15 Pics Of The Hotties From Iron Fist

Marvel and Netflix are at it yet again, teaming up to recently release the series Iron Fist. The latest addition to the MCU stars Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick, two faces that we're sure you may recognize from their time in Westeros.

But the cast is also rounded out by the stunning Jessica Stroup, Tom Pelphrey, and Rosario Dawson; the latter of whom you met in Luke Cage. Judging by the title of our list, you can understand why we're only going to highlight those 3 gorgeous ladies.

While Dawson will receive slightly fewer photos than Stroup and Henwick, we're sure you won't leave this list upset by the steamy nature of the photos.

The series might not be doing as well with critics as the previous entries into the MCU, but it's clear that the women are the best looking of any superhero franchise so far! And just in case you haven't already binge-watched the series, rest easy as we make sure nothing is spoiled throughout our list.

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15 Henwick Looking Ravishing In Red

Henwick captioned this photo "Feeling red" and pointed out that she was wrapped up in a Burberry coat when she posted this photo to her Instagram back on December 7th.

When you consider how beautiful she looks in the above photo, we are sure that you would also love to be feeling some red! And when you also factor in the fact that it was December, you can imagine the weather outside caused for plenty of reasons to keep warm inside.

While it doesn't appear that Henwick has done any professional modeling, we're sure posting photos like this to her Instagram is a pretty efficient way to get the attention of some modeling companies! Now we can only hope she also gets the attention of a swimsuit company by the time summer rolls around.

14 Stroup By The Beach

Oh man, aren't you wishing that Iron Fist would have more scenes set near the beach? Especially when you consider you're about to see the 2nd part of our list with the beautiful Jessica Stroup, who you'll get to know as the character Joy Meachum.

But you can imagine nothing will be standing in front of Meachum that will be scarier than what Stroup has faced in some of her previous roles that include The Hills Have Eyes 2, Left in Darkness, and Vampire Bats.

Meachum is also used to appearing in a television series, as she is also a regular on The Following.

13 Henwick Embraces Her Inner Geek

Jessica Henwick is going to show off plenty of athletic ability with her role as Coleen Wing, but it's clear in the above photo that she may not be so successful if she needs to step out and help Rand on a skateboard! But we definitely wouldn't mind if she showed up in a scene wearing that outfit!

Henwick humorously captioned the post "This is how to skateboard, right?" and posted it back on January 4th.

One thing that helps make this photo stand out though is the fact that she's rocking out in glasses! While it's not clear if she needs them in real life or not, there is nothing like that "nerdy" edge to make someone all the more captivating.

12 Stroup With That Seductive Gaze

If you take a look at the above photo that was taken for Complex magazine back in 2010, you may find yourself quickly thinking of different things you could do to try woo over Stroup. But one thing that changes for Stroup on a regular basis, her hairstyle, is actually what she loves looking for in men.

"Oh, yeah! Hair on a guy is something that attracts me first; if you’ve got a good head of hair, and you’re able to style yourself in a way that’s presentable, I think that’s really important," said Stroup when talking to the magazine.

While we're not sure if that means she has completely ruled out bald men, at least they're now aware that it is a bit more of an uphill battle!

11 Dawson In Her Birthday Suit

This may not be the highest quality photo of anything on our list, but can you use your imagination to guess what Rosario Dawson's wardrobe was for this day on set? The scene was from the movie Trance which also stars James McAvoy.

When it comes to filming scenes in your birthday suit, you just need to hope that you've been treated respectfully. Thankfully for Dawson, that was absolutely the case.

"They made me feel comfortable and safe. It [the nude scene] was presented in the most remarkable way, it was respectful and not exploitive," said Dawson when talking about it.

We are sure you wouldn't mind if that positive experience led to future films where Dawson rocks out without clothes.

10 Henwick Starts Stripping It Off

Jessica Henwick looks outstanding while on the television screen, but this list is also going to make it clear that she looks gorgeous when posing for photoshoots as well. The above photo was taken for Interview Magazine and was shared on Henwick's Instagram account back in February.

That's definitely one strong way to garner some attention! Though something tells us she made sure that the strap falling down her shoulder was all the skin that she was going to bare for this particular photo shoot.

You can only hope they kept her number so they can call her for a future issue!

9 Stroup In Homecoming

You may think that Jessica Stroup looks beautiful in the above photo, but we also have to give some serious props to that breakfast. Sausage, pancakes and a solid jar of what appears to be authentic maple syrup are definitely all pretty great ways to start a day.

What isn't so great, is that the photo is from the movie Homecoming where Stroup plays a character who gets tortured by a jealous ex (played by Mischa Barton) of a man she started dating (played by Matt Dillon).

While the film failed to earn any traction with critics or the box office, it is still a great one to check out if you want to see Stroup looking amazing.

8 Henwick With The Sword

There was no way that the studio cast the role of Colleen Wing without picturing the actress holding a bitching sword. Thankfully for the studio Henwick not only looks intimidating but also incredibly beautiful while in action. As told in the comic, the sword is 1,000 years old and was passed down to Wing from her grandfather.

She's badass enough with just her hands, I definitely don't want to get on her bad side when she has a sword in them! Not to mention the fact that she's friends with Iron Fist. Call us crazy, but that definitely seems like a recipe for a bad day, and yet something tells us they'll be no shortage of conflict throughout the series!

7 Stroup In Prom Night

I'll be honest, horror films are far from my favorite genre out there but there is something about a slasher film that can be entertaining. Granted, as you may agree, it also helps when it casts incredibly beautiful women like Ms. Jessica Stroup who you see in the above photo from the 2008 movie, Prom Night.

In case Stroup wasn't a strong enough reason to check out the movie, it also includes the talented Idris Elba. Sadly, the draw of Stroup and Elba wasn't enough to save the movie for critics who panned it with 8% on RottenTomatoes.

At least if you decide to skip it, you can trust our word that Stroup is easily the most captivating part of the movie and you now know just how gorgeous she looks in it.

6 Henwick With The Whip

While you may start to fall in love with Jessica Henwick because you get to see her on a regular basis on Iron Fist, for many of you reading this we are sure that it was not your first time checking her out. Henwick also appears in Game of Thrones as one of Oberyn Martell's 8 daughters, Nymeria.

On top of being captivating with the eyes, Nymeria has also shown off an adept skill with the bullwhip. When interviewed about her character, Henwick said,

"Nymeria is the most strategic of the three sisters and I think her whip is very representative of her character. It's not about brute force with a whip... it's about balance and timing, precision and accuracy — and all those things are very much Nymeria."

5 Stroup In A Bikini

If you thought that Jessica Stroup looked beautiful above when she was just walking by the beach, we are sure this photo of her in a bikini is enough to definitely get your attention. The photo was taken from the television show 90210, which Stroup appeared on for 114 episodes as the character Erin Silver.

When talking about what drew her to the role of Silver, Stroup said,

"She’s creative. She speaks her mind. She goes through stuff. She is handling everything she can — a lot of stuff from the past, with her mother. I really find a lot of strength from her."

We're sure those are definitely also some traits that she also identified with for Meachum's character on Iron Fist.

4 Rosario Dawson At The Beach

Rosario Dawson is going to leave you speechless with the lack of outfit she wears in a future photo, but we also are sure you aren't going to be left complaining at having to stare at a photo of Dawson's body in a bikini!

The photos were taken back in January 2013 of Dawson, and while we did not capture him in the photos (you're welcome), also included on the trip was her boyfriend (and director) Danny Boyle. One fun piece of information from this day? Dawson ended up removing the top half to make sure that she didn't leave that day with any tan lines!

Sadly for the relationship, while they may have been hot and heavy in January by March of that year they had called it splits.

3 Henwick At The Premiere

While our list has been full of these 3 beautiful ladies in a variety of settings, we're centering our last 3 photos around the premiere for Iron Fist with all ladies being on the same playing field.

Above you saw Jessica Henwick look outstanding in that red Burberry coat, and you can imagine we were not the only people to see that dress and realize that she looks great in red.

But no matter who advised her, we're sure you would agree that she looks stunning at the premiere. Just because the dress doesn't show off too much skin doesn't mean it can't be captivating and you also may not mind the fact that she appears to have not needed a bra!

2 Stroup At The Premiere

Jessica Stroup has had her hair in a variety of styles throughout this list, but as we show you our last photo of her, it looks like she's elected to wear it up! Though the real winner of the look for Stroup is the color of her dress which works incredibly well with her hair and the dress that while shows off some cleavage, is certainly not enough to warrant too much unwanted attention.

While it would surely have been great to see Stroup elect to try on the color red like Henwick (and perhaps Dawson?), at least she also has that stunning pink dress from above to know how she looks in a similar shade.

We're just hoping that they'll be no shortage of future premieres for Stroup to be attending.

1 Dawson At The Premiere 

Before you go much further, give yourself a pat on the back for digesting all that these 3 women had to throw at you when it comes to truly dialling up the sex appeal. While Dawson may have brought the fewest assets to the table, there's also a chance you love her from Luke Cage and won't mind having her stunning face be the last photo you see in the list.

Though after previously seeing Dawson rock out in a bikini and you know, absolutely nothing, we're sure you were also hoping she would take some inspiration from the latter when it came to her premiere outfit!

That being said, Dawson was all smiles throughout the night and was clearly comfortable in her dress and at the end of the day, that really needs to be the deciding point.

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