15 Pics That Prove Ireland Baldwin Is The Hottest "It Girl" Right NOW!

By now, you must've seen photos of the gorgeous Ireland Baldwin, the 21-year-old daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. With parents so attractive, it's no wonder that Ireland is such a stunner. Born in Los Angeles, California, Ireland looks like the perfect example of a sunny beach beauty, with her flowing blonde hair, model-like physique, and overall sex appeal.

The Baldwin babe is an astounding 6’2”, making her hard to miss, but even if she were of an average height, she’d still stand tall above the crowds. She's a sought-after model, friends with all the “cool kids,” and a celeb kid, meaning she pretty much gets whatever she wants. And by the looks of Ireland, she wants (and gets) it all!

Her breathtaking beauty has graced the pages of dozens of fashion magazines, as well as celeb gossip rags, and she’s often snapped by the paparazzi looking for a sexy shot of the up-and-comer. It wasn’t long ago that her gorgeous actress mom got all the attention, but now, all eyes are on Ireland, the “it girl” of the moment. And with looks like hers, she'll surely get far more than the allotted “15 minutes of fame.”

These 15 pics are only a sampling of how hot Ireland Baldwin is. With all of the fab photos of this gal out there, it's hard to choose which ones are the best of the best. No matter the angle, lighting, backdrop, or skill of the photographer, Ireland always impresses in any photo she’s in.

Peruse these pics, and be prepared to be stopped in your tracks by the beauty that Ireland beholds. You may not be a fan of her mom or dad, but you’ve got to give them credit for creating this miracle!

15 Smoldering Eyes

Those baby blues are staring right at ya, and you can’t seem to find the strength to look away, can you? The gorgeous Ireland certainly knows how to capture the camera with a sizzling hot stare that burns right through you in the best way possible. Is she always this deep in thought, or is this Ireland’s signature glamorous gaze into the camera lens? Whatever she's doing, her spectacular smoldering eyes are truly amazing, and they sparkle and shine with pure sexiness and crystal clarity. She sure knows how to captivate and mesmerize like a pro, making her 100% model material. Even this headshot is super sexy, and we're only seeing the lovely Ireland from the shoulders up! Whoever is taking this pic must be in awe of his subject.

14 Right Back at Cha

The beach has always been a beautiful and relaxing place to be, but with the alluring Ireland rolling around in the sand by the shore, it's become pure paradise. Her wet and wild hair, beautiful face, and delicately curved back all look sublime in this sunny beachside shot, and Ireland is a true island beauty through and through. She looks wonderfully feminine and fabulous, and any average beachgoer would do a double take if they saw such a special site from a beach chair. No bathing suit or bikini is required for this beach babe; she’s perfectly fine spending her time being all-natural and feeling fun and free. The blazing rays of the summer sun warm her soft skin, and the sand feels perfect on her body. Why can’t it be summertime all year round?

13 Blonde Ambition

Calling Ireland a blonde bombshell doesn’t do this breathtaking beauty justice! Looking like a true Hollywood starlet, Ireland looks like a throwback to old Hollywood, where the bleached blonde babe was always the object of desire. Against Ireland’s light skin tone, this blonde hue makes her look angelic and alluring. Soft and full of bounce and body, this blonde ‘do is making Ireland look even more beautiful than she already is. Her peachy-pink pout and creamy makeup go well with this platinum hair color, and by the confident look on Ireland’s pretty face, you can tell that she knows she looks like a real stunner. Sure, we all know this isn’t her natural hair color, but when you walk out of the hair salon and people stop and stare, you know the look is working for ya!

12 Sandy and Dandy

Just when you thought a day at the beach couldn’t get any hotter, in comes the spectacular Ireland in all her bikini-clad glory to take the temperature up a few more notches! With a bottle of cold water in hand to assure she doesn’t melt, Ireland is taking this sandy beach by storm and showing off her amazing body for the lucky beachgoers to thoroughly enjoy. That armful of cool tats gives Ireland an edge, and her sexy bikini is the perfect fit for her long and lean body. Hopefully, this beauty bathed in lots of SPF because she certainly has plenty of delicate skin exposed! Looks like Ireland was made for the beach, and the only thing possibly more beautiful than the model is the glorious blue water behind her.

11 Legs for Days

While it's unclear what exactly happened to Ireland’s missing shoes, all we can think about is her bangin’ body! Those super-long and lean legs are a sight for sore eyes, making the shoeless situation nothing to fixate on. Ireland’s itty bitty black shorts allow her to show off as much thigh as possible without getting arrested. Her black blazer is revealing as well, making this entire look one to be seen. At least Ireland has a bright pedicure polish color, so her toes look perfect while she's resting her feet from a painful pair of stilettos. Maybe she's calling for a ride so she doesn’t get blisters on those bare feet. Those mile-long legs may have been made for walking, but getting picked up in a fancy car is more suited for Ireland’s style.

10 Life’s a Beach

Whoever designed this swimsuit deserves a gold medal. And whoever suggested Ireland put it on deserves a huge round of applause. A swimsuit has never looked sexier thanks to the amazing Ireland and her even more amazing body. This strappy suit is not for the faint of heart and is certainly not made for swimming laps. A sexy suit like this is all for show and glow, for sunbathing and relaxing, and made for models like Ireland. The location where this was shot looks breathtaking, but it's hard to take your eyes off of the incredible Ireland. Her dewy skin, cool tats, and lean muscles all make Ireland a stunner, and that swimsuit is a total knockout. This photo should be hung up in a hall of fame for beautiful beachgoers and their skimpy swimsuits. Ireland surely knows how to bring it to the beach!

9 Low-Cut Couture

With a bangin’ body like Ireland’s, showing off lots of skin in a fashion-forward gown is par for the course. This low-cut dress shows off Ireland’s glistening chest and strong collarbones, and she looks comfortable and confident showing off what her mama gave her. With her blonde hair pulled back, we see Ireland’s gorgeous facial features, bright red luscious lips, and beautiful blue eyes. Her skin looks soft and supple, and her figure fills out this simple black-and-white number just perfectly. Whether on the red carpet or chillin’ with friends, the stunning Ireland certainly knows how to work the camera like a pro and can make any article of clothing come alive. She's dressed for success, and she's all about sexy style from head to toe.

8 Boy Crazy

Like any other 21-year-old young woman, guys are likely on the brain 24/7 for Ireland. But not every fella gets to be adored by a chick as hot as Ireland. This lucky dude is surely the envy of men worldwide, and his big smile sure proves it. Ireland’s tender embrace shows she’s got a soft side, and her super-casual look shows she's totally cool with playing it down and just being herself. Her cute messy ponytail and makeup-free fresh face prove that Ireland is a natural beauty, and she doesn’t need all the Hollywood glitz and glam to look like a million bucks. This goofy guy hopes Ireland never lets go, but at least this pic will last forever. Then again, what dude wouldn’t wish for a squeeze from a babe like Ireland?

7 Lovely in Leather

Smokin’ hot is what this sexy photo of Ireland is all about! Ireland looks rough and tough and keeps it cool in her awesome leather motorcycle jacket, slicked-back hair, and smoky black eye makeup. She's part tender and part rock and roll, and that sexy stare makes her biker girl look complete. Ireland’s golden hair looks amazing in this style, which pairs well with her double earrings and fitted jacket. Is there a shirt underneath? We’re not sure, but does she really need one anyway? Ireland can look like the girl-next-door or the girl you don’t want to bring home to your parents, but no matter her mood or style, she always looks like a supermodel. Leather has never looked so lovely, but that’s only because it's wrapped around the body of such a good-looking lass.

6 Belly Up

When you’ve got a midriff as sleek and toned as Ireland’s, there's absolutely no reason not to show it off and flaunt it. This white cutout dress shows off Ireland’s marvelous middle as well as a few of her sexy tattoos. Her wavy hair is a bit darker than we're used to seeing it in this photo, but the color looks simply perfect against her porcelain skin. A dress like this isn’t for everyone -- nor would we want it to be -- but Ireland knows what works for her body, and this dress is certainly it. Leaving very little to the imagination, this white number is stretchy in all the right places and must leave Ireland feeling cool and breezy on a hot day. She is absolutely stunning!

5 Lady in Red

This lovely lady is red hot in red! Ireland looks like a vision of pure perfection in this bright red gown. The deep, plunging neckline and exposed arms and shoulders are the perfect touches to add that certain oomph to this otherwise sophisticated gown. Paired with her beautiful blonde hair and lovely skin, this ravishing dress looks like it was made exclusively for Ireland. With simple makeup and no jewelry to be seen, all that shines is Ireland and her beyond-beautiful red dress. She stands out from the crowd and causes heads to turn. Looking like a movie star, Ireland channels some of Hollywood’s most beautiful leading ladies yet brings her own sense of style and sex appeal to the look. Red is your color, Ireland! Shine like a rainbow, and stop traffic like a red light!

4 Green Goddess

They say “it’s not easy being green,” but Ireland seems to handle the bold color just fine. Showing off a sliver of sexy midriff, this shiny green dress is making other women green with envy, wishing they could look as great as Ireland does in her form-fitting outfit. Those trendy necklaces and her awesome beachy hair put the look together perfectly, and Ireland’s lovely face always rounds out her style to a tee. Her cool cat eye makeup and glossy peach lips allow her features to stand out, and that subtle smile shows that Ireland knows she looks amazing. It isn’t every day a star shows up in green, but Ireland is right on the money with her unique dress selection. A goddess in green is a sight to be seen!

3 The Cold Shoulder

The majority of other chicks would look like a major mess in this relatively odd outfit and semi-sloppy hair, but for some reason, Ireland looks smokin’ hot (as usual). Her sexy bare shoulder shows off a super-cool tattoo of a rock legend, and her print shirt is casual, yet chic. Her brown hairdo is a tad messy, but surely, that was the exact look Ireland was going for – the “I woke up like this” style. Looking quite relaxed and 'no muss, no fuss,' the pretty Ireland is always camera-ready, even if she's not all done up in a designer evening gown and a full face of heavy makeup. Hey, when you're as drop-dead gorgeous as Ireland is, nearly every moment is a photo opp. Don’t ya wonder what’s on the other shoulder?

2 Black Magic

She may be at a Victoria’s Secret show, but it's no secret that Ireland is as sexy as any VS model. Her flowy black top has a unique design, showing off Ireland’s sexy chest and cleavage. The choker element to the style of the shirt adds an edge and a cool vibe, which Ireland pulls off to perfection. Her brown hair is long and wavy, which adds to the overall look of this particular style. Ireland’s pinkish makeup is a sharp contrast to the severe black of her clothing, making the balance work in her favor. Looking off into the distance, Ireland looks sexy and mysterious, yet the camera captures her essence and glamour. Perhaps she'll be the newest VS model for next year’s show? She would certainly look fab in their bras and panties. Time to order that catalog!

1 Berry Sweet

Doesn’t everyone lie around in high heels and a slinky red dress while popping ripe strawberries into their mouths? Maybe not, but this easygoing activity seems to suit the lovely Ireland just fine. With plump lips as red as the berries themselves and a cute cocktail dress to match, this fruit-loving lady is enjoying the sweeter things in life as she poses for the camera, she with fresh berries in hand. The only thing that could make this pic any better would be some chocolate for dipping and champagne for sipping. Ireland’s long and flowing blonde hair and sexy gaze add to the overall allure of this pic, and she gets to enjoy a healthy snack while working the camera. A day in the life of a model is surely tough, isn’t it!?

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