15 Pics Of Yanet Garcia, The World's Most Beautiful Weather Girl

If you don't know who Yanet Garcia is, then you're unaware of one of the most beautiful women in the world, and if you're one of her millions of fans around the world, then you've been clued into how hot she is all along. She's the best thing to come out of Mexico since Salma Hayek, and not only that, but in theory, she knows something about the weather, too. But honestly, as soon as you get a look at Yanet, you aren't going to care if a hurricane is about to knock your house down.

What follows are some of the hottest photos of Yanet that you can find on the Internet anywhere, so you don't have to spend your time watching the news, which obviously can be ridiculously boring, just so you can get a look at how hot Yanet is. Who wants to sit through 20 minutes of people talking about the news and all the bad stuff in the world, just so you can get a look at how hot Yanet looks in a ridiculously skimpy dress?  We know you don't, so to save time, we just put together numerous smoking photos of one of the hottest women in the world.

Here are 15 Smoking Hot Photos of Yanet Garcia, The World's Hottest Weather Girl

15 Is It Hot Out, Or Is It Just Me?

If you think Yanet is totally hot, then you're not alone. She's famous all over the world for obvious reasons. Check out her Instagram if you don't believe me. She has over 5 million followers, which is kind of incredible for a Mexican weather girl, but when you think of it, in reality, she could probably do just about anything she wanted and have a ton of Instagram followers. She truly is that hot. Women as hot as Yanet don't usually bother trying to figure out what to do with their lives to make a lot of money; they just tend to do something, and the money follows. When you're as gorgeous as Yanet is and if you have that amazing of a body, you don't have to spend a lot of time on career choices.

14 She Can Class It Up

Yanet looks great wearing next to nothing, but she also looks good when she's dressed a bit more classy, like in this photo. She used to work as a model before she got her dream job on television; she works now for Televisa Monterrey and has been featured in numerous media outlets as the girl who makes you want to watch the weather. Personally, I don't care what she's talking about; it could be the weather, or it could be anything else. She could be standing there speaking Russian talking about her character in Dungeons and Dragons, and I would still be watching. Whoever hired her to do the weather was an absolute genius, although I guess you don't have to be a genius to see how hot Yanet is.

13 A Rain Shower Might Cool Me Down

There are certain hot women who have hot bodies, and then there are women who have perfect bodies. Yanet is one of the latter, although it obviously doesn't look that perfect without a whole lot of work. If you check her out on social media, you'll find numerous photos of her squatting, lifting weights, and running. She seems to know that she's making money from having such an amazing body and that she needs to keep it in shape to keep the money rolling in. This is good news for the rest of us. It's sort of like the circle of life. Yanet keeps posting photos of herself working out so we can see how hot she is, and we keep looking at her doing it -- one of those rare situations where everyone wins.

12 Being This Hot Should Be Illegal

Sadly, Yanet has a boyfriend whom she's been with for a really long time. While he also is in super killer shape, he also has a bit of nerd in him, so much so that he's a professional Call of Duty player. He said, "What I'd love to do, you know, 10 years from now, is to be something like The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) … an entertainer, a motivator. He started with wrestling, and that's how he got into motivation and fitness and movies. I feel like my outlet to that level of success will be through gaming." So, let me get this straight -- this guy is sleeping with Yanet Garcia and is also a professional gamer. Is there anyone in this world that wouldn't choose to trade lives with this guy? I don't think so.

11 Never Too Hot To Workout

Yanet is so smoking that it doesn't seem like there could be anything that could possibly be negative about her, but in actuality, that would be wrong. She's totally into Pomeranians. She has four of them, and her social media is filled with photos of her and all of them in bed with her and her boyfriend. Looking at some of these photos is like taking a cold shower, I have to admit. I once knew a woman who had four pugs and pretending that I liked them was one of the hardest things that I ever had to do. Don't get me wrong -- I would totally pretend to like Yanet's Pomeranians as long as she wanted to hang out with me. I would hang out with her even if she had a bunch of pet snakes. Hot is hot, and Yanet has it going on.

10 Too Hot To Wear Many Clothes

Yanet has an absolutely ridiculous body, the type that makes other women more than a little jealous and makes men lose their minds. So, there's no wonder that sometimes, some rumors get started about her. At one point, people were claiming that she had butt implants, for example. Yanet denies all of that and just says that her body is a combination of her natural look and all of her workouts. Of course, usually, when people get butt implants, they don't come out and say that they did anyway, but I have to give Yanet the benefit of the doubt here.  She truly is totally smoking, and I'm going to say her butt is real. It was hard enough when I found out that Santa wasn't real; I don't want to know that about her butt.

9 Sorry, Could You Repeat the Weather Again?

It's an interesting thing the way that, in Mexico, the people that do the weather are almost always hot chicks who don't even pretend they're not trying to turn you on. Here in America, there are all sorts of hot women that do the news, but they all pretend they were hired because of their merits and not because of their looks. Obviously, nothing could be further from the truth, but this is what we pretend. In Mexico, they don't even bother pretending. They just hire some totally hot chick and throw them in front of a camera so they can get people to watch, and they openly admit it. It seems like one of us is doing it wrong, but I'm not quite sure who. Personally, I'm more about the honesty of the whole thing.

8 Gorgeous

The thing about Yanet is, not only does she have an amazing body, but she's also gorgeous in the face as well. In fact, it seems like she could have an ever bigger career if she came to Hollywood, but the fact is, her English is not the best, and she needs a translator to get what she's trying to say across. This is the type of thing, though, that she probably doesn't think about. While many in America might wonder why she doesn't try to become a bigger star, she's probably totally happy just doing her own thing and not trying to be something that she's not. After all, she's already an incredibly huge star. Why try and do something more? Being happy with who you are is important, and it seems that Yanet has that whole thing down to a T.

7 What Will the Moon Look Like Today?

Some guys look at the face, some guys tend to look at the chest, and other guys like to check out the action from behind. I happen to belong to the latter group. Yanet has one of, if not the best, butts in the entire world. It would be pretty much impossible to say that she doesn't. Every time she does the weather, there are at least a few moments when she turns around and lets everyone see her butt in all its glory. Once again, does anyone in Mexico even know what the weather is going to be doing from day to day? I imagine people tune in to watch the weather, and after listening to Yanet and watching her move around the screen, the weather report is over, and they still have no idea at all what the weather is going to be.

6 Not a Cloud In the Sky

Yanet didn't always want to be a weather girl. She said in an interview, "My first reaction was to say no because I had never done it, and I didn't know if I could. But I think life is about the people who try it, and I thought it was an experience that I could learn a lot from, and I wanted to try it." Yanet, I can speak for all of us when I say we're all so happy that you did. Otherwise, you would just be some super hot chick whom none of us ever got to see as opposed to a super hot chick whom any of us get to check out anytime we want to. You get to have a new experience that you learn a lot from, and we all get to look at your butt. I simply can't imagine anything that would work out better for everyone involved.

5 I Feel a Storm Coming

Yanet is not just a pretty face with a nice body and an amazing butt, though; she also runs a modeling agency. Of this, she said, "I'm a walkway coach, and I'm focused on my projects. I want to expand my modeling agency and continue to grow, but I'm also open to the possibility of new opportunities, of course." It's kind of interesting that Yanet is already setting herself up for other projects because that's the thing when you're trading off on your looks to make your money -- she probably only has 5 to 10 years left where she can make a ton of money off of her looks; then, someone else is going to come along who's younger and hotter. While this seems unbelievable now, it will happen at some point. It always does.

4 Those Outfits Though

This is probably the biggest difference between the hot female reporters whom we have in America and the ones who reside in Mexico, like Yanet -- how they dress on the air. While we, in America, dress our hot weather chicks up in outfits that show them off a little bit, in Mexico, they get dressed up in ways that make them look like they're either going out to a club or hang out on a street corner, and that's not meant as an insult; it's just the way it is. Yanet is no different than the rest of the Mexican weather girls; the clothes that she wears are just out of this world. Where else but in Mexico can you dress like Yanet and still pretend that you're actually reporting on the news, even if it's just the weather?

3 Just Another Sunny Day

Garcia seems to have it all going on at this point. She not only is smoking hot but is ambitious, too. She has a dude that she's into, her own modeling agency, and a butt that puts Kim Kardashian's to shame and that rivals Jen Selter's. It seems that if anything, Yanet is even going to get hotter before she gets all wet and goes away. This, of course, is no problem for the rest of us -- we all love the fact that Yanet's star is rising and burning like a big hot sun in the sky. Most people only hope that she ends up doing more and becomes an even bigger star, but in today's day and age, social media stars can sometimes be bigger than those in Hollywood, and on social media, Yanet is totally blowing up.

2 It Feels Like a Heatwave

One has to wonder what female meteorologists in the United States think about Yanet. Here, they spend four years and over a hundred grand to get a degree in broadcast journalism, then continue on and get a further degree in meteorology, then get some job in a small market, and then work their way up to a bigger job in a larger market. Then, they see some woman from Mexico who has no experience in weather at all get a job just because she looks super hot in revealing clothing. I imagine it must be enough to make all these female weather reporters super mad. They should let it go, though. If they were worried about it, they could've just gone to the gym more and moved to Mexico.

1 Wonder Woman

This photo is rather appropriate as it seems that Yanet truly is a Wonder Woman, and also, it's just cool to see her dressed up in a costume. Who am I trying to kid? Yanet looks good in just about anything, of course. I simply couldn't imagine anything that she might possibly wear that she didn't look really hot in. Lucky for us, we get to see her a lot. If you live in Mexico, you get to check her out on the nightly news; for the rest of us, we have to watch her on YouTube or check her out on Instagram. But you know what? It's worth it. Yanet is so ridiculously good-looking, I would walk through a huge blizzard to go see her. The sun isn't going to set on her career anytime soon -- that's for sure.

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