15 Pics Of McKayla Maroney The US Gymnastics Team Doesn't Want You To See

In the past year, fans haven’t been very easy on Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney. She's undergone many changes over the years, and fans are unimpressed with those changes. It’s the same thing when you idolize a star for many years only to have them undergo plastic surgery and come out unrecognizable. It’s not even just her face that has fans wondering what happened to the girl they followed for so many years. It seems her attitude has also changed. A girl who was once focused on Olympic goals has Snapped and posted pictures of herself that are very surprising.

An already cute girl, no one could understand why she would undergo surgery at such a young age, and the change in her appearance hasn't been taken well. Before, many commented about her resting b*tch face, and now, they're talking about how she resembles a trout. Fans believed that she's sold out. Ever since her decision to retire from gymnastics, fans have been pissed, accusing her of selling out and becoming an Instagram model. Maroney stated that she wanted to become a pop sensation and that she planned on starting a music career. Although that was her goal, we haven’t seen much with regard to that plan yet.

In the meantime, we can look back on some photos that we know the US Gymnastics Team would hate for anyone to see. You're sure to see a whole new side of the former gymnast.


15 Scandalous Vixen

She’s definitely made a name for herself on Instagram, though we hope she has something else planned for her life. She's told Us Weekly that there have been times when she felt like she was going through an identity crisis, so maybe that’s what explains all the bizarre photos over the years. She explained that after retirement from gymnastics, she wasn’t quite sure what she should do with her life. She mentioned how excited she was about starting a career making “vulnerable pop” and how she was a huge fan of Taylor Swift. She Tweeted, “if I die, please turn all my voice notes into songs” after she had stayed up all night writing songs. The girl definitely appears to have struggled emotionally, so we can only hope that in the years to come, she can pick herself up and find a new passion to replace sports.

14 Megan Fox Lookalike


When this picture was posted on Maroney’s Instagram, she was immediately slammed. It doesn’t seem to matter that she had many fans throughout her gymnastics career; her big change shocked her fans to the core. They don’t like the fact that she looks like Megan Fox now, and they want the old Maroney back. That picture gained her an additional 53,000 likes on social media sites. “'It's so sad to see what you have turned into since the last Olympics. I am a former competitive gymnast, and I looked up to you,' one young woman named Gemma wrote. 'We had to do a book report in 4th grade on someone we admired. I did mine on you.'” (DailyMailUK) It’s just one of many comments that have slammed the gymnast for her big change. People think that she's made a joke of her career and are disappointed in her.

13 The Video

Maroney has been slammed repeatedly in the media for her big change. She hasn’t taken the criticism very well. She ended up posting a video on YouTube of her dancing in thong underwear. A lot of people thought that her phone had been hacked because why on earth would a young girl post a video like that? It turned out her phone wasn’t hacked; she was just acting out against her haters, though she probably likely just made the situation worse. The video racked up over 800,000 views and made the media crazy. Maroney called the video out as “another world premiere.” Then she went further by Tweeting, “hey, im just doing me. if u want me to be a role model so bad, get inspired by how I give 0 f***s and go do u. Shout out to my fans for defending me all day long…even when things got weird u stood by me. and that meant the world."

12 Booty Shots


We're guessing that the US Gymnastics Team would hate to see these photos at this point. It seems as though as soon as she retired, she went into Instagram mode, posting racy photos that the world just didn’t expect from her, though it’s not the first time that she's had racy photos out. In 2014, nudes were leaked to a p*rn site, and she had to get them removed by a lawyer. “In 2014, nude photos of McKayla were leaked onto several p*rnography sites, and her attorney wrote letters to site likes P* demanding that they remove the naked images of the then-teenager. McKayla's lawyers confirmed that the photos of the gymnast were taken when she was under 18 years old, despite the fact that she previously tweeted the photos of her were 'fake.'” (DailyMailUK) Who knows what she’s going to do with her life now?

11 Trout Face

This was the beginning of the end for the former gymnast. An already cute girl, no one could understand why she would ever decide to undergo plastic surgery. She had her lips plumped, and many people have reason to believe she did more than that. Fans were not happy with the transformation. Fans accused her of becoming the latest ‘Instagram model’ and bashed her for it. They took to Twitter and many other social media outlets to express their disapproval of her. A fan on Twitter commented, “You were more beautiful then than you are now, and I wish you realized that before you messed up your face and only focused on showing your boobs.... I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Next time, love yourself for who you are and done [sic] compare yourself to other people like the Kardashians." (DailyMailUK)

10 USA Gymnast


We can’t help but think that these are not the types of pictures that the US Gymnastic Team would want to see. They may be thankful at this point that she's in retirement and no longer representing their name. Her rapid transformation has led many people to think about what must be going through her head. Is it a lack of confidence? Self-esteem issues? What caused a young girl to resort to plastic surgery? “'So, McKayla Maroney stopped being a gymnast so she could be one of those white [Instagram] baddies with plumped up lips.' Twitter user Saint Negrita wrote last night. She wasn’t the only one that thought that. Another person, known as El Jacques on the social media site, added: 'McKayla Maroney looks super different than she did at London 2012. Yes, it's been four years... Still.'”

9 A Rainbow

Yes, this is probably not the look that an Olympic gymnast should have, but she’s in retirement, so she doesn’t care about stuff like that any longer. We’re not sure what's worse: the bikini or the makeup. Or maybe it’s all just really bad. She was talking strongly about her music career in 2016 when she dropped her career as a gymnast. In an interview with Us Weekly, she told them a little bit about what her music sounds like: “I like to say my genre is vulnerable pop because it’s all melody and lyrically driven and heart-driven. [My] favorite thing to sing about is love." She posted the album Ghost on YouTube. But we have yet to see an official album.


8 Cleavage Shots


Maroney seems to be all about the cleavage shots these days, and she’s probably showing off more than she should. Her Instagram account is full of shots just like these, and considering where she came from, you would think that she would want to stick with her professional image. But maybe she had just been dying to let loose after retirement. It hasn’t been all hate toward Maroney’s new look, however; some people like her sultry style. Of course, for every person upset by McKayla's more adult appearance, there are plenty of people who can't get enough of her sultry snapshots. “'The duck lips... really?’ Joey Rivera Agustin tweeted in March. 'Hahaha, jk love it. Beyoncé wonderful!' A Twitter user named Alex added: 'Dang there you are McKay Lay, where you been hiding those sexy lips?'” We've got to wonder what this girl’s plan is now.

7 Plastic Surgery Concerns

There are so many plastic surgery concerns with young girls these days. The Jenners and Kardashians of the world have made it okay to get plastic surgery at a young age. I mean, those girls are all pretty much unrecognizable now compared to what they used to look like. These days, the girl is doing nothing more than updating her social media accounts, which must get pretty boring after a while. Fans are loving it, though, and she has around one million followers, and it probably has a lot to do with the racy photos she's posting. She seems to be getting more attention from her thong videos than she ever did from her Olympic career. She’s a young girl, though, so hopefully, she'll find some other passion in another career soon. If not, we guess that we can just keep creeping her Instagram account.

6 Before and After


It’s certainly a shocking transition to see photos of her when she was an Olympic gymnast to the photos of her flaunting her body while dancing in her viral “thong video.” She seemed pretty proud of her moment, though, and refused to let haters bring her down. Maroney used to talk about the stress that she had with her career, and maybe it just got too much for her. “There's a lot of stress out there, and to handle it, you just need to believe in yourself; always go back to the person that you know you are, and don't let anybody tell you any different because everyone's special and everyone's awesome.” There’s a chance that she just stopped believing in herself. After all, she hasn’t done much with her career since retirement. Hey, she could always write a tell-all book.

5 Bedroom Scene

Her face wasn’t the only thing that she changed when she went to a plastic surgeon. She’s been showing off her new assets ever since. She seemed to have an explanation for her rapid transformation as many of her fans have wondered how she went from zero to a hundred in a year. “When I was competing at the Olympics, the last thing I was worried about was what I looked like, what my hair was doing. I didn’t even really wear makeup. It was not something I cared about. I think it was really good for me to have that piece of my life where I wasn’t that obsessed with all those things because that really showed me that those things don’t matter. They’re fun if you can use them for good and for your self-love, but at the end of the day… I’m me without anything.”

4 The Ugly Side


Plastic surgery always has an ugly side, and it usually rears its ugly head when the makeup comes off. Her features are distorted in a way that only Botox and the knife can cause. It’s an unfortunate picture, and it just points out the fact that Maroney’s face has changed so much over the years. These are the images that the US Gymnastics Team probably cringes over every time that they see them. Though we haven’t seen much of Maroney over the past year, she's popped up in a couple of guest appearances on shows such as Bones and Hart of Dixie. Maybe we’ll start to see more of her as an actress, especially since she has that new Megan Fox look about her. She's still working on her album, so we’ll have to see if music wins over acting.

3 New Image

Maroney has no problem showing off her body in barely there lingerie regardless of what her fans think. The fans that she was used to having during her Olympic career aren’t the ones that have her back these days. Her old fans want her to return to the girl who used to cover up a little, and we're sure that the US Gymnastic Team is feeling the same way. She commented before about her thoughts on the future and what she hoped for her life after retirement: “You never really think about what happens after the Olympics -- you're just like, 'I want to compete. I want to do well' and thinking about that. After it all happened, it was such a whirlwind. I've gotten to do so many amazing things. My favorite thing was getting into acting.”

2 Booty Sweat


We’re not sure if it’s butt sweat or if Maroney peed herself while she was out running errands, but either way, it’s not a good look for her. She was completely attacked over the photos, of course, but like with everything else, she takes things in stride and doesn’t let what the media says about her bother her. “You have to stay true to yourself and where you're coming from, and sometimes, people see you in a different light, but you have to take it in and try to be positive about anything.” That’s how she gets through her hard times -- by always believing in herself. That’s probably the only way that she's been able to maintain her sanity since her retirement. She's definitely received a lot of flak for the big changes that she's made over the years.

1 She’s All Grown Up

That's the general consensus when it comes to the photos that have been cropping up over the past year. It’s not just that she's doing her own thing; it’s that she's all grown up. She makes her own decisions about what she wants for her future, and she’s not worried about what anyone else thinks. She was asked to be on the 2012 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics team because she was highly skilled in vault. It was because of this honor that she was so disappointed in herself for only getting silver during the main event five years ago. “I didn't want people to think of me as someone who wasn't impressed with a silver medal because obviously, that's a huge accomplishment, and I was so happy. It was more about me just being not impressed with falling at the Olympics in my last event.”


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