15 Pics Proving Katy Perry Isn't That Attractive

In the eyes of many Katy Perry fans, the pop star is as exciting as a “Firework.” They feel she can do no wrong and consider her to be as hot as a “Teenage Dream.” Sure, she gets glammed up for red carpet events and has her makeup and hair done by the most elite stylists for her music videos and stage performances, but under all the thick foundation and sparkling sequins, Perry is more “Plain Jane” than runway supermodel.

Not that we want to rag on the “Roar” singer, but these 15 pics go to show that even one of the world’s most famous celebs is just like the rest of us – a regular chick with average looks. Average is fine, but when a diva like Perry is held up on a pedestal for her perceived sizzling hotness, sometimes getting a cold, hard dose of reality can help obsessed Perry fans cool off a tad.

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if you still think she's a total knockout, then more power to ya. Perry seems super confident; guys with lots of options want to date her, and she's certainly talented, which somehow gives folks a feeling that a gal is sexier than she would be if she were just the girl next door.

Take a long look for yourself and reevaluate the “perfect 10” rating you may have for Perry. We all have our bad days, but Perry has had at least 15, as you’ll see below.

15 Bloom and Doom

Actor Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry were an on-again/off-again item for a while, and it seems like they did just about everything together, including taking sweaty hand-in-hand power walks along the highway. While Bloom looks buff and cool, Perry doesn't exactly nail the workout look quite as well as her hot hookup. She's completely mismatched, her shorts are sagging, and her styling is a real shame. The paparazzi likely had a field day snagging this unflattering shot of the singer, and the tabloids surely paid a pretty penny for the publishing rights. A lovers’ stroll is always romantic, but Perry’s look must've killed the mood. We all know the many benefits of exercise and the thrill of a new relationship, but this time, the two just don’t align.

14 Blah Bikini

Obviously, we've seen worse displays on the beach, but for a major star, Katy Perry has the loot to hit the shore looking like she hadn’t just washed up on it. Her unflattering bikini is ill-fitting, and the shape and style are completely unremarkable. Perhaps there were lifeguards around, but where was the fashion police? We all know that Perry is well endowed in her upper region, but she's sure asking a lot from her droopy bikini top. That bow doesn’t seem all too secure. Those bottoms need a lift, too. With all the dough Perry has in the bank, she could surely afford a cuter suit. A bathing suit cover-up is most definitely in order. Perry needs to throw in the (beach) towel when it comes to her summer styling.

13 Hippy Hell

On the one hand, we can see how awesome Perry can look when she's fully glammed-up from head to toe and posing for the cameras on a star-studded red carpet. But that picture-perfect look must require a talented squad of many to make Perry look so fabulous. On the left, Perry looks like she's having fun, but we aren’t having quite as much as we see the pop star looking dirty and disheveled. Perhaps she was at Coachella or some sort of hippy-themed bonfire or retreat, but these two versions of Perry couldn’t be any more different. Would diehard fans think Perry is such a hottie if her usual look was “hippy dippy?” The messy look works for a picnic, but a pop diva it does not make.

12 Sinful Skin

From afar, it appears that Katy Perry has a pretty even complexion. But after years of wearing heavy makeup under the blazing-hot stage lights on tour, all that oil and clogging can take a toll on a woman’s skin. As seen here, not even the thickest coverage can mask the bumps and blemishes on Perry’s colorful face. And the worse the zits and pimples get, the more makeup she needs in order to cover up the flaws, leading to more unsightly breakouts. It's a vicious cycle, yet there's no chance that Perry would ever dare perform without a stitch of makeup on her face. Unless she gives her skin a much-needed breather, it's sure to only get worse over time. Perhaps it's time for a more skilled makeup artist?

11 Beachwear Blunder

What the what is going on here? For all the beach-worthy ensembles available in this world, the rich and famous Katy Perry decided to go with this unflattering flesh-toned number with a straw hat. Whether this is supposed to be a dress, a nightie, a bathing suit cover-up, or something else is unclear, but what's evident is that it doesn't do the pop star justice whatsoever. Perhaps the wide-brimmed hat is on to protect Perry’s skin from the scorching sun, but as far as its fashion value, there's not much to write home about. Perry must have something better in her walk-in closet to flaunt on the beach. She's got to know that the paparazzi will be there snapping away, so a little effort is always appreciated.

10 Headband Horror

It's pretty amazing that Katy Perry can go from a headband horror show to red carpet-ready and look like a completely different person. Kudos to the talented and hardworking “glam squad” who nailed this impossible operation! The no-frills look is fine for vegging out on the couch with a bag of chips and binge-watching Netflix, but for a star like Perry, even on her off time, we expect her to look a little better than blah. Perhaps she'd just gotten back from the gym or just rolled out of bed, but without some major work in the makeup and styling department, Perry is a plain-faced female whom you’d never give a second look to. From headband to updo, the transformation is hard to believe.

9 Tacky Throwback

She has surely come a long way, but as we can clearly see, back in the day, Perry was just a plain gal with a wild dream to make it big. Well, she certainly did, and we're not just referring to her hairdo! OK, so Perry looks cute in her throwback photo, but this pic would never get too many “swipes right.” Yes, we all have those not-so-thrilling pics of ourselves from years past, but as a major star, Perry’s old pic is going to be seen by millions. Was this the best one she could dig up? Seems so. At least we can rest assured that it isn’t Photoshopped. Perhaps Perry is so thrilled with the current version of herself that she couldn’t help but reflect on her younger years and thank her lucky stars that she's made it in showbiz.

8 Grill Gaffe

Hey, Katy, you’ve got something stuck in your teeth! Oh, it isn’t food, but a shiny grill instead. Glitz and sparkle on one’s dress is one thing, but diamond-encrusted teeth take “bling” to a whole new level. What would her dentist think? It must've been painful to keep her face in such an expression all night long in order to show off her pricy dental jewels, but Perry is a hard worker, so she let those teeth steal the show. Let’s hope she didn’t dine on a hamburger or anything green while that grill was in place, as that would be a sight of fright. Obviously, this was a one-time look, and Perry ditched the grill for the long-term. Perry has sung, “I Kissed a Girl,” but was that with or without the grill in place?

7 Bag Lady

It looks like Perry was caught off guard when she was snapped by the photographer in this odd black cat T-shirt and lugging along a bunch of bags while out for a day of shopping. Here, Perry looks like an average woman doing some errands with her hair casually pulled back and her comfortable sneakers on for ease while walking around and carrying her heavy load. Even big-time celebs like Perry sometimes want to go out and do their own shopping, but Perry must be aware that the paparazzi are hiding out everywhere. She doesn’t look like a hot mess by any means, but this super casual look makes Perry look like a basic chick just doing her weekend thing, not a multi-million dollar recording artist. Don’t you wonder what she bought?

6 Hoodie Not So Goodie

Hey, Katy… we still know it's you behind those dark shades and under that cap and hood. And does anyone really need a cap and a hood anyway? With all the pesky paparazzi waiting to pounce, at least one will recognize Perry, even in this “disguise,” and take her candid photo when she least expects it in order to snap the least-flattering expression the star can make. A casual look is perfectly fine while a person is bopping around town picking up odds and ends, but this is Katy Perry we're talking about. Why attempt to go incognito when you can spruce yourself up a bit and feel confident walking around town as yourself? Surely, a bodyguard is within eyeshot, so Perry doesn’t have to worry about fans falling over her.

5 So-So Swimsuit

Katy Perry can afford any swimsuit in the world, so why she insists on wearing unflattering ones is beyond sense. Perhaps this seemingly candid photo was just shot at a “bad angle,” but this bikini doesn’t do anything for the pop star’s figure. With her wet bleached platinum blonde hair and the makings of a painful sunburn coming on, this look is only going to get worse. The stripes are cute, but there's got to be a better beach look out there for Perry. As usual, Perry’s “girls” are on nearly full display, so perhaps that's why she's always seen as “hot.” There may be rocks along the shore, but Perry isn’t rocking this look. Heck, as long as she's having fun at the beach, right?

4 Natural Disaster

The fresh-faced look is always a breath of fresh air, but with Perry’s bug-eyed, deer-caught-in-the-headlights expression, it's hard to appreciate the beauty in going all natural, making her made-up face on the right the clear winner between these side-by-side photos of the pop star. With sparse eyebrows, undereye circles, and a no-frills hairdo, Perry looks more like a farm girl than a famous entertainer. From plaid to plunging, there's just no comparison. It's no wonder many people think Perry is hot since they're used to seeing her all done up and fabulously styled to the nines. If all they saw was the dowdy version of the star, “hot” would be more like “not.” Money can’t buy you happiness, but it will afford you a makeup artist and a hairstylist, along with an expensive wardrobe.

3 Geeky Girl

OK, so this is a still shot from a popular Katy Perry video, but it goes to show ya that as easily as Perry can get glammed up to reach her “hot” status, she can also get “nerdified” and look like a giant geek as well. With broken eyeglasses complete with a Band-Aid, a full-face retainer and braces, an unflattering hot pink turtleneck and denim vest, and teased bangs, this geeky girl version of Perry is certainly amusing but far from anything one would call hot. Perry’s songs are certainly catchy, but let’s hope this look doesn’t catch on, too. Fans will do anything to show the celeb they love that they're enamored, but going full-fledged nerd may not be the best idea unless they're shooting a music video, too.

2 Turban Trip-Up

Katy Perry is known for her over-the-top looks, but this red and blue turban is one to really wonder about. Perhaps she's wearing a turban for a specific reason, but when we see this photo on its own without context, it just looks like a bad costume gone wrong. With lips as red as the material in her turban, Katy looks cartoonish rather than creative. Her white strapless dress is OK, but it looks like she has little breathing room, making singing something that may become increasingly difficult. This look may work for performing on stage as Perry is, but if you saw a woman walking through the mall in this look, “hot” would not be the first word that would come to mind. At least her hair will stay in place.

1 Beret? No Way

A beret atop one’s head can look classic and classy, but this canary yellow black-rimmed beret makes Perry’s outfit even more un-Perry-like than it already is. With a pair of spectacles and a look that's more librarian than pop star, who knows what was on Perry’s mind when she got up one day and got dressed in this pastel ensemble. Surely, she's not about to hit the stage looking like a scholar, so we wonder where the studious-looking singer is off to? Perhaps a book club meeting or to a university philosophy class? Still, despite this out-of-the-norm look for Perry, she seems content and confident in her buttoned-up look. Good for visiting the grandparents? Definitely. But hot? Not by a long shot. If the late Prince had seen this look, he may never have penned “Raspberry Beret.”

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