15 Pics Of Sports Illustrated Models Hotter Than Kate Upton

Okay. Here's a test. What makes Kate Upton hot? WTF, you say. Just look at her. She's a buxom, blonde with a look that is the perfect cross between innocent girl next door and totally hot and wicked babe. She can do a sweet smile or a saucy one. She makes you feel oh, so good and turns you on at the same time. So, what have we got? A girl that most guys could imagine dating. She's not exactly squeaky clean, but pretty much comes with (at most) an "R-Rating". Plus, she seems somehow accessible in a way that, say, Heidi Klum never was. But wait. What if we gave you stunning Sports Illustrated girl next door-types, usually buxom, but with a bad girl vibe? Naughty, in-your-face sexy. Even better? Yes. Read on. Here are 15 Sports Illustrated models who are in your face, party hard, outrageous, sometimes bad-tempered and hot. Maybe even hotter than Kate Upton. We'll leave it up to you to decide. It's a win-win kind of thing.


15 Samantha Hoopes

She and her considerable 38-25-35 (34D) assets get noticed big time. Plus, Samantha Hoopes is outrageous, loves the "F" word and can sometimes be seen shopping in South Beach wearing Daisy Dukes that don't quite cover everything. How did she get her start? Instagram. No kidding. Selfies on Instagram. Mens magazines gush, with Maxim saying, "this buxom blonde graced the Internet with her beauty through Instagram and the universe rewarded her by turning her into a supermodel." And she's likely to say just about anything. TMZ reported that she had a thing for basketball star Blake Griffin, and that during a taped interview she turned to the camera and said (to a guy we don't think she even knows), "Blake, we should bang". Oh yeah, maybe we should mention the wardrobe choices that seem designed to malfunction. Her SI style? Steamy, sexy and very bad.

14 Nina Agdal


What kind of girl appears in the Sport Illustrated Swimwear Issue twice?! Wearing only shaving cream? Well, shaving cream in the shape of a bikini. It's none other than Nina Agdal. We all know what hot Scandinavian women get up to and so it's no surprise that this Danish beauty was totally up for the shaving cream gig. And her main man is Leonardo DiCaprio. It's good to be Leo and dating a woman who admits she sleeps in the raw and that she hates sleeping alone. Cue the bed buddy, Leo. Now, Leo, who is known to run through women faster than a speeding bullet (read on!), has stuck around with Nina for months and months. Must be something going on, we think, to keep him coming back for more. And it's not shaving cream. Hey, he's getting older but his women aren't. Typical. A young bad girl is just what he needs.

13 Brooklyn Decker

OK. Ohio-born Brooklyn Decker says things like, "I just have all this extra energy. And I'm crazy h*rny". Hi, Brooklyn. Great to meet you. Then, as brobible said, she was "way too sexual in the leaked threesome video". Now, come on. Is there really such a thing as too sexual or sexy? Anyway, it seems she got together with two other ladies from CBS's short-lived show Friends With Better Lives and stripped off for a video. One report said that the girls had no problem stripping down and that it ended up as an interesting "threesome". Think about it a while. Anyway, the woman who graced the cover of the 2010 Swimwear Edition, is married to tennis ace Andy Roddick. But has he seen the video? We're sure he knows about all that extra energy. Is he complaining? No.

12 Genevieve Morton


She's the kind of South African chick who will do just about anything to get noticed. And we mean anything. Genevieve Morton does not have a shy bone in that perfect body. But if you are, as Morton is, still up and coming you learn that naked is the new black and just get on with it. So, when they said, "Hey can you lay naked on a beach with just a three rocks placed just so to hide stuff?" She said, "go for it!" And she and her 37-25-35 assets were on display for all the world to see. As in break the Internet getting to the site to see them on display. She may be bad-girl sexy, but she's into clean living. And her bad girl credentials were certified when Maserati chose her as the girl they would most like to see making love to their cars. Has she had work done? Some say augmentation of a certain asset. But we like the results.

11 Bar Refaeli

Another Leo DiCaprio ex, Bar Refaeli is an Israeli model with a sultry edge. There was that leaked naughty video where she was bending over doing something with a curling iron that, trust us, didn't involve hair. Well, not head hair. Of course, she says the person in the video is not her. So trolls took to analyzing various body parts and said: "gotcha". The highest paid model in Israel, she got into a spot of trouble with the tax people. Something about not paying enough. Back a year or so ago, the Israeli tax authorities detain Refaeli and her mother overnight for grilling over potential tax evasion. Seems she was trying to make out that she was living in Israel. She's always been determined to do it her way.

10 Hannah Davis


She caused an outrage in 2015 with "that" Swimsuit Edition cover. Shock, horror and great waxing. Another centimeter and you would be into very private territory. And her antics are not limited to those photoshoots. She did a nice underboob display at an awards show recently. And back in 2014 during the iCloud scandal, bathroom selfies of someone who looked very much like Davis broke the Internet with very-little-underwear-and-nothing- else shots. The leaked pictures were probably intended for her main man (and now hubby) Derek Jeter, the retired baseball ace. She didn't seem too bothered. No publicity is the only bad publicity. Has she been drawn into Jeter's party-hard ways? They look like they are having fun. Bad boy and bad girl party on.

9 Chrissy Teigen

There is a new kind of wardrobe malfunction: The multiple-slit dress. You know the kind of thing: V-shaped slits up to the waist on either side of the front leaving a long panel in the middle to hide the lady parts. So, Chrissy Teigen shows up to the American Music Awards in such a dress and we have a wardrobe disaster when those lady parts are on display. Cue the trolls who are all over her for being "unladylike". Her f-off response? "I am pretty sure you could clearly see I'm a lady." Well, female anyway. Bad girl Chrissy also made hubby John Legend blush when she told the world they had done the deed on a commercial flight. Has motherhood tamed the wild-child? Not much. Guys are still talking about her Sports Illustrated cover.


8 Irina Shayk


Let's talk about Irina Shayk. The good news? Stories like the one headlined: "Naked Irina Shayk flashes nipples as she poses for raunchy new Givenchy campaign". In fact, other than a Russian in your face, tough diva side, there's not much bad to say. Former main squeeze Cristiano Ronaldo, said she was so miffed when he dumped her that she unfriended him on Facebook. Did he even notice? Reportedly, she is currently shacked up with actor Bradley Cooper. But people can't help but notice Irina's tempestuous side coming out in the sometimes very public tiffs between the actor and the Russian diva. Is she a sweet little girl next door? Forget it. Her vibe is don't-mess-with-me sexy. Hey, she's Russian and a coal miner's daughter. What did you expect? Reportedly, there's a baby bump in the picture, as well.

7 Tyra Banks

Okay. She's retired now, but if anybody anywhere is making a list of totally hot and totally bad girl supermodels, Tyra Banks would probably top the list. She was the first African-American babe to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimwear Issue. In an era when buxom models were not the flavor of the day, there she was, all 32 D of her, on the cover. And after that? Supermodel fame and fortune didn't stop all the talk of her temper and her rows with people. She sued a lot of people and a lot of people returned the favor. When she was doing her baby, America's Next Top Model, the Tyra meltdown was a regular thing. We like to remember the old days and the hot young thing in a bikini. But still, even then, she had a "don't mess with me vibe".

6 Hannah Ferguson


The first thing to tell you is that her dad is a retired Marine sniper. So be nice to her. The second thing? She's a work hard, play hard kind of girl. Work very hard. Play very hard, if you get our drift. A while back she did an interview with Ocean Drive Magazine. The interview was pretty boring, but the artistic shot of Hannah in a black one piece in a pool cozying up to a mirror is worth buying the mag for. When she showed up for the launch party for the issue, she was wearing one of those all-slit-up dresses. Her slits? Up to her "girls", the whole thing held together by some buckles. No place for underwear of any kind in that get up. And who on earth could ever forget those steamy Carl's Jr. ads? And that see-through bathing suit for Sports Illustrated.... An oldie but a goodie SI tradition, those suits.

5 Erin Heatherton

Guess which Hollywood star Erin Heatherton once dated? No prizes for guessing: Leo D. In fact, reportedly, he's dated some nine Victoria's Secret models. And we've yet to do a count of the Sports Illustrated ones. Speaking of VS, Erin Heatherton was doing just fine strutting her stuff for Victoria's Secret, until after five years with the company, they told her to lose weight, or else... Feisty Erin said "else" and told Victoria's Secret where they could shove their job when they told her she would have to lose weight to walk their runway. Plus, she went public and gave the lingerie company a lot of bad press. Word was, Leo dumped her. But she found a bad boy Aussie musician to shack up with. Like, totally Leo who? Why do gorgeous models always fall for bad boy musicians?

4 Kate Bock


What can we say about the Canadian free spirit that is Kate Bock? Well, she's 86-58-92. Don't panic. That's centimeters not inches. The Rookie of the Year in 2013 tends to spend a lot of time on those exotic Sports Illustrated shots topless. Like totally topless. Then, they give her a top and she reportedly tried to rip it off. You know, like Hulk Hogan. No, we don't get it either. But we're not complaining. She "developed" early, if you know what we mean. She was discovered in Canada at the age of 12, at a swim meet. Into bathing suits very early. Developed very early. It's all good news. The girl with those beckoning blue eyes is loved up with an NBA basketball star. Maybe Leo next? Who knows. This bad girl might just whip him into shape.

3 May Anderson

After she hit the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, May Anderson, the baddest of the bad girl models stripped for Playboy. And way back when, there was talk of a love triangle involving Kid Rock, Pam Anderson and May. She kept the tabloids very happy. The Danish model was famously paired with Julian Schnabel. Who? Richer than rich father of Vito, toy boy to Heidi Klum's cougar. Did we mention that May was arrested and spent time in jail for hitting a flight attendant? Too much alcohol and too little patience. Apparently, her temper is one of her best known features. She's in denial, saying she was ordered to go to anger management, but didn't need it. Tell that to the flight attendant. Sure, we believe you. Not.

2 Naomi Campbell


Well, there are three reasons for including Naomi Campbell on this list. Number one: That picture. Number two: She is truly a bad girl. And third? She dated Leonardo DiCaprio. He was the toy boy to her cougar. No kidding. This was back in the 1990s. But it's mainly that hot pictures of a young Campbell and bad behavior that go back decades. Like what? Slapping her personal assistant, throwing a cell phone at her housekeeper, physically and verbally abusing staff. Well, you get the picture. Then there was the drug use and the scenes she created outside an ex's house and when she was denied access to a members-only boutique. She makes Tyra Banks look tame. And is she sorry? No way. After the slapping incident, she was seen out wearing a "Naomi Campbell slapped me" shirt. Bad, bad, bad.

1 Gigi Hadid

Remember that sensational Snapchat video that was posted that showed Gigi Hadid doing something that looked like drugs? Like outside at a pool party snorting cocaine doing drugs. Shock, horror, denials. But all the same it went viral fast. Then there was the time she got into hot water for mimicking Asian eyes on Instagram. Poor taste, at the least. Racist at the most. And don't forget those rumors and reports of leaked nude photos. She tries to keep her image clean, but this bad girl just can't seem manage. Like the time she got into a racism row after doing a very, very bad imitation of Melania Trump at an awards show. Give up Gigi. Bad girls prosper. Go with the flow.

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