15 Pics Of Katy Perry's Questionable (And Wonderful) Fashion From Her Music Videos

Katy Perry has come along way in her music career. She has produced and performed songs we just can't get out of our head from Teenage Dream to Roar. She really has become a true pop icon. Perry rose to fame when her second studio album named One of the Boys was released in 2008 with memorable songs such as Hot N Cold and I Kissed a Girl were on the album's playlist which would become a huge success, and would help grow her name in the music industry.

Many of Perry's music videos certainly leaves us with a wow feeling. Whether it is left in Perry's imagination or her fashion designers, she certainly challenges the fashion industry with her very bizarre outfits, especially the pieces we see in her music videos.

A lot of music videos can be seen as a bit cliche but when it comes to the gorgeous Katy Perry, it can be very hard not to watch the American do her thing.

For many, the 33-year-old is considered a 'full-on male fantasy' and has also been quoted as something 'a teenage boy would sketch'. With all that in consideration there's no wonder Perry uses her fame and looks as advantages to help sell her music.

Her music video stunts have surely helped her become the most followed person on Twitter when she surpassed fellow singer Justin Bieber in 2013. She is overall in fourth place for the most followers across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with a combined total of 245 million fans. Imagine having a strong fan group like that!

Let's take a look back at the most bizarre outfits worn by the very singer herself.

15 Last Friday Night - Nerd

Can you imagine a beautiful thing like Katy Perry dressed up as a nerd? No we can't either.

Last Friday Night was released in 2010 and as part of Perry's third album Teenage Dream. In the music video of Last Friday Night, Perry was portraying a full on geek who is studying in her bedroom while a house party is taking place next door. Kathy Beth Terry, Perry's character, uses the best geeky range with a pair of massive spectacles and her jaw covered in braces. But of course there is a very hot Katy Perry behind all of that and we do get to see the real person later on in the video when she completely changes her appearance. With some help from the party girls we see Kathy sort herself out and return to the social world with a completely different look wowing the men around her.

The single was a major hit with it now reaching over a billion views on YouTube and selling over 3.7 million digital copies.

14 Last Friday Night - Sexy Geek

We return to Last Friday Night but this time at the second part of the music video when Perry's geeky character comes out with a completely different appearance attracting all eyes at the party.

Perry's pink shoulder cut top reveals her incredible figure of it being a low crop top. You can't see it in the photo above but she also wears light green shorts to go with her pink top.

She still keeps her braces on as they shine next to her very white teeth but Perry does say goodbye to the frame we saw placed outside of her mouth, along with makeup including pink sparkly lipstick, rose cheeks and the mix of blue and black eyeliners. And let's not forget her hair is out and wild too, kind of a similar hair style to Alien actress Sigourney Weaver from the 1970s.

Perry's geeky character sure had good friends in the video for helping the innocent girl show her attractive side.

13 Part of Me

Yes that is Katy Perry acting as a marine but don't worry she hasn't given up on her singing career, not yet anyway.

Part of Me was Perry's first song release of 2012 and was released as the lead single from Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection. The video sees Perry's character parked up next to her husband's workplace and catches him trying to kiss a female colleague making Perry storm into the office and announce their break up. Perry heads to a gas station and comes across a marines campaign poster which attracts her to join. But before that she changes her appearance by cutting her long black hair short, and gets rid of her jewellery such as the bracelets and necklace. We then see Perry's very different look when she wears camouflage uniform and is seen training to be a marine.

Just like most of Perry's songs, Part of Me was a success and the reviews of the music video were mostly positive with the US Marines saying the video was good publicity towards them.

12 Dark Horse

An Egyptian style of Katy Perry, a very different appearance but another look portrayed very well.

As well as Dark Horse being recorded by Perry the song also featured rapper Juicy J. The song was released in 2013 the same year Roar was out. Dark Horse reached number one in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands along with top ten hits in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Sweden and Venezuela.

There was a moment in the video that was heavily criticized when Perry's character disintegrated a man who appeared to be wearing a necklace with the word 'Allah' labelled in Arabic. This would later on be edited out of the video.

Throughout the music video we see Perry in a handful of different Egyptian style outfits but her main costume (pictured above) hosts so much colour which highly represents what Perry is: an energetic and very joyful performer.

11 Hot N Cold

Can you imagine standing opposite to Katy Perry at a wedding scene acting as the groom about to marry the girl of your dreams? As well as Russell Brand experiencing that scenario, actor/model Alexander Francis Rodriguez got to have a feel for it too in the Hot N Cold music video.

Perry didn't marry Brand until 2010 but two years before her big day, she wore a wedding dress for the filming of Hot N Cold. You could say it was a little preview of what Perry would look like in a wedding dress when marrying the British comedian.

Hot N Cold was included in Perry's album, One of the Boys. The song is known to be one of Perry's most memorable lyrics in her music career so far.

We did get to see a happy ending when Alexander's character awakes from his dream and says 'I do' to seal the marriage.

10 California Gurls - Candy Dress

California Gurls is one of the most successful songs from Katy Perry as the music video showcases a lot of kinky moments that the male audience would certainly remember.

The song and video also featured verses from rapper Snoop Dogg in which both artists co-wrote the song.

This list will look into three costumes from the California Gurls music video and the first item is Perry's candy dress.

At the start of the song we follow Perry walking into a world called 'Candyfornia' showing a place full of candy with a decoration of the brightest colours representing a heavenly scene for Perry's character. Nearly every man's dream would be to walk into a world full of candy with Katy Perry waiting for you.

The costume Perry is first seen in (pictured above) is mostly covered by different selections of candy including sweet rappers and a fake ice cream cone placed near her stomach. The dress is tight and small but this is Katy Perry of course she's wearing a dress that doesn't fit her.

9 California Gurls - Whipped Cream

After watching the California Gurls video you must not have looked at cans of whipped cream the same ever again.

In the very last moments of California Gurls, we see Perry in a red bra and red suspenders with her natural black hair dangling down getting rid of the candy hair wig we see her wear earlier on in the video. The costume has been mentioned that it looks similar to what Wonder Woman would wear.

Perry receives two whipped cream cans from the background girls moments before she places them on her breasts making the cream shoot out in an attempt to fight back at Snoop Dogg, portraying 'Sugar Daddy' in the video. Sugar Daddy surrenders by throwing down his staff and ends up being buried in the sand in a sign of defeat with Perry and the other candy girls lying on the beach next to him. Can't be too bad losing a game to Perry in Candyfornia.

8 California Gurls - Cupcake

Cupcakes sure are sweet and delicious but if you add a bit of Katy Perry to the ingredients you've got yourself a very scrumptious dessert.

The third and final costume we will be taking a look from California Gurls is Perry's cupcake costume. It goes down as one of her most memorable costumes especially when the outfit is available to buy from online stores, not a bad idea for a halloween costume.

The cupcake outfit is the second costume in order of the music video plot, as we see Perry change her hair colour to blue and the candy dress transformed to a cupcake bra and what looks to be sparkling jean shorts.

California Gurls really does spoil the viewer with these range of costumes Perry models in and let's not forget when she is hovering on a cloud in the sky wearing nothing but a part of the cloud covering her back side.

7 Swish Swish

2017 proved to be another successful year for the California girl. In February 2017, she launched her own shoe range titled "Katy Perry Collections". Last August Perry was selected to host the MTV Video Music Awards and was then offered a $25 million salary to take up one of the judging roles on the revived reality show, American Idol.

But 2017 also saw the release of her basketball themed song Swish Swish. It also features American rapper Nicki Minaj. Perry plays the captain, 'Kobe Perry' of the Tigers basketball team in a reference to former professional basketball player Kobe Bryant. Perry's opponents in the video are 'The Sheep' and Minaj's appearance takes place during the half time show.

Whichever director is in charge of Perry's music videos, they must think of a completely different appearance for the singer. In Swish Swish we see Perry shown as a sporty basketball player with very short blonde hair, showing elements of a strong and fierce woman.

6 Bon Appétit

Katy Perry would do anything to try something different for her fans. From flying in the clouds to being served up as food in a restaurant's kitchen, anything from Perry's imagination turns out pretty well.

As well as the release of Swish Swish in 2017, we also had Bon Appétit in May of that year. Bon Appétit is from Perry's fifth studio album Witness.

As you can see in the picture above, Perry is lying on a enlarged chopping board having a mix of salad, carrots and more being thrown at her as the kitchen staff finish prepping.

Bon Appétit isn't as successful as her earlier songs when you compare the statistics. Bon Appétit only reached 40th in the UK charts and arrived at number 76 on the Billboard Hot 100 on May 12, 2017.

It may not be Perry's finest hour with the song not reaching new heights, but yet again she impresses in a different form of showing off her sexuality.

5 This is How We Do

Prism was Katy Perry's fourth studio album, released in 2013 and it includes the song This is How We Do.

The song did pretty well in 2014 reaching the top 10 in Canada and Israel while peaking in the top 20 in Australia, Czech Republic, Austria, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Slovakia and Lebanon.

It is always in Perry's tradition to be wearing a revealing outfit in a music video. She does not fail once again in This is How We Do as we see Perry wear a tight swimsuit outfit covered in forms of round watermelons revealing her whole pair of legs. We also notice the singer is holding a slice from a watermelon. It looks as though her swimsuit is along the lines of an outfit women would have worn on the beaches during the 1960s.

4 Wide Awake

Perry's Wide Awake was released in 2012 from the album Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection. The song was written specifically for her movie Katy Perry: Part of Me which came out in the same year.

Yes you guessed right that Wide Awake was a commercial success, as you do Katy Perry. It came number one in the charts for Canada and New Zealand and came second in other countries such as Lebanon, Mexico and the United States. The music video links with California Gurls with the opening scene, as it shows Perry leaving the set and walking towards the dressing room after filming the last scene of the 2010 music video. One thing leads to another and we see another virtual world in a Katy Perry song as Perry sees a younger version of herself for when she was a child.

As you can probably tell from the picture above, Perry is in a medieval sort of setting using a lantern as her light while in the dark. And her costume made of silk is a low cut purple dress. Almost forgot to mention that she even has a cloak, very old fashioned unless you're a superhero like Batman or Superman.

3 I Kissed A Girl

I Kissed a Girl was Katy Perry's first real hit at the big leagues of the music industry. It was featured in her second studio album One of the Boys (2008) after Katy Hudson was released in 2001. I Kissed a Girl was the first song to be released from One of the Boys becoming Perry's first Billboard Hot 100 number one single.

If you look back at the music video of I Kissed a Girl, you notice the regular elements that we would go onto see in her future videos. For example, her way of expressing her 'sex symbol' by making those kinky eye contacts to the camera or if you prefer interacting with the audience particularly with the male viewers.

But when you compare her outfit in I Kissed a Girl to the other videos, you feel she is underdressed with how crazy and memorable some of her costumes were. In I Kissed a Girl, Perry wears a gold silky type of dress revealing much of her cleavage then lower down is a fluffy skirt finish. I Kissed a Girl is arguably the song that lifted Perry's career off the ground.

2 Feels

Feels is not really a Katy Perry song, as the main artist is Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, but it does feature Perry alongside Pharrell Williams and Big Sean.

Feels was released in June 2017 and did very well in the worldwide charts reaching number one in Belgium, France, Israel, Latvia, Lebanon, Poland and the United Kingdom. It also made the top 10 in Australia, Argentina, Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Malaysia, Ireland, Hungary, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Portugal, Norway and we could just go on and on. It was a huge hit, but when Harris has the back up of best selling artists you'd be daft not to make the song a success.

Perry in the video is mainly set on a very nice summer setting standing in a field full of daffodils which helps her yellow dress, yellow hair and her irresistible smile blend in with the scenery.

1 Roar

Now this must be her most iconic outfit out of them all. Katy Perry wearing leopard print has got to be one of the sexiest looks the 33-year-old has chosen for her Roar music video.

The release of Roar was in 2013 which became one of her most successful songs. The song has currently received over 2.4 billion views on YouTube and 'The Making of the Roar Music Video' has been watched by over 18 million users, that may just be due to her very revealing jungle outfit, just saying. Roar also sold over 9.9 million units around the world according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). This includes 6 million copies in the United States and 1 million in the UK.

If in your eyes it doesn't come in as your number 1 of Perry's music video outfits then it must surely not be far off.

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