15 Pics Of Nikki And Brie Bella Looking Not So PG

The PG Era has left a lot of the WWE fanbase with a bitter taste in their mouths. Gone are the days of a half nude Sable and in are the days of characters like Bayley hugging the fans while wearing an 80s inspired attire outfit to the ring. Now needless to say, we're not complaining about the state of the Women’s Division as it appears to be better than ever, but some would like a little edgier content. By edgier content, we mean a little more edge to the bouts along with maybe, just maybe, a little more skin showing. Thankfully for now, we have The Bellas.

Both twins haven’t shied away from that aspect, but it's happened away from the company, either on their social media pages or, as per recently, on their YouTube channel. Nikki’s Instagram is littered with rated-R goodness featuring pictures of herself in some of the skimpiest outfits you’ll ever see. That cleavage in certain pictures will surely put you in a Sleeperhold there’s no getting out of.

In this article, we take a look at some of the edgier Bella twin photos of the duo looking not so PG whether it be separately, or side by side. With the WWE’s PG climate, we're certainly thankful for these pictures. Like always, be sure to link the article to a friend and let us know your favorite picture from the list. Here are 15 pictures of Nikki and Brie Bella looking not so PG. Enjoy!


15 Pregnant Brie

With WrestleMania 33 looming, it marks the official one year anniversary of Brie’s WWE departure. Setting her sights on the next chapter of her life, Brie fought her final match at the big event, planning to leave the company in order to start a family alongside Daniel Bryan. A couple of months later, her dreams became a reality as in October of 2016, Brie and Daniel announced that the couple are expecting their first child. Due in April of 2017 (of course during WrestleMania season), the two are expecting a baby girl: Birdie Joes Danielson.

With that said, Brie has shown off her magnificent bump quite often, especially through social media with various posts on Instagram. In this particular picture, she even went a step further being featured in a revealing and sexy type of shoot. Husband Daniel also took part, but like usual, he seemed uncomfortable as hell.

14 Nikki In Her Calvin’s


Even when Nikki does decide to call it a career in the WWE, you can expect the company to try their best to keep her in an ambassadors role. They’ve done that with sister Brie, and you can expect the same with Nikki. Of course, most fans will think that’s cause of her connection with John, but putting John aside, Nikki is a valuable asset on her own with a massive social media following, something the WWE loves.

Not only does she have five and a half million followers on Instagram but she’s also expanding her empire on YouTube, becoming the very first Diva to do so alongside her sister. The Bellas' YouTube channel has close to 400K subscribers along with videos in the millions. This particular picture comes from a YouTube video featuring Nikki in her Calvin’s after a show. Not surprising, the video is already at over 350K views just four days in.

13 Nikki & Her Slip

Most recently, Nikki grabbed all the headlines when an apparent slip took place during one of her videos. Of course, Nikki isn’t afraid to flaunt her goods as she’s been very vocal about showing them off. In this particular incident, it wasn't that the shirt was too tight to support them, but rather, it was a little too loose, revealing them while she played with that lucky dog Winston.

As Nikki went over to pet the dog, you could noticeably see one of the “puppies” come out of her shirt. Smartly, Nikki leaned on the dog so the exposed area was concealed. How many of us wish we were Winston at that point? If you know Nikki, you’re well aware that this wasn’t her first wardrobe malfunction as she’s underwent a couple during her WWE career, one of which, once again, saw one of her chesticles get exposed while she laid on the outside during a match.

12 John Teaching The Bellas Chinese


Another YouTube video that garnered some massive interest by the fans, some clicked the clip to actually watch Cena teach the twins Chinese, while others, simply clicked to get a look at Nikki’s outfit which was anything but PG. In the Attitude Era, such an outfit would be considered normal, but today, it’s turning heads. The outfit looked simply stunning on Nikki with a massive amount of cleavage which left viewers picking up their jaws off the ground. Yup, she truly looked that good.

Once again, the clip went viral receiving almost half a million views in just a matter of three weeks. What do you guys think, were the clicks for the content or Nikki’s cleavage in that spicy hot dress? We’ll say, a bit of both as Cena’s ability to speak Chinese is quite remarkable. We can’t say the same for the Bellas, who struggled to understand anything John was saying and rightfully so.

11 Working The Indies

It wasn’t always bright lights and big stages for the sisters who had to pay their dues a couple of times before receiving their big opportunities. After auditioning for the Diva Search, the twins were signed to a deal reporting to FCW spending time in the not-so-glamorous promotion. Thankfully, the WWE decided the close the doors of that undeveloped brand, launching NXT which has been a breath of fresh air.

Following the twins' FCW journey, they joined the main roster only to leave in 2012. Due to contract differences, the Bellas left the company briefly, joining the indie scene and taking part in some cringe-worthy independent shows. They played the role of managers for an indie promotion out of New York, CTWE Pro Wrestling. The event took place in front of a small crowd which featured no more than 500 fans. The Bellas were in good spirits nonetheless, although thankfully, they were welcomed back into the WWE shortly after.

10 Throwing It Back


Taking part in an amateur photoshoot, the Bellas weren’t receiving thousands of likes on the norm. They began with humble beginnings like most success stories. Seeking a career in the entertainment industry, the twins took a leap of faith leaving their home, and moving to LA working as waitresses while finding a talent agent. They worked several little gigs including commercials, TV shows and of course, photoshoots. Starting off, the shoots were of the amateur nature (their early pics come from a company called SoCalBeaches featuring the twins on a beach and even dressed in firefighting inspired outfits, like you see in the picture above). Man, have they come a long way from these types of pictures.

Their lives would change following a Diva Search audition with the WWE. Although they didn’t make the cut, it worked in their favor as they were signed to a WWE deal instead based off of their unique looks.

9 Brie Mode In The Pool

Departing from the WWE almost a year ago, some fans have forgotten about the other Bella sister, as she’s currently getting ready to conceive Daniel Bryan’s child. Once that’s done, you can expect Brie to be back in the limelight more aggressively, as she even hasn’t ruled out a WWE return (claiming she’s interested in returning at some point).

In this picture, we see Brie in all her glory spending some time in the pool. Brie is very underrated, and some even prefer Brie to Nikki because of her seductive eyes which drives some fans off the walls. Not to mention her attitude when she gets into “Brie Mode”, which is actually a term that’s in the urban dictionary, believe it or not. That’s when you know you made it in life.

Brie Mode: When a girl enters the drunkin state of mind. Example: I was in Brie mode last night after five shots of tequila. (source:


8 Candid Booty


Nikki’s booty certainly doesn’t look anything like the PG rating in that dress as she greets the fans. Another thing the WWE loves about both twins is their abilities to interact with the WWE’s fanbase. The twins are a breath of fresh air for the company, always joyful and ready to engage in conversation with their supporters. For that reason, Vince has chosen the twins several times before in the past to make public appearances for the company, along with greeting the fanbase. The twins thrived at that from day one and continue to do so today.

Residing out of Tampa, Florida, Nikki certainly doesn’t shy away from the limelight as she enjoys going out whether it be to a clothing store, fine restaurant or even a Wal-Mart (as she’s been snapped in pictures at the store alongside partner John Cena). As for sister Brie, she lives more of a quiet life with Daniel, but doesn’t shy away from public exposure either.

7 Brie’s Tattoo

Although we usually associate Nikki with being the wild one, some would argue that Brie has more of an edgy side in comparison to her sister. Brie’s been quite tame over the last couple of years since her relationship with Bryan began, but that doesn’t mean that wild side doesn’t come out every so often. Total Divas showed us a glimpse of it, as Bella tore up a bar alongside Paige, taking an enormous amount of shots along with spilling drinks everywhere. Evidently, Brie Mode was fully activated.

She also has a tattoo in a not so PG area located a little south of her waistline. Brie got the tattoo of the bear claws at the age of 18, paying homage to her late boyfriend. She had another tattoo of a fairy on her backside but smartly decided to get it removed as she didn’t feel comfortable with it entering motherhood.

6 Throwing It Back Again


Another wonderful throwback of the sisters looking extremely fine, rocking some short black dresses which surely has thousands upon thousands of men drooling over the image. One constant for the Bellas is how darn good they’ve looked throughout their WWE days, even when things weren’t going so well on a booking standpoint.

After getting the call-up from FCW, the twins struggled to find an identity. They basically played the role of eye candy early on, partaking in some silly gimmicks like working as Daniel Bryan’s manager (which is pretty awkward looking back), and even working a Price Is Right segment as Bob Barker played as the guest host of Monday Night Raw. Both would finally gain some notoriety before leaving, winning the Divas Championship. However, they’d leave shortly after only to return to an even greater amount of success. The sisters have enjoyed quite the ride filled with ups and downs.

5 Live Booty

It’s a treat to watch Nikki Bella live in action for more than one reason. Not only is she talented in the ring, but man, does she ever look good while kicking some butt. Several fans have posted candid pics of Bella looking not so PG with her fantastic curves that can hypnotize the average viewer.

Nikki’s WWE credentials are no laughing matter; she was a two-time Divas Champion, holding the title in her second reign for a record setting 301 days. Had it not been for her surgery needs, she might have been able to hold the title even longer. After a ten month absence, she returned to the ring looking even better than she did before. Her improvements are quite remarkable, especially if you remember her during the earlier days of her run. She’s been kept away from the Women’s Championship scene, but we hope she has one more run left in her with the title before she decides to leave for good.

4 Stunning Sisters


Looking spectacular, the two twins are rocking the NBC Universal carpet looking mightily fine. Sister Nikki has the guns out, while sister Brie has that stunning facial expression which could put us in a Sleeperhold at any point.

Like Nikki, even Brie has enjoyed a great deal of success as an in-ring performer. She won her first Divas Championship defeating Eve Torres (who was insanely underrated), although, she would lose the title shortly after to Kelly Kelly. Returning to the company, Brie’s career would also spike because of her relationship with Daniel Bryan. Brie took part in the biggest storyline of her entire career when she fought Stephanie McMahon. The two even closed off shows together, that’s how valuable the feud was to the company. She ended off her career last year as we indicated earlier, picking up a win in a Divas Tag Match which took place during the event’s pre-show.

3 Twin Magic On The Beach

A picture you can look at for days, both Bella sisters are featured in the image surrounded by sand and water; does it get any better? Obviously both sisters can rock the heck out of a bikini. What makes it even greater is the fact that they are indeed twins, but have different bodies.

Nikki, uses more of a strength-based training method. Likely inspired by John Cena, Nikki isn’t afraid to hit the big weights, and eats her protein following a workout. That training mindset has led to those fantastic curves we enjoy every week on SmackDown Live. As for sister Brie, she enjoys a vegan-based diet along with a more 'yoga centered' training base. Like Nikki, Brie has taken an interest into Daniel Bryan’s lifestyle, which has resulted in her current practices. Due to her vegan diet and love for yoga, Brie is on the slimmer side with an insanely lean body type.

2 Nikki Wine Tasting


Posted about one week ago, Instagram almost broke when this picture was made public. Just before she headed wine tasting, Nikki took this stunning picture dressed all in white, showing off her fantastic curves which would make a man weak in the knees quite rapidly. The picture already has over 165 K likes.

She’s living life to the fullest nowadays alongside her partner John Cena, but her love life wasn’t always that smooth. Believe it or not, Nikki married her high school sweetheart at one point at the age of 20. The marriage would get annulled three years later. Can you just imagine how different things would be had she stayed? Her next relationship would be with WWE star Dolph Ziggler, and even that would not work out. The two share an amicable relationship today, but it’s safe to say that Bella is happier than ever alongside her man, Mr. Cena.

1 Black On Black Hand Holding

We close the article off with a mesmerizing picture of the twins looking like a pair of perfect 10s, right Tye Dillinger? Holding hands, Brie is looking sexy as hell while rocking some serious cleavage. Sister Nikki is no slouch either, looking top notch as well in this not so PG photograph.

For both twins, life is pretty good now. Sister Brie is set to give birth while Nikki is thriving with the WWE, set to compete at WrestleMania alongside her partner for the first time ever as the duo takes on The Miz and Maryse. Along with that, the twins continue to have a monstrous presence on social media, whether it is on YouTube, Instagram or on reality TV with their shows Total Bellas and Total Divas. Whether they stay long term or not with the WWE remains to be seen, but either way, we’ll be hearing a lot about the duo for a long, long time.

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