15 Pics Of Paige Spiranac The LPGA Leaders Don't Want You To See

This 24-year-old blonde bombshell, Paige Spiranac, is without a doubt one of the hottest female athletes in the history of golf, or any sport for that matter. Paige was discovered on Instagram and became an overnight sensation. Next thing you know, the golfing pro landed the cover of Golf Digest and became the subject of numerous articles, interviews, vlogs, and blogs. Paige also became the dream girl of thousands of dudes, whether they’re golfing fans or not.

The bad news is, many leaders in the LPGA are not too happy with this woman. Some have even called her a “disgrace to golf.” The reason for their hatred is basically because she’s too damn hot. Some golfers think she’s exploiting the game, and that she’s the sexy and talentless Kim Kardashian of sports. Golfers protested when the gorgeous unranked pro made the aforementioned cover of Golf Digest, instead of contenders like current number one, Lydia Ko, who has never graced the front page.

So what’s the deal? Are these PGA Ladies just jealous? How can beauty ever be a bad thing? Top-ranked blondes like Lexi Thompson may just be upset because they’ve posed in bikini photos but still couldn’t match the heat of a clothed Paige Spiranac. Take a look at these pics and decide for yourself.

15 Insta Famous

via Pinterest

Here is Paige just smoldering in this Instagram shot. Now I can see why some LPGA leaders may not like this pic. Paige doesn’t have anything to do with golf in this shot. It’s a selfie that the likes of Ariel Winter or Hilary Duff might take. That said, can you believe this girl is actually a pro golfer? She looks way hotter than Ariel or Hilary. This girl isn’t even an actress or a singer. She’s just plain gorgeous. Her looks could easily be compared to Margot Robbie or Kate Upton. When image-searched models like Nina Agdal and Kelly Rohrbach populate the page. Charlotte McKinney also comes up, which is quite a coincidence since both Paige and Charlotte launched their careers on Instagram. Does Insta have a type? Yes. It appears they likes ‘em busty.

14 Runway Or Fairway?

via www.cableatierra.com

Many LPGA golfers don’t approve of this outfit, but I must say that I have no problem with it at all. Golfers may argue that it’s the equivalent of WNBA players running full court in bikinis. But that’s an unfair exaggeration. This outfit really isn’t that risque. It’s just that Paige is so damn hot she makes it look scandalous. What we have here is almost like sexiness prejudice. If Lexi Thompson wore that outfit, nobody would notice or say a thing. But if Paige wears it, there’s an uproar. What does sports history have to say about this? Take tennis for example. Women used to play in skirts down to their ankle. Now the skirts are so short they had to morph them into “skorts” so the poor girl wouldn’t flash the entire world. Despite the evolving clothing choices, hundreds of butt cheeks still manage to slip free of the constraints. And nobody cares. It’s a butt. Big deal. It’s about time for golf to show some skin too. Why the hell not?

13 Short Skirt

via Pinterest

Speaking of short skirts and skorts, here’s Paige modeling the latest fashions, mid swing. Now this is a short skirt, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Seriously. Otherwise, the fabric can stick to the quad muscles and really end up destroying your mechanics. Either that or you constantly have to pull the skirt up or down, depending on your stance. For instance, if your ball lands on the uneven bank of a water hazard, your legs need to be able to spread wider in order to maintain proper balance. A better idea may be to eliminate the skirt entirely. Perhaps a thong would do the trick. What? Listen. Ballet dancers are some of the most flexible athletes in the world and they wear thong leotards all the time. Maybe Paige should try wearing one of those. That would really piss those old LPGA prudes off. Paige wouldn’t wear that though, she’s actually a pretty classy gal.

12 Gymnast Abs

via Telemundo Deportes

This girl is about as hot as it gets. Incredible. Here we see Paige in a new light, that of not just a golfer but of an all-around athlete. She has abs that rival that of Aly Raisman's and there’s a reason for that. Before Paige got serious into the golf game, she was a gymnast. We’re not sure if there was an injury that made her switch sports, or if she was just sick of being stuck inside that sweaty gym all day. Or maybe she had a male gymnastics coach who was a little too touchy-feely. With athletes like Paige, it really doesn’t matter what sport they choose. They already have the drive and determination to practice, practice, practice. The chosen sport comes in second. I’m sure the ladies of the LPGA wish she had stuck with gymnastics and left their sport alone.

11 Laying Down

via Más deporte en AS.com - Diario AS

There is something about body positioning that really does wonders for the imagination. Here’s a picture of Paige laying down. Her legs are long and lean and her bone structure is perfectly proportioned. So how much would you pay to have a date with her? Well, this isn’t just a hypothetical question. Paige is actually taking part in a charity event and one of the items on the silent auction is a golfing outing with her. Here’s what Paige told Golf Magazine about the event, “I’m excited to partner with Charitybuzz and raise money for The Cybersmile Foundation, whose support programs help spread a positive message to those affected by cyberbullying around the world.” Believe it or not, this beauty has been the victim of cyberbullying (more on that later). She had raised $6,500 as of press time for Golf last Friday, and her total is surely much higher by now.

10 Dressed In White

via Reddit

Those ladies at the LPGA must really hate this woman. She is movie star gorgeous. They cannot compete with this. They have complained about her wardrobe choices on the golf course, and just imagine if she showed up wearing this. This outfit is smoking hot. The white color gives it a virginal glow like she is either an angel sent from heaven or a blushing bride ready to go to town on her honeymoon. Speaking of marriage, Paige is supposedly engaged to Steven Tinoco, a former minor league baseball player. He played outfield for the Montgomery Biscuits, an AA club for the Tampa Bay Rays. The engagement was announced via social media a year ago, and Paige looks to still be in a relationship with Steven. But it’s unsure whether the wedding is still on. She seems very young and naive to be engaged while navigating a budding career. Not trying to hate on true love or anything, but we’ll see what happens.

9 YouTube Clinic

via Wikipedia

Paige was discovered on social media. So if you look to Twitter, Insta, Facebook, or YouTube, you will not be disappointed. She has tens of thousands of hits on every one of her posts which vary from more intimate videos of her getting dressed and taking a selfie in the bathroom mirror, to more professional videos with expert golfing tips. In this shot, she’s golfing somewhere in Arizona and the camera follows her hot body around for several holes. She offers up a ton of golfing tips in a video that is twenty minutes long. For a hottie YouTube video, 20 minutes is like an eternity. Does anyone even have the attention span for that? Seems like thousands of people do so apparently, judging by the numbers of hits she gets. She also does videos for Golfing Digest where she’s just lounging around the house, giving you tips on how to improve your golf game 24/7. Simple rituals like hitting a wall flat with a spatula, can help your slice, or squatting on the couch can even improve your short game.

8 Finger & Mouth

via CelebMafia

There's something about an attractive woman with a finger near her mouth. Why is that so appealing? It’s certainly not that special when the average-looking LPGA golfer does it, but with Paige, it’s like a dream moment. Here is a shot of her on the course in Dubai. This was one of her biggest tournaments on an international stage, and the bad news is, she sucked. She's a great golfer. She’s a pro, but playing with the league has best made her realize she still had a million ways to go. The haters jumped on her poor scores and called her a disgrace. The cyberbullying broke Paige down. And the LPGA offered no love, saying if you live by social media, you die by it. The big shots said that her Dubai performance was proof that she didn’t even belong in the same sentence with them. Paige even considered quitting. Thankfully, she changed her mind and got right back on the fairway.

7 Red Carpet Interview

via Las Vegas Sports Network

Goodness, gracious! Did Anne Hathaway dye her hair blond and get a nose job? Who is that beautiful Hollywood celebrity? Fooled you. It’s another shot of Paige, the golfer we’ve been talking about. Doesn’t she look even hotter in the interview setting? She attended this charity event and even blew the interviewer away. She had to comment on how beautiful Paige was. It was a sincere comment, not blowing hot air. Paige answered very smoothly. It seems like she has a knack for the spotlight. Either that or it was a canned answer. That’s an answer that celebrities rehearse, like any other performance. They can say what they need to say, without forgetting any information or stumbling over words and looking like a dufus. Hillary Clinton was criticized for having too many rehearsed responses during her campaign. That’s why she lost to the improv king, Donald Trump. What do you think he’d say about Paige?

6 Tight Dress

via BlackSportsOnline

Can somebody give this girl a modeling contract or what? I’m sure that’s what the LPGA ladies are saying. Why are you wasting time on golf, girlfriend? Just go on to Hollywood and leave the pro game behind. But Paige isn’t done yet. She’s only getting started. And she’s learning how to maintain a tough skin. Many times she is contacted for interviews and guys just want to talk about how hot she is. One southern interviewer even asked how she swung the club with her giant bust in the way! Paige answered coolly that you just angle the club out a little further, giving your chest more room to contract. Poor thing has to put up with some real horn dogs. The golf course can still be one of the most prejudice, s*xist, and racist boys clubs in the country.

5 You Decide

via Daily Mail

In the intro, we mentioned how many LPGA golfers felt slighted because a leaderboard favorite, Lydia Ko (right), was passed up for a social media hottie on the cover of Golf Digest. What in the world were those editors thinking? How could they compromise the integrity of their publication for something as basic as s*x appeal? Well, as any publication knows, including online media like the page you’re reading now, s*x sells. It’s plain and simple. If you’re dealing with a male audience, like I’m sure much of Golf Digest readers are, then you have to give them what they want. They’re not going to buy a magazine with a normal-looking chick. I’m not saying Ko’s ugly. She’s NOT. Most athletes have healthy lifestyles, which allows for an overall attractive appearance. But the fact is, guys would rather buy something with a smoking hot chick, than a cute one. This isn’t sexist or prejudice, it’s business. Please don’t take it personally.

4 Comic Book Geek

via www.golfcentraldaily.com

What is that you say? This beautiful blonde who plays one of my favorite sports is down-to-earth and has a banging body is also a self-professed comic book geek? How can she be more perfect? This is truly amazing and slightly torturous. Why aren’t there more women in this world just like her? She said on Happy Hour, a celeb interview vlog, that her favorite character ever is Batman. She didn’t really say why and the interviewer didn’t seem to care or have any interest in the topic to pursue it further. However, I suspect that she’s actually going to the opposite team. She’s a Marvel girl and an Iron Man fan to be specific. This conclusion was met by looking at a billion of her selfies and noticing a few Iron Man outfits, with Batman nowhere to be seen.

3 Beyond The Green

via kingcoin - blogger

Paige is a gem of the golfing world, but you haven’t seen anything yet. So here’s what you do: After scrolling through the entire article, and sharing it with all 500 of your friends on Facebook, go straight to Google, and type this, “Paige Spiranac Takes Golf To The Streets.” Click on that video and you’ll be impressed, trust me. It’s not a golf clinic, it’s a 2-minute highlight reel with sexy Paige in insanely tight clothes, doing some golf tricks that make the most elaborate mini golf look like a joke. This girl is chipping golf balls off concrete walls and landing them in a bucket. She’s shooting the ball through a baseball stadium and landing it in a bin in the upper deck. The video also showcases her sense of humor, which she has plenty of. Do some research and you’ll find other hot trick shots of her online. There’s even one where she catches the ball in her cleavage. She lets the ball drop from her lovely bosom, and whack! Drives the ball 300 yards.

2 Side By Side

via The Odyssey Online; VOV

Here is another side by side comparison to demonstrate how an LPGA “hottie” looks pretty normal next to Paige. That’s Lexi Thompson on the left. She is supposedly one of the smokeshows in the league, who is also ranked in the top ten of the world. Paige isn’t that good, but so what? Who would you rather watch? There needs to be more Paige Spiranacs in the world to let the Lexi Thompsons know who’s boss when it comes to beauty. Again, we’re not saying that Lexi is ugly. That would be mean and insensitive. Besides, Lexi has plenty of confidence. She’ll be just fine. She did a photoshoot for Golf Digest that exposed a ton of skin. On the cover, she posed topless with only a small white towel over her naughty bits. Inside the mag, Lexi did a poolside shoot in a blue bikini, soaking wet. Sure, she looked great. She looked amazing. But if they had shot the same poses with Paige, it would have been so hot that the internet would have been broken forever. Instead, Paige takes the high road and doesn’t do the glam shots. Paige holds back, presumably so the LPGA will respect her.

1 Holy Curves

via Tumblr

Look at this girl's profile. This isn’t exactly a dress you’d wear to church or the golf course, but it’s certainly more than a towel on your shoulders like Lexi. As mentioned in the intro, a fully clothed Paige can put a naked LPGA leader to shame. That’s why they hate her so much and don’t want you to look at any of these pictures. They just think she’s a non-talented bimbo who's distracting people from their superior athleticism. But they’re making a big mistake. Beauties like Paige popularize the game. No joke. Sure, you may come in looking for boobs and legs but the next thing you know, you’re thinking, “Man, golfing looks fun. It’s been years since I've played.” Next thing you know you’re buying new clubs, hitting the fairway, and actually watching golf on television. And Paige is not all about the looks either, folks. She genuinely seems to love the game, and that level of passion inspires golfers of any gender. Don’t be hating, LPGA. Embrace the publicity while you can.

Sources: Golf Digest, Golf, YouTube, HuffPo

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