15 Pics Of The Cast Of Charmed In All Their Glory

For eight exciting television seasons, one of the hottest shows to watch was Charmed on The WB network. A TV show about witches is always popular, especially when they're good witches, who happen to be good-looking. That’s the potion that keeps viewers coming back week after week!

Four of the most popular (and hottest) stars of the long-running show were Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Shannen Doherty, and Rose McGowan. The four brunette beauties never failed to charm us on screen with their excellent acting talents as well as their undeniable attractiveness. Witchcraft is always thrilling and intriguing, just like these four lovely ladies are. Would the show have been as popular if other actresses were cast in their unforgettable roles? It is hard to say, but fans were surely pleased by the babes picked by the casting department to star in the show.

Sure, the show had some great “eye candy” moments, and the ladies all looked impressive on the small screen, but they have all taken some photos over the years that are far more risqué than what we saw from the gals on the show. Heck, Shannen Doherty went all in and even posed for Playboy!

So, here are 15 of the hottest pics found on the web of the fantastic four females that will have you wishing and praying for a Charmed reboot. These wonderful witches will be sure to cast a spell on you, and you'll be happy to fall under it. Do you have a favorite, or are all of the Charmed chicks spellbinding?


15 Alyssa Milano – Wet in White

Fans from all over the world have adored actress Alyssa Milano since she was a child star on the hit TV series Who’s the Boss with the incredible actor Tony Danza, who played her doting dad. But Daddy’s little girl is all grown up, and she's showing off her ample assets in a barely-there white tank and itty-bitty bikini bottoms. We surely never saw this much of the sultry star before! Even on Charmed, an outfit like this would be inappropriate for a witch, even a good one. But Milano looks perfectly good to us, with her sexy wet hair and toned and tanned body. This wild witch is wonderful in pure white, and she's never looked better. Wet and wow! Looks like Milano is the boss now!

14 Alyssa Milano – Golden Goddess


The marvelous Milano wins the gold for her amazing look in this shiny golden string-bikini top and revealing short shorts. Her dewy, glowing skin and sexy hair and makeup make the actress look lovely and luminous, and her strong pose proves that she's super-confident and ready to shine like the star she is. Milano’s enviable flat abs and overall great physique show that she takes excellent care of her bangin’ body and is not shy about flaunting her impressive figure for the camera. Charmed may have wowed audiences, but this eye-popping look is wowing even those who've never seen even one episode of the hit program. In glowing gold, this beautiful babe is a gorgeous goddess, and she sparkles brightly with serious sex appeal. All that glitters is indeed gold!

13 Alyssa Milano – Bikini Babe

A white string bikini is the perfect look for a beauty like Milano. Her pose is angelic and peaceful, but her image is causing a frenzy for those who have the good fortune to sneak a peek at the pretty princess. If only all witches were this alluring and fabulous! Not everyone can rock a skimpy bikini, but for Milano, the feat is effortless. With a fab figure like hers, any bikini would look just perfect. With her lovely eyes closed and looking dreamy, we can only hope Milano is thinking exactly what we are… what a babe she is! Sure, nobody can live their lives in just a bikini top, but for the time being, we'll enjoy Milano in her summer uniform. She doesn’t look like she’s at the beach, but the sun shines whenever Milano is in our sights!

12 Alyssa Milano – Midriff to the Max


Whoever doesn’t want to lie down right next to the magnificent Milano must be bat-crap crazy. She looks super chic and wonderfully relaxed as she shows off her toned and tanned abs thanks to her white and tight crop top and skintight black pants. Her alluring smoky eyes captivate the camera lens, and we cannot help but stare right back at the breathtaking beauty. Milano’s risqué pose is not for the meek, but she shows that she's totally comfortable in her own skin as she positions herself perfectly so we can all see what a gem she really is. As fine as she is an actress, Milano makes for the perfect model as well. Is there anything this star can’t do? For Milano, a little midriff goes a long way!

11 Holly Marie Combs – Brunette and Bare

The impeccable actress Holly Marie Combs has the fabulous face of your wholesome girl-next-door, but who in the world has a neighbor who comes outside to the yard in nothing but a necklace? The stunning actress’s long and flowing brunette hair covers up her awesome body in a strategic manner, but we all know what lies underneath the luscious locks. Who needs a shirt anyway? Combs is a real cutie, and her pretty picture is certainly worth a thousand words. The first would definitely be WOW! This beauty sure knows how to take a gorgeous photo and proves that the natural look is what works best for her. Now, if only she had a shorter haircut, this would be an entirely different sort of photo! Fans can wish, can’t they?

10 Holly Marie Combs – Luscious in Leather


Tight leather pants and a see-through black top look amazing on the super-hot Combs, who's showing off her tougher side in this ultra-cool “rocker chick” outfit. Her slicked-back hair and bold-and-brazen pose allow Combs to exude confidence and a sense of authority. No wonder she can cast such captivating spells! With her hands planted firmly on her hips, Combs shows off her toned body and super-chic clothing. You surely cannot wear an outfit like this everywhere, but Combs makes the look effortless and appropriate for wherever she's headed. Leather is not everyone’s cup of tea, but for Combs, the pants prove that she knows how to rock the leather look like none other. Leather is the perfect choice for Combs, who looks great no matter the material.

9 Holly Marie Combs – Perfect in Pink

Who’s that sneaking out from the dark corner? Oh, it's none other than the heart-stopping Holly Marie Combs in her sexy pastel pink bikini top just popping in to say hello. As alluring as ever, Combs looks like a million bucks in her pretty pink swimwear, even though it doesn't appear the brunette bombshell is headed to the pool or the beach anytime soon. But that's no reason to stop the amazing actress from wearing what she looks her best in. The pale pink shade compliments Combs’s lovely complexion, and her soft hair and subtle makeup finish off the look just right. Not too many witches wear bikinis, but perhaps they'll catch a glimpse of Combs and trade in their black capes and broomsticks for something a little lighter!


8 Shannen Doherty – Sexy in the Sand


It looks like a regular day at the sunny beach for the former Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed star, the ever-popular and always attractive Shannen Doherty. Frolicking and rolling around in her bright string bikini, Doherty surely looks like she's fully enjoying life and feeling relaxed, carefree, and joyful. Her big smile and sexy pose upon the sand make for the perfect picture, and the surf and beach look even more inviting with the hot actress in the shot. Her long and wet hair make the photo even beachier, and that cool tattoo on Doherty’s ankle shows that she’s got a rebellious side to her. Lots of things have washed up on the shoreline, but none have been as exciting as Doherty! Life’s a beach when Doherty is catching some sun!

7 Shannen Doherty – Lacy and Racy

There isn’t anything much sexier than a see-through lacy negligée, except for the super-hot woman who's wearing it atop a soft and fluffy rug. That woman is the incomparable Shannen Doherty, and she proves that witches look simply amazing in little black nighties and an alluring gaze. Doherty is a dream come true in her seductive nighttime look with her hair perfectly curled and bouncy and her face as beautiful as ever. This may not be the usual way witches cast their spells, but anyone who sees this wow-worthy photo will be stunned and spellbound in seconds. While Doherty is no Victoria’s Secret model, she could surely make the next catalogue in this outfit. Hand this angel her VS wings, and she’ll be ready to try on another revealing undergarment in no time.

6 Shannen Doherty – Foxy Farmhand


Yee ha! This babe is barnyard beautiful in a revealing cowgirl outfit that will have all of the farmers screaming, “Holy cow!” Doherty is as cute as ever, but that sexy edge makes this foxy farmhand the farmer’s favorite (and prettiest) helper. Sitting atop the hay, Doherty playfully poses in her girlish braids, cowboy hat, and cowboy boots with a look that shows that she’s the best crop to spring up on the farm. Those “Daisy Dukes” are as short as can be, so let’s hope that Doherty doesn’t have to do much bending and reaching in the fields and farmhouse. Planting seeds and milking cows may be the norm on the everyday farm, but for the delightful Doherty, primping and posing seem to be her only chores. And she’s certainly earning her keep!

5 Shannen Doherty – Unbuttoned Beauty

We all know shirts have buttons for a very good reason, but Doherty doesn’t ever follow the rules when it comes to her attitude or her preference for dressing herself. But she nailed this unbuttoned look with a stylish maroon string bikini top and revealing short shorts underneath. With her hands in the air and her feet planted firmly on the ground, this brassy babe looks bold and no-nonsense. When you can tie your shirt to reveal a tanned and toned middle, why hide a great body under a buttoned-up blouse? Doherty knows how to flaunt what she’s got, so we have no trouble admiring the stunning view. With her hair styled with perfection and her gaze into the camera alluring, Doherty knows she looks hot, and we couldn’t agree more.

4 Rose McGowan – Sultry in Satin


Actress Rose McGowan surely knows how to fill out a dress, and this shiny satin number is no exception. With her hands planted on her curvaceous backside and her gaze onto the lens captivating, McGowan knows that she's won us over with her sex appeal and hot-as-heck looks. The fit of her skin-tight dress shows off every curve, and her body looks beyond fantastic. We surely didn’t see any dresses like this one on Charmed, but thankfully, McGowan took her photo shoot to new limits by wearing a daring dress that not many could pull off as well as she can. It may not be comfortable to sit down in such a snug dress, but McGowan knows that there’s a price to pay for beauty. And she looks like a million bucks!

3 Rose McGowan – Naughty and Nice

A simple lacy white top seems innocent enough, but when the magnificent McGowan slips into one, the look goes from nice to naughty in mere seconds. The Charmed actress knows how to work the camera, and her alluring pose is pure proof that she simply oozes sex appeal from every pore from head to toe. Her direct and mesmerizing stare into the lens makes us intrigued, and her plump and pretty lips are drool-worthy. McGowan’s porcelain complexion and curly brunette hair are the perfect match, and her bright brown eyes are simmering with seduction. This bedroom look is not for the faint of heart, but McGowan can’t keep her beauty all to herself. It just wouldn’t be fair. Naughty and nice make this babe perfectly balanced. Just like a good witch ought to be!

2 Rose McGowan – Haystack Hottie


Who needs a stitch of clothing when a haystack is perfectly comfortable? Surely, McGowan doesn’t, and she looks just right in nothing but her “birthday suit.” With the rays of sun shining through, McGowan lights up the entire barn with her heavenly hourglass figure on full display atop the piles of hay. Horses may enjoy the farm, but when McGowan shows up in the nude, the farmers on hand must have a real field day. That hay could be quite bristly against McGowan’s soft skin, but she can handle the momentary discomfort in order to get the perfect picture. And boy did she succeed. She's a professional, after all. Hay may be for horses, but McGowan isn't horsing around when it comes to looking like a natural beauty.

1 Rose McGowan – Red Carpet Chaos

You may recall this unforgettable VMA dress McGowan wore when she was on the arm of the always-interesting musician, Marilyn Manson. Of course, calling this mesh getup a “dress” is quite a stretch, but for fans of McGowan, seeing almost all of her body on full display was a true thrill. She's probably the only person in the world who would dare to wear such a dress in public, but who can deny that she looks super-sexy and happy to be there with her strange date? There aren’t many events where a dress like this would do, but a music awards show is always a great time for experimentation and out-there outfits. Manson looks even weirder, most would argue, so McGowan probably felt right at home on the red carpet.

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