15 Pics Of Paulina Gretzky Her Husband Doesn’t Want You To See

Celebutante: Famous for being famous.

That statement basically sums up Paulina Gretzky, who has made herself famous based off of her family name. Being the daughter of Wayne Gretzky, her beauty became that much more important. She dipped into the fields of acting and singing, but at the end of the day, she’s mostly known for her stunning good looks.

Whether it’s modelling pictures or a plethora of candid shots, Paulina has made the headlines time and time again. Nowadays, she’s living life a little more quietly since marrying the number one ranked golfer in Dustin Johnson, and giving birth to the couple’s first child. They’re currently expecting their second, which was recently announced in February. She’s more quiet nowadays but as you’ll see in this article, that wasn’t always the case.

Sit back, relax and enjoy, as we feature several pictures from Paulina’s past which include prior love interests, steamy photos where she revealed a little too much and moments that she (or her husband) would rather we didn’t see, starting with picture number 15. Be sure to share the article with a friend and let us know your favorite picture from the list. Here are 15 pictures of Paulina Gretzky her husband doesn’t want you to see!


15 Getting Frisky With Jarret Stoll

It appears as though Dustin Johnson wasn’t Paulina’s only love interest throughout the years. As a matter of fact, several different men have been featured in prior intimate photos with Paulina. One relationship that was actually confirmed however, featured Paulina hooking up with NHL star Jarret Stoll. Residing out of LA at the time, the two had a relationship and judging by this picture, it seems like it was quite steamy. At the time, Stoll was coming out of another long-terms relationship with model and actress Rachel Hunter. The two were even engaged, after a lengthy relationship together.

The blow has lessened nowadays seeing as though both have moved on. Following the failed relationship, Stoll would also find love being linked to sportscaster Erin Andrews. Recently, in late December of 2016, the couple announced they were getting engaged. We assume Paulina’s husband slept a little better after the news broke out.

14 Open Sesame


This picture dates back to 2012 and in all likelihood, it’s a shot Paulina’s husband wishes never made the public rounds. Heck, even Paulina’s dad Wayne, probably cringed at the sight of this photo. It isn’t so much that she appears to be heavily intoxicated but what makes things so much worse is her stance in the picture. With her legs wide open, Paulina makes her close friends and family cringe, as she appears to be completely out of it. The dude next to her certainly isn’t complaining laying his hand on her thigh. Without a doubt, it’s a picture Dustin Johnson wants to erase from our memories.

These types of pictures turned Paulina into a heavily searched celebrity rather quickly. It was almost taboo knowing that such a clean, cut gentleman like Wayne Gretzky had such a reckless, party animal of a daughter. She’s calmed down nowadays since meeting her husband and giving birth, but these types of pictures will forever remind us of her wild side.

13 Cleavage & Alcohol

This picture pretty much sums up what rose Paulina’s fame to new heights early on in her teen years. Whether it was getting extremely intoxicated while partying it up, or wearing a dress which revealed ample cleavage, these two elements left us wanting more and more of the beautiful Paulina. Although it was great for us, it probably wasn’t the same for her family who had to deal with her lifestyle, particularly at a young age. Thankfully, as we stated before, she finally settled down once she met Dustin Johnson and started a family. The couple is now awaiting the birth of their second child as it was recently announced.

Putting her new life aside for a moment, we celebrate this picture that shows Paulina revealing a little too much in that tightly fitted dress. Her buddy also looks to be on cloud nine. Without a doubt, Dustin would likely want to forget what took place on that day.

12 With Tiger Woods


Compared to some of the other pictures on the list, this photo doesn’t appear to be all that bad but given the reputations these two have, Paulina’s husband would have preferred this picture didn’t get posted. The photo is by far Paulina’s most liked picture featuring over 30,000 likes. With more than 600K followers, you can bet a lot of eyes saw the photo. To make matters worse, the comments section is littered with some harsh comments and we can only hope Dustin did not take a look at the words spoken by numerous fans.

Of course, Tiger’s life blew up in late 2009 and he hasn’t been the same since. Following a car accident, rumors ran wild about a message left by one of Tiger’s mistresses. Soon after, an insane amount of women went public with their very own stories of hooking up with Tiger. It caused a divorce in the summer of 2010, along with a number of sponsorship deals ending their relationships with the golfer.

11 Spicy PGA Outfit

Before we get a little critical, let’s give Paulina the thumbs up for having the you-know-what to wear such an outfit, at such an event. Of course, as you’ll see later in the article, it wasn’t the first time Paulina wore such a revealing outfit to a PGA event. This ensemble certainly stood out as Paulina rocked the stunning short cut dress while appearing to be braless. In a sport as tame as golf, such outfits certainly aren’t the norm. It seems like the old dude in the back is getting a nice look at the goods.

This picture was taken at the final round of the Hyundai Tournament. Although it's nice to have such a breathtaking woman by your side, it can also be quite the distraction. In a sport like golf, a lot of your success is based on focus and concentration. Having your wife attract so much attention while you’re trying to play your game isn’t necessarily the most ideal of circumstances.

10 Bikini Girl For Grown-Ups 2


As popular as Paulina Gretzky has been, at the end of the day, she’s regarded as a celebutante, so in other words, someone that rose to fame because of her family name. She’s tried to branch off on her own in several instances only to come up short time and time again.

One thing she does well is rock a bikini (as you see in the picture above). Her bikini wearing skills were actually magnified on a big screen at one point as she appeared in the film Grown Ups 2, serving a minor role as Bikini Girl Daisy. The role went largely unnoticed, and she didn’t really have any other movie projects following the small role.

In terms of manifesting her popularity, modelling has been Paulina’s go-to, which probably isn’t the most ideal avenue if you ask her husband. Gretzky has made the most headlines when exposing a little less skin and that includes her breathtaking spread in the Golf Digest magazine that was launched in May of 2014.

9 Getting Intimate

Looking at the life of Dustin Johnson, I guess we can say things are pretty good at the moment. The 32 year old recently won the Genesis Open and the victory would skyrocket his game to number one on the Official World Golf Ranking. Not only is he thriving on the green, but outside of it, his life has been pretty good since 2013 when he proposed to Paulina Gretzky after dating her for seven months. The couple’s first son was born in January of 2015, and they’re now expecting a second.

Along with that, his love life appears to be pretty decent as well. This is one of the many candid paparazzi shots showing the couple getting intimate in a public setting. This picture was taken during a Hawaii vacation. The picture isn’t really all that bad, but considering it kind of invades the couple’s privacy, it might be a picture Dustin wasn’t too thrilled about.


8 Trick Or Heat...


Putting aside Dustin’s feelings for a second, let’s just think of her poor father Wayne, who had to endure watching his daughter wearing such Halloween outfits. For many of us, thinking of our children wearing minimal clothing is a sight we can’t deal with but unfortunately on Halloween with the excuse of “dressing up”, some women go full throttle when it comes to the sexiness factor. Over the years, dating back to this early image, Paulina hasn’t disappointed wearing a plethora of heat filled outfits. We’re not really sure what she dressed up as during this specific year but we can say one thing, it looks insanely hot. Thankfully, Dustin wasn’t in the picture at that point, but poor father Wayne had to endure years and years of such outfits on the late October day.

You’d figure that over the years the Halloween wardrobe would die down a little bit, but as you’ll see in the following picture, that just hasn’t been the case!

7 Recent Halloween Fun

This picture was taken at the most recent Halloween festivities that took place in October of 2016. The fiery picture was posted on Paulina’s Instagram account and it gathered nearly 20,000 likes as she posed in her costume. Father Wayne is likely pleased that he doesn’t have to deal with such costumes anymore as she’s now the full responsibility of husband Dustin Johnson. At the age of 28, and being a mom, it seems like there's no slowing down her passion for wearing such outfits on the beloved day.

It’s also worth mentioning that Paulina tagged a Tequila company by George Clooney in the picture. Wearing her seductive attire while downing some excellent Tequila, we can only assume things got a little wild on that October night. The caption reads, “Slay, All Day”, which only adds to the fire of such a picture. In all likelihood, males aged 15 to 77 almost lost their eyeballs looking at the photo.

6 More Wild Times


In truth, we could have done a separate article on the wild pictures taken of Paulina Gretzky before she met her husband Dustin Johnson. Most photos are in fact cringeworthy, featuring Paulina dressed in minimal amounts of clothing while appearing to be completely out of it. This picture is no exception as it appears as though she’s partying it up at a beach party, while laying down on two dudes wearing a stunning bikini top. What makes it all so much better is the fact that one of the dudes in the picture is wearing a Captain America outfit. We assume he either lost a bet, or is in fact that real life Captain America. Whatever the case might be, he just adds to the brilliance of such a picture.

Dustin can breathe a little easier nowadays knowing those days are behind her. However, Paulina still enjoys a causal night out on the Vegas strip as documented on her social media pages.

5 Working The Pole

Seems odd, or not... but yes, Paulina has taken several photos in the past while showing off her skills on the pole. In this instance, TMZ was all over it as the gossip website showed off Paulina’s skills while working the pole in a Vegas nightclub. Paulina captured the moment through Snapchat, and the footage went absolutely viral. It wasn’t the first time she was caught using the stripper pole, but it was however the first instance of an actual video being posted online. Many were shocked to see how well she worked the pole, and it furthered the belief that she’s a party girl at heart. We believe Dustin Johnson would have preferred such a video didn’t make the rounds, even if he was on hand to see the live show.

As we stated, it wasn’t the first time. She was even caught on the pole during her 25th birthday back in 2013.

4 With Mom & Dad


You’d think Paulina would tone down her edgy style around her family, but that hasn’t been the case. Looking at past photos of Paulina and her family, she hasn't toned things down one bit whether it be side by side with her dad, mom or even brother. This picture clearly justifies that, as she’s wearing a skimpy outfit that’s not only short, but very cleavage-friendly.

Looking at the picture, it’s pretty clear Paulina gets most of her beauty from her mom Janet Jones (sorry, Wayne). Gretzky’s wife was a former dancer, actress and Playboy cover girl, so yeah; she’s pretty darn good looking. Even today, at the age of 56, she can still rock the hell out of a bikini, as Paulina posted a picture of her mother posing on the beach showing her fantastic body. Paulina can only hope she looks like her mother at an older age.

3 Hot Mom

We can’t deny the fact that Paulina Gretzky is one smoking hot mother. Despite the announcement of her most recent pregnancy, Gretzky is still posting some smoking hot pics, and few are better than this one posted ten weeks ago. The caption reads, “I need a caption”. Here’s one, “smoking hot mom”.

This picture wasn’t the only steamy picture she recently posted. Just four weeks ago the stunning beauty posted another captivating bikini shot that didn’t focus on her baby bump, but rather her insane cleavage in the smoking hot bikini she was rocking. It seems like Paulina is a beach bum, taking most of her pictures on the beach or in the pool. Looking at her work overall, we can all agree that her best accomplishments are in the field of modelling, posting a plethora of stunning pics over the years which somehow, appear to get better and better as she gets older. Like a fine wine, it’s as though Paulina gets better with age.

2 Bikini Life


At the end of the day, Dustin probably wishes there were less bikini pictures available online for us to ogle. Despite the fact that Paulina even worked as a singer at one point in time, we’ll mostly remember her for those stunning good looks.

Paulina aspired to be in the entertainment industry from a young age. She decided to skip college, opting to pursue a career in the entertainment field instead. Her initial love was actually music, and her first performance took place during the 2003 Heritage Classic featuring a game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Edmonton Oilers, her dad’s former team. She was barely into her teens when she recited the song “I Will Remember You”, during the special event.

She would go on to release a song on iTunes entitled, Collecting Dust. Success from the track was limited and by 2005, she would change fields entering the modelling industry, appearing on the cover of Fiare, a Canadian fashion magazine.

1 The White Dress

A day that should have been all about Dustin Johnson’s excellence winning the US Open, was instead, highlighted by Paulina’s controversial attire at the event. Golf pundits were enraged that the incident took away from Johnson’s excellence, shedding a light on something that had nothing to do with the sport.

The situation took place at the Oakmont Country Club and if you saw the footage, the cameraman was having a field day with Paulina’s short, tight, white dress on that day following her every move. Paulina was caught pulling down her dress in several instances, particularly when she climbed up the stairs alongside her hubby and child. A number of fans praised the cameramen’s work for following Paulina up the stairs as it exposed her tremendous curves. At the end of the day, although it was a tremendous sight for the eyes, it took away from Dustin’s brilliant victory at such a prestigious tournament.

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