in the film intended for children. Along with this cameo, Paige also appeared as herself in the WWE film Scooby-DOO! And WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon. Without a doubt, we won’t be seeing Paige in any other WWE film productions in the near future

6 Proposing To Del Rio

Things went from bad to worse for the WWE when it came to their relationship with Paige, and it was because of the incident you see above. Paige made headlines for things outside of the company as she proposed to Alberto Del Rio in the middle of another ring during his match on the indie scene. Without a doubt, the stunt infuriated the WWE as not only were they not crazy about Paige hooking up with Del Rio, but entering a foreign ring just made things so much worse. When you’re under contract with the WWE, it’s not the wisest decision to appear for another promotion no matter what the context is. When it comes to the WWE, they want you to only be promoting their brand and nothing else.

The couple officially got engaged in October of 2016. Things seemed to be going quite well but with the recent leak, it’ll be interesting to see where the two stand, especially due to the fact that Alberto is a father.

5 More From Her Earlier Days

Paige had wrestling in her blood from a young age as her parents ran a promotion. She made her debut in 2005 while she was only 13. Do the math, that’s already over a decade of in-ring experience for the youngster. She began back at home but would later tour the indie scene, gaining some valuable exposure. It was with Shimmer Women Athletes in 2011 when she really started to shine as a stand-out performer. Everything from her look to in-ring ability indicated that she was going to be a big future star in the industry.

Joining FCW, Paige began in a Tag Team forming the duo “Anti-Diva Army” alongside Sofia Cortez. Paige had limited success with the FCW developmental brand but would really find her footing in the company once it was rebranded to NXT, which emphasized the youth movement. Paige was at the helm of that, becoming the first Women’s Champion in the promotion’s history.

4 Throwback With Xavier

A throwback of a young Paige and Xavier Woods, this is another picture the WWE likely doesn’t want you to see anytime soon. All it’ll really do is remind the fans of the leak, something the company obviously doesn’t want.

For Xavier, his path to the WWE was certainly an odd one. He graduated with a Master’s in Psychology and a Bachelor’s in Philosophy, but still chose the pro wrestling route. He even has his own gaming channel on YouTube, UPDOWNUPDOWN, which is another remarkable accomplishment considering his packed WWE schedule. Woods pursued a wrestling career nonetheless, signing his first major deal with TNA in 2007 becoming a member of the popular X Division. He was a young promising star, but like usual, TNA dropped the ball with a potential gem. After a rough initial outing with the WWE, he eventually caught heat with the New Day and is now one of the most recognizable stars on the roster.

3 Rated R In-Ring Antics

As you see in this entry (and as you'll see in the number one entry), Paige has a history of being pretty edgy inside of the ring, pushing the envelope with her sexuality. This throwback picture shows Paige standing in a compromising position; surely, the WWE wants you to forget such an act ever took place.

If Paige is to return at any point, you can bet these types of shenanigans will not be acceptable. The company will instead opt to develop her brand as an in-ring performer, taking out anything edgy or of the sexual type. Restoring her image will be crucial for the company and if she is to stay on long term following the leak, there’s no doubt the WWE will be hard at work trying to restore her look and image on the worldwide platform. For now however, it remains to be seen if she’ll ever return onto WWE television.

2 Becoming The Youngest Champion

When it comes to their record books, the WWE is very sensitive pertaining to what gets etched into history. Chris Benoit’s titles reigns have been neglected and pretty much black-listed by the company, while others like AJ Lee saw their marks get passed by others in the ranks. The WWE will always to their best to rewrite history, making it look as best as possible for their brand.

For Paige, the task is certainly easier said than done. She’s a once in a lifetime performer that holds a plethora of records, including becoming the youngest Divas Champion in history at 21, being the first ever Diva to win the title in her debut and, being the only female wrestler to hold both the Divas Championship and NXT Title at the same time. For now, the WWE might want to keep those records on the down low considering her status at the moment. As for trying to rewrite history, it seems nearly impossible considering the rarity of Paige’s accomplishments at such a young age.

1 Licking Natalya

We close off the article with one of the most inappropriate pictures you’ll ever see in Paige’s WWE career. On this night, the young gem might have taken things a little too far as she licked Natalya in the middle of the ring. In the midst of a PG era, it certainly wasn’t the best look for the WWE and we can only predict, the sentiment to that act is much worse today following the leak.

With such a great resume both in the ring and outside of it as a star on the Total Divas reality show, it’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for Paige. Obviously, for now, she’s made the wise decision to not act on impulse and emotions but instead to lay low and recover from the blow of having such private content exposed to the masses. Most fans can agree that after the dust settles from this situation, we hope she’ll be back inside the squared circle picking up where she left off. And hopefully, that’s inside of a WWE ring.

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15 Pics The WWE Doesn’t Want You To See Of Paige