15 Pics That Prove Alyson Hannigan Got Hotter With Age

When one thinks of the hottest women in show business, some of the usual list-toppers include Scarlett Johansson, Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian, and other stunning actresses, singers, and models. Whether these women have absurdly gorgeous faces, nice legs, or flawless bodies, there are always certain celebs that are generally considered the sexiest in show business.

On the other hand, there are always some women, whether they're singers, actresses, or comediennes, who occupy another realm of the entertainment industry and whose beauty does not necessarily conform to the conventional characteristics of what makes someone a top-tier hottie. While she hasn't been particularly active over the last few years (with just a handful of roles), Alyson Hannigan was always one of those beautiful women who stayed under the radar. Since her role on How I Met Your Mother as Lily Aldrin ended, she's been enjoying a quiet family life while still grabbing the odd role here and there.

For all intents and purposes, it remains unclear whether we'll ever be lucky enough to see her in a starring role again, but she left us with some amazing memories. Whether you remember her as Willow (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Michelle (American Pie series), or Lily, she was a cutie with an odd but alluring charm that made her a delight to watch. Like a few other female celebrities, such as Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, and Halle Berry (all debatable), some have suggested that Alyson Hannigan got hotter as she aged. We believe this to be true. In fact, here are fifteen pictures as our proof. What do you think?


15 American Pie

This role was difficult and many actresses would have screwed it up. For most of the first American Pie movie, Michelle is nothing more than annoying, offering some frustrating but occasionally funny lines here and there. Michelle wasn't particularly attractive, wearing little makeup and clothes that didn't show off any assets and all that ever came out of her mouth was band camp. On top of this, the stories weren't even interesting. Until they were! We imagine theaters full of people did a double take when she announced that "this one time at band camp, I stuck a flute up my p***y."

Just like that, the character changed completely, and Michelle actually became a member of the friend group after she and Jim hooked up on prom night. This was by no means her most aesthetically pleasing role, but it remains one of her funniest, and at least for that first movie, one of her most surprising. We love it, but she got a lot better from here.

14 Willow


Co-starring alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy the Vampire was Alyson Hannigan's first major role which started out in 1997. Throughout the early and mid 1990's, she picked up jobs here and there, but nothing compared to Buffy. As a child, she was in a few commercials and in the late 1980's, she got her first starring role in the short-lived sitcom Free Spirit, which took as its premise, a witch getting hired as a live-in maid and sitter for a man's three children. It did poorly and was cancelled after 13 episodes. In the late 1980's, she also co-starred in My Stepmother is an Alien, playing Jessie, the main character's (Dan Aykroyd) daughter. As we said, the '90s were somewhat slower for her, as she finished up high school and went to college. But 1997 brought her back onto the screen when she got cast as Willow on Buffy. 

13 FHM UK - 2001

This shot takes us back to February 2001, when Hannigan had been one of the main characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer for four seasons. Willow had become a fan favorite, having started out as an awkward, insecure young lady, but gradually turning into one of the strongest, most capable (yet still vulnerable at times) characters on the show. This was also a couple of years after she first showed off her comedy chops in American Pie. 

Her shoot for this edition of FHM U.K. had a school theme, as most fans would know her as Willow or Michelle at this point. Damn, was it ever memorable. She had a couple of shots up against the lockers (like this one), another in a gym in lingerie and sport shoes while holding a basketball, and of course, a few of her in a sexy school uniform which was not put on properly. While she looks great here, her career and attractiveness only improved as time went on.

12 FHM - 2003


In early 2003, Hannigan's role as Willow was coming to a close as Buffy the Vampire Slayer was set to end after seven seasons. The last episode aired on May 20th in 2003 and in the following month, FHM released a "Girls of Buffy" Special Edition. It was really something special. Along with Alyson Hannigan, we got to see some great shots of Sarah Michelle Gellar, a few stunning pictures of Eliza Dushku, along with Julie Benz, Charisma Carpenter, and of course, Emma Caulfield. At the time, these ladies made up what was probably the hottest cast of female talent on television.

In contrast to her schoolgirl routine for the earlier FHM shoot, Alyson was decked out in unbelievable-looking lingerie this time, and rather than a gym or school hallway, she was placed in scenery that looks far more suited to an episode of Buffy, including an eerie-looking cave. Why anyone would fight the supernatural forces of evil in such attire is baffling, but we aren't complaining.

11 American Wedding Premier - Late 2003

This shot was snapped at the premier for the third installment of the American Pie series, in which Hannigan, as Michelle, is getting married to Jim (Jason Biggs). For the most part, the film deals with the primary male friend group and whether or not Seann William Scott's Steven Stifler should be a part of the wedding at all. He organizes the bachelor party, teaches Jim to dance, and of course, tries to pick up Michelle's sister, Cadence (January Jones). Overall, it wasn't as funny as the first film in the series, but it wasn't bad by any means. The roles were well-played and as per usual, Stifler provided plenty of laughs throughout.

While this picture and others from this late 2003 evening don't show off as much skin as the earlier FHM spreads, the green dress shows off her awesome, slim body and we dig the cute look of a girl sticking out her tongue.

10 HIMYM Season 1 - 2005


Lily Aldrin's introduction to the show How I Met Your Mother was hilarious and set the stage for her becoming one of the fan favorites of the show. At the time, she was a kindergarten teacher but wasn't crazy about the job or some of the kids she was teaching. In this first episode, we all learned that she had a sense of humor about the more irritating parts of her job, as she announced to Marshall that a kid "got to second base" with her, having touched her breast while finger-painting. Later on, before Lily and Barney Stinson had met, Barney and Marshall were discussing whether one's number of s*xual partners is more impressive than being able to find the perfect woman and whether or not Marshall had "game." To prove his "game," Marshall then approached Lily when she walked into the bar and kissed her after just an introduction, much to the impressed surprise of Barney who exclaimed "that man is a God!" Is this the hottest picture on the list? Not even close, but we thought it deserved a spot as it was a great opening moment for her character.

9 Oceana Partners Award Gala - 2006

As a general rule, we go crazy for redheads. They are rare, usually have some attitude, and most of them (the ones that end up in show business anyway) are gorgeous. Alyson looks great with her natural color, but when she started going with dark brown in the second season of HIMYM, she blew us away. Her short red hair was always a unique look, and like we said, we'll never denigrate how she looked prior to 2006, but her new look seemed to work perfectly. Hence, why she stuck with it through the latter half of the 2000's. The first time most of us saw this change was when she showed up after the end of season one, after her art fellowship in San Francisco. As annoyed as we were for her hurting Marshall, she looked great when she came back and retained that sexiness for the remainder of the show.


8 2008 FiFi Awards


We weren't sure at first either so we looked it up. The FiFi Awards are an annual celebration for the world of fragrances. We have to imagine that this event would either smell terrible or absolutely magnificent. It could just be a situation of everybody there wearing a normal amount of perfume or cologne, or it could go the other way and the entire evening could be a sad scene with people coughing because everyone in attendance put on too much of their choice fragrance and the entire place smells like an ungodly mix of what every person there decided to wear.

The ceremony has been held every year since '73 and usually features members of all corners of the entertainment world. She was one of the guest celebrity announcers for an award in 2008, and she looked utterly stunning in a strapless dress while on stage.

7 2009 Emmys

For each of the nine years How I Met Your Mother was on the air, the show was one of the most popular on television and received Emmy nominations (among other award nominations) every year. More often than not, the show won at least something as well, including awards for art direction, writing, and cinematography, on top of individual awards for Neil Patrick Harris for his portrayal of Barney Stinson. He was the only one to actually win an acting-related award, taking home a couple of People's Choice Awards for Favorite TV Actor in a comedy series. Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders (Lily and Robin) were nominated for Favorite TV Gal Pals by the People's Choice Awards, but lost to two characters on Glee. In 2009, the show was nominated for four Emmy's, but took home just one—Outstanding Art Direction in a Multi-Camera Series. Of course, as she generally does when out in public, Alyson looked fantastic at that show.

6 2010 People's Choice


On the topic of award shows, 2010 was one of the years during which How I Met Your Mother got completely snubbed by awards season, receiving eight nominations (mostly for Neil Patrick Harris and the song "Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit") but winning none in any major awards show.

While the fifth season of the show did offer some great laughs and iconic moments, including Robin and Barney (sort of) getting together, Ted becoming the "Sexless Innkeeper," and of course, guest stars that include Jennifer Lopez, Stacy Keibler, and Carrie Underwood, it was not the show's strongest year.

But regardless of whether her show was good or not in 2009-2010, Alyson looked quite sexy throughout. In one episode of this season, in fact, Jason Segel as Marshall Eriksen commented that he had trouble dealing with his wife, Lily, when she was angry because she's "all eyes and boobs." We can see what he was talking about.

5 Lily In Bed - 2012 (No Pressure Episode)

Remember that phrase "all eyes and boobs?" Well, we figured there was no shot of Alyson Hannigan from 2012 that showed off the latter of these assets better than this one. This episode of the show from the seventh season titled No Pressure, was as much of a soap opera as it was an easy-going comedy. Of course, because this show was about as eventful as a sitcom could be, there were a few stories going on at once. Ted was once again obsessing over Robin, and Barney was frantically looking for a s*x tape featuring Lily and Marshall that may or may not exist. The two plot lines in this episode did enough to keep us laughing and on our toes, but seeing Lily in bed in a pink bra was still probably the highlight of this one. During this scene, she was having an uncomfortable conversation with Marshall about the possibility (probability?) that the crazed, perverted Barney Stinson would one day see their s*x tape.

4 Summer 2013


This shot was taken at a party held by CBS back in mid-2013, and we should point out that Alyson is 39 here. She clearly takes care of herself, but to add to her age (not advanced by any means, but she looks fantastic for 39), this is a year after she had her second kid. We probably don't need to point this out, but she looks outstanding with or without children. She looks far younger than she is, with a slim frame and perky...well...everything. While plenty of celebrity women are able to stay gorgeous and youthful while parenting children, she has been able to maintain her youthful appearance brilliantly. We aren't sure whether this is hard work, great genetics, or just some magical combination of the two (most likely the last of the three). No matter what, though, whatever she is doing, she should keep doing it and tell everyone the secret.

3 2014's Taste For A Cure

We've spent a lot of time focusing on her pretty face and beautiful body. We've also discussed her acting skill and her career overall. But her charming, bubbly personality and great sense of humor are other aspects of Alyson Hannigan that add to what a beautiful woman she actually is. While most famous women at large events will strike a pose, smile, and then walk off, more often than not, Alyson will be joking around, laughing, and smiling ear to ear like we see here. Plenty of celebs are amazing at making themselves seem like the happiest people on Earth, and Alyson Hannigan looks like she is having a great time no matter what she's doing.

This picture was taken at Taste for a Cure a few years ago. This annual gala is an evening of amazing food created by different chefs every year. The cause being supported is melanoma (the deadliest skin cancer) research.

2 Late 2014 Make Equality Reality


Somehow, that is a woman in her forties. We wouldn't believe it otherwise, but the internet seems to have a consensus that she was born in 1974. It is hard to believe, especially when she looks like this in a tight dress and eye makeup that make her look like she may well be ten to fifteen years younger. Looking at Alyson here in contrast with earlier pictures taken when she was working as Willow or Michelle, we can tell we're ogling the same person. And while she was cute and genuinely attractive in her early career, the years have been very kind to her. This was at an event entitled "Make Equality Reality," hosted by the group Equality Now, who focuses on women's issues, such as ending the s*x trade and female genital mutilation and of course, ensuring equal treatment of men and women under the law.

1 2016 - Working With Penn And Teller

While she isn't retired just yet, Alyson has taken a significant step back from the limelight, opting to spend more time with her family than she did in her last couple of years during How I Met Your Mother. Her largest role since the end of that wonderful show has been hosting Penn and Teller: Fool Us, a show, as the title implies, featuring the comedy/magic duo Penn and Teller trying to figure out how other magicians create their illusions and perform their tricks. The award for fooling the pair is a trip to Las Vegas and the honor of performing as their opening act.

Because certain people on the internet will complain about anything, Hannigan and the show took some criticism for the fact that she wore that blue dress in every episode for a season. Nobody happened to notice that Penn and Teller wore the same suits in every episode.

But back to the issue at hand. We'll admit that this isn't the best look for her. But these days, she still looks young, beautiful, and happy, and her clever sense of humor and delightful charm make her a forever-youthful star we love watching, whether she's a host, Lily, Michelle, or Willow.

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