15 Pics That Prove Hilary Duff Has The Best Booty In Hollywood

With a net worth of $25 million, we can safely say that Hilary Duff is a megastar in the world of Hollywood. What makes everything that much more impressive is the fact that she got there before the age of 30; now still in her 20s at the tender age of 29. She’s come a very long way however from getting home schooled to appearing on stage at local productions. Fame wasn’t always a guarantee. The Disney show Lizzie McGuire blew her stock and she became a household name soon after. Perhaps nobody could have predicted the amount of success she’d later receive, not only as an actress, but even as a signer. It seems like her popularity is even greater today as she’s made the transition as a huge sex symbol for her booty if you can believe!

Yes, Duff is making headlines for her impressive glute gains nowadays. As a mother, some can’t believe she finds the time which makes it that much more surreal to believe. In this article, we celebrate her booty with pictures that prove she has the best set of glutes in all of Hollywood. All the pictures featured are candid shots of Duff rocking anything from jeans to yoga pants to leggings to bathing suits. What all these shots have in common though, is her marvellous posterior!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at 15 pictures that prove Hilary Duff has the best booty in Hollywood. Like always, enjoy folks!

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15 Out Shopping

Oh, the sneaky candid pictures. Celebrities likely cringe at the sight of them as it breaches their privacy, however, the public loves to get a sneak peak at personal pictures of stars while they’re away from the spotlight (as you see in this photo with the 29 year old beauty Hilary).

Although Duff likely won’t be the happiest seeing such a sneaky picture get snapped, she should however be quite happy with the photo itself and that’s because it compliments her in all the right places. From heat-to-toe, Duff looks like a perfect ten. Of course, the hero of this picture and a theme you’ll see throughout the article is that gosh darn booty which always seems to steal the show in most of her pictures. Rocking a pair of high jeans, Duff proves she doesn’t necessarily need leggings or yoga pants to prove she has the best booty in Hollywood!

14 Hilary Post Workout

On that note, we shift from Duff’s booty in a pair of jeans to Hilary’s bum looking just as good in a pair of yoga pants. This is another candid shot that catches the star on her cell phone and it looks like she’s headed towards a workout class, rocking the yoga pants, along with a pair of fresh looking running shoes.

So a question lots of females are asking is how the heck does Duff find the time to train, and like, what exercises does she do? According to Duff, the most important part of training is not trying to be perfect and giving it your best. In terms of “booty building”, Duff uses strength based training to get to her goal, along with some aerobic stretches. She also intermixes a decent dose of cardio on the treadmill to go with her strength based training techniques.

13 Duff In A Striped Bikini

We crank up the heat here in this article with a beach shot of Hilary as she enters the water rocking a fantastic striped bikini. Of course, her booty is the main talking point of the picture as this is yet another candid shot that proves Duff’s booty is certainly among the very top in all of Hollywood. Not everyone can have such a flattering booty picture on the beach, especially when it’s a candid shot like this one.

So we touched base on her workouts, so the next logical question would be: what does the actress eat? Well, Duff likes to keep things simple eating high amounts of protein while keeping her carbohydrates relatively low. Like other trainees, Duff eats a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. A big key to her success is also the fact that she stops eating at 6 PM, which allows her to wake up lean and mean in the morning (hopefully not too mean).

12 More Yoga Pants In Beverly Hills

We’ve featured diverse booty pictures of Hilary’s butt thus far, and one thing all these photos have in common is the fact that they're all candid and shots that Duff didn’t know about. That just makes these photos that much more impressive.

Coming out of her car in the Beverly Hills area, Duff’s booty looks absolutely bootylicious in this shot as she rocks a pair of black yoga pants. Once again, the fact that Duff is a natural beauty makes it all that much more impressive. Some compare her style and girl next door features to one Kaley Cuoco. Not surprising, as both receive rave reviews on their booties. So, who do you guys think has the better bum, Kaley or Hilary? We’ll leave that answer as a tie for the time being, as both have some mouth-watering sets of glutes.

11 More Shopping Candids

Another steaming hot candid to add to the list, Duff seriously makes our eyes turn red in a shot that appears to be so innocent, however, her booty once again steals the picture as she looks over the counter and pays for her goods. Some celebrities are scared to go out but Duff is not one of those people. She’s been spotted in the LA area several times before, usually, by herself as of late. Now that’s one cool chick!

If you’re wondering where her husband, former NHLer Mike Comrie is, it’s probably cause you didn’t realize that the two got divorced. Yup, another Hollywood marriage crashing and burning (we haven’t seen that script before...). The couple divorced in 2016 after six years of marriage, tying the knot in 2010. Rumors of problems between the two surfaced way back in January of 2014, when the couple split. As we stated, the divorce was finalized two years later.

10 Them Short Shorts

So for those of you keeping track at home, pictures of Duff’s booty have included yoga pants, leggings, jeans, bathing suit bottoms and we now add a new piece of clothing to the list, the short shorts. Not too surprising, but once again, Duff comes out flawlessly as her booty is the hero of the shot again. This is a candid photo of Duff and we can safely say no matter what type of picture comes out of the beauty, she’ll still look magnificent.

All these pictures are making a strong case for Duff having the best booty in Hollywood, although the next pictures will just solidify that fact. If this wasn’t enough evidence, a Twitter account was created with a variety of photos dedicated to Duff’s booty. Man, are people ever awesome. Although it sounds rather creepy, the account has over 14,000 followers... More than most, that’s for sure!

9 On Stage Booty, *Beauty

Another part of Duff’s tremendous track record fans tend to forget is the fact that she’s also an established singer. As we discussed earlier, she enrolled in singing classes at a young age and she showcased her talent to the mainstream masses following her success on Lizzie McGuire. The show went all in with the “teen idol”, marketing her name on the show through books, toys, video games and musical soundtracks. All of this brought her fame to new heights.

Her musical career didn’t get the same notoriety as her acting gigs, but it still so darn impressive. We celebrate her musical career with this candid shot that once again proves Hilary has a top of the line booty when it comes to her peers in the world of Hollywood. Rocking a skimpy, tightly fitted green dress, Duff has us salivating. Get a napkin and wipe your chin!

8 Army Booty

We pay homage to Duff’s booty in this shot as she rocks a pair of army inspired leggings. Once again, she pulls them off perfectly and the paparazzi snaps yet another candid masterpiece of Hilary just as she’s putting some stuff away in her magnificent vehicle. Yup, she’s got it all going on.

What’s lost in all of this is that fact that Duff is a mother! We can safely say Duff has reached MILF status and will continue to carry that prestige title for a very long time as she’s yet to even enter her 30s. The Houston, Texas native had a child back in March of 2012 alongside her ex-hubby Mike Comrie. The son was to be named, Luca Cruz Comrie. The couple had been dating since 2007 but unfortunately, would separate as early as 2014 just two years after the birth of their first child.

7 More Beach Bum

Hilary has us seeing red in this picture for multiple reasons, but mainly cause she has a red bikini. The shot is yet again quite flattering as her natural beauty is the hero of this candid beach shot.

For those of you who have watched Duff grow throughout the years, doesn’t it seem like she’s been around forever? Hard to believe she’s yet to enter her 30s despite the years and years of fame. Her first breakthrough came on television appearing on the hit Disney  show, Lizzie McGuire. It was that gig which really launched her into stardom. Seems like the show also believed in her as a movie star, as a film was also made and it received rave reviews only adding to her early fame. Unlike most of the other stars, her transition into serious gigs has been very well received. She remains a positive role model to this day, something that most transitional childhood stars can’t really say.

6 Leather Coat & Yoga Pants

Another candid shot of Hilary in leggings, most of us can agree that we’d take these types of pictures throughout the entire article. Her booty just looks so top notch in the material. Just imagine that same booty undergoing some squats. Oh my!

On a more serious note and booty talk aside for a second, let’s discuss Hilary’s pre-famed life. Duff was raised in Houston and San Antonio, being the younger sibling to her sister Haylie Duff. Her mom, who was also in show business, encouraged Hilary to get involved in the world of acting and that’s exactly what she did. She even took classes in singing and ballet, all of which paid off looking at her numerous and diverse successes throughout her career. With all this going on, Duff was home-schooled by her mother until the age of eight. Hilary and her sister were both heavily involved in the entertainment business and later, made the full-time jump to acting gigs.

5 The Rocker Chick Look

You can add rocker chick look to the list. Once again, Duff’s booty comes out on top looking rather plump in those high-waisted jeans. She pulls off the rocker look quite perfectly we must admit.

Duff’s a huge public figure today but she’s come a long way that’s for sure. Hilary started the transition appearing in local plays, she then took on minor roles in commercials and later, was cast as an extra for various movie projects. You got to start somewhere folks, and for most, that somewhere is the bottom of the barrel. After appearing on various sitcoms, Duff got her big break in January of 2001 getting her own sitcom on the Disney Channel, Lizzie McGuire. Of course, her stock would blow up as the show set records for the network, averaging 2.3 million viewers a show.

4 All White Everything

This picture is certainly up there as one of the very top in the entire article. Not everyone can pull off an all-white ensemble, but Hilary can that’s for sure. Seriously, she looks like an Angel.... with a curvaceous, jaw-dropping booty that is. We’re not quite sure what she’s doing, but that slight arch in her back and booty sticking out makes this shot perfection at its finest.

What makes Hilary that much more popular and sexy is the fact that she has such a girl-next-door like and attitude. She isn’t exposing too much, and always remains humble when in the public eye, unlike, let’s say the Kardashians, who make it a focal point to flaunt their booties. Hilary is not in that category and for that reason; we root for her booty that much more as one of the best in all of Hollywood.

3 That Smile

With over eight million followers on social media, Duff is without a doubt a Hollywood darling in the eyes of many. Her smile is captivating in this picture, even if her booty is shining once again. This time, dare we say the hero of the shot is her smile? Okay, okay, both her smile and her booty! We just can’t deny it.

Rarely was Duff ever criticized, however, the media did poke some fun at the star following her pregnancy as it was said that she gained too much weight. Yup, Hollywood is a harsh place, folks. Duff responded by dropping over 50 pounds in a year and completely altering her body turning into a sex symbol overnight as it seemed. Her diet was obviously key, but she also credits the intense cardio from boxing as a big factor as well. Look out people, she can kick your butt as well!

2 Green Hair – Don’t Care

Rocking the green hair, Duff’s smile and curves highlight yet another picture from the list as she embraces her fanbase. As we mentioned, post-pregnancy Duff has become a huge sex symbol in the tabloids. Many have praised her natural transition following pregnancy as one of the very best ever, keeping the curves in all the right places, while slimming down to a healthy base.

We’ve featured paparazzi pics for the most part in this article, and although Duff doesn’t have a problem with those types of photos, she does however hate when her child gets snapped in a pic. Back in 2014, Duff took to Twitter expressing her anger for paparazzi shots of her child. She gave them a warning claiming “next time I will not be so nice”. She’s got some fire people. Look out!

1 White Beachwear

We end off the article with one of the best pictures featuring Duff’s booty not only in white, but rocking a fantastic bathing suit bottom that clearly distinguishes her booty as one of the very best in all of Hollywood. This picture alone should be enough evidence to land Duff on top of the booty podium in Hollywood when it’s all said and done.

So many of you are probably saying; what do I have to do to get with such a booty? We’ll keep it simple by paraphrasing things Duff has said. One, enjoy life, don’t see it as a burden and do not try to be perfect. Two, healthy fruits and veggies along with carb cutting. Three, prep meals in advance, always be a step ahead to facilitate the process. Four, cardio and heavy weights. Five, drink tea and hey, even a nice glass of wine, especially if you deserve it. According to Duff, a positive and happy mind is the greatest key!

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