15 Pics Of The Riverdale Cast That Prove They're TV's Steamiest Cast

Riverdale walked out of the 2017 Winter Season as the sleeper hit of the television season. First premiering on January 26th, 2017, Riverdale is a dark adaptation of the classic Archie Comics. When the show first went into production, the idea was to revamp the comics into a modern teen drama that relied on the tone and atmosphere of an old-school John Hughes movie, ala The Breakfast Club. Somewhere along the way, that idea in itself got revamped to make the show into a film noir-lite mystery revolving around the death of Riverdale High student, Jason Blossom. By the end of the show's first season, Riverdale was a surprise hit, especially among teenagers. For several reasons, the show was a hit among teens who helped the show score high ratings and a few awards along the way, sweeping the Teen Choice Awards, most notably with awards for Choice Breakout Show and Choice Drama Show. Among the reasons for the high praise for the show were its stunning cinematography, its gripping storylines, and of course, the eye candy featured in it.

We can't help but notice that the cast is filled with plenty of pretty faces. Call it superficial, but beauty is a big reason why shows succeed. If a cast is filled with hot people, audiences will be more willing to tune in every week just to see the hot faces. It's a fact, and since the cast's hot faces can partly be credited for the show's success, we're going to dedicate an entire list filled with pics featuring the cast being hot. And for those who need a little bit more substance behind their eye candy--much like how the show itself is filled with eye candy and genuinely good stories--we've accompanied some interesting facts for each pic.


15 Madeleine Petsch

The level of sexiness on the show is not just reserved for the four main actors at the helm of Riverdale. Even the supporting players among the ensemble have got it going on. Take for example Madeleine Petsch, who plays Cheryl Blossom, the spoiled teenage heiress to the wealthy Blossom family fortune. Petsch is nowhere near as stuck up and self-centered as her Riverdale character, considering that Petsch dedicates much of her time away from the set to being a member of PETA's awareness campaign. Petsch also never lived as much of a privileged lifestyle as her character, given that prior to moving to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, the vegan redhead was living in South Africa with her parents.

14 Marisol Nichols


The extreme levels of sexiness are not restrained to only the young actors on the show either. Much of the older actors on the show clearly have got it going on like Stacy's Mom. Much of the older actors are comprised of former teen heartthrobs from the '80s, like Luke Perry and Molly Ringwald. Some of these actors have retained their beauty after all of these years. Take the 43-year-old Marisol Nichols as a key example. Her younger days saw her claim supporting turns in films like Scream 2 and Can't Hardly Wait in the '90s, but her career never truly took off until she joined the sixth season of 24 as Special Agent Nadia Yassir, arguably her best role to date. Now, she can be seen on Riverdale playing Veronica's mother, Hermione Lodge.

13 Camila Mendes

Despite not having a long resume to her name--playing Veronica is actually her first serious acting role--Camila Mendes has an impressive pedigree of acting training to her name. Prior to auditioning for Riverdale, the 23-year old actress graduated from the distinguished New York University Tisch School of the Arts in 2016. She was so far along in her studies that she graduated a semester early, which she revealed in a recent interview with the BUILD Series. That same year, she snagged her first acting job as one of three girlfriends in an IKEA commercial and shortly afterward, she landed the role of a lifetime as Veronica Lodge for Riverdale. Despite being one of the more inexperienced actors among the cast, Mendes finds a way to steal the show whenever she's on screen, so much so that she won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Scene Stealer.

12 Riverdale's Cast


Way back in 2013, some folks had the bright idea to pull out the classic Archie Comics of old and decided to adapt them into a feature-length film. Those folks happened to be Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Jason Moore, who would take on the responsibilities of Riverdale as writer and director, respectively. Rather than being patterned after the comic's original family-friendly tone and style, the idea was to create the series with a John Hughes mood, ala The Breakfast Club, in mind. The duo pitched their project to Warner Bros., who later decided the project would be better suited as a television series. FOX eventually took over the reigns before dropping it altogether in 2014. The following year, The CW picked up the project and ordered the pilot, and development got underway. One by one, the show's creators found themselves a talented and mighty fine cast on their hands.

11 KJ Apa

The biggest hurdle for the creators in the way of early production on Riverdale was trying to find the perfect Archie. According to writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, it got to a point where the crew had seen just about every redhead living under the Hollywood sign, and still no luck. Before they knew it, it was about three days before Aguirre-Sacasa's team needed to send test screening shots of the cast to the network, and they still had no Archie. That was when KJ Apa arrived at their doorstep, and after four grueling months, they finally found their Archie. Apa, who at the time was straight off of the heels of getting cast in A Dog's Purpose--which went on to become a modest box-office hit this year--had the star quality that was exactly what the Riverdale team was looking for in casting Archie.

10 Cole Sprouse


For the majority of his adolescent life, Cole Sprouse had been featured in some of Hollywood's hit movies and shows, but he now hopes to shed his childhood façade with a much more serious presence on Riverdale. Fans remember him best as the kid from Big Daddy and the Cody of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, which he starred alongside his twin brother, Dylan Sprouse. Cole took a hiatus from acting to focus on school, but one day, while he was working at an archeology lab, his manager sent him the Riverdale script. With the promise that he would quit acting if he didn't get hired on the show that pilot season, Cole gave it a shot. He was asked to read for Archie but fell in love with the character of Jughead; then, the rest was history.

9 Lili Reinhart

While living in North Carolina with her parents, Lili Reinhart sent a self-tape to the folks at Riverdale in an attempt to audition for the role of Betty Cooper. Reinhart later received a response from the casting director that she had been rejected. Some months later, Reinhart wound up moving to Los Angeles, and three days later, Reinhart was told by her manager that the show still had not found its Betty and that the casting director was willing to see Reinhart again. At the recommendation of her manager, Reinhart auditioned again--this time in person--and went through a rigorous string of auditions and screen tests. Finally, while she was making herself a hot dog, Reinhart received her fateful phone call telling her that she was Riverdale's new Betty.


8 Camila and Lili


On Riverdale, the key relationship that anchors the show is that between Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper. Unlike in the comic books, the two are not constantly bickering over Archie, but instead, have story arcs that are independent of Archie whether the two are bickering or are the best of friends. The relationship is saddled with strong performances and chemistry between Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart. Even when the two are away from the set, the two actresses happen to be the best of friends. That must be why their chemistry on the show appears to be so unapologetically authentic and genuine. As they met at the beginning of production, the two clicked instantly, but it took about a year before they were able to see how much they had in common, and from there, a bond was formed.

7 Cole and Lili

Currently, the main relationship at the center of Riverdale happens to be between local couple Betty and Jughead, or "Bughead" as fans lovingly dubbed the pairing. The two characters started off as friends, who grew up in the same town together since childhood, but in the wake of investigating the murder of Jason Blossom, the two slowly started to fall for each other. When the two finally became an item, fans instantly fell in love with them, so much so that the pairing won Choice TV Ship at this year's Teen Choice Awards. Everyone seems to love the pairing so much that some fans started to hope and speculate that Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart were dating in real life. Judging from rumors and the way the two act around each other in public, the two seem to be all but confirmed to be dating.

6 Madchen Amick


Another one of the older stars on the show whom audiences continue to swoon over is Madchen Amick, who plays Betty's mother, Alice Cooper, on the show. Amick first stole everyone's hearts back in the '90s during her two-year run on Twin Peaks as waitress Shelly Johnson. Amick's critically acclaimed performance in the role earned her cult status among fans of the show. Amick has since appeared in a few guest appearances on television shows and movies, but 2017 seems to be a comeback year for the actress. This year, in addition to joining the cast of the hit show Riverdale, she also reprised the role of Shelly for the revival mini-series Twin Peaks: The Return. If Amick's career continues to pop off the way that it has, then we certainly will be seeing more of her in the future.

5 Camila Mendes's Tattoo

Not many people know this, but Camila Mendes actually has a tattoo inked on her torso area. When explaining the story behind her one and only tattoo, Mendes told Latina Magazine that moving was always a big part of her life that and moving has provided some ups and downs for her. In retrospect, all the moving allowed her to see just how "messed up" she was from it. It also allowed her to realize that one can only establish a sense of self from realizing that change will always occur around us no matter what, but at the same time, one still has control over oneself. Keeping that in mind, she has a tattoo below her right breast which reads, "To build a home" because her goal, ultimately, is to build a home within herself.

4 Hayley Law, Ashleigh Murray, and Asha Bloomfield


Riverdale High's resident sexy trio happens to be their local girl-band group, Josie and the Pussycats. The three gorgeous actresses who make up the all-girl group are Hayley Law (as Valerie Brown, the now-former flame of Archie), Ashleigh Murray (as Josie McCoy, the star of the group herself), and Asha Bloomfield (as Melody Valentine, the quieter and more soft-spoken member of the group). Together, when provided with impressive acting performances and thunderous singing chops from the actresses who play them, Josie and the Pussycats happen to steal the show whenever the triple-threat trio make their way onto our screens. Murray especially has benefited from taking up the lead role of the group, given how away from Riverdale, she just starred in the Netflix original movie, Deidra & Laney Rob a Train. She also is set to play one of the starring roles for the Valley Girl remake.

3 The Cast at Coachella

Despite spending just over a year on the set of Riverdale and just a few months on the air, much of the cast of Riverdale has been able to form a strong bond outside of the show. Many of the stars seem to have a tendency to hang out together away from the cameras. Just this past summer, the main cast--KJ Apa, Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, and Casey Cott, who plays openly gay high school student Kevin Keller--were all seen and snapped together while enjoying the festivities of the Coachella festival. Just a week removed from running a series of press tours in Mexico for the show, the cast decided to catch some sun and relax at the prestigious Coachella fest.

2 Pizza Party


We've spent numerous points in this list pointing out and drooling over just how sexy this cast is. If we had to provide a relatively recent example, it would be this. Much to everyone's surprise, Riverdale fans found out that this cast is so sexy that they can make pizza look sexy. For some background on the image, this pic hit the internet just days after it was announced that Ross Butler (who played Reggie on the show) would be replaced effective immediately in Season 2 so that Butler could satisfy commitments to the second season production of 13 Reasons Why. The actor replacing him is Reggie Melton, and to make Melton feel at home among the cast, KJ Apa and Camila Mendes threw some kind of shirtless pizza party, which Mendes snapped a glimpse of for the Gram.

1 Entertainment Weekly Cover Winner

Earlier this summer, Entertainment Weekly allowed fans to vote on which show arriving in the 2017 Fall TV Season should make an appearance on the cover of the magazine's Fall TV Preview issue. The voting battle began with 62 television shows in competition, and in a matter of weeks, Riverdale was the last show standing. The cast of Riverdale--KJ Apa, Ashleigh Murray, Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, Casey Cott, Madeleine Petsch, and Cole Sprouse--were given a special photo shoot with Entertainment Weekly and immediately thanked their fans afterward not only for voting them in as the winning cover stars but also for all of the love and support their fans have provided ever since Riverdale hit The CW's airwaves. Their humbleness only went to show that the win for the cast was well deserved.



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