15 Pics Of The Hannah Montana Girls All Grown Up

The Disney Channel Original show Hannah Montana aired from 2006-2011 on (you guessed it!) the Disney Channel. For 100 episodes, Miley Cyrus played the two main characters on the show: normal teen Miley Stewart and pop star Hannah Montana. Miley (the character, not the person) moves from Tennessee to Malibu, California, and she goes through her teen years with one huge secret: that she's leading a double life. The only people who know that she's secretly the uber-famous pop singer Hannah Montana are her father, her older brother, and her two best friends. It really is the perfect plot for a Disney Channel show, with endless possibilities for crazy mix-ups, cheesey jokes, and awkward teen situations.

The show has now been over for six years, and its star, Miley Cyrus, is now almost 25 years old. Since Hannah Montana ended, her career has skyrocketed, and now, she's known more for her music and her controversial antics than she is for her acting. Hannah Montana gave her her start, and she did have several acting roles in movies like The Night Before, The Last Song, and various Hannah Montana and other Disney Channel projects. But for the most part, in recent years she's stuck to her music career. Now, she seems to be settling down and is engaged to Liam Hemsworth.

But Miley isn't the only one who's grown up; her costars all have, too. And age has been kind to them. Here are 15 photos that prove the female cast of Hannah Montana has only gotten hotter with age.

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15 Hannah Montana's Best Friend

One of the major characters throughout the whole series of Hannah Montana was played by Emily Osment. The bubbly blonde was Miley/Hannah's best friend and sidekick, Lilly Truscott. She's one of the only people who knew about Miley/Hannah's double life. In fact, she's the first person Miley/Hannah told. Lilly is a tomboy, a social butterfly, somewhat of a clutz, and a big fan of Hannah Montana's music even before she discovers who she really is. The beautiful Emily Osment is 25 years old in real life, and many people don't know that she's the younger sister of Haley Joel Osment, the child star of The Sixth Sense (he's the kid that says "I see dead people."). She's starred on Young and Hungry as Gabi Diamond since 2014.

14 Cosmopolitan Photo Shoot

Here's Miley Cyrus looking gorgeous as ever for a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan. This photo was part of a shoot that went back to her country roots for a 2017 issue of the popular magazine known for its beauty and fashion advice and sex columns. Posing on a bed of hay, Miley looks stunning wearing a pretty blue floral corset that brings out her baby blue eyes and bright red lipstick that really stands out against her fair skin. It's a completely different look from the grungy, twerking, bleach-blonde image she was once so famous for. It's a much better look, according to most people. It's what one would expect the character of Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana to look like as a twenty-something young woman. She was a cute teenager, and she makes a lovely young adult.

13 Hawaiian Beach Babe

The woman in this photo is obviously very beautiful, and she's clearly no teenager. Once, she was on a silly, teeny-bopper show, but now, she's a full-blown grown-up who looks like it. Anna Maria Perez de Tagle looks stunning in this series of Instagram photos she took in Maui, Hawaii just last month. She captioned the photos "Yesterday's #RoadtoHana adventure included this selfie with Wailua falls, visiting the freshwater caves at Wai'ānapanapa State Park, and hiking up the Pipiwai Trail to Makahiku Falls and a massive banyan tree. I also discovered that Off Spray doesn't work in the forest, regardless... I still love you Maui." A Hawaiian beach can make anyone look good, but Anna Maria really doesn't need much help in that department.

12 The Exotic-Looking Shanica

This photo is another one of the all-grown-up Shanica Knowles, who played mean girl Amber Addison on Hannah Montana. Originally from Iowa, Shanica is most known for this role on the Disney Channel, but she's been in plenty of other shows as well. Her first-ever acting role was in 2005 on Unfabulous. She's also been in things like Super Sweet 16: The Movie, Awkward, Melissa and Joey, Suburgatory, Sassy Pants, Real Husbands of Hollywood, and Megachurch Murder, and this year, she'll play Jane Middleton in the movie The Time Capsule.

11 The New and Improved Miley

Let's start with the star of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, herself. This photo is Miley looking her classiest. It's a recent photo, and the girl you're looking at now is a far cry from the wild, controversial, and often naked young woman she used to be. That was a phase, and while it earned her much attention from fans and critics alike, she seems to have moved on from that part of her life. Her wild oats sowed, Miley looks stunning with short, curled blonde hair, classic ruby red lips, dangling sparkly earrings and wearing a silver dress. The event was the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, and Miley wore this flattering Roberto Cavalli gown, which she accented with a Judith Leiber clutch, Jimmy Choo heels, and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry. This is my personal favorite look of the former Hannah Montana starlet's.

10 Golden Smile

Anna Maria Perez de Tagle is a triple threat; as an actress, singer, and dancer, the talented 27-year-old has a lot going for her in Hollywood. She played the character of Ashley Dewitt on Hannah Montana from 2006-2011. As a recurring character, the 17 episodes she appeared on were spread throughout the Disney Channel show's four seasons. She first appeared in the pilot episode, and she played the typical popular girl at Seaview High. The first photo is taken from her Instagram account, and Anna Maria looks gorgeous with a flower crown, while the second is of her on the red carpet. She looks very grown-up compared to her Hannah Montana days. But she's been out of the spotlight for several years now, as her last role was in one episode of Baby Daddy in 2013.

9 Hannah Montana's Mean Girl

This lovely lady is 27-year-old Shanica Knowles, who played mean girl Amber Addison on Hannah Montana. Like Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, she also appeared on episodes throughout the show's four seasons, and in fact, the two were a duo of sorts. Shanica appeared in one less episode than Anna Maria (16 instead of 17), and her character was very similar to Ashley's. But even though the two are best friends, Amber's secret is that she, herself, used to be the geeky girl. Now popular, she's shown herself to be a huge fan of pop princess Hannah Montana, which is pretty ironic since she always makes fun of Miley Stewart at school, not knowing, of course, that Miley is Hannah. Shanica has always been beautiful, but we much prefer her current, mature look -- like in this gorgeous photo!

8 Fourth Season Star

Recognize this pretty woman? This familiar face belongs to South African actress Tammin Sursok, who's most well known for playing the manipulative Jenna Marshall on Pretty Little Liars. For all seven seasons of the show, she played the rival of the four main characters, Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna and step-sister of Toby. In real life, she's 34, but her character, Jenna, was much younger. On Hannah Montana, Tammin's character of Siena was the current girlfriend and future wife of Jackson, who's Miley/Hannah's older brother. She dated Jackson throughout the fourth and final season, having met him through her rude cousin, who was Jackson's neighbor. At the end of the season, Jackson follows her to Peru, where she was doing a photo shoot.

7 Miley's Little Sister

Noah Cyrus is the real-life younger sister of Miley Cyrus. The two are separated by eight years, but despite the age gap, they've been shown to be quite close throughout the years. Noah is now 17 and just entering into young adulthood. When she was just six years old, she first appeared on Hannah Montana, the show that made her big sister famous. She played the roles of various little girls on several episodes of the show until 2010 when she was 10 years old. The young actress had dreams of following in Miley's footsteps in both music and acting. She sang for movies like Rough Night and Ponyo and appeared in the 2008 movie Mostly Ghostly as a trick-or-treater.

6 Emily, The Blonde Beauty

Here we have Miley/Hannah's best friend again, Lilly Truscott, played by Emily Osment. Nowadays, Emily is busy making the show Young and Hungry, a comedy about a young entrepreneur who hires a food blogger to be his personal chef. Emily's character is that blogger/chef. The show is in its fifth season. Since her Hannah Montana days, Emily has also been busy with various other television shows like Mom, Cleaners, and Two and a Half Men. She voiced Rainbow Brite on the show Rainbow Brite in 2014 and has been the voice of Ruth on Family Guy since 2012. Emily has also been in a few movies, like No Way Jose, A Daughter's Nightmare, and Kiss Me.

5 Tammin Is Also a Musician

Known for her bright green eyes, Tammin Sursok was gorgeous back then on Hannah Montana, and she's still gorgeous now, several years later, having just wrapped up seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars. Having been born in South Africa, she grew up partially in Australia. At 15, she was cast in the Australian soap opera Home and Away, and she says that the day she started filming, her life changed. But besides being an actress, she also wants to make music and, at one time, was even pursuing a career in pop music. Tammin says of acting and music, "I can discover a part of myself that I haven't been able to for a long time, and acting is the opposite. I'm in love with both of them, and I would never choose one over the other." Next up for Tammin is the movie Whaling, in which she plays a character named "Star."

4 The Youngest Cyrus Is All Grown Up!

Here, we have the youngest Cyrus sister again, Noah Cyrus. Although she didn't have one single, recurring role on Hannah Montana, she was a part of the show in that she appeared as various characters throughout. Besides Miley, Noah also has an older brother named "Braison," two older half-siblings on her mother's side, and one older half-brother on her father's side. Her father, by the way, is uber-famous country music star Billy Ray Cyrus, and he played Miley/Hannah's father Robby Ray Stewart in all four seasons of Hannah Montana. It was a family show starring a real-life family! In this photo, Noah looks very grown up and mature. You can tell she's still quite young, but the dark makeup and cleavage make her look older.

3 #Babyface

Here's Anna Maria Perez de Tagle once more, looking more like a young professional on her way to the office than a television sitcom star. This Instagram photo from last summer was captioned "My attempt to look 'older'." It also had the hashtags #Forever21 and #Babyface. I have to agree that she does, indeed, have a baby face, which helps her continue to look like she could still be in high school, and it'll be a great asset as she gets older. Many people would kill for a smooth, pretty baby face like hers. Anna Maria's Instagram is full of gorgeous pictures of her. Whether she's all dolled up or wearing no makeup, at all, she always looks perfect. Some of her most recent posts on Instagram are a video of her Dead Minnie Mouse Halloween costume (along with a makeup tutorial) and a series of photos of her shooting a bow and arrow, "pulling a Katniss Everdeen."

2 Still Looks Sweet and Innocent

Emily Osment was such a huge part of Hannah Montana (and she grew up into such a beautiful young adult) that she definitely deserves a third photo on this list. Here, she looks almost as sweet and innocent as she was as a star of the Disney Channel. Wearing little makeup and dressed in white (albeit looking like lingerie), Emily shows off a soft, sexy side that looks great on her. But Emily has talents other than just acting and looking pretty; she's a musician who plays several instruments (but favors the guitar), and she knows how to knit; she even taught Miley Cyrus how to knit on the set of Hannah Montana! In turn, Miley taught her to play the guitar. Emily sings as well and has even released an album.

1 Miley's Cute Punkish Phase

We'll round off this list with another picture of the gorgeous Miley Cyrus. She's gone through many phases in life -- in fashion style, hairstyle, her level of common sense, and so much more. But her most well-known phase was probably her "Wrecking Ball" phase. This photo is not Miley in that phase exactly, but more so in her punk-rocker phase. The look works for her, and she looks great in a tight, short, black ensemble and with lots of gold jewelry, red lipstick, and her blonde hair slicked back. At the end of the day, Miley Cyrus is just Miley Cyrus, and for the most part, she can look good in any style and with most hair and makeup. The one exception could be the one phase she's most known for: "Wrecking Ball." That wasn't her best moment.

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