15 Pics Stephanie McMahon Doesn’t Want You To See Of Triple H

Seeing Triple H evolve throughout the years is seriously movie quality stuff. He transferred over from WCW as a dude with an awful Frenchman gimmick. That same guy would turn into a 14-time champion, along with being regarded as the most important person in the WWE just behind the boss himself, Vince McMahon.

Deserved or not, that debate remains up in the air. Some believe everything he has in his career is because of his relationship to Stephanie, while others believe his passion and dedication for the business led him to this point. Whatever your opinion might be, you cannot deny his incredible work ethic nowadays, working countless hours at NXT, the WWE’s head office and as a dad outside of the ring.

In this article, we turn the tables and take a look at some of the things Stephanie probably doesn’t want you to see of her husband. Pictures span from the 90s till today and include Hunter’s days in WCW, some candid shots from over the years and botches both him and Stephanie wish never went down. These are 15 pictures Stephanie McMahon doesn’t want you to see of Triple H. Like always be sure to share the link with a friend and let us know your favorite picture from the list. Enjoy!


15 Double Dates With Chyna

If Stephanie can erase anything from the career of Triple H, it would probably be his prior relationship to Chyna before the two met. Before the McMahon-Helmsley era would dominate the WWE for many years, Triple H and Chyna were quite the power couple themselves. Hunter was starting to thrive as the leader of DX while Chyna was revolutionizing the business as she started competing against men and growing some massive popularity along the way.

Outside the business, the couple toured together and this picture shows them enjoying some quality time alongside Kevin Nash and his wife. Nash and Hunter remain close friends today, as Kevin is still featured on WWE Network programming. The same however cannot be said for Chyna who is rarely featured on any WWE content and it remains to be seen if and when the company will decide to properly induct her into the WWE Hall of Fame.

14 With Sable By His Side


Throughout his career, rarely has Triple H had any love interests or managers aside from Stephanie. However, one notable manager he had that flew under the radar was Sable, who was yet to establish herself at the time. Sable was Hunter’s valet during his match at WrestleMania XII, which resulted in one of Hunter’s most lopsided career defeats at the hands of The Ultimate Warrior. The Hall of Famer disposed of Hunter in less than two minutes; surely, the entire ordeal was something not only Stephanie, but Triple H as well wants his fans to forget.

Sable and Hunter would continue with the storyline, as eventually Marc Mero would come to her rescue and her career would take off from that point. Looking at the history books, Stephanie wants the WWE Universe to remember her and only her, as Triple H’s manager when it’s all said and done. The record books will prove otherwise, however.

13 Pregnant Steph & Uninterested Hunter

We don’t give Hunter enough credit for his contributions both on and off screen. He puts in countless hours with NXT, at the WWE head office, backstage at main shows and what most fans forget about, as a father of three daughters.

Throughout her run in the 2000s, Stephanie took various departures from the company. The reason was simple and that was to start a family. Steph’s first child came in July of 2006 as the couple welcomed a baby girl, Aurora Rose. The couple would go on to have two other children shortly after, Murphy Claire in 2008 and Vaughn Evelyn in 2010. Despite the hectic schedule of both Triple H and Stephanie, the couple have managed to find a balance both in and out of the ring. This picture however, does show some troubling times and Hunter looks quite uninterested as he poses for the candid shot. In the background, is a very pregnant looking Stephanie. Those times were a difficult adjustment period for the couple, but they’ve pulled it together today finding great balance in and out of the squared circle.

12 The Days Of Telling Women To Lift Their Shirts


Stephanie herself admitted that Triple H’s work with DX made her nervous for more reasons that one. Even when DX re-launched with Shawn at the twilight of his career and looking far from the Showstopper of the 90s, Steph admitted she was nervous as the two were quite popular with the female demographic. The new DX was nothing close to the old one however, looking back, there are various moments Steph would love us to forget about including one from the picture you see above.

With Triple H in power of DX, he continued the edgy material which made him a big fan favorite. One of the moments that the male demographic remembers well was seeing Hunter tell women to pull up their tops and show the audience their “puppies”. In this instance, the female obliged and she created quite the moment which basically summed up the wildness of the Attitude Era. Looking at the state of the WWE and how high women Superstars are nowadays, Steph would love to suppress this picture forever.

11 More Chyna

Of course, one Chyna picture wasn’t enough on this list. Without a doubt, Steph would love to suppress every picture of the two together but obviously, that’s pretty impossible thanks to the 90s and their relationship in and out of the ring.

This picture comes from one of the sadder occasions as the two are seen attending the late, great Owen Hart’s funeral. Both wrestlers took the loss pretty badly as they were close to the Hart family member. Owen was regarded as one of the most popular faces behind the scenes and he was loved by his fellow co-workers.

Following Owen’s passing, both Triple H and Chyna would move on to greater things. Hunter was pursuing the WWE Title while Chyna was trailblazing her way in the company as the first female to win the IC Title. As you probably all know, those good times would come to an end as Hunter would pursue a new relationship with Stephanie. Chyna never got over the situation and it led to a downwards spiral in both her personal and professional career.

10 Hollywood Career


Call it a lack of passion, but the one thing that eluded Triple H throughout his pro wrestling career was a successful run in the world of show business as an actor. Unlike The Rock, Stone Cold or some of the other greats, Hollywood just never panned out for The Game. It wasn’t for a lack of trying that’s for sure, as the WWE got Hunter various gigs throughout the years. His most notable cameo took place in the film Blade: Trinity. Aside from his decent performance in that film, everything else just fell short.

We’re all aware, Hunter’s only true passion is for the wrestling business which is why a Hollywood career never panned out. However, with that said, both Triple H and Stephanie would rather you forgot about his failed Hollywood projects including his bizarre role in the WWE film The Chaperone. Thanks to the likes of IMDb and here on The Richest, we’ll remember his lackluster Hollywood roles forever and ever. Sorry, Steph.

9 In His Underwear

Very protective of her man, Stephanie is no nonsense when it comes to Triple H. Seeing her man in nothing but a pair of underwear is surely something she doesn’t want us to see, especially while in the midst of a PG era.

The backstory to Hunter being in his underwear is probably worse than the actual sight itself. Dominating the WWE in 2003, Hunter embarked in a feud with Scott Steiner which featured Scott stripping Hunter down. The feud would result in Hunter getting the upper hand, a theme of that year. Trips would go on to defeat Booker T at WrestleMania XIX, even though it made no sense for Hunter to retain. He would finally lose the belt after a 280 day run, only to win it back a couple of months later. Hunter took down countless opponents during that time-frame, making it a forgettable title run for several fans.


8 A Bloody Hunter


In the midst of a PG Era, Stephanie would be one of the first company representatives to censor such a picture. Steph has embraced the change as with the PG rating, Stephanie is now able to brand the company on a larger scale. This has led to her thriving as the Chief Branding Officer leading the company to various endorsement deals.

Although that sounds nice for the company, it has hurt the on-screen product leading to fan backlash on several instances. The show is now more scripted than ever in an attempt to cater to the ratings. In addition, the added drama to a match or segment would be heightened by the visual of blood. Those days sadly are long gone as the WWE eliminated that aspect entirely. Nowadays, if a Superstar does bleed, the match is briefly halted in order to clean up the individual. Fans have backlashed on various instances and without a doubt; Steph would backlash at the sight of this picture.

7 His Days As A Kliq Kid

Stephanie admitted herself that she was infuriated by the actions that took place in Madison Square Garden that night of the Curtain Call. Both heels and faces exposed the business as the four friends hugged it out in the middle of the ring. Nash and Hall would depart, while Michaels and Hunter were staying with the WWE.

Stephanie hated that The Kliq exposed the wrestling business making her father look like a fool. However, after much deliberation, even Stephanie herself admitted the concept of it all was pretty cool. The WWE would take advantage of this stunt by giving the WWE more of a real-life feel, as opposed to the outdated version of the company which catered to childish gimmicks that just weren’t working any longer.

Despite the positive effects the Curtain Call would have on the business, somebody still had to feel the wrath and the consequences of pulling off such a stunt. Unfortunately for him, that man was Triple H.

6 The Post-Curtain Call Days


Continuing from the previous point, Triple H would face the consequences from the Curtain Call. He was slated for a huge push which involved winning the KOTR tournament, but plans would instead change as Austin would win the tournament and it would launch his career to new heights.

As for Hunter, he sustained the most disappointing run of his career losing week in and week out. Despite the lackluster run, he kept his head high and his performances never strayed despite the outcomes. Eventually, Hunter would get back on track winning the IC Title and later, being crowned the King of the Ring winner for 1997. From that point on, Triple H would get pushed to the moon and back by the company. However, that time span following the Curtain Call is a period Stephanie surely wants you to forget ever happened in her husband’s storied career.

5 Hunter’s Heavier Days

Throughout his WWE journey, seeing Triple H’s body evolve has been a treat for fitness fanatics. Following his 2002 return, Hunter looked sculpted from head to toe. If the guy wanted to compete in a competition he probably could have following his return. His love for bodybuilding continues to follow him to this day as Hunter still trains regularly despite his insane schedule. At last year’s WrestleMania, he was once again looking sculpted along with a brilliant tan to help further expose his build.

Rarely was Triple H ever out of shape, but there was one point in time where his physique wasn’t up to his standards and that was back in 2010. As you see in the picture above, Triple H looked much heavier and a little softer than usual. Of course, that physique wouldn’t last, but it is something both Triple H and his wife Stephanie, want you to forget about especially given his love for bodybuilding.

4 Tanking In WCW


Yup, that dude with the wannabe Ric Flair haircut is in fact Triple H during his WCW days. Hunter started with the company back in 1994; his run was lackluster to say the least, scoring horrible gimmick after horrible gimmick whether it was portraying a French dude by the name of Jean-Pail Levesque (a play off his real name) or the gimmick that got him noticed by his Kliq members, Terra Ryzing. Whatever he was portraying, it just didn’t work and it turned out to be a forgettable time in his career. A run we guarantee Stephanie wishes never happened to begin with.

Nonetheless, Hunter would join the WWE in 1995 and after some more lackluster character portrayals, Hunter would eventually find his footing becoming one of the greatest villains of the modern era. To WCW however, he’ll forever be remembered as the French dude that didn’t make it.

3 The Haunting Role As Kane In The Katie Vick Angle

There was a lot of bad during Triple H’s dominant run as champion during the early 2000s, but nothing was worse than the storyline he underwent with Kane. Booked as a championship feud, the story didn’t need any bizarre twists but the company felt the need to do so nonetheless. In October of 2002, Triple H would bring up the name Katie Vick. To this day, that named is still mentioned when discussing some of the worst wrestling storylines ever.

The plot would take an awful twist when it was deemed that Kane not only murdered his ex, but had intercourse with her as well. It would go from bad to worse when Hunter would replay the situation for everyone to see in one of the most tasteless segments ever.

Without a doubt, we can only imagine Stephanie’s terrible reaction to the story during the time it was happening. Looking back at Hunter’s career, this remains one of the very worst moments that everyone, including Hunter, would like us to forget about.

2 Injuries


Several former WWE Superstars have indicated that the WWE goes above and beyond to aid Triple H’s public image, rarely making him look weak. Call it bitterness or call it the truth, the machine that is the WWE has been pretty kind to Triple H and that’s for obvious reasons.

However, as much as they want to push his unbreakable demeanor onto us, we know that he’s undergone a couple of difficulties in various points of his career. The most known of course, was his first quad injury back in May of 2001. The tear was pretty awful and labelled as career-threatening. He would make a full return heading back into the ring on January 7th, 2002. He would catch the injury bug once again in early 2007, this time tearing his other quadriceps muscle. The injury was similar to his first but on the other leg this time around. He would leave till the summer coming back at the SummerSlam event.

1 The Pedigree That Went Wrong

Reading this title, many WWE fans think of the time Hunter dangerously botched a Pedigree to former WWE wrestler Marty Garner. The move ended his career and he even sued the WWE for damages. However, when Stephanie thinks of a botched Pedigree, in all likelihood she thinks of the time her breast just happened to pop out while being vulnerable in the maneuver.

Wearing tightly fitted attire, Steph’s 'puppy' popped out of her outfit. Ironically, this took place while she was between her husband’s legs. Not only was it forgettable because of the wardrobe malfunction, but it was also a bad look that showed Hunter attacking a female. Nowadays, the WWE has no tolerance for such antics as you rarely even see men and women inside the ring together at once, let alone any touching. It’s a forgettable moment and a picture that Stephanie doesn’t want you to see of Triple H for a variety of reasons.

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