15 Pics Of Sunny The WWE Doesn’t Want You To See

A pioneer in the wrestling business, Sunny became the first ever female performer who got coined with the term “Diva”. Her impact on the company was extremely profound as she became AOL’s most downloaded female in 1996. Despite the fact that she only stayed with the company between ’95 and ’98, her impact was so big to the company’s success that they decided to induct her into the Hall of Fame in 2011. Looking at her antics following the prestigious honor, we believe the WWE regrets this decision.

Following the induction, Sunny fell of the rails. She already had a troubled past in the wrestling business, but things would hit her personal life as she was arrested on multiple occasions along with making questionable career choices. With the WWE being all about PG and their sponsorship deals with high end companies, the last thing they want is bad press. For that, they continue to distance themselves from the Diva.

In this article, we’ll further that point with 15 pictures the WWE doesn’t want you to see of Sunny. Photos range from during her WWE career, to her troubling times away from the company. Enjoy the article and like usual, be sure to share it with a friend!

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15 Kissing Shawn

If you dig a little deeper, you know the context of this picture is just some much more than meets the eye. Although it just seems like an act and the two are kissing as a part of the story, the WWE would likely want you to forget that there was more to that behind the scenes. Sunny herself admitted that she was hooking up with The Showstopper during that time frame.

In ’96, both Superstars were at the peak of their careers with the WWE. Sunny grew massive fame becoming the first ever “Diva” type character in the WWE. For that year, not only was she awarded as PWI’s manager of the year but she was also the most downloaded woman on AOL. As for Michaels, well ’96 wasn’t too shabby for him either as he defeated Bret Hart at WrestleMania XII to claim his first ever World Championship as the company would officially transition from Hart to Michaels.

14 Sunny & The Bucket

Throughout the peak of her WWE career, Sunny served as the manager for various Tag Teams, which most of the time, held the Tag Team Championships. She started off with husband Chris Candido and The Bodydonnas, but would later set her sights on a relationship with The Godwins. Her history with the duo was quite bumpy and for the reason you see in the picture above, quite forgettable.

It seems like a normal 90s era gimmick photo, but in reality, it’s so much worse. According to shoot interviews conducted by various former WWE stars, what was inside the bucket wasn’t just slop. As a matter of fact, many wrestlers dropped some nasty waste inside the bucket. Poor Sunny saw all the slop get dumped all over her while she was oblivious to what the filth actually contained. Wrestling was quite cruel in the 90s and this is just another example of how bad it really was.

13 With Davey Boy

Nowadays, the WWE is a family business. When it comes to any type of controversy including one from the marital realm, the company has made it clear they're heaving none of it. Tom Phillips was the most recent WWE employee to feel the company’s wrath after he sent some R-rated pictures to another female who made those photos public. What made everything so much worse was the fact that he was engaged. Yikes.

Sunny admitted that she hooked up with Davey Boy Smith during the 90s. What makes that so much worse is that fact that Davey Boy was married to Diana Hart at the time. The WWE hasn’t discussed this at any point, and likely won’t in order to maintain the integrity of Bulldog’s legacy. Anything of the two together is something the WWE doesn’t want you to see.

12 Sunny & Her Post WWE Antics

There’s a plethora of reasons why the WWE wants no part of Sunny and here is just another one of those reasons. Since leaving the WWE, not only has Sunny toured the indie scene, but she’s made a boatload of cash meeting the fans at various wrestling conventions. Say what you must about Sunny, but the fact remains that she continues to be a huge hit at events and always has quite the crowds waiting to meet her.

That all sounds ok, but what the WWE doesn’t want you to see is the context of some of these meet and greets. In one instance, as you see in the picture above, Sunny met fans and posed for a picture with them while lying in bed with them (if you can believe it). She wore a revealing blue nightgown and as you might expect, and charged quite a bit for the photo. With the new PG climate, the WWE wants none of this type of press, furthering the likelihood of the company acknowledging her anytime soon.

11 Them Skype Sessions

Here’s another reason why the WWE won’t be acknowledging Sunny and that’s because of her Skype sessions. Another way Sunny has managed to make a quick buck is by enticing fans into one-on-one revealing Skype session as she takes off some clothing while charging fans ridiculous amounts of money (which is dependent on time in the session). She constantly promotes the sessions via her Twitter account encouraging fans to join with some revealing outfits. One can only imagine, she’s gained her fair share of viewers through this odd form of business which we can only assume is quite frowned upon by the WWE.

She continues on with the Skype sessions today and we can definitely predict that the more that goes on, the more she’ll be pushing the WWE away, similar to the way Chyna did. Some cannot believe she was inducted into the Hall of Fame and we truly predict the WWE probably regrets the decision looking at her recent antics. Speaking of the Hall of Fame...

10 Sunny’s Hall of Fame Induction

Looking back at this decision, one can only assume the WWE regrets inducting Sunny into such a prestigious class of wrestlers. Despite the fact that she only spent three years with the company, the WWE decided to induct her nonetheless, which truly speaks on how profound her impact was on the company in such a short amount of time. In April of 2011, she was inducted into the WWE’s Hall of Fame. Although it seemed like the right thing to do at that point, things would quickly change.

Sunny would go off the rails following her induction. The WWE immediately regretted the induction when it was made public that she was selling her ring via action on eBay. The wrestling community was in utter shock by her choice to put the item up for auction, though thankfully she pulled the item down. Fans believe she did so because the ring didn’t gather enough interest and didn't make her the amount of money she expected. Things would only continue to spiral making her induction something the WWE doesn’t want us to see, or to remember.

9 Getting Paired With LOD

Throughout her WWE stint, there weren’t that many moments the WWE would want you to forget about Sunny’s career, as most of the incidents came after. However, this particular pairing was something the WWE likely wants to erase from their history books, as the idea failed miserably.

With the times changing, the WWE wanted to reload LOD with something more hip and modern to fit the times. With her great success as a Tag Team manager, Sunny joined the team as a babyface. Renamed LOD 2000, her involvement with the team was her final run in the company. She was released a little later as the company had enough of Sunny’s backstage behavior along with her apparent addiction to pain-killers and missing various events. The LOD also flopped during the 2000 gimmick and were out the door shortly after. When celebrating their fantastic legacies as a team, the WWE likely wants you to forget that part of their careers alongside Sunny.

8 Bret & Sunny’s Friendship

One of the odder friendships you’ll ever see in the world of sports and entertainment, Sunny and Bret Hart formed quite the bond throughout the 90s and even remained close into the 2000s. With Hart’s legacy as one of the very best in WWE history, this is likely something the WWE wants you to forget about.

Their friendship actually caused quite the stir behind the scenes. Sunny and Michaels were hooking up at the time, leading to HBK suspecting that the two were also hooking up. Michaels even vented his frustration live on television with his “Sunny days” reference towards Hart. Despite the allegations, both Bret and Sunny confirmed that the two were just friends and really close. Sunny has been very open about her past affairs and Bret didn’t make the list. She claimed the two had a great bond, and she even met his entire family on a couple of occasions.

7 Shawn & Sunny Backstage

To the casual fan, there isn’t any real harm to this photo, but when you gain a little more background information, it’s quite disturbing and a visual the WWE wants you to forget about.

The scene backstage during the mid 90s was absolutely insane. Wrestlers were using enhancements on the regular and some were even alleged to be hooking up. Despite the fact that Sunny was with her high school boyfriend Chris Candido, it didn’t stop her from hooking up with some other Superstars. A story goes that Sunny actually hooked up with Shawn during a TV taping. Apparently, the two hooked up in a vacant room as other wrestlers guarded the door keeping Candido away. Yup, it’s truly that disturbing. No wonder Shawn became a born again Christian.

Ultimately, the hook up would come to an end as Sunny would depart for a short-stint in ECW, while HBK would also burnout of the WWE in ’98, only to return four years later as a brand new man.

6 Sunny With The Rock

The WWE has strict policies when it comes to their talent and what they do outside of the ring. This wasn’t the case in the 90s, as wrestlers like The Rock, got away with whatever they wanted. The People's Champ is still pushing the envelope on what he can do, as he recently called CM Punk in the middle of a WWE ring in front of a live audience. The company was infuriated by his decision to do so and they almost cut his microphone. But again, he’s The Rock and can get away with whatever he wants given his insane status as one of the most recognizable actors in the world today.

Pushing the envelope once again, Rock poses for a picture with Sunny, one that we’re quite sure the WWE doesn’t want you to see. Just as Sunny was enjoying her greatest spell in ’96, The Rock was just breaking into the business as a young, babyfaced wrestler who fans initially booed. Once Sunny was departing from the company, Rock was finding his footing as a franchise player in the WWE. Today, The Rock is a face the WWE always wants you to recognize as associated with their brand, while Sunny is on the very opposite end of the spectrum.

5 Doing Diva Things

During Sunny’s era, we discussed that the WWE was an entirely different animal. With WCW rising, the company was forced to produce edgy material and Sunny was at the forefront of that. The WWE would promote her beauty through magazine shoots and even various vignettes of Sunny posing on the beach wearing some tiny beachwear. It was acceptable at the time and it brought in some huge ratings.

That was then and this is now; today, the WWE wants us to forget about those times as they promote the Divas as not Divas, but Superstars equal to the men. The goal isn’t to sell sex any longer, but to promote the in-ring abilities of the women in the company. With the WWE using their PG rating to entice new businesses to invest in the company, such pictures from the 90s just don’t fly any longer, making these photos of Sunny, something the WWE wants you to forget about.

4 Sunny Behind Bars

Outside of the wrestling business, Sunny’s world has been a bit of a trainwreck. For that, the WWE continues to distance themselves from the first ever Diva. She’s been in trouble with the law in multiple instances which began back in 2012 when she was arrested five times in a matter of four weeks. Charges included; third degree burglary, disorderly conduct and violating a court order. In 2013, things spiraled to the absolute worst for Sunny as she was sentenced to 114 days in jail for violating a protective order. When commenting on her time in prison, Sunny claimed she had a blast as many of the guards were fans...

Problems only persisted in 2016 as Sunny fell guilty to multiple DUI charges and spent more time in jail. As of 2017, the verdict was finally resolved as Sunny was issued to enter a rehab facility in order to get her head straight.

3 Bret & Sunny At Seminar

It was an odd sight to see Bret Hart and Sunny back together again decades after their stint in the WWE side-by-side. This picture was taken at a wrestling seminar, as Sunny and Bret were speaking about their experiences in the world of sports and entertainment. Judging by the picture, it seems like the two remained close over the years.

Sunny has shown time and time again, that she remains close to countless wrestling stars and that has even helped her in staying relevant after all these years. The internet nearly broke when she posted on Twitter that she previously hooked up with current WWE star Dolph Ziggler. That just proved Sunny’s thirst for fame. Dolph felt the wrath of that announcement as according to rumors, Ziggler was on the end of various jokes behind the scenes following the news being made public by the former WWE Diva.

2 Sunny & Shawn Kayfabe

What the WWE fails to mention is the impact Sunny had on the behind the scenes affairs in the WWE. With Sunny being one of the only females backstage, mixed with the elevated testosterone levels of the WWE Superstars, one can only imagine her impact away from the camera.

One of the biggest has to be her part in the feud between Michaels and Bret. Although the WWE labels their problems as being in-ring related, the company refuses to acknowledge Sunny as being a focal point to the feud. Michaels was the Heart Break Kid both in and out of the ring, and with his ego levels sky high, he wasn’t the easiest to deal with at the time. His relationship with Sunny only furthered his ego as he became impossible to deal with backstage and as a person many despised. The WWE doesn’t want you to remember, but Sunny played a huge role in his initial demise.

1 Sunny & Vivid Entertainment

We touched base on this earlier; the WWE is simply no nonsense when it comes to antics outside of the company. Such a pioneer like Chyna was blacklisted from the company because of her role in adult entertainment and it now seems like Sunny has walked in her footsteps, making this something the WWE doesn’t want you to see.

Trying to keep herself in the spotlight, Sunny signed a deal with Vivid Entertainment. Signing with the adult company, Sunny was featured in a film, Sunny Side Up: In Through the Backdoor.

Ironically, it wasn’t the first time Sunny was approached with such an offer. According to the former WWE Diva, she was approached by Playboy in 1997 on a six figure deal. She turned down the opportunity, but would later pose nude for Missy Hyatt’s website years after her fame. Looking back, we’re quite sure she regrets the way things turned out.

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