15 Pics Of Selena Gomez That The Weeknd Doesn't Want Us To Check Out

No boyfriend wants their better half's naughty side on display.

Selena Gomez. She's one of America's latest sweethearts. Plus, she's one of the hottest, most accomplished and productive former Disney stars out there. She's also the long-time girlfriend of the Starboy artist himself, The Weeknd (aka Abel Tesfaye). In fact, the word is that they recently purchased a New York City condo together. They make such a cute couple, don't they? What if Abel Tesfaye was just a fool like the rest of us, Selenators. Hey, I love me some Selena Gomez too, but just hear me out. Selena's image is that of a beautiful intelligent pop singer who holds the world at her fingertips. She's beautiful, humble, smart, business savvy, and above all else, she wraps you around her cute little finger with her innocent appearance. Yes, Selena Gomez seems to be everything perfect all balled into one. You probably think that The Weeknd really got the goods when he hooked this little lady...

However, things aren't always what they appear to be. Just like you probably figured this article was going to be based on super hot images of Selena that her boyfriend doesn't want you to see. Instead, this is mostly about her dirty little secrets. Not the sweet Disney and Barney actress that you're sick of hearing about. These are the photos that she wishes she could hide. The ones that The Weeknd doesn't want you to see. Why? Because no boyfriend wants their better half's bad side on display. That's the side that they want to savor for themselves! The Weeknd would only want you to see the same disguise that she wants you to see.

These photos will show you Selena Gomez undressed, the party-girl Selena, and the Can't Keep My Hands to Myself singer being downright naughty. All of which are things that her boyfriend wouldn't want you to see. Just see for yourself. Here are 15 Photos Of Selena Gomez That The Weeknd Doesn't want you to see...

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15 Sipping On A Straw

via Tumblr

This is the perfect photo to start with. It's just the kind of photo that makes Selena Gomez the most followed person on Instagram. Nothing here but sweet innocence herself, sipping on an iced coffee. Although, the sipping from a straw is in itself a bit intriguing. No boyfriend wants their very hot and famous girlfriend showcased sipping on a straw. Yet, this is just what The Weeknd must face constantly.

In fact, there are entire articles based on Selena's endless array of photos where she's sipping on drinks. What is it that makes a beautiful girl, such as Selena Gomez, sipping on a straw so dirty? Oh, let me count the ways. The most basic way being that these photos draw an enormous amount of focus on Selena's mouth. And what an equally voluptuous and gorgeous mouth she has. As for the other ways? I'll just let you fill in the blanks yourself on what the visuals of Selena's mouth on a straw can make you think of.

14 Kissing Her Ex

via Zimbio

Hey! Here's a flashback for you. Remember those old days of Selena Gomez pining away for the Biebs? Yeah, this is something that The Weeknd doesn't want you to see. Sure, most people might keep a memento from an ex-lover around in a box, but you don't want those photos displayed for everyone to see when you're happy in love with someone new.

This is the digital age, however. Barely anything is kept in print, polaroids, or photos nowadays. One of the biggest pros of this is that nothing is easily lost, but the biggest con is that what goes on the internet stays put. You can erase it on your end, but it's not likely that it's gone. This is especially true for celebs. Take this photo of Selena Gomez with Justin Bieber for instance. They are likely not the only ones that Abel Tesfaye wouldn't want you to see, but also photos that he and Selena both wish they could wipe away from the internet altogether.

13 Selena's Photo Mixed Up In His Tabloid Headlines

Via: Radar Online

The only thing worse than seeing photos floating around of your girl and her ex would have to be her face splattered on a tabloid screaming that you're screwing around on her. This one caught Abel hanging out with a Selena lookalike. To make matters worse, the other woman's face is plastered between The Weeknd's and Selena's like a puzzle piece that doesn't quite fit. Furthermore, it appears to shatter the pieces that do. What's even worse is the idea that everyone else in the universe is seeing it too. This isn't the only photo that has sparked rumors about Abel cheating either.

How hurtful that must be for Selena Gomez. Even the biggest douchebags wouldn't want to see their significant other so publicly and brutally humiliated. Plus, it's probably caused backlash within their relationship. How could it not? They might seem okay in the public eye, but there's no way that there wasn't a moment of distrust, followed by some sort of argument. That might be why The Weekend's Starboy World Tour has had the real Selena Gomez as a constant tag-along.

12 Clearly Buzzed With Her "Friends"

via Just Jared

Selena Gomez celebrated her 21st birthday in 2013. That might be old news, but her week-long bash appears to have been a blast that she might not want The Weeknd to view old photos of. Sure, there were some that were less trashy. Like the photos from day one with her Spring Breakers co-star, Ashley Benson, on a girls' night out at a swanky restaurant. However, as the week wore on, the photos of Selena and Ashley partying got edgier.

For example, the one above where Selena's totally out of it. The older guy in the photo is clearly taking advantage of the moment. Selena is blitzed, and it definitely shows. She isn't paying any attention to the fact that her legs are pulled up way too much, while wearing those tight short shorts. His hand is all over her legs, and she's zoned into her phone. Let's just hope she wasn't drunk texting or posting. Anyhow, this isn't a photo that her boyfriend wants the world to see.

11 Selena In A Bikini

Via: PopSugar

Wow! Selena Gomez in a bikini. Need I say more? Definitely not a photo that The Weeknd wants you to see of his baby! You've got to admit that the girl is smokin' hot. It would be a sin not to show her off, but there's still got to be some mixed feelings there. A guy's going to think what he's going to think. Although, photos like this one just adds fuel to the fire.

The fact that she's stepping out of the pool and the water glistening off of her body doesn't help matters much either. Sun, water, and fun with Selena Gomez. It doesn't get much hotter than that now, does it? It's also kind of nice seeing the in-between Selena. She's not partying or looking all sweet and innocent. She's just a hot celebrity in this moment; one that's sparkling in her own bright spotlight. Selena's sittin' on top of the world, and we just want a taste of it.

10 Selena Parties With Zedd

Via: YouTube

You may or may not recall Selena's relationship with DJ Zedd. She collaborated with him on his song I Want You to Know back in 2015. It wasn't long before their social media accounts began to feature the beginnings of a relationship. Selena later admitted during a radio interview that they did indeed have a "thing." Hey! It's completely natural to get drawn into something unexpected, especially while working so closely with someone. Besides, everyone has a past that includes flings. It doesn't matter if you're a celebrity or not.

However, celebrities have far less privacy when it comes to short-term relationships. It's nothing like the tiny blip in history that we would have. No, a fling escalates the public's curiosity immediately, leading for unwanted photos to pop up regardless of the type of bond the couple has. Judging by the photo above, this fling between Selena Gomez and Zedd was clearly fueled by more than just puppy love. There was some form of substance abuse linking the two. These are the kind of photos that you wouldn't want to fudge up your girlfriend's sparkly image.

9 Selena Goes Kardashian

Via: Where To Get

Nobody but Abel Tesfaye himself knows what he sees in Selena Gomez. Although, it's safe to assume the obvious reasons. Selena might have a few skeletons in that closet of hers, but she's still a great catch. She's absolutely gorgeous and appears to be a sweetheart. Aside from that, she's also business smart, incredibly talented, and carries herself as though she's a confident woman. In fact, Selena Gomez seems to be the complete package. At least on the surface anyway.

Meanwhile, there's this photo of her floating around the internet looking about as Kardashian-Jenner as anyone could possibly get. She could be a Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner lookalike in the photo above. Again, nobody knows what The Weeknd fell for specifically, but we're pretty sure that it wasn't her ability to look like an attention-hungry Kardashian. The Selena that's often portrayed is unique because of the perception that she is humble and naive in ways, not because she's caught up in her Kardashian-style selfie poses.

8 Devil In Disguise

Via: Teen Magazine

One thing that Selena Gomez is great at is misconception. We're not saying that she's not a great person because she most definitely is. However, a brief timeline linked with the history of her photos proves that she isn't near as innocent as she portrays herself to be. For instance, just look at how she leans on Lupus to cover for her mistakes. It's understandable that she has a disease that might hinder her ability to carry out her touring responsibilities. Yet, having such a disease would also require for you to take better care of yourself. As in not drinking, smoking, or doing drugs.

Instead, she's often photographed partying and clearly under the influence of something. This is what we get amid her claims to have been struggling with Lupus. Hey! Nobody's knocking Selena for being human or questioning that she does in fact have Lupus, but she should also be real about her other issues as well. Each relationship, tour, and rehab stint has been marked by leaked photos of her partying. So, is Selena really an innocent girl fighting depression caused by Lupus? Or, is she just a devil in disguise, using her Lupus to cover for her party-girl image?

7 Selena's Best WTF! Face

Via: Pinterest

We've all been there, right? You get your picture taken at the worst possible time. The most gruesome look for your face polarized in time. For most of us, these moments only come during camera heavy events—Christmases, graduations, weddings, or even proms. However, there are always cameras ready for Selena. She is one of the most famous girls in the world after all. These photos probably come a dime a dozen, but that doesn't make it any less embarrassing. Nobody wants a photo snapped while caught making such a face.

Plus, that outfit is so off from Selena's usual attire. The top is pulling her in so much that it's as if she had no figure at all. Perhaps, it was the outfit that caused Selena's WTF face. It's a great photo for The Weeknd to lovingly poke fun at Selena over, but it's not likely that he'd want others to do the same.

6 The Beginning Of A Tainted Romance

Via: E! Online

This might be an image of a precious moment that Selena and Abel will always cherish, but it's not exactly a photo that they'd want others to remember so well. Rumor has it that they were secretly an item, long before The Weeknd put the brakes on his relationship with Bella Hadid. The 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show seen above was the suspected beginning of their nearly year-long affair.

Sure, it's a special moment between the pair, but it's also a snub in Bella's direction, especially considering that she's a Victoria's Secret model herself. Bella didn't walk that catwalk until the following year, although Abel Tesfaye was performing for both the year prior and repeating for her first. He even showed her support and looked her up and down in 2016. However, it wasn't long after that the photos of Abel and Selena kissing surfaced. This was proceeded by hard feelings and unfollows, but can you really blame Bella. Either way, it's not the photo that The Weeknd would want depicting the beginning of the Abelena story.

5 Super Steamy Music Video

Selena Gomez really came out of her comfort zone for the Can't Keep My Hands to Myself music video now, didn't she? Could this be the effect of her new man, The Weeknd? It doesn't matter if he is the source or not. What matters is that Selena should keep this sexy, spicy, hot side up! Hey, we can gawk and enjoy all day, but this still doesn't mean Abel Tesfaye enjoys watching this music video. Then again, maybe he does.

Still, knowing the entire world probably watches this on replay, rewind, and pause probably isn't the best thought. There are plenty of celebrity spouses who claim to avoid their famous spouse's s*x scenes like the plague. I wonder if that would apply here. It's not like the video is hardcore or anything like that. Although, the guy crawling all over my girl would seriously get under my skin. What you've seen can't be unseen now, can it?

4 Busted Or Set Up

Via: Star Magazine

Is it just me or is Selena staring straight at the camera that's snapping away at her and The Weeknd in this photo? This is the first...I'm sorry...second photographed milestone of the Abel and Selena relationship. That is if you count the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which could've been the secret beginning. However, this was the first photo used as evidence to bust the pair together. Again, it's difficult to say someone's busted at something they are trying to hide when they're practically waving at the camera with their eyes. You can even see a brief smile playing at her lips.

Did Selena set The Weeknd up? It was sourced that Abel was still connected to Bella Hadid when these photos surfaced. That they weren't a couple, but hadn't officially called it quits either. Maybe Selena got tired of being kept a secret and decided to blow their cover? It wouldn't be the first time a celebrity staged a photo op. What's for sure is that The Weeknd wouldn't want to think that the girl he's grown to love set him up, much less have the entire world think the same. Selena, Selena... That's a dirty game to play no matter what the situation.

3 Party On The Beach

via Pinterest

This photo makes me think about the name of a particular drink. No, they're not actually doing that on the beach, but the photo is enough to make any guy's mind wonder. That's Gigi Hadid in this photo with Selena Gomez. Yep, that'd be Bella Hadid's sister, just in case you're curious. They were once a tight bunch; all a part of Taylor Swift's girl squad or whatever. It's obvious that our girl, Selena, isn't afraid to break some serious girl codes. She wasn't said to be particularly close to Bella, but they were at least acquaintances among friends. Plus, she's a bit too cozy here with Gigi to have not visited their home.

Aside from the girl ethic issue, Selena is yet again totally out of it in this photo. Those devil horns appear to fit Selena better, the more you look through her life in photos. The Weeknd wouldn't want you to see his soon-to-be live-in girlfriend in such an incapacitated state nor would he want you to dot the lines on those connections. You might begin to draw up homewrecker conclusions.

2 Another Collab, Another Fling?

Via: Gossip Online

Another collab, another fling. It's always you! Catchy, huh? Selena must have a tough time drawing the lines with her collaborators. One fling with Zedd and Selena should've learned where that line was. Yeah, it's natural to get close to someone you work with but not to become a repeat offender. That's Selena Gomez working with Wiz Khalifa that you see above. They look cozy, don't they? The rumor mill churned, as you could imagine.

Although, any rumors that spread like wildfire were distinguished quickly with reports of a collaboration. This all went down early last year, around the same time that Selena had reportedly reconnected with her old flame, Justin Bieber. However, there's just one problem. Where's the song they collaborated on? That was over a year ago. You can draw your own conclusions from here. Plus, wasn't she collaborating with both Zedd and The Weeknd before the entire truth came out? Enough said.

1 Party Girl At Heart

Via: Too Fab

The main theorem of this is that there's more to Selena Gomez than her created image portrays. That's yet another photo of the party girl in action that you see above. As of right now, there are rumors circulating that Selena's been partying hard with Abel while she's been following him around on tour. Meanwhile, there are other reports that conflict those stories. For instance, her recent Instagram post about her kidney transplant or the sweet stories about the cute couple moving in together and getting a puppy.

Selena is the most followed person on Instagram because people love her. However, are they loving the real thing or just what she wants you to see? All of that aside, The Weeknd has also been put through the ringer with both good and bad news ever since their relationship was confirmed. How much of it is planted by Selena Gomez herself? The news can sell you a good story anytime, but photos speak louder than print. That's why these are all photos that The Weeknd wouldn't want you to see.

Sources: InStyle Magazine, Radar Online, Cosmopolitan, People

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