15 Pics That Prove Elisha Cuthbert Was The Hottest Woman Of The 2000s

When we check out the list of Canadian celebrities who have made it to international fame, names like Jim Carrey, William Shatner, Mike Myers, and the band Rush come to mind as some of the gems. On the other hand, Avril Lavigne, Chad Kroeger, and Justin Bieber are also Canadian, so there has been plenty of garbage produced in the Great White North.

In terms of the hottest female entertainers who have come out of the country, however, two that almost instantly come to mind are Pamela Anderson, who was every man's fantasy back in the 1990's, and Rachel McAdams, who has stolen our hearts in just about every movie on which she has worked. Ellen Page is another young beauty from up north, along with Cobie Smulders, who played Robin on How I met Your Mother, and Nina Dobrev, one of the hottest names out there right now, was born in Bulgaria, but lived in Canada from a young age. There are quite a few hotties from the country, but among those who have consistently flown under the radar when talking about the "hottest babe from Canada" is Elisha Cuthbert.

This stunning blonde has been one of the main characters of 24–along with a welcome addition to a few decent movies–and recently became one of the regulars on Ashton Kutcher's Netflix show, The Ranch. While she's still a beautiful woman, we got to see her through her 20's in the 2000's, and while we've already mentioned that she is one of the hottest celebs from Canada, we'll take it one step further and say that after these fifteen pictures of her, you may just think that she's the hottest woman of the 2000's.

15 Kim Bauer

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While it is by no means the hottest role of her career, we couldn't do a list of Elisha Cuthbert's photos without including one of her as Kim. Throughout the many seasons (days) of that show, she went from a trouble-making high-school girl who was used against her father, having been kidnapped in most of the seasons in which she was seen on the show, to an intelligence agent with CTU Los Angeles.

While she was a main character for some of the earlier seasons, she then became classified as "recurring" and eventually missed a couple of seasons, she and Kiefer Sutherland worked well as a father-daughter team for the years and later episodes in which their characters encountered each other. Like we said, she didn't show off much skin in this series, but it was her first major TV role that wasn't meant for a child audience.

14 Is That A Toga?

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Her dress in this picture kind of looks like it might be a re-purposed bed sheet that has been modified with a sewing machine, but we aren't complaining. It perfectly covers what has to be covered in order to stay PG, while still showing off enough of her body to get us excited. This image may well be the greatest example of why toga parties are such a good idea in college. While there is next to no reason for dudes to wear togas, other than as a homage to Animal House–one of the greatest college movies of all time–and a John Belushi masterpiece, women look amazing when dressed up for this type of party.

Whether it's a re-purposed bed sheet, a toga, or just a dress and we're looking at it wrongly, you can't argue with how hot this shot is. Imagine walking into your room and seeing that on your bed. Perfect!

13 Somehow Looking Cold And Hot

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While we did try to figure out whether this shot was taken for a magazine or for a movie or something like that, there is very little of that information readily available about this shot. We aren't too upset, though, because sometimes when you see something amazing, you don't need to see the whys and the hows. For instance, if you order a Porterhouse steak in a restaurant, you don't need to see the cow getting slaughtered. Our feelings toward this shot are much the same, as we're happy with the result; but it doesn't matter if there is context or not. It may just be a random wallpaper off the internet.

She looks like she's in some run-down building that has fences in front of windows and needs a paint job. She looks like she may be cold here or is pretending to be, but behind the dark eye makeup, what we can see of her gorgeous body, and of course, her intense look at the camera, this is just amazing.

12 With Mila Kunis

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What's better than a picture of one beautiful woman? A picture that has two of them. Next question please.

Back in December 2002, Maxim featured a great photo shoot of these two stunning babes that blew our minds and, still to this day, remains one of the most incredible things we've ever seen. At the time, Elisha was 20 and Mila was 19, and they were two of the sexiest women driving guys crazy on television. Looking at the timelines of their career, late 2002 was during the second season of 24 and a few seasons into both Family Guy where Mila Kunis has been voicing Meg since the departure of Lacey Chabert, another hottie, and a few seasons into Kunis playing Jackie on That '70s Show. 

This photo shoot was simple but so awesome. This goes to show that all you need to create magic are two stunning women in bikinis playing around on a carpet. Actually, lose the carpet and bikinis and that can be pretty great too.

11 In All White

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That looks like an incredibly comfortable couch. We cannot verify what she actually looks like in the morning. But, given how naturally beautiful Elisha Cuthbert is, we imagine that it isn't very far off. All in white is a great look for just about any woman this good-looking, but few of them look this shockingly stunning in casual white attire. We imagine that she's about to say something like "hey babe, you go make breakfast and I'm going to go hop in the shower," or "hey babe, go get in the shower and I'll make some breakfast," or maybe just "screw breakfast, let's go get in the shower together." Any of the above quotes sound like total winners.

We'll likely keep coming back to this point, but she's probably sexy in anything she wears, regardless of what pose she is in and other considerations.

10 The Girl Next Door

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Back in 2004, Cuthbert was cast in one of her largest film roles. She played Danielle in The Girl Next Door. The movie itself wasn't great, and as romantic comedies go, it wasn't very funny. However, it did have a decent story and some incredible scenes of her. The film centers around a young man played by Emile Hirsch, who falls in love with his new neighbor, only to find out that she's an adult film star. The film basically revolves around the drama between Matthew (Hirsch), his friends, Danielle (Cuthbert), and her agent as he tries to get her to leave the adult business.

In this scene, Matthew has followed her to Las Vegas as she is set to attend an adult video expo. He finds her there, and this is what she looked like. Unbelievable. Really, though, even with the makeup and lighting, most women in that business in real life don't look this good.

9 These Days

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While we're trying to focus on pictures that were taken in the 2000's, we'd be doing you readers a disservice by not sharing at least one shot of what she looks like today. Now in her mid-30's, she has aged a bit and does look different; but not so much that we can complain. The beautiful eyes, high cheek bones, and lips are still there. This shot is from her current role on The Ranch, on which she plays a supporting character to Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson. Her character, Abby, is a high-school teacher who dated main character Colt (Kutcher) in high school, and then got back together with him around the end of the first season of the show.

While some Netflix productions have been absolute trash, this show is pretty good; with intriguing stories, likable characters, and, of course, plenty of brutally honest old man humor courtesy of Sam Elliott.

8 Those Eyes

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This is a fairly recent shot of her from a photo shoot around the time she was just finishing up with her 2011-2013 show, Happy Endings. The show was actually decent, and while it only lasted three seasons, many fans and critics have suggested that the cancellation after the third season was more due to poor scheduling by ABC rather than any deficiency in the acting, writing, or technical side of the show.

Elisha played a dopey blonde girl named Alex on the show and did a pretty good job pretending to be an airhead. While it may have lasted longer were it not for ABC's failures, the show was anything but original. If you watched Friends back in the '90s and How I Met Your Mother, this sitcom was funny, but not a fresh new concept.

7 House Of Wax

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The 2005 remake of the '50s (and '30s) movie House of Wax wasn't much in terms of horror or acting, but it was a great vehicle for Elisha Cuthbert in short shorts and a low-cut shirt. Outside of her as the star, this movie might as well have never been made. Actually, that is debatable because it was one of Paris Hilton's first film roles outside of that night vision s*x tape. It was also during the period in which Paris was on The Simple Life and was among the most hated people in show business for her spoiled attitude and generally foul personality. In this film, Paris, while being pursued by the wax-mask-wearing antagonist, takes a metal bar through the forehead. If you hated her at the time, the scene was probably pretty satisfying. Like we said, though, there was no other reason to see this movie other than Cuthbert looking very cute through parts of it.

6  Absurdly Beautiful  

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This seductive pose is one of the sexiest photos we can find of Elisha. The crazy thing is, it doesn't even look like she is trying. She's just standing there with a slight lean in a bikini top with a cute smile on her face. This may well be the most accurate way to differentiate between a woman who is just hot or sexy and a woman who is shockingly, incredibly beautiful. It takes some work for a nominally hot woman to look this gorgeous, but there are some celebs who could probably wear a filthy tarp and still be beautiful. Elisha Cuthbert is a member of the latter group. She could probably not sleep for a week, roll around in mud, and still be pretty amazing to look at. But, enough of this; if you've clicked this article, we probably don't have to tell you how hot she is.

5 Old School

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While we don't get to see her stunning face in this shot, we do get a great view of her posterior in pink underwear. It's pretty great. This is a scene from Old School, a hilarious 2003 comedy featuring Luke Wilson (pictured above), Vince Vaughn, and Will Ferrell. The three of them move into a house and start a fraternity after Wilson's character, Mitch, breaks up with his girlfriend. The movie is basically a great story of a group of fun-loving guys with a fraternity of delightful misfits squaring off against an evil college dean who wants to shut them down.

Elisha Cuthbert's role as Darcie is a brief but memorable one. She ends up hooking up with Mitch at one of his parties. She is casual about it and doesn't get clingy, and it actually seems really cool. But, she shows up later in the film as Mitch's boss' daughter who is still in high school.

4 That's A Hot Pose

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As per just about every photo shoot that has ever taken place with a gorgeous female celebrity as the subject, here she is in a pose that is completely unrealistic in any context. Don't get us wrong. The pose is working, and she looks insanely beautiful. But, there is no reason for anyone to be in this position. If she's trying to do "girl push-ups," then she's most definitely doing it wrong.

But this is nit-picking, and we should focus on the positives here. The hair is very sexy and makes her look like she may have been in the middle of doing something...bad. Showing off her chest is also awesome, and we get a nice shot of her toned legs, an underappreciated part of the beautiful package that makes up her stunning existence. But, we will address something all men reading this are likely thinking that you could make all of these pictures better by losing the dress. We agree.

3 Short Hair Works

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Not just any woman can pull off a look like this. In fact, many of them would look ridiculous with this hairstyle. But in Elisha's case, much like how it doesn't matter what she wears, it matters very little what she does with her hair. Most movies and shows that she has been featured in have cast her with long hair, and most of her photo shoots have done the same. However, in the late 2000's and even in recent years, she has gone with short hair a few times; even shorter than this on some occasions.

In the case of this individual shot, the slightly messy hair, along with the flawless skin, gorgeous face, and slightly disinterested look is ridiculously sexy. "Threateningly good-looking" is a phrase we think is more than applicable to her.

2 I'm All Wet, Can I Come In?

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We already listed one shot from Elisha playing Danielle in The Girl Next Door, but we'd be doing this stage in her career a disservice if we didn't include an image of this scene. Danielle and Matthew just snuck through their neighborhood for a quick late-night swim, and then, she shows up at Matthew's friend's house, still soaking wet, with her shirt open. In about the most shy, sexy, coy way that she could, she asks, "I'm all wet, can I come in?"

The Girl Next Door was not her first major film role, but it was a great memory for many of the young dudes who fell in love with her when she was on Popular Mechanics for Kids and Are You Afraid of the Dark. This was the first time this stunning woman, about whom we had fantasized from earlier roles, was thoroughly s*xualized. We know it came out after Old School, but this role was far hotter and it presented her in a much more amazingly dirty and sexy role.

1 Couldn't Get Much Better

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Hockey fans who didn't follow any of the shows she was on or movies she was in likely just know her as Dion Phaneuf's explosively hot wife. Phaneuf is a former finalist for the Calder Trophy and the Norris Trophy (rookie of the year and best defense man, respectively), but we'd be willing to bet that marrying one of the hottest women the nation of Canada has ever produced is his favorite life achievement. No, seriously. Playing in the NHL must be great. Phaneuf's life consists of playing a game he loves, keeping fit so that he can do so, and of course, practicing and planning for games so he can stay competitive. But still, none of that, even a Stanley Cup Championship (still a chance but the Ottawa Senators seem to blow it every time they get anywhere close), coming home to this goddess must be some kind of a special feeling.

Sources: 24 Wikia, IMDB

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