15 Pics Of The Spice Girls Showing More Than We Can Handle

If you asked a roomful of people to name the most iconic group of the '90s, perhaps half (or more) would say, "Spice Girls!" As the most successful British pop group since the Beatles, the Spice Girls took the world by storm and left a legendary legacy behind. Hitting the scene in 1996 with their debut hit Wannabe, they would ultimately sell 31 million copies of their first album, Spice. With two additional studio albums released by the year 2000, they would sell a total of 85 million records, making them the biggest-selling all-women group of all time.

The Spice Girls were marketing geniuses from the very beginning. Their blend of sporty, sassy, sexy, and coyness was just eaten up by the masses. They were style icons, advocates for feminism, and voices of support for the LGBT community. They were brand ambassadors for Pepsi, Target, and Cadbury, among others. It was estimated that they roped in a whopping £300 million in the year 1997 alone, just for their product endorsements. They were often accused of "selling out" due to their overly marketed branding. The Spice Girls were everywhere to be seen -- in supermarkets, on all of the fashion magazines, T-shirts, water bottles, watches, and other brand-heavy items. All of these were sold in stores across the world.

The Spice Girls were the hottest girls of the '90s. Now, over two decades later, and close to 10 years since their famous reunion tour, the Girls are hotter than ever. They're now in their early 40s, but these photos prove that they haven't lost their looks. Here are 15 Photos That Prove That The Spice Girls Are Still Hot


15 Ginger Spice Has A Swimwear Line

In 2010, fan favorite Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice, teamed up with iconic British clothing brand Next, to launch a swimwear line. The line, simply called "Geri by Next," offered simple yet elegant swimwear for women of all sizes. Some criticized Geri's move into the fashion world as a challenge to former co-Spice Victoria Beckham. Although the swimsuits were a hit, the line was discontinued.  A couple of years later, she would release another line with Next, this time focusing on Union Jack-printed clothing items inspired by her iconic Union Jack dress during the Spice Girls reign. Fashion didn't stick, and Geri eventually returned to her first passion: music. She would establish a successful solo career and release 3 albums.

14 Baby Spice Became A Radio Host


Baby Spice, aka, Emma Bunton, was one of the most adored Spice Girls. Her feminine, girly style was appreciated by tween girls (and boys) across the world. With the demise of the group, Emma continued her musical career and recorded three solo albums. In 2009, she was invited to star as a guest commentator on the popular Heart Breakfast radio show on Heart London. She was a natural. When co-host Harriet Scott took a maternity leave, it was soon announced that Emma would take her place. A few years later, Scott left the radio station for good, and Emma took on a full-time slot on the show. She's won several awards for her work on the show, notably the "Radio Presenter of The Year" award at the TRIC awards in 2017.

13 Mel C Has A Successful Solo Career

Although all of the Spice Girls had some sort of solo success after the group dismantled, Mel C, aka Sporty Spice, has focused a lot of time on music. Releasing 7 studio albums of her own, Mel C has sold a whopping 105 million records -- 20 with her solo career and 85 with the Spice Girls. In 2004, she stopped working with longtime partner Virgin Records and launched her own record label, Red Girl Records. Despite having intentions of signing other artists, to date, she's only released her own albums on the label. The benefits of self-releasing mean that Mel C has full creative control and makes all of her professional decisions alongside her manager and business partner, Nancy Phillips. Mel C is perhaps the former Spice Girl who has the least interest in reunion tours and re-banding together for special anniversary events.

12 Scary Spice Has Had The Most Tabloid Coverage


So what about the most outgoing gal of the gang? Scary Spice, aka, Mel B, was famously outspoken, gutsy, and fearless. After her Spice Girls days, Mel made tabloid headlines several times. Most notorious was the news that she had started a romantic relationship with funnyman Eddie Murphy and that he was the father of her second child, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, born in 2007. Mel B certainly had her share of botched romances. She's been married and divorced twice. She has three children who all have different fathers. She had a 4-year lesbian relationship with ex-girlfriend Christine Crokos from 2002-2006. Throughout the years, she's been the victim of emotional, physical, and psychological abuse at the hands of her partners.

11 Emma Bunton Is A Judge on Boy Band

Pop formations really are a passion for Baby Spice, Emma Bunton. Not only did she spend a good part of her life performing in the world's most successful female pop group; she's also now judging boy bands on the hit reality TV show, Boy Band. Hosted by Rita Ora, the show is the newest installment in the recently-trendy musical reality-show genre. On a search for the next big boy band, contestants compete in front of celebrity judges, which include both Emma Bunton and former Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter. The first season is set to wrap up this week, with the winners getting a pretty impressive prize of a recording session with Hollywood Records. The final 5 will be selected based on their singing and dancing skills, as well as their overall likeability.

10 Geri Halliwell Is Always In A Bikini


If we didn't know better, we would think that Ginger Spice has spent the near two decades since the Spice Girls split lounging on various beaches. The hot redhead has been photographed on different vacations over the years, always looking amazing in a different bikini. Maybe her experience launching her own swimwear line gave her the motivation to try on a million different suits! One thing's for sure: Geri has kept herself in excellent shape and enjoys showing off her very hot mom-bod to the press! She did admit in a 2008 interview that she isn't as confident as she appears; she still struggles with body-image issues, most likely stemming from her Spice Girls days, when she was expected to wear skimpy gear on the regular.

9 Emma Has A Longtime Love

Cute and adorable Baby Spice has been off the market for almost two decades. Since 1998, she's been in a relationship with her partner, Jade Jones. Jones was also a pop star, albeit not reaching the same level of fame as Emma did. He was a member of R&B boy band Damage, who had some hits in the '90s. When the group disbanded, he went on to pursue a completely different career: he became a professionally trained chef and now works in high-class restaurants and hotels in the London area. Emma and Jade have two sons together, Beau and Tate. Emma has said that Jade is her best friend, and the pair seems to have a really healthy and happy relationship.


8 Mel B Can Have An Explosive Side


It's no surprise that Scary Spice can be a little bit... explosive. In the Spice Girls days, she was known for being loud, outgoing, and sometimes, a little shocking! Well, that hasn't changed. Just this week, Mel B stormed off the set of America's Got Talent, a reality talent show where she's one of the main judges. According to reports, she was furious that Simon Cowell, her co-star and fellow judge, made a very below-the-belt comment comparing a bad performance to Mel B's divorce. Apparently, she threw a glass of water in his face and stormed off the set. She later returned when she had calmed down, and the show resumed filming. Not sure if fans will ever get to see that bit of the recording!

7 Victoria Beckham Is Still Posh

Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, aka David Beckham's wife, is hands-down the most successful ex-Spice Girl. She married famous footballer David Beckham in 1999, and the couple have spent the last two decades dominating their careers, raising a beautiful family, and dressing very well. Victoria has dabbled in fashion design, modeling, and singing. She's published two books and still manages to find enough time to devote to her seemingly perfect marriage. With an estimated net worth of well over £520 million, the Beckhams are able to enjoy all that life has to offer, while not coming off as too snobby or arrogant. They're raising their children to be self-sufficient and kind and have credited their success to being honest, open, and real with each other. What a success story!

6 They Stole The Spotlight at The 2012 Olympics


The 2012 Olympics in London went down in history for having incredible opening and closing performances. In the most-Tweeted moment during the two-week Olympic ceremonies, the Spice Girls took the stage to perform a few of their old hits. A very well-received medley of Wannabe and Spice Up Your Life left fans screaming with glee. It was the first time that they would be on stage together since their Return of the Spice Girls tour during 2007-2008. The Spice Girls appeared together several times during 2012, as they were also involved in the creation of the musical story of their careers, Viva Forever: The Musical. After 2012, the Girls attempted to continue a reunion side-project, although Victoria Beckham and Melanie Chisholm politely declined to partake. When Geri Halliwell got pregnant again in 2016, the project was put on hold.

5 Three Original Members Wanted To Reunite... Again

The Spice Girls officially broke up in the year 2000; however, they reunited several times for world tours and special events. After the 2012 London Olympics and the opening of the Spice Girls musical the same year, the girls took a nice, long hiatus. Not before too long, however, three original members decided to start planning for a 20th-anniversary comeback to commemorate the 1996 release of Wannabe. Geri, Emma, and Mel were the three interested parties and named themselves The Spice Girls-GEM. Mel C and Victoria Beckham had absolutely zero interest in reuniting, claiming that they were happy to leave the Spice Girls days behind them and focus on their families. When Geri Halliwell got pregnant in 2016, the plans were put on hold, and nothing has been picked up since.

4 Victoria Beckham Has The Biggest Family


All of the Spice Girls have children now, but Victoria Beckham is in the lead for the largest family. She and hubby David Beckham have four children together -- sons Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz and daughter Harper. They range in age from 6 to 18. Victoria has often said that her real job is being a mother. Despite the fact that she and David make up one of the most iconic power couples of the 21st century, they do maintain a level of relatability that's very refreshing. Their oldest son, Brooklyn, is setting off soon to start college in NYC. He's an aspiring photographer and will be pursuing a degree in the arts. Although Victoria and David have openly talked about how sad they are that their oldest is flocking away from the nest, they're also extremely proud of his accomplishments and want him to chase his dreams.

3 Sporty Spice Has A S--y Side

Of all the Spice Girls, perhaps Sporty Spice is the least known for her looks. Sure, she's very pretty, but her persona was more about sportiness than anything. Her "tomboy" style was definitely cute and fun, but she wasn't necessarily the one making all the teenage boys drool. Sporty has openly admitted that she had body-image issues and low self-esteem as a result of constantly being critiqued in the media. Whether she gained or lost weight, the tabloids had something to say, usually negative. Over the years, Mel C gained more confidence and became more comfortable in her own skin. She's proven in recent photos that she isn't condemned to a lifetime of track pants and crop tops -- the girl can dress up and look hot, too!

2 They're All Over 40 Now


It seems like just yesterday that the Spice Girls were a barely-legal pop group, emerging on the music scene with an energy and style that were completely unprecedented. For those of us who were tweens at the time, it's hard to believe that our (young!) idols are now all over 40. Not that 40 is old, but time certainly has gone by fast! Geri Halliwell is the oldest of the group at 45 years old. Emma is the baby (of course) at 41 years old. The other three are in the 42-43 range. It's crazy to think that Victoria Beckham could technically become a grandmother any day now; well, let's see what her kids have in store for their futures first, but technically, Brooklyn is of age to start his own family!

1 Posh Spice Is Happier Than She Looks

Ever notice how Victoria Beckham never really smiles in photos? Since the Spice Girls days, she had the chronic bitchy face down pat! Although she doesn't like to show her chompers in pictures, Victoria is probably the happiest of the gang. It's clear in interviews that she's really living her best life focusing on her fashion-design career, enjoying watching her children grow up, and being married to the hottest guy in football history. What's not to be happy about? She's one of the few celebrities to have coasted through decades without letting too much of her personal life details out. Rarely do we read gossip about her because she's just too private to get to. Her relationship seems to be solid, her family looks happy, and she looks great... I'm sure she's smiling on the inside.



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