15 Pics Proving Amy Farrah Fowler Is A Big Bang Hottie

The CBS series The Big Bang Theory is the biggest thing to hit the world of sitcoms since Friends and Seinfeld ruled the airwaves. Fans of the show can’t seem to get enough of the characters that have become all too real to the world. Even in syndication, it’s one of most commonly played series on TBS. Just the mention of “Leonard and Penny,” and people around the world know exactly who and what you are talking about. But with all the attention placed upon Penny’s (played by Kaley Cuoco) smoking hot looks, there are some other BBT hotties that are certainly worth a mention.

The female character least recognized for her hotness on the show is that of Sheldon Cooper’s girlfriend Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler PhD (played by Mayim Bialik.) Amy didn’t show up until season three, when she began her very odd relationship with Sheldon. She and Sheldon (played by Jim Parsons) were paired through a dating website that very correctly discovered that the two of them were perfectly compatible. While she started out as completely disinterested in anything related to attractiveness, as the seasons progressed, you can see several instances where we’ve definitely been overlooking the hot factor with Dr. Amy. So here are 15 instances that prove that Amy Farrah Fowler really does have it going on after all!


15 Actress Mayim Bialik Is a True Beauty

For a long time, Mayim Bialik was known as "Blossom" from the 90s sitcom of the same name. She was a child star and like most child stars, she went away after her big break ended. But now she's back and even bigger than before as the lovable character Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory. Mayim was not really known as a great beauty during the Blossom years and because of the frumpiness of the character Amy Farrah Fowler, still today she's not thought of for her looks. But to be clear, Mayim can turn it up and bring on the wow factor when called upon. It's only fitting that we begin to display the hotness of Amy Farrah Fowler by recognizing the hotness of the actress herself.

14 There's Something Sexy About a Lab Coat


Let's just be honest for a minute and recognize that there is something pretty sexy about a woman in a lab coat. Amy Farrah Fowler is a neurobiologist, spending much of her time in the lab looking at brain tissue. Putting that aside though, when in the lab, Amy is absolutely in charge and in her element. She is an assertive and dominant woman and that by itself is pretty hot! Add in the lab coat and glasses (the rubber gloves as shown in this picture are a nice bonus too) and we are clearly inside a lot of men's personal fantasies. So while Amy Farrah Fowler is not the first thought of BBT hotties, you may want to take a second thought about it... especially when she's in the lab.

13 Mayim Bialik PhD...In Real Life

You read that right... Dr. Mayim Bialik earned her doctoral degree in neuroscience in real life from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). So when you see Amy Farrah Fowler discussing her field on the show, she is not completely acting. Bialik is the one cast member that is actually a scientist! After Blossom, Mayim didn't want to just continue to milk her fame as long as possible like many other tragic child actors. She instead chose to further her education by obtaining degrees in neuroscience with minors in Hebrew and Jewish Studies. Beauty is great and brains are also great, but when you can combine the two, it is a very powerful combination! Bialik has the whole package... and as of the writing of this article, she is single!

12 Cosplay Is Kind of Hot


The world of cosplay (costume play) has gotten very big over the last few years. On the show, the guys are often talking about their different superhero or science fiction character costumes. They enjoy any opportunity they have to dress up in them and "geek out." Yes, there is a double standard between when men do this and women do this, but that's just how it is. When women do the dressing up, it is much hotter! Exhibit A is Amy Farrah Fowler deciding to dress up as a Star Trek officer. With the high skirt (which we never see from Amy), tights and form fitting outfit, we get a glimpse at a little more of what Amy has to work with than we usually see on the show. If you follow the show, you'll realize that she is no real fan of Star Trek, but we don't care. This is still a pretty hot example!

11 You've Got to Love the Glasses

Do you remember all the teen movies involving the popular guy or girl making over the geek into someone hot and popular? Didn't most of them involve removing the glasses to uncover all the hotness? In fact, Not Another Teen Movie makes fun of this point. But it is a whole new day... put the glasses on a girl, cause we dig it! Looking at photos like this show actress Bialik modeling as something more like her Amy Farrah Fowler character, but in a more "done-up" kind of way. Her hair is fixed and her make-up a bit more strategically done. But there is no real doubt here that we are looking at a beauty. The glasses are highly attractive and stylish right now. So wear the heck out of them Amy... we are loving it!

10 Disney Princess Cosplay


This picture shows Amy and Bernadette (played by Melissa Rauch) dressed up as their favorite Disney princesses. Bernadette is often regarded as one of the show's regular hotties (usually a second place to Penny) and in this photo she doesn't disappoint either. But Amy has taken her looks to a whole different level with her Sleeping Beauty costume! With her lower neckline, fixed hair and gorgeous makeup, Amy establishes that she can get all dolled-up with the best of them and pull off the princess look with ease. She doesn't really do it to be attractive, but rather because she has always wanted to be a girly princess (her obsession with tiaras is a case in point). If nothing else is accomplished in this episode, Amy proves that she can get dressed up and look awfully good.

9 Sexy Cosplay...Harry Potter Style

What started off as Amy's lack of enthusiasm toward normal social interactions and a complete lack of a sexual appetite, became a more complex desire for friendships and a physical relationship with her boyfriend, Sheldon. Over the seasons, Amy worked patiently and tirelessly to get Sheldon to come around to the idea of a physical relationship. In this picture, Amy turns up the heat a bit further by attempting to lure Sheldon through some of his beloved fantasy genre cosplay. Dressed in what appears to be a Hufflepuff House scarf and robe with her extremely conservative nightgown, she still has something of a "come hither" look that we can't help but realize is a little more than normal Amy Farrah Fowler puts out. In this photo, Amy is showing that she is ready for anything and that takes her up a notch for sure!


8 More Sexy Professor Hotness


Mayim Bialik has a very studious, wholesome look in her every day life. In fact, it's the plain and casual appearance with her natural beauty that drives her attractiveness. In this photo, she's definitely going with the studious look, but still looking very sexy in the meantime. Her glasses show off the smart look, but the low neckline with a hint of cleavage and the somewhat playful look on her face make the whole picture scream hot! The clever look in women is very attractive and Mayim has it by the truckload. Her Amy Farrah Fowler character, while even more conservative than Dr. Bialik PhD in real life, still has that little extra that attracts lots of people. Even in the show, Amy has had no trouble getting dates, especially when she needed to put Sheldon in his place!

7 Hip and Fashionable

With more from a recent photoshoot with Mayim Bialik, we get a glimpse of how she can be sexy without trying all that hard. She is naturally very stylish, but doesn't go over the top when it comes to her daily appearance. She wears makeup and dresses to her body type and age. Her accessories are perfect and definitely up to date. Looking at her round frame glasses, it's clear that she stays up on new trends. Mayim is almost always smiling when we see her in photographs, which speaks a lot to how she is in general. One thing is for sure... she has got to be one of the sexiest neuroscientists alive! Maybe she's not everyone's go-to hottie, but there are a ton of guys that would line up to go on a date with her.

6 Casual Amy Farrah Fowler


Giving off that serious girl next door vibe, Amy is rocking a much more casual look in this picture from the show that we usually get to see. She's got a pretty confident stance and excitedly happy look on her face as well. She has shorter, more fixed hair here and her outfit is just a little more casual and stylish than normal. Maybe it's the hanging around with Penny for so many years, but it seems that as time has gone on, Amy has gotten more comfortable with other people, her looks and herself personally. Confidence is important not only for men, but for women as well. She is showing off a much more confident look here with good posture and a great expression. Way to go Amy... keep the confidence flowing. We think it looks great!

5 Playing Sick Amy

It is not necessarily the being sick and laying around in a nightgown that is so hot, but what comes from watching the episode. In this episode, Amy is enjoying Sheldon taking care of her so much while she was actually sick that she continued to pretend even after she was feeling better. Upon discovering that she was lying, Sheldon tells her that she must be punished, and corporal punishment was the most fitting method. Amy delightfully holds back her excitement at the idea that Sheldon wants to "spank" her, which she quickly lays over his lap to receive her "punishment." It is funny for sure, but at the same time, a little hot that she may be into a little light spanking action. Way to keep it kinky, Amy!

4 School Girl Amy


It has become very clear through the seasons that Amy is willing to do just about anything to make Sheldon feel a bit of physical attraction toward her. She won't hesitate to get dressed up and step out of her own comfort zone just to give it a try. Sadly, Sheldon is a tough nut to crack when it comes to having a physical relationship. Nevertheless, Amy gives it her best shot. We have to give her some credit in this photo, where she dressed up in her best school girl outfit to show off for Sheldon just what he can have. To so many of us that may have a thing for the school girl outfit concept, Amy pulls it off nicely. In fact, if Sheldon isn't interested, don't worry Amy, because your attractiveness is not in dispute!

3 Formalwear Fowler

Without a doubt, Mayim Bialik gets typecast as the conservative, somewhat dull science loving girl frequently. It's hard to separate her from Amy Farrah Fowler (the two do have a lot in common). But whether she's dressed in character as Amy Farrah Fowler or she's casual Mayim, you can't deny that when she's dressed to kill for a formal event, or the red carpet, she absolutely can take away your breath. In this photo, she is looking absolutely stunning with a beautiful dress and accessories, as well as a confident smile and overall facial expression. Bialik will probably always be known best for Amy Farrah Fowler, but people that see her looking like this will certainly do a double take while trying to figure out who the raving beauty that is stealing the show is!

2 After All Is Said And Done


Messy hair, a look of excitement, bliss and wonderment and the fact that she is laying in bed naked with only the sheets covering her up mean only one thing! That's right, you guessed it... this came from one of the most watched scenes in The Big Bang Theory history! Not only does Amy finally get what she has longed for for so many years, but she absolutely and completely loved every second of the experience! This is a pretty hot look and one that excited fans. You could practically open your house door when it first aired and hear people yelling from their homes in disbelief. Nevertheless, Amy laying in bed with messed up hair and wearing nothing but a smile is pretty great and certainly worth a couple of extra points on the hotness scale.

1 Finally...Mayim Looking Naturally Gorgeous

Let's just all agree that Mayim Bialik is both the perfect person to play Amy Farrah Fowler and a hidden beauty. She can look absolutely beautiful in so many ways and instances. Here again, we see her all dressed-up with that beautiful smile and huge personality. She is a real scientist with a huge intellect and a lot of talent. But beyond the brains, her beauty is also something remarkable. We all know Penny and Bernadette are known as the beauties of the show, but Amy Farrah Fowler has more than proved her worth when it comes to desirability and overall attractiveness. Sometimes displaying more of her confidence than Sheldon may like, she nevertheless has managed to come into her own as both a character on the show and something of an overall beauty inside and out.

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