15 Pics Ric Flair Doesn’t Want You To See Of His Daughter Charlotte

She is regarded as arguably the best WWE Superstar, both male and female, in the entire company.

She seems like a natural inside of the ring but a wrestling career wasn’t always the plan for Charlotte Flair. Growing up, she was always athletically gifted captaining her volleyball team to several championships. She later decided to share her genetic gifts by becoming a personal trainer.

Thanks to her late brother Reid, Charlotte made the jump and joined the WWE with no prior experience back in 2012. Making her debut with NXT, it was quickly clear that Charlotte was a natural and a special part of the WWE in the years to come.

She helped to revolutionize the women’s division in 2015, and only built on that in 2016 being regarded as arguably the best WWE Superstar both male and female in the entire company (she ranked number one on The Richest rankings). She continues to build off of her momentum as the champion while still going undefeated.

Nobody is more proud her accomplishments than her father, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things he wishes we didn’t see or know about. In this list, we document 15 pictures that Ric Flair doesn’t want you to see of his daughter Charlotte. Enjoy the article and like always, let us know your thoughts!

15 Bikini Pose

Donning a fantastic blue bikini top, Charlotte is wearing some gear we really aren’t accustomed to seeing on the daily from the Queen. Given Charlotte’s current image as a top flight WWE Superstar, it looks like the company decided against releasing this Honolulu photoshoot and instead, posted it in a miscellaneous gallery of numerous pictures that didn’t make the cut. Even the likes of Becky Lynch had a variety of photos in the album.

Some feel like it’s the WWE protecting Charlotte, as the company possibly doesn’t want us to see the “hotter” side of the Women’s Champion. Drawing great money as a heel, it’s likely both the WWE and father Ric would rather such pictures didn’t make the rounds as they would only shed a lighter side of the villainous champion. Regardless, we’re quite happy the pictures made the WWE website and most fans aren’t complaining one bit.

14 Beach Bum

Coming from a fitness background, one can assume Charlotte has quite the body underneath her wrestling gear. This picture proves that with a glorious picture of her backside as she poses for the shot. It seems like Charlotte’s been eating her carbs and hitting those squats a little bit harder since she became the WWE Women’s Champion.

Charlotte entered the business back in 2012 with a much different look. She came from a background in volleyball and fitness, which resulted in a very lean and skinny look. Once she began with NXT and the Performance Center, she started to gain some extra amount of muscle and that’s been well documented over the last couple of years. Standing in at 5’10 and at the age of 30, it seems like Charlotte has currently peaked in terms of filling out. Whatever the case might be, her father wants us to remember her as one of the greatest inside of the ring and not for her underrated booty, as you see in the picture above.

13 The Shy Days

Despite the fact that Charlotte hasn’t been on the main roster for all that long, it appears that she’s at her peak oozing with character and charisma both in and out of the ring. She just seems like an absolute natural, but she’ll admit herself, that wasn’t always the case.

Back in her earlier days, walking in dad’s footsteps wasn’t always the plan. Attending Providence High School, Flair became a fantastic volleyball player for her school. She continued her education attending the University of North Carolina State, graduating with a degree in Public Relations. She would later switch career paths becoming a personal trainer. At that point, she was still her shy self with no intent of making it to the WWE. That would later change as her late brother Reid, would convince her to give the wrestling business a go. Her risk certainly paid off as Charlotte is just getting started and already a four-time Women’s Champion.

12 Selfie Game Strong

With the WWE heading in a new direction in the midst of a PG era, edgy content seems to have gone the way side. The days of looking at women as strictly eye candy appear to be over and the talent is now regarded as equals to the men on the company’s roster. With that in mind, Charlotte is the perfect ambassador, she keeps things PG constantly and carries herself with the utmost professionalism week in and week out. However, that doesn’t mean we’re totally immune to a hot selfie.

With an Instagram following of over 1.5 million, Charlotte posts a variety of photos. This one in particular, was a huge hit as Charlotte showed of her slim figure while possessing the right curves in the right places. Not to mention the “puppies”, which also look pretty darn fine. We can just imagine father Ric as we speak, ripping off his coat off, loosening up his tie and dropping an elbow in frustration at all the creeps marvelling at this photo of the Queen.

11 First Failed Marriage

This is certainly something that father Ric doesn’t want us to know. It seems like his daughter is walking in his footsteps when it comes to the love life. Ric has undergone four failed marriages from 1971 till 2014. Some ended amicably, while the others, not so much.

It seems like daughter Charlotte is on the same pace as her father in terms of divorces. At the age of 67, Flair has four failed marriages while Charlotte, already has two to her name at the age of 30. Along with beating his 16 time championship record, maybe Charlotte can even rival her father in the failed marriages department?

The one you see in the picture above came from her 2010 marriage to Riki Johnson. The marriage took place prior to Charlotte’s WWE days and would end in 2012 as the two filed for divorce. Charlotte would remarry only a year later to a fellow wrestler who we’ll discuss in the next entry.

10 Failed Marriage Number Two

Shortly after her first failed marriage it didn’t take long for Charlotte to get snatched up. This time, she was under contract with the WWE and decided to date in her field linking up with TNA star Bram. The two got married in 2013 and worked together in NXT during the 2012 year. Bram had been with the company since 2010 working with FCW, and he stayed on board during the NXT transition. His run with the company was short-lived however, as the WWE released Bram after he was charged with an assault of an officer charge. This was his second warning from the company after receiving a DUI offense in January of 2011. He left the company hitting the indie circuit and later, joining TNA.

It seems like after Bram left the WWE, things went south for the couple. In 2015, the two finalized their divorce making it the second failed marriage for Charlotte even before she hit her 30s. For obvious reasons, we believe the Nature Boy would sleep better knowing these failed marriages pertaining to his daughter never took place.

9 Showing The Puppies

For some of you readers out there, this article will probably change your perception of Charlotte. This picture further justifies that with Flair showing off the goods. She plays the role of a conservative champion in terms of wardrobe choice, but at times, she does pull out the big guns and man, does it draw some interest. Along with this strong selfie, Charlotte has a plethora of other revealing cleavage images on her social media pages, leaving us to wonder what father Nature Boy thinks about this.

As we discussed earlier, it’s a new era of wrestling which caters to a younger audience. The females of today are far more conservative as opposed to the 90s which saw "puppie" sightings as a regular occurrence. The climate is different today, but that doesn’t mean the women aren’t allowed to be sexy. Thanks to social media, we’re able to see the true beauty of so many women and without a doubt, Charlotte is one of them.

8 Her Days As An Innocent Babyface

Making her debut, it was pretty much impossible for the WWE to debut Charlotte Flair as a heel. With father Ric so over, the WWE had no choice but to debut her as a face.

Her run as a babyface wasn’t all that bad, however, it did leave more to be desired in terms of character work and charisma. She would use the same persona during her main roster debut as the NXT women invaded Raw launching the Women’s Revolution. She quickly won the Divas Championship as a babyface but man did things ever change for her career once she officially turned and became a villainous champ.

Suddenly, Charlotte reached new heights dominating matches and reciting terrific promos. Known as The Queen, Charlotte is far and beyond one of the greatest heel figures in the women’s division that we’ve seen in a long, long time. Looking at her success, without a doubt Ric hopes the company will keep Charlotte with the persona for the long run. After all, Flair built his legacy on being a hated heel and it just seems like his daughter is walking in the same footsteps nowadays.

7 Losing At Home To Sasha

It was a bittersweet moment for Charlotte who walked into Raw as the company’s champion. What made the moment particularly special was the fact that it took place in her hometown of North Carolina. On that night a bout was set between Sasha and Charlotte, after a DQ finish, the match was reset for the main event under a Falls Count Anywhere ruling. Charlotte would lose in her hometown submitting to Banks. What followed just made the loss that much more difficult to digest and a sight many fans thought they’d never see.

Yes, it was a work, but surely, Ric wasn’t all that thrilled about raising Sasha’s hand in victory while his daughter wept outside of the ring. It just added to the brilliant plot of the story, though it isn’t something the Nature Boy wants us to remember when it’s all said and done.

6 More beach Fun

Hard to believe that this is yet another beach picture of Charlotte that made the unseen photo gallery on Such a picture is without a doubt warranted of a shoot and in fact some would argue it should have been given the rights to an entire shoot with Charlotte alone. Although the WWE decided otherwise, Muscle and Fitness pounced on Charlotte’s tremendous physique by including her in their prestigious magazine.

Only a handful of Divas got a chance to appear on the cover of the fitness magazine. The magazine spread featured various pictures of Charlotte including her very own ways to gain stronger arms and shoulders, something that is an absolute must in her domain given the athletic requirements that go hand in hand with being a WWE Superstar. Still only 30 years of age, you can expect various other shoots in the future as Charlotte’s fame only grows as time passes by.

5 Mentioning Reid

Rarely does the WWE go overboard nowadays with its new PG rating but they did manage to do so back in November of 2015. It was Charlotte’s last work as a babyface as she underwent a long storyline against Paige. The company gave the two center stage just before the Survivor Series as they signed a contract in the main event sealing their match.

The signing took a terrible twist as Paige was told to mock Charlotte’s deceased brother, claiming, 'he didn’t have much fight in him'. Social media blew up on the severity of Paige’s comments and it wasn’t a good look for the WWE. What made things worse was the fact that the Flair family wasn’t told about the angle. The company would end up dropping the angle quickly and it was not repeated following the brutal segment that was truly tasteless by the company.

4 Doing The Split

This lovely picture was taken during a live event when the WWE toured the European scene landing in Germany. Charlotte shows off her genetic superiority in the picture as she pulls off the splits with ease. This particular photo took place at the right time as Charlotte’s lovely backside is looking quite fantastic. We can just imagine the Nature Boy taking the photographer who took the pic down on the ground for his famous Figure Four Leg Lock while yelling "WOOOO", off the top of his lungs.

Ric has admitted that his daughter has double the athletic ability he ever had. That’s been well documented thus far as not only has Charlotte pulled off the splits, but she’s even quite the acrobat pulling off a dazzling moonsault on various occasions, including a breathtaking one at last year's WrestleMania. Her genetic superiority as been on full display and we can only hope for it to continue as the years move along.

3 More Pre-WWE

As we discussed earlier in the article, becoming a pro wrestler wasn’t always on Charlotte’s agenda. After she graduated with a university degree, Charlotte was satisfied with a role as personal trainer. Thanks to her late brother Reid, that did not stick.

Reid was the driving force of Charlotte’s career convincing her to change career paths and by carrying the family’s name even further. By the time Charlotte obliged, Flair was already working the indie scene along with wrestling for All Japan Pro Wrestling. Sadly, at the age of 25, Reid’s hopes and dreams were taken from him as he passed away suddenly in March of 2013. Reid was found dead in his hotel room after an accidental drug overdose. From then on, Charlotte made it her duty to carry on not only her father’s legacy but her brother’s dream of making it in the WWE. Without a doubt, Reid’s smiling watching over his sister nowadays as she lives out his dream in his memory.

2 Dressed Like A Diva

Looking like she was made out of granite, Charlotte is looking spectacular in this throwback picture which comes from her NXT days. In this photoshoot, the WWE made the NXT class look like Divas as they all wore some swimsuit gear acting like a bunch of ditsy Divas as they celebrated in what looked to be like a pool party.

Thankfully, although Charlotte looked insane with a pair of ripped abs, the shoot perception did not stick with Charlotte and she would help to revolutionize the business with her tremendous in-ring style. Flair revolutionized the division in 2015 and continues to do so at the start of 2017, hanging on the championship and still going undefeated at WWE PPVs. With such a streak still intact, it’s rather clear that the WWE has huge plans for Flair’s daughter looking to the future. Don’t expect to her to engage in any Diva related antics anytime soon.

1 The Mugshot

We conclude the article with the picture Ric Flair most likely doesn’t want us to see the most: Charlotte’s mugshot. It seems to run in the family as even Ric has gotten in trouble with the law on various occasions and it seems like Charlotte followed the same path at one point in time back in 2008 prior to her WWE days.

Charlotte was arrested in the North Carolina area on September 8th, 2008 for assaulting a police officer following a fight with her former boyfriend and father. Charlotte was initially sentenced to 45 days in prison but thankfully, the sentence was reduced to probation along with a mere 200 dollar fine. Luckily, Charlotte was able to put the entire situation past her as she went on with her life and later, signed a deal with the WWE. Looking at her current standing in the company, we best believe that father Ric wants this picture to remain on the down low.

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15 Pics Ric Flair Doesn’t Want You To See Of His Daughter Charlotte