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Oh, the sneaky candid pictures. Celebrities likely cringe at the sight of them as it breaches their privacy, however, the public loves to get a sneak peak at personal pictures of stars while they’re away from the spotlight (as you see in this photo with the 29 year old beauty


Although Duff likely won’t be the happiest seeing such a sneaky picture get snapped, she should however be quite happy with the photo itself and that’s because it compliments her in all the right places. From heat-to-toe, Duff looks like a perfect ten. Of course, the hero of this picture and a theme you’ll see throughout the article is that gosh darn booty which always seems to steal the show in most of her pictures. Rocking a pair of high jeans, Duff proves she doesn’t necessarily need leggings or yoga pants to prove she has the best booty in Hollywood!

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