15 Pics Proving Jennifer Aniston In Horrible Bosses Is The Hottest Ever

When you've got it, you've got it. You know that "it" factor, that "special" something? There's no disputing that Jennifer Aniston has that "special" something. She's great at what she does and is adm

When you've got it, you've got it. You know that "it" factor, that "special" something? There's no disputing that Jennifer Aniston has that "special" something. She's great at what she does and is admired by many. She's accomplished and respected within the film industry and is a force to be reckoned with on box office Sunday. She's one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood and has an estimated net worth of over 150 million dollars. That's super ballin', dude!

Likely, you first noticed the beauty acting in her role as Rachel Green on the famous Tv series Friends. Beyond that role, though, one that lasted from 1994-2004, she's blossomed into what People magazine has called "the world's most beautiful woman." Both in 2004 and 2016. It's crazy that's even possible, but somehow she's managed to pull it off. Staying far ahead of father time and still looking great after all these years.

Of all the roles that Jennifer Aniston's played, her role in the movies Horrible Bosses 1 & 2 are arguably her hottest roles ever. So we decided it was time put together a listicle on her best photos from the two movies. We know most all of us love Jennifer, and the one role we love her in most is Horrible Bosses.

15 Listen To Me Dale


The producers of Horrible Bosses couldn't have picked two better actors to play the roles of Dale (Charlie Day) and Julia (Jennifer Aniston). Part of the reason the movie's so funny is that these two actors play off of each other so well. Both are hilarious in the film. Dale's eccentric and an emotionally unpredictable trainwreck. His boss Julia is a manipulating, blackmailing, sociopath, who just so happens to be smoking hot and trying everything she can to get Dale to sleep with her. If you've seen the movie, then you can clearly see in this photo just how different their two roles were. Julia seems to be saying "listen to me Dale," while he keeps contemplating ways to get her out of his life.

14 Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Jennifer Aniston's character Julia is a successful practicing dentist (amongst many other things) that owns her own practice in the movie Horrible Bosses. In any given scene she almost always looks fantastic as you can you can see here in this picture. She's always had an amazing, warm glow, accompanied by an equally amazing smile. Both keep her looking great in whatever acting role she chooses to take. Don't go judging a book by its cover though because Jennifer's character in Horrible Bosses is crazier than a pet raccoon. Honestly, that may not be critical enough, but I'll leave that up to you. Pictured here slightly grinning and simply dressed she appears to be well polished and absolutely gorgeous with her big beautiful eyes.

13 Excuse Me


Commonly wearing the color black, whether that be leather straps or a cute, innocent, sweater, Jennifer Aniston looks great in Horrible Bosses, either way, her character seems to appear. Her sex appeal for the entirety of her career is most certainly off the flippin' charts don't you think? She's been the public's proverbial catnip for over two decades now! After going through our list of Jennifer Aniston's photos from Horrible Bosses you'll be able to understand why she's been voted "the world's most beautiful woman" two different times. It's kind of obvious don't you think? The girl is just smoking hot! She's not all looks, though, because her unique role in this movie is comedy.

12 I Think I Can See The Outline


We loved this dental office scene in Horrible Bosses and the interaction between Dale and Julia. She shows us quickly in the first movie just how forward she's going to be in this sexually explicit role. She remains that way and never changes through out both movies and thank goodness for that! The same goes for Dale who always appears to "run hot." Both actors are a smash hit on screen together because Dale's character isn't built to withstand a sexually open boss (hell she's a sex addict) who's one of the hottest females on the planet. In this scene, Jennifer uses a dental tool to spray water all over Dales crotch. It's gut-wrenchingly funny! I laugh every time I see this photo!

11 Look Here Boys


This is a funny scene between the whole cast of Horrible Bosses 2 when Julia shows up at the hotel room unannounced. Just as the boys (Nick, Dale, and Kurt) are getting ready to leave and claim their ransom money, Julia barges into their hotel room and begins to tell them all how she knows that they broke in to her practice. Julia, as she does so well, bribes the boys. With what? Sex of course. Naturally she goes straight for Dale and he reacts the way he usually does. That's when the movie takes a turn, and Jennifer Aniston's character implies that all of the boys want to sleep with her. Julia (the sex addict) emphatically agrees to take them all on and forget about Dale, Kurt, and Nick breaking into her practice.

10 Just A Nibble


Jennifer's character has no shame in these two movies as is evident by her nibbling on Dale's ear at work in this hilarious scene from Horrible Bosses. She's verbally vulgar, and a hands on type of terrible boss thats for sure. Her sexual misconduct at work with her dental assistant Dale is wildly inappropriate, but great for a viewing audience. Jennifer's one of the reasons why Horrible Bosses 1 & 2 are both so popular amongst movie goers. She lays it on thick in this scene where she tells Dale just how bad she wants him to plow her all while he continues to try and keep his crap together. It would be pretty damn hard with a boss that looks like Jennifer Aniston does, though.

9 Therapy

In Horrible Bosses 2 we find out that Julia (Jennifer Aniston) has begun attending counselling. The only kind of counselling that can help people as messed up as she is is sexual addiction counselling. Too bad it doesn't seem to be working for her. Unfortunately, for Nick (Jason Bateman) he gets caught outside the office door where the meeting is taking place by the onsite security guard. Nick foolishly sneaks into the building where his two accomplices are hiding when he notices Jennifer Aniston's character walking up to the door. This scene between Jason and Jennifer is great as each brings their own kind of humor to the movie. She pushes the boundaries as usual, and Jason Bateman gets tongue tied in one of his lies.

8 Super Funny And Really Hot

We thought this was a great picture of Jennifer Aniston when she was promoting the movie Horrible Bosses 2. This photo speaks a loudly, doesn't it? It should consider this photo was taken of the actress post 40. She's been a hottie all the way. She's so gorgeous in this photograph, right? Wearing a short black shirt, with her big bright blue eyes that pop. She looks amazing staring right into the camera provoking us all into taking a look. There's no arguing that she's one of Hollywoods most beautiful people, but for her role in Horrible Bosses, we got to see a more proactive side of Jennifer that we hadn't gotten to see from her in her other acting roles in the past.

7 Oh My Gosh


Jennifer Aniston looks smoking hot pictured here with hardly anything on. It also looks like she's carrying some chains to restrain whatever sexual party gets lucky enough to be tied up in them for the night. Wow, she looks hot doesn't she? Of course, Dale is at odds over yet another unwelcome sexual advance from Julia but what's unique about this scene is that at the end his unsuspecting wife and triplets end up walking into the hotel room. Dale's wife catches the boys scheming a plan about who gets what part of Julia in the bedroom. She's got them all in such a pickle (no pun intended) that all of them finally cave into her demands and decide they'll have a foursome.

6 French Donut Or Landing Strip?


Anyone who has seen Horrible Bosses 2 remembers when Jennifer Aniston's character asks Nick, Kurt, and Dale, in the classless way Julia always does, if they'd all prefer seeing her with a French donut, or landing strip. It's drop dead funny how utterly tactless her character is in the movies. She casually picks up a razor and asks Nick (Jason Bateman) if she could please use one of their razors in the shower? As a thank you, she'll trim her vajayjay any way they please. "French donut, or landing strip" she asked the three men! The comedic line of hers is so well placed in the movie and shows us once again why Jennifer does so well on the big screen.

5 Will Right Here Work?


Why can't she only be were wearing just those super hot, black peep-toed stilettos in this photo? Well, that's probably because only a few of the luckiest men on earth have gotten to see her like that. What a dream come true! But, then we wouldn't be able to use this great photo of her and that would be a shame, though. Right? We figured this smokin' shot of her belongs right here in the top 5 of our photos of Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses list. She looks fantastic in her deep V, little black dress. Her sexy, chocolate colored ponytail is thrown playfully off to the side, hanging over her shoulder. She definitely has that "come get me" look going for her in this hot photo.

4 Shine On, You Batshit Crazy Diamond


"Shine on; you batshit crazy diamond!" I laughed so hard when cruising the internet looking for clever quotes describing people that are completely nuts that I decided I just had to throw this one in somewhere. This image does a pretty solid job of describing her sex-crazed character in the movie wouldn't you say? Fortunately for us, Jennifer in both movies suffers from what some of us might call "an unusual obsession." "Interesting" of course could be a bit of an understatement, but that depends on who you're asking! We thought this was an awesome photo of the actress at her best in the smash hit we all like so much.

3 Banana Anyone?

I've got to hand it to her on this one; nobody looks better eating a banana than Jennifer Aniston in this great double photo we found online. Hell, she even makes eating a popsicle look like more fun than I've had eating one since I was a kid running after the ice cream truck. This photo oddly makes me want an orange push pop from back in the day. That frozen cylinder of orange awesomeness may be the only thing that's sweeter than this photo of Jennifer in her black bra and sexy panties. She brought it in this scene that's in Horrible Bosses when the boys are trying to spy on her for the first time. Obviously, she knew what they were up to don't you think?

2 Getting Wet In Her Bubble Bath


To say that Jennifer Aniston's character in these two movies is calculating, as well as being uber hot, would be doing her an injustice. When we found this photo of her floating around online, we knew instantly that it might be the best photo we find all day of the actress in Horrible Bosses. This picture comes courtesy of the first movie and is during a conversation that she's having with fellow actor Charlie Day. Julia isn't shy as we all came to learn. Therefore she has no problems trying to get Dale to "turn her on" while she's relaxing in her bubble bath. The scene sounds a lot like phone sex, if I had to guess, and she's no stranger to roleplaying.

1 Coma Boners, Dale, Coma Boners

Drum roll, please? Common! You have to love this amazing photo of Jennifer at the end of Horrible Bosses 2. We unanimously agreed that it belonged nowhere else but at number 1 on our list. In closing, this little listicle ended up being a good list of fun photos showing Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses. Most of them coming from her funniest moments in the movies. This picture is from the scene where Julia is telling Dale about coma boners, and as usual, he starts freaking out! The ending of the movie leaves us thinking that Julia took advantage of Dale while he was in a coma for four days. It's pure comedy as Julia then puts the nail in Dales coffin by telling him that she's going to sleep with his wife next. We're thinking there's going to be yet another Horrible Bosses. Let's hope so!


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15 Pics Proving Jennifer Aniston In Horrible Bosses Is The Hottest Ever