15Hannah Montana's Best Friend

One of the major characters throughout the whole series of Hannah Montana was played by Emily Osment. The bubbly blonde was Miley/Hannah's best friend and sidekick, Lilly Truscott. She's one of the only people who knew about Miley/Hannah's double life. In fact, she's the first person

Miley/Hannah told. Lilly is a tomboy, a social butterfly, somewhat of a clutz, and a big fan of Hannah Montana's music even before she discovers who she really is. The beautiful Emily Osment is 25 years old in real life, and many people don't know that she's the younger sister of Haley Joel Osment, the child star of The Sixth Sense (he's the kid that says "I see dead people."). She's starred on Young and Hungry as Gabi Diamond since 2014.

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