15 Pics Of The Kardashians That Would Make Robert Turn In His Grave

Robert Kardashian was a successful Los Angeles attorney for quite a long time. He was best known for being O.J. Simpson's friend and part of his "Dream Team." But little did Robert Kardashian know that he would give birth to a family brand. The Kardashian name is now far better known for Robert's offspring and their sensational exploits than his accomplishments in the legal world. Although he was best associated with O.J. Simpson for the longest time, the relationship between the Kardashian name and O.J. is far away from people's minds because now, we think of sex tapes and overblown stardom instead. The Kardashian brand has moved into a whole other level of popularity since Kim Kardashian's infamously leaked sex tape.

The entire family has gotten into the act. Even the matriarch, Kris, has gone way out of her way to try and throw herself out there with a variety of modeling photos. Then, there are the Kardashian girls. They've been responsible for nearly shutting the entire world wide web down. Kim has been the biggest culprit with her ample variety of sexy snapshots. The Kardashians have built their brand off of a sex tape, a lot of questionable selfies, and massive Twitter and Instagram followings. They're now CEOs and business owners to go along with their faux-celebrity statuses. Certainly, they're successful; nobody is denying that. But how they got there may not sit well with their long-since deceased father.


15 Girl Power

First, as we can see in this photo of the Kardashian girls, clothing is optional. Never one to shy away from taking their clothes off, the Kardashians have literally made a career of taking photos of themselves mostly naked. Whether it's from selfies or posed modeling photo shoots, one thing is for certain, the Kardashians love to see themselves with little-to-no clothing on. Kim, as usual, is featured front and center. She's managed to capture the attention of the world with her naked posturing. Her sisters have jumped right on board, and as if a perfectly orchestrated trio of ballet dancers, they've rolled out their act to perfection. They're relentless with their ability to fascinate their fans with drama, nakedness, and an empire that's ever-growing. We're guessing a father would not be thrilled with all of his daughters making money in this fashion (aka: like strippers but for the entire world to see).

14 Khloe


Recently, Khloe Kardashian went to great lengths to remake her body. She worked out like a beast. She started to go on a strict diet. Khloe was never heavy, but she happened to be a little bigger than her other two sisters who were shorter and had more of an hourglass figure. So, Khloe went to work. Combined with some plastic surgery along the way, Khloe has worked herself into a physical machine. The only push back a father would give would be the frame-by-frame pictures that Khloe decided to take of her new body transformation. Many of the pictures captured a lathered up, sweaty Kardashian enjoying the display of her new female figure. Attempting to follow after her big sister, Kim, Khloe has sought to come out of her shadows. She doesn't want to be the "ugly" Kardashian even though she was never that. But her physical transformation has been stunning over the past years, and we've seen every photo of it.

13 Playboy Time

Nothing can make a father cringe more than his daughter posing naked for all to see. It would be almost impossible not to see naked photos of Kim's adult figure all over the Internet. This, in itself, is a rough one to swallow. Some parents try to adapt to their daughter celebrating their figure. Sure, it's not as if Kim Kardashian is the only woman to ever pose for the famed magazine. But it can't make a father too happy to see it go down. No matter how much a father will acknowledge and support his daughter's modeling, inside, every father cringes at the prospect of his daughter taking her clothes off for millions upon millions of people across the globe. Many of the young (and some old) men use those same naked photos as a spank bank. It's not what any daddy wants to see.

12 Kris Goes Wild


Why not? What's good for the daughters is good for the 50+-year-old mother. Kris Jenner has offered up her daughters as visual meat for the world for years. She's been Kim's manager and helped shape the Kardashian brand, seizing upon her daughter's sex tape to help orchestrate an empire. In the process, she's tried to enjoy the spoils of their success. She's had numerous elective surgeries herself and isn't too shy about showing off her newly formed figure. In addition to that, her marriage to Bruce Jenner clearly didn't work out. Then, she went around and had a relationship with a MUCH younger man. We aren't sure what Kris is doing in her life or why; all we know is that Robert Kardashian would not be thrilled watching the display. He would likely expect the mother of his children to set the example, not regress into their sunlight of fun.

11 Kourtney Having Fun

Kourtney Kardashian is the most motherly of the group. Being the eldest Kardashian daughter and the fact that she was the first of the girls to have children have placed Kourtney in that motherly frame. However, make no mistake about it: Kourtney likes to have her fun as well. She enjoys having a little too much fun at times in public. Sure, we've all been a little tipsy here and there. However, if you're going to be a wannabe celebrity and smile for all the cameras, it probably is a good idea not to get blitzed in public. But when you believe you're entitled, you tend to assume you're something more than you are. Kourtney has definitely done that. Either way, a father never wants to see his daughter plastered with cameras snapping every moment of her foolishness.

10 Khloe Lips


Hey, if we went to a Justin Bieber Grammy party, we'd probably have some fun, too! Pictured at a club in West Hollywood, Khloe Kardashian has a few too many in her search for fun. In addition to that, she must've gotten stung on the lips by a swarm of bees because them lips be full! Khloe was drunk, wandering around after the party. She didn't look good, to begin with. Her public drunken display was sloppy. The kicker was the terrible lip injections she got. Getting the "Steven Tyler" treatment for lip fat infusion is not a great look on her. No matter how you slice it, Khloe was a big disappointment to any parent of hers on this night. We're quite certain this wasn't one of her better moments. But man, can she play a mean sax with those chops!

9 Got Butt?

When you think of a father loving his young daughter, this look doesn't exactly come to mind. This was one of Kim Kardashian's Paper Magazine photos (minus the naked rear-end we cut off). One of Kim's most famous (or infamous, depending on how you look at it) assets is her rear end. Her butt is borderline legendary. She has some wider hips and the caboose to go with them. Look, Kim is a beautiful woman, for the most part. From a personality standpoint, not so much. But when a father looks at his daughter, this picture is not what he wants to see. Rubbed all up in baby oil and completely naked in a magazine (and online) is no bueno. Kim's look and smile tell it all, though. She soaks up the attention and continues to pound home those paychecks.


8 Instagram Me!


Well, let's start talking Instagram. One of the Kim's greatest weapons has been her Instagram account. She gives regular updates of her whereabouts and interacts with her fans. Of course, we like to remind everyone that her fan base was created out of a sex video, a Playboy appearance, and then a television show about her family that causes many people to shake their heads. But she does have fans, and on Instagram, they're in the millions, to the tune of over 102 million followers. That's an incredible number of people following anyone, let alone a woman who seemingly has little-to-no special abilities aside from being famous for being famous. And the thousands of mostly naked photos can't make any father happy.

7 Selfie Love

Kourtney Kardashian has done quite a bit of work during her life. She's owned a fashion company with her sister, Khloe. She's done her share of modeling. She's been a mother multiple times over now. She also has engaged in a very public and unsuccessful relationship with Scott Disick. Kourtney has been the one Kardashian that began to branch out, but she clearly chose the wrong guy. In addition, Kourtney is equally not shy about showing off her goods. These selfies have become more commonplace now that Kourtney has seemingly finished having kids and gotten some "work" done. In particular, we're talking about her newly designed, impressive breast region. Kourtney also went through rigorous workouts to trim and tone down. Kourtney was never heavy, but she chose to shoot for the hourglass moon. Self-improvements aside, no father dances over his daughter (who's also a mommy herself now) taking selfies of her boobs and broadcasting them everywhere.

6 Lights, Camera, Payday!


And we arrive at the mother of all Kardashian incidents that would cause you to roll over in a grave: The Sex Tape. It deserves quite a bit of credit for launching Kim Kardashian into celebrity status back in 2006. If her father weren't a famous attorney in Los Angeles who was friends with and represented O.J. Simpson, odds are, we may never have heard of a Kardashian. Alas, we know exactly who Kim Kardashian is, and this sex tape helped launch a brand that has dominated entertainment news for a decade. The keys to success lie within the exotic look the family brings, along with some bodacious assets. But the sex tape definitely would've been a tough one for Robert Sr. to take. He obviously would want the best for his family, as any father would, but a public sex tape may be more than any father can handle. All the money in the world doesn't buy back that disappointment and embarrassment. It is what it is, and that tape has led to quite a bit of fame for the family, who seem eager to capitalize on their bodies every second they get. But as a fellow father, I can guarantee that this one would've hit Sr. hard. Can't imagine this would've gone over too well, even with a progressive Los Angeles attorney.

5 Struttin' Her Stuff

Khloe has gone through a physical transformation with her body. She dedicated herself to a strict fitness routine that many normal human beings don't have the time for. The end result was a ripped, new Khloe with a near-perfect figure built on hard work and muscle. She also posed numerous times pulling her pants down just enough for you to get the sense that she's completely shaved down below. It's an odd pose, more reminiscent of 1980s and 1990s rappers. But Khloe pulls her pants down to further the point that she's hot; she's badass, and she knows it. Of course, this isn't what a parent, in particular, a father, wants to see his daughter doing. Celebrating fitness is awesome; pulling your pants down in a seductive manner is not so awesome. This is a tame photo for Khloe, who showed off far more in other photos.

4 Break Out The Egg Timer


It's a dream for a father to walk his daughter down the aisle for her wedding. It's a tremendous honor and something, sadly, that Robert Kardashian didn't get to do for his daughters. That tragedy aside, Kim Kardashian initially got married to NBA baller Kris Humphries on live television. Their marriage included a ring that Humphries claims cost him $2 million because it was handpicked by Kardashian and etched by a family friend. However, after 72 REALLY difficult days of being married, Kim threw in the towel and filed for divorce. Years later, she ended up with Kanye West. No father wants this collection of disasters for his daughter. West is off-the-wall crazy these days. He even had to cancel a concert tour because his fans turned on him for supporting Donald Trump. He then claimed to be exhausted and needed rest. It's no surprise that Kim Kardashian draws drama in her life -- makes the reality show more interesting, we guess.

3 Party Time

Lamar Odom was an NBA star for a while. He was a tremendous talent, a swingman who had length, balls skills, and the ability to play every spot on the floor. He was part of NBA Championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. Life seemed good. Then, he began dating Khloe Kardashian and got swallowed into the Kardashian spotlight. Khloe invited Lamar onto the family's reality television series, and they eventually spun-off into one of their own. But prostitutes, drugs, more rumors of cheating, and a near-death drug overdose placed a very serious spin on their romance. Khloe was rumored to be hanging with James Harden, amongst other NBA players. Her choices in men have been nothing short of questionable. Enjoying the limelight and everything it offers, Khloe seems to like athletes who bring more attention to her world. But any father wants a stable, good man for his daughter. Khloe doesn't seem to be heading in that right direction, being quoted as enjoying 'playing the dating field.'

2 Great Scott!


Scott Disick has been nothing short of a train wreck. The physical sperm donor for Kourtney Kardashian's children has been a complete idiot on their reality television series. Kourtney inexplicably fell for this self-anointed playboy. Disick comes off as a spoiled Ivy League frat boy as opposed to an adult man. But Kourtney, one of the most sensible of the Kardashian children (if there is such a thing), put up with his crap. He drank and drank. He's been a man who has a complete lack of focus on things that appear important in the world and instead loves the party life. Disick is a club rat. He loves the late night party world, and there have been numerous rumors over the years that he was cheating on Kourtney. The rumors came to roost, and Kourtney dumped him. He tried to get back with her, but with images of him drunk and standing with multiple half-naked women on hotel balconies, we're guessing their relationship is forever over. Scott Disick is more reminiscent of a young Charlie Sheen as opposed to an ideal mate and father. Dad can't be happy with Kourtney's choice in this guy.

1 Rob Jr. Strikes Back

Well, if there's something that always will disappoint a father, it's his son not living up to his expectations. From the start, Rob Kardashian has appeared spoiled and lost. As his older sisters basked in the nakedness of their success, he floundered as the "other" Kardashian in the family, searching for a foothold of his own. He always seemed like he was on the outside looking in as the girls made their names over the Internet by projecting their bodies as much as possible and using their reality television series as a catalyst for success. But Rob just never fit in, and his laziness and lack of maturity led him down a self-destructive pattern. He became depressed and gained over 100 pounds. He then starting dating Blac Chyna, a woman who already had issues within their family. The relationship seemed more like Blac Chyna trying to dig into the Kardashian family piggy back. Rob Jr. clearly got duped. Now that she's had his baby, she's filing for restraining orders against him. To say Rob has been a disappointment would be an understatement. Seeing the man floundering in the abyss despite having all the opportunities afforded to him would definitely hurt Sr. more than anything. The good news is, it's never too late to grow up and turn things around.

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