15 Pics Of Wifey, Michael Jordan Doesn’t Want You To See

For many of us as kids growing up, Michael Jordan was a god. He changed the game of basketball forever, and in the meantime, made a huge mark on the marketing and fashion industries. Jordan still holds the NBA records for most Finals MVPs (6), highest Finals average points (41), seven consecutive scoring titles, and a lot more. Shockingly, Jordan was the highest paid NBA player for just one season. Not that he had to worry about cash. Jordan’s deals with Nike, Gatorade, and Hanes, have provided millions, and has invested wisely. After acquiring a ninety percent stake in the Charlotte Hornets, in 2010, along with his Jordan/Nike brand dominating the market, he’s worth over $1.3 billion today. Jordan’s current annual income exceeds all NBA players, active or retired, and even surpasses cultural icons like Oprah, Tom Hanks, and Bill Gates.

But as the old saying goes, “More money, more problems.” Over the years, Jordan has been the subject of many scandals. In the height of his NBA fame, he mysteriously retired and played baseball, a cover-up allegedly tied to gambling debts. The scandal was hushed, so as not to hurt Jordan’s colossal brands or the NBA itself. Even the murder of his own father was professed to be a mafia hit. Multiple paternity suits have been filed against him, and in 2006, his ex-wife, Juanita, was awarded $170 million in their divorce.

We know so much about MJ, yet we know very little about the women in his life. This list will provide photos to shed light on these women, mostly focusing on his current hottie wife, Yvette Prieto. MJ may not be happy with many of these pics, but if we still want to “Be like Mike,” then we’ve gotta know all the dirty details.

15 Yvette’s Famous Ex

Here is Yvette featured on the November 2001 cover of Hola! Magazine. Translated, the cover reads, “Exclusive first interview and photos. Julio Iglesias Jr. together with Yvette Prieto. Two lovers in Miami.” Iglesias, huh? That name sounds familiar. You probably know his brother, Enrique Iglesias, who sang hits like “Hero” or more recently, “Tonight.” He’s also been dating former tennis hottie Anna Kournikova for the last 15 years. You may have heard of Julio’s father, Julio Iglesias. The dad has sold more than 350 million records, more than any Hispanic musician in history. The mom, Isabel Preysler, was a journalist who worked for Hola! Magazine. Perhaps, that’s why Julio made the cover, because his career hasn’t done much and neither has Yvette’s. In the interview, Julio called Yvette “a fantastic girl” as well as a “loving, simple, and very good person.” Simple, huh? That’s not very nice. Maybe a bit of the positive connotation was lost in translation. MJ may not approve of that description or like to see his wife so happy with an ex.

14 Sugar Daddy

Here, we have a picture of Jordan and Yvette on a vacation in Monaco. They have also been photographed on their honeymoon in Greece. They don’t get out much in the States, probably because Jordan still gets swarmed with fans everywhere he goes. Yvette looks hot in this pic. There’s no doubt about that. What Jordan may not like about this pic is that he looks like a sugar daddy. Here he is, following his beautiful eye-candy wife around and carrying her bags, full of stuff she just bought with his money. But look again. The picture is not quite as it appears. Yvette isn’t buying a thing. Jordan is a cigar aficionado, and the label on that bag is Davidoff which is actually a Swiss tobacco company that produces some of the finest cigars in the world.

13 Extramarital Affair With Pamela Smith

This girl is no wife but a mistress. This picture shows Michael Jordan with Pamela Smith. According to Smith, the two had a love affair back in 1995. We all know that MJ was, and maybe still, is a dog. The dude likes women and he likes to fool around. Rumor has it that Jordan and his buddy, Charles Barkley, even taught Tiger Woods how to be a dog. Of course, Tiger wasn’t brought up in the game, didn’t know what the hell he was doing, and ended up getting embarrassed. MJ got away with it for a while. When Smith sued Jordan for paternity in 2013, her teenage son, Taj, also came forward on YouTube, saying that MJ was his father. He even used Jordan's last name. Well, the accusations ended up being false and MJ wasn’t happy. In fact, he countersued for defamation of character, and won. Now, Smith has to pay the billionaire ten grand. The lesson here is: 1) don’t lie, and 2) don’t ever mess with Jordan and his lawyers. Even though Jordan won, he’d rather you not know that Smith exists.

12 Tight Dress

Here’s Yvette looking drop-dead gorgeous in a tight gown at an event with Jordan. MJ probably doesn’t want us to see this because he has got to be the jealous type. Usually, type-A dudes that are very competitive are also very possessive when it comes to just about everything, including women. If Jordan caught you looking at his side-girl, he might laugh, but not when you’re looking at his wife. Just look at the gorgeous body on this woman. This pic was taken at Aria. Uh oh! Aria is a casino. Better get Jordan out of there before he drops a couple mill on the roulette table. Oh, wait! Jordan was hosting a golf tournament? Well, at least he’s gambling where it’s legal.

11 Gambling Addict At A Racetrack

This seems like a pretty happy shot, but MJ doesn’t want you to see it. Not because he’s palling around with Tyrese Gibson, or that his wife looks hot in a dress that matches his designer suit coat. This is an image of a gambling addict at a horse track. We’re not sure if Jordan ever went to rehab for a gambling addiction, but most people would agree that he surely has one, and that’s not good. Rumors abound about Jordan betting dudes that he could hit free throws with his eyes shut. Rumors of his golf gambling were confirmed by Charles Barkley a few weeks ago on the Dan Patrick Show. Barkley claimed that while others would bet $100 on each hole, MJ would bet $100K. And that one time, Charles was asked to step out of the way because MJ had to sink a put for $300K. MJ and Charles used to be tight, but Barkely, the TNT sports analyst, has been critical of Jordan’s decisions while owning the Hornets and such comments have put a rift in their friendship.

10 More Bikini

Here we have another hot shot of Yvette from that Hola! Magazine scoop. She appears to be very happy with Julio and they are cuddling. In each shot, you can see that she has a great body. Her stomach is toned and her breast size is ideal. She has a beautiful smile, and all the pieces it takes to be a model. But she's no model. We've looked everywhere and there are no photos of her anywhere. When Jordan got married in April of 2013, all the reports called Yvette a model. But if she’s a model, then where are the images? Did she lie? You think she’d at least come to the surface in some Cuban JCPenny clothing catalog or something. There is nada besides Hola! Which leads us to the conclusion that Yvette calls herself a model like my favorite bartender calls herself an “actress” or how the guy working in the kitchen at Burger King declares himself a “musician” on his social media accounts. That’s another thing. Yvette has no presence on social media either. So if she’s not a model and she’s not an Insta star, how did she get involved with two celebrities? If she’s hiding something, she’s done it well.

9 With Will Smith?

Yikes! That dude has a very conniving look on his face. And she looks kinda guilty. Here, we have Will Smith following Yvette with the most suspicious body language. Many people have already heard about Will Smith and his player status. He and his wife, Jada Pinkett, have admitted to having an “open” relationship. Jada said that Will is a “grown-a*s man” and can do whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t feel guilty about it the next day. Rumor has it that during separate Hollywood projects, Will slept with Margot Robbie and Jada slept with Marc Anthony. So here we have Yvette sneaking round with Will, and they have that chemistry between them. Who knows? Maybe Jordan and Yvette have the same “open” agreement. After all, we already know that Jordan gets around. Yvette might as well give her consent and get her revenge.

8 The MJ Type

Jordan might be a little embarrassed with this pic, or maybe even shocked. Most men, whether they know it or not, do have a type. This is a side-by-side photo combo of Yvette on the left, and the ex, Juanita Vanoy, on the right. It’s almost eerie how their smiles are nearly identical, with the exact same smile lines down the cheek. Their bodies also seem to be about the same size, with their round shoulder and identical bust. Their skin tone is similar too and they seem to have something in common in their eyes. Their hair is different as is their taste in clothing and jewelry, but they both have an air about them. Yes, that’s part pun for Air Jordan. It’s also about the way in which a woman carries herself, which is hard to describe.

7 The Double-Team

Look out. Here’s MJ’s old buddy, Charles Oakley. Oakley and Jordan go way back. Here’s what MJ told the Chicago Tribune in 1986, “Last week, I asked [Oakley] what he was doing over the All-Star break. He didn’t know what to do, being a rookie and all. I felt sorry for him. I told him to come with me and that he wouldn’t have to pay for anything. I made sure everything was taken care of. He really is a nice guy. I like Charles Oakley.” They played together on the Bulls in 1987. Then, in the '90s, MJ whooped Oakley multiple times in the playoffs while Charles played for the Knicks. Later, MJ brought his old buddy over for their curtain calls on the Wizards. They still seem to be great friends. Jordan has been known to hold a vicious grudge and also keep extreme loyalties. Loyal enough to share his wife? Well, maybe. If you look closely at this photo, Yvette’s hand is really high on Oakley’s thigh.

6 Extramarital Affair With Karla Knafel

Here we have another woman who never was actually a wife, but took on some of the wife’s traditional bedroom duties. Karla Knafel accused Jordan of having an affair in 1991, back when Jordan was just married and on the cusp of his first Bulls championship three-peat. According to the Chicago Tribune, Jordan admitted to giving her $250,000 in hush money to keep their affair quiet. Allegedly, he also promised her $5 million to stay hushed when she got pregnant. Karla stayed quiet and waited for her money until 2003, when she sued him for paternity. Jordan was not pleased, took the DNA test, and was proven as not the father of Karla’s daughter. He should have never gotten in bed with her in the first place. Karla seems a little nuts. She sued a plastic surgeon for touching her breast inappropriately and settled for $10K. She also claimed that she had an oral contract with NBA player Dale Davis who allegedly said he’d pay her $5K a month to sing on his record label. Yeah, right!

5 Driving Under The Influence?

Nobody wants this picture to be seen. Can you imagine if you had paparazzi taking your picture every time you hopped into a vehicle? No wonder celebrities get busted all the time. The expression on Jordan’s face seems very incriminating. Then look at Yvette’s face. Like any wife watching her husband drive after a few cocktails, she is very upset. Now, pictures aren’t always accurate. What this looks like, may be a totally different story altogether. Jordan could be perfectly sober, and the picture was just snapped at an awkward moment. But even if he is okay to drive, Yvette is not happy. Maybe Jordan just asked her to go sit in the back, or maybe she’s not ready to leave and still wants to dance the night away.

4 The Family Man

Here’s the former wife of his airness, Juanita Vanoy, who divorced the NBA legend in 2006 after 17 years of marriage for $168M. She initially filed for divorce in 2002, but the paperwork was withdrawn as they tried to work things out. Their relationship was marred by infidelity rumors, death, and gambling scandals. But they also raised three great kids, Jeffrey, Marcus, and Jasmine. Jeffrey, the eldest, played ball for the University of Illinois and now works for Nike. Marcus played at the University of Central Florida and now owns a shoe shop, The Trophy Room, located at Disney World. Jasmine graduated from Syracuse and works with her dad on the Charlotte Hornets. Juanita has moved on and enjoys her new life. She says that she's inspired by celebs like Oprah and Hillary Clinton. “Women who have gone through adversity and come out of it, maybe not unscathed,” Juanita says, “...but without bitterness.”

3 Palming The Balls

This is an awkward image you might not want everybody to see. Now we’re beginning to understand what the appeal is about this woman. The couple met in a club in 2008, allegedly doing this exact thing—freaky dancing. Here we see a picture of Jordan and Yvette is standing right behind him. This looks like some kind of conga line or another type of group dance number. And look, Yvette is grabbing Jordan’s junk. Well, isn’t that nice? He doesn’t seem to mind one bit and she seems to be happier than ever, which leads us to the conclusion that the reason Yvette gets with these famous guys is 1) she’s hot, and 2) she has the s*x drive of a fourteen-year-old boy. That’s the only way she can keep Jordan satisfied. She is ready to go anytime, anywhere. But the "getting it on" isn’t all in fun. She wanted to have kids, too. Jordan allegedly reversed his vasectomy for her and she gave birth to twins, Victoria and Ysabel Jordan, in February 2014.

2 Watching Ball With Grandpa

Here’s a picture that says it all. Heck, MJ looks terrible in it. There’s young and chipper Yvette, sitting up straight and ready to go, while Jordan is barely awake. Sure, he has the stamina of an athlete, but the years are catching up with him. Jordan is 54 years old while his young Cuban hottie is merely 38. She’s no spring chicken anymore, but a 15-year gap is nothing to ignore. There are many pictures online of Jordan and his wife watching basketball games. You’ve got to wonder how many she can take. In many shots, she looks bored, nearly to the point of sleeping herself. And in other photos (like this one), she looks like she’s antsy and ready to leave. She wants to go dancing in the clubs some more.

1 Jordan Being Jordan

When we look at MJ, we feel like we know him just a little bit, right? It happens sometimes with athletes. We spend so much time watching their games, rooting for them, and riding on the emotional rollercoaster of sports. Jordan was a legend and so many of us are fortunate to have watched him play live. We watched him change the way (awesome) shoes were sold and how athletes were marketed. He changed the world, and that’s why Obama gave him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016. MJ was the most important player in a generation. And he was a player in more ways than one, as we can see in this pic. Is that Yvette? Doesn’t look like her. Maybe this pic was taken a while ago. Or maybe that’s wife number three. Who knows?

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