15 Pics That Prove Brye Anne Russillo Is UFC's Steamiest Up And Coming Star

Ever since the overnight emergence of Ronda Rousey, female fighters in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) have become a sensation around the world. For obvious reasons, combined with sincere fighting skill, these legendary athletes are spawning a new sensation for audiences all across the globe. Who doesn't enjoy a cat fight? Who doesn't enjoy a beautiful woman? Who doesn't enjoy a beautiful woman engaging in a cat fight? Legendary.

Brye Anne Russillo is an up and coming fighter in the realm of mixed martial arts, she was born in Long Island and stands 5 feet 9 inches tall, and fights in the 150lb weight class. With a bra size of F (yes you read that correctly), she has started gaining a following for obvious reasons. She has a beautiful face but she’s much more than that, she has the fighting skill to boot. With a relatively small following of 11k on Instagram, Russillo is just starting to gather a following for her brand new career. With her unbelievable chest size, she was forced to fight at a higher weight class, perhaps one of the only downsides of her assets. In an interview, Russillo was questioned about her large twins and she had this to say, “I can't cut them off, and they weigh 12 lbs!”. Certainly, a problem that most female fighters wouldn't mind having, needless to say, Russillo has taken the world by storm with her incredible looks and frame. As we gaze into the beauty that is Brye Ann Russillo, remember that she’s a talented, young, beautiful fighter that could probably beat you up if you talked smack to her. Without any further ado, let's go!

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15 Hand's Up! 

This is the picture that got Brye Anne Russillo notoriety, both for her ultimate badassery, and her blonde bombshell look. If you took the time to notice her face (it probably took you a minute), we understand, and we’re not sure whats more amazing her face or her rocking set of twins. Brye Anne Russillo hasn't accomplished much inside the ring, repping a professional fight record of 1 win and 1 loss, but we as an audience couldn't care how many fights she loses as long as we can continue to see her in spandex outfits. With her hands taped, her signature “fight look” at the ready, we cannot wait until her next fight, it’s going to be something we make sure to tape on our DVR so we can watch it over and over.

14 Who Doesn't Look Good On A Motorcycle?

As a blonde who is bucking all of the stereotypes, she had to comply with the one stereotypical image that would capture all of our hearts, the motorcycle shot. She does is just as good as anyone else, and she actually has the grit and grinds to backup the ‘biker’ attitude that all the other models just pretend to possess. Brye Anne Russillo is one of the newest fighters to enter the ring, but she’s proving she has a soul as old as time with throwback nostalgic photos like this one. Looking like an angel who descended straight from heaven, Brye Anne Russillo possesses a fighting style that more resembles hell, and we as an audience are stuck somewhere in the middle. We cannot get enough of this blonde beauty and we’re going to be seeing quite a lot of her in the future.

13 A Different Kind Of 'Round'

If only all of our rounds at a local bar could be delivered by a waitress that looks as perfect as Brye Anne Russillo. Typically, focusing on preserving energy, tactfully and carefully expressing energy in the most efficient and powerful way possible, she is seen here enjoying a different kind of round. If all of our weekend adventures ended with a confrontation with this goddess, it’s safe to assume that we would become incredibly fascinated with going out as much as possible. The idea that we will be able to enjoy a round of beers with all of our loved ones while watching Brye Anne Russillo fight inside the ring, is something that excited us as much as Christmas Eve did when we were young children.

12 Ruby Red

All dolled up with a stunning red dress and rocking red lipstick, Brye Anne Russillo looks ready to tackle the town with her girlfriends. By the looks of it, Russillo might not be the best choice of women to test out your one liners on, on second thought, you might just want to steer clear of her entirely. She’s already proven her fighting skills inside the ring, and we’re willing to bet she’s already told countless men to “swerve” when they approached her. Her twins upstairs are absolutely staggering, she actually had to jump up a weight class from 145 to 155lbs because her breasts weighed so much...we’re not kidding. Brye Anne Russillo possesses the most devious stare down we have seen in a while and with her looks to boot, we’re not sure whether to be scared or to be turned on.

11 Hot Little Black Dress

This selfie is out of this world, if you can focus long enough to notice Brye’s face (more power to you if you can), you will also notice that she is an incredibly attractive ‘entire package’. There really isn’t any part of Brye Anne Russillo’s game that has any noticeable pitfalls. Her curvaceous frame and physique are indicative of her fighting style; diversified and talented. No wonder the UFC is trying to stir up as much they possibly can around this chick, she’s a complete smoke show. Aside from her beautiful face and frame, she actually can fight with some seriously tough chicks, bucking all the stereotypes when it comes to females in the fighting industry. At the end of the day we can boast and brag about her looks as much as we want, but this chick is the real deal.

10 Ready To Battle! 

With her gloves laced up and her eyes at the ready, Brye Anne Russillo takes an opportunity to show off her modeling skills in the middle of her training routine. A former model, Brye Anne Russillo is no stranger to the camera, she had built a career prior to fighting for showing off her assets, and it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Brye Anne Russillo is the icing on the top of the proverbial cake when it comes to the newest batch of steamy chicks entering the fighting world. Following the path of fighters like Ronda Rousey and Meisha Tate, Russillo looks the be the next staple holding together the fabric of beautiful women inside the ring. Pictures like these make us forget entirely about the beautiful fighters of old, and make us think that Brye Anne Russillo is the best one yet.

9 Devious Diva 

Looking like the ‘hot senior cheerleader’, Russillo embodies the ‘heart-throb’ persona better than anyone in the fighting industry, bar none. Brye Anne Russillo is able to pull off the look of a badass fighter, and a gorgeous bombshell at the same exact time. Russillo is redefining what beauty is ‘supposed’ to look like, she has a curvaceous physique and doesn't give a darn what you think. She has heard a lot of the banter about how “hot” she is, and she couldn't care less about all the hype, which makes us drool over her even more. Whether Brye Anne Russillo is going to have a promising career in the MMA world seems highly irrelevant compared with the fact that she’s an absolute bombshell and she without a doubt has a career in modeling lined up if all else fails.

8 Packing A Punch

We don't think that any fighter in the UFC, or any fighting affiliation for that matter, can honestly say that they have a more beautiful looking talent than Brye Anne Russillo of the UFC. Just take a look at her, she embodies the persona of a tough, ruthless, absolutely drop dead gorgeous fighter who actually knows the in’s and out’s of fighting. She has been battle tested inside the fighting ring with girls who possess true talent, not some nobody’s a fight manager lined up to get their fighter unwarranted notoriety. Brye Anne Russillo possesses something that no other fighter before ever did; a diversified talent of fighting coupled with unrelenting beauty. With her fighting career so new, and our lust for her so real, we’re prepared to be in it for the long haul when it comes to this bombshell.

7 Emerald Green Eyes 

This picture personifies the beauty of Brye Anne Russillo perfectly, her remarkable set of eyes are just one of her most valuable assets. She has the signature ‘bad girl’ look and has a skill set to back up such a statement. She’s brand new to the world of fighting, as well as the social media realm, and we’re going to see these devious eyeballs for years to come. It’s hard to take a look at pictures like this and imagine a fighter, but that’s exactly what she is; and so much more. Russillo is perhaps the next best thing inside the ring of MMA, and even if she isn't talent-wise, she certainly will be in the looks category. Brye Anne Russillo is an incredibly attractive female in a sport that hasn't typically featured such beauties as herself, it's a nice change of pace in a world that has seen the fall of Ronda Rousey.

6 Party Time 

Caught like a college girl at a frat party, Brye Anne Russillo is once again catching all of us off guard with her ability to look fierce, as well as smoking hot. We hope that she decides to quit fighting altogether, we’re not sure that we could handle her gorgeous face being punched time and time again. Of all the fighters that have gained our attention from their beauty, Brye Anne Russillo has the most seductive and devious stare of them all. She’s not a woman you’d like to run into at a bar or in a dark alleyway, she more than likely will beat us all up with one hand tied behind her back, as well as knock us out by just staring into her eyes.

5 Sinister Stare Down 

We don't think that there’s a single profession Brye Anne Russillo could do that wouldn't make us want to tip her the rest of our checking and savings accounts. She looks like a bartender, has the physique of an Olympic wrestler, and has the face of a fashion model. How can someone so lethal look so infinitely innocent? However she does it, we want more. At first glance it’s hard to believe that Brye Anne Russillo is a professional fighter, she looks more like someone who just left a beachside pool party in Las Vegas. For obvious reasons Russillo has started turning some heads, she has an incredibly large chest with a gorgeous face to match it, as well as fighting skills to boot.

4 Look Back At It! 

The last thing you’d probably assume Brye Anne Russillo’s profession would be is a chick who throws other women to the ground, punching and elbowing them every chance she can get. But that's exactly what she does, and she’s proving to be more and more effective as she is continually getting fights. What you’re probably more interested in is her good looks, and we don't blame you one bit for that. Let’s be honest, most people are probably interested in her good looks, but what great fighters before her like Ronda Rousey have been able to do is couple their good looks with insane skill and technique; something that Brye is going to have to prove as her career progresses. Whether or not her fighting career pans out, well that seems like small matters compared to the short term beauty that is Brye Anne Russillo.

3 Selfie Time 

Just because Brye Anne Russillo is an up and coming dominant fighter in the UFC, that doesn't exempt her from the classic ‘car selfie’. However, she does (like her talents in the ring) dominate the selfie game just about as hard as the most glamorous Kylie Jenner selfie we’ve ever seen. Brye Anne Russillo’s blonde hair and blue eyes perfectly embody the stereotypical blonde bombshell that we have all come to lust over. Pictures like these cause us to sweat profusely, something that Brye has become quite familiar with during her vigorous hours of training inside the ring. We would gladly enter a fight with Brye Anne Russillo just to get our head pounded into the mat if it meant that we could hang out with Brye in the hospital moments after the fight.

2 Battle Tested 

The look of determination on Brye Anne Russillo’s face is a look that we’re going to get familiar with, not saying that we haven't already, but she looks like one tough cookie when she’s throwing jabs and uppercuts. She has proven herself on a couple of occasions inside the ring, throwing mean boxing combinations and taking girls down with her superb wrestling skill. Brye has proven that she isn't some hot gorgeous girl that's in it just for ‘show’, she actually means business, and she’s darn good at what she does. Taking one look at her you can see she’s not some petite blond bombshell were accustomed to seeing on the boardwalk or downtown, she has a big dominant frame and she’s not afraid to use it.

1 Model Status 

If you haven't figured out by now that Brye Anne Russillo is a bombshell who looks more like a model than an ultimate fighter then you haven't been paying attention. If her career inside the ring doesn't end up working out, she’s going to get plenty of opportunities to model long term with some seriously prestigious companies. This former bartender realized when she was drinking too much that she needed to make a change; little did she know at the time she was going to start fighting professionally. After taking a few cardio and kickboxing classes, she realized that she had major potential in the fighting industry and decided to capitalize on her talents. After audiences starting catching glimpses of her incredible frame, her popularity started to boom and she was able to ride that momentum into some serious notoriety.

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