15 Pics Of Kaley Cuoco Showing Why She Should Be The Highest Paid Actress

It’s pretty ironic that Kaley Cuoco was first introduced on The Big Bang Theory with her character Penny portrayed as a struggling actress. Nowadays, Cuoco is thought of as one of the world’s most acc

It’s pretty ironic that Kaley Cuoco was first introduced on The Big Bang Theory with her character Penny portrayed as a struggling actress. Nowadays, Cuoco is thought of as one of the world’s most accomplished TV actress with the prestigious accolade of being named the world’s highest paid TV actress in 2015, tying with Sofia Vergara. Forbes magazine reported their income banking an amazing $28.5 million each between the periods of June 2014 and June 2015. In 2016, Cuoco made the current best TV deal for her CBS role by earning a $1 million paycheck with each new episode.

Cuoco has quite a weight on her shoulders on The Big Bang Theory since she has the sole responsibility of being the eye candy for the series. While the show is known for its humor, quirkiness and intellectual jargon, it needs a little sex appeal and contrast in character in order to push it that extra leg. Cuoco provides the perfect addition in the series and over the years, she’s provided ample evidence as to why she was chosen for the role and how she’s held onto it since the first episode premiered in 2007. From her early pictorial spreads that showed off her slim physique to some of her edgier shoots that didn’t shy away from exuding stellar sex appeal, Cuoco has been no stranger to using her beauty and body to promote herself and the TV series. Check out our list of the 15 pics of Kaley Cuoco that show why she should be the highest paid actress on TV and take a trip down memory lane on some of her sexiest moments in front of the camera.

15 Stripping In Front Of Mirrors


Since Kaley Cuoco has been attached to the CBS network since the first episode of The Big Bang Theory was released in 2007, it is pretty standard that she would be featured in Watch! magazine. This CBS-owned magazine is a way to show off all things entertainment and fashion-related through some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. During the October 2010 release, Cuoco was featured in an editorial spread that highlighted some super sexy photos of the actress in poses that towed the line between artistic expression and tantalizing exhibitions. This particular photo features Cuoco during her short hairstyle phase, further highlighted by the background mirrors. While the red-bottom Christian Louboutin shoes were sexy enough, seeing Cuoco stripping off her top while seductively looking at the camera definitely pushed the sex appeal factor up a notch or two. Although the characters on The Big Bang Theory didn’t seem to agree with Cuoco’s decision to cut her hair, she was able to pull off the look in a way that showed that it wasn’t just her long blonde locks that made her beautiful.

14 Black And White In Bed


A trick that many celebrities have used over the years is being photographed in black and white to smooth over any little flaws they may have (especially since this makes photo retouching much easier). In this particular photo, Cuoco is pulling all her tricks out of her magical hat by being shot in black and white and also upside down. The result is a look that shows off flawless beauty in her complexion and an interesting composition that seems to draw in audiences. This is only further enhanced by the fact that she has a black, mesh bra that conjures up images of something akin to a dominatrix. It is also helped by the ultra comfortable bed she is lying on in a way that only further beckons to the viewer. The photo almost makes it appear like the viewer is leaning over Cuoco while she is in bed and the seductive look in her eye only helps to add to the sex appeal.

13 Justify My Love Photo

via Edizon / Mad-Eyes

When Madonna first released the video to her "Justify My Love" single off of The Immaculate Collection album in 1990, the response was a bit mixed with many thinking of it as one of her more controversial music videos. By today’s standards, it is definitely quite tame since the world is now used to seeing Rihanna's music videos where she’s working a stripping pole or Nicki Minaj music videos where she’s practically naked and singing about big butts. In any case, famed photographer, Patrick Demarchelier, recreated scenes from the iconic Madonna video in a photo spread with Kaley Cuoco for Watch! magazine. It’s quite striking to see the similarities between Madonna and Cuoco in side-by-side still shots, especially since Cuoco’s hairstyle lends itself perfectly to looking like Madonna during her ‘90s era. It’s difficult to say which is better, the fact that she resembles Madonna during her sexiest phase or the face of ecstasy Cuoco is giving in the photo, which appears like a hotel hallway.

12 Lady In Red


Kaley Cuoco was picked to be on the cover of Britain’s FHM magazine for the July 2013 issue and the photo that was the lucky winner for the cover was the ultimate in sexy. Cuoco posed in a red dress that showed off her signature blonde locks and light blue eyes but that doesn’t mean that there was only one pose that was taken throughout the photo shoot. Once other photos in that same red dress were released online, there was one photo that truly should have made the cover in its place. Rather than the sweet smile in the cover photo that was chosen, this picture had more of an edge to it that correlated well with the skimpy red dress. Not only did it give off major sex appeal but her facial expression, in general, was more of an ecstasy face than the sweet girl that lives next door (or across the hall in the case of The Big Bang Theory).

11 Mirror And Back Shot

via pinterest

For the anniversary issue for Esquire magazine in 2012, Kaley Cuoco posed for a pictorial photo spread that had people turning heads. In this particular photo, she is seen with a playful take on every girl’s makeup routine. While there are those that like to get ready by sitting at their vanity with all their organized makeup and hair compartments, most girls actually have the same sort of layout that Cuoco can be seen using in this photo. With everything spread out on the floor and a large mirror used as the vanity, this is a realistic view of how millions of girls get ready each day. Cuoco playfully wrote on the mirror with a “Happy Anniversary Esquire” message and even signed it with an hug and kiss. With her character on The Big Bang Theory portrayed as much more butch than the rest of the cast, it’s sexy to see Cuoco seen more girly than she is usually characterized.

10 Silk Lingerie Shoot


When Kaley Cuoco was asked to shoot a pictorial spread for a 2012 issue of Esquire magazine, it shouldn’t surprise people that one of the ensembles would involve silk lingerie. After all, what else would you expect from a men’s magazine? In this particular photo, Cuoco could be seen wearing a silk lingerie set that was definitely on the skimpy side. Not only was the bra cut so low that it seemed impossible that all of her naughty parts were covered but there was even a see-through lace panel that showed off even more skin. While the bottoms were a shorts cut rather than the typical bikini style, they were incredibly short and cut down so low that Cuoco’s entire torso and hip muscles could be seen with ease. She did wear a robe-like apparel item but it was completely open, so the only real coverage it offered was on her arms. With everything else exposed, fans probably didn’t care much that they missed out on seeing her arms.

9 Showing Off Her Shape For Shape

via HawtCelebs

What better way to show off the best way to maintain a good physique than to flaunt off all of your best assets? While other magazines like FHM and Maxim try their best to show off their best attempts at sex appeal on their covers, that doesn’t mean that a fitness magazine can’t do the same. For the October 2015 issue of Shape magazine, Kaley Cuoco was asked to pose for the cover. Her choice in ensemble is awe-inspiring since she can be seen wearing a pair of white mesh bottoms and a simple men’s-style white button-up shirt. Sometimes the sexiest thing a woman can wear is just a simple men’s style shirt and Cuoco further accentuated it by pairing it with a men’s style watch. While there are some female celebrities that wouldn’t dare to show off this look with such a short hairstyle, Cuoco was able to pull it off with buckets of sex appeal to spare.

8 Black Itty Bitty Bikini

via Unreality Mag

While Kaley Cuoco first started off in The Big Bang Theory as the new girl in the building that so happened to wear a lot of tank tops and itty bitty ensembles, her character has since evolved since the first episode premiered in 2007. Now that her character is a successful sales associate in pharmaceuticals, she doesn’t prance around in the same sort of costumes on set. While she’s definitely still hot, fans sometimes pine for the way she was portrayed earlier on in her career. This black bikini photo is a great example of all the things fans loved of Cuoco when she first appeared in the series. While this black string bikini may be simplistic in its design, it shows off just enough to get the juices flowing. She looks like the quintessential California girl with the swept up blonde hair and beach setting and the black color offers the perfect amount of contrast with her ultra sexy tanned skin.

7 Cutoff Shorts And A Corset

via Qeai Artblog

In the July 2012 issue of Maxim Australia, Cuoco was featured in a pictorial spread that highlighted more than just her cute and quirky smile. In this particular photo, she can be seen wearing a corset-like top that can barely contain her assets. While she’s always been known for being ultra feminine in her physique, the photo doesn’t show her as ultra busty. Instead, she appears slim and waif-like in a way that softens her overall look. She paired the top with a pair of barely-there cutoff shorts. Just when you think that it can’t get any better, the shorts are completely open to make the viewer feel that she has been caught by surprise in a state of undress. While her facial expression isn’t exactly that of surprise, it is a bit more serious to allow for a more intense overall photo with the incredible sex appeal that only Cuoco can pull off.

6 Sexy Doctor Look


In an issue of Esquire Mexico in 2012, Cuoco posed for a pictorial spread that showed The Big Bang Theory poking a bit of fun at the stark difference between her character on the series and the rest of the cast. While each of the main cast members have their doctorates (except for Howard), Kaley Cuoco’s character, Penny, stands out for not having the same beautiful mind. Showing that she would definitely make a hot doctor in real-life or in the TV series, she posed in glasses and can be seen spread out on a bed with some medical books. With an open shirt that reveals her lingerie beneath, Cuoco pulls off the sexy teacher or sexy doctor look in the best way possible. Putting the photo over the edge is the way she can be seen putting the tip of the pen in her mouth in an ultra seductive manner. While she may not play the brightest character in the series, she definitely shows that she could play pretend quite well.

5 Thigh High Boots And Satin Shorts


In a classic case of mix and match, Kaley Cuoco chose to pose in variations of the same ensemble for the pictorial spread in the July 2012 Maxim Australia issue. While the cover showed Cuoco in these satin lingerie bottoms, this particular photo allowed a variation to the ensemble that made it just as sexy. While it usually makes an ensemble even sexier her show off as much leg as possible, somehow the over the knee boots make it even more appealing. This photo shows her black bra top covered but she still manages to show off her incredibly toned abs by pulling up her shirt a bit. The white top is much more casual than what would be expected of something to coincide with satin lingerie but that doesn’t take away from the look in the least. Instead, it conjures up notions of women pairing up classically male apparel items to make them look even more feminine. While it isn’t exactly a wife-beater style top, it does have a similar cut and texture.

4 In Bed With Kaley


In the 2010 pictorial spread for Watch! magazine, Kaley Cuoco was featured in a number of photos that showed her in various states of undress. This one, in particular, is different in that it shows Cuoco in a way that makes the viewer feel like a voyeur into some torrid situation. Unlike some of her other sexualized photos that have her posed in a way where she’s beckoning from the glossy pages or giving a come-hither look, Cuoco is clearly looking away rather than looking at the camera. This gives the illusion that something is going on behind the scenes. She seems to be nude atop a bed and clutching a sheet that is presumably her only means of covering her naughty bits. While he does have a bit of makeup on, she’s actually pretty natural looking in this frazzled state. Even her hair is a bit disheveled, to only further give the illusion of a particular scene in this photo. While other photos where she’s posing in a certain way or contorting her limbs in some sort of artistic expression definitely have their place, sometimes just a simple sheet and some bed head can create just the right combination of sex appeal.

3 Maxim Australia Cover


While Maxim has always been thought of as a magazine that likes to push the boundaries when it comes to exuding sex appeal in its covers, they often tend to take it a bit further outside of the United States. When Kaley Cuoco posed for the July 2012 cover of Maxim Australia, she didn’t shy away from the concept they proposed for the cover. Wearing satin lingerie bottoms with a black mesh bra, the only true coverage was in the long sleeved top that just so happened to be created out of a large fishnet design. She posed in a way that showed her pulling up the top all the way so that her complete torso was exposed. While this type of pose would generally highlight a celebrity’s breasts, it was actually her abs that were best showcased. Showing a perfectly toned midsection, the result was well defined ab muscles that still maintained feminine appeal.

2 White Ruffled Dress


In the July 2012 issue for Maxim Australia, Cuoco was featured in a white ruffled dress that seemed to be spontaneously coming apart. With the material being semi-sheer, it was good (or unfortunate) that there was an interior white layer of material to help to maintain a bit of modesty. This could be seen in the asymmetric v-neck layer that could be seen peeking out from her top section. There are strings on either side of the dress that have come apart to reveal the super sultry layer beneath. As if it wasn’t already sex enough, Cuoco is standing with her legs apart and is pulling up at the ruffles toward the bottom of her dress. The result is a sultry stance that is only further accentuated by her seductive expression. Looking straight at the camera and biting her lower lip, this is definitely one of Cuoco’s sexier looks for a magazine spread.

1 Completely In Her Birthday Suit In Allure

via Ravepad

In 2011, there were a number of celebrities that have decided to bare it all for an issue of Allure magazine and thankfully, Kaley Cuoco was one of them. At the time, she was 25-years-old and looking fresh-faced and beautiful while posing completely nude. In preparation for the nude shoot, Cuoco reportedly indulged in far more raw food and vegetables than normal and she amped up her already regimented yoga routine. She did confess that she didn’t exactly tell everyone the whole truth when it came to what her Allure magazine spread would reveal. While she may have been completely excited about her Allure photo shoot, having a completely nude spread isn’t the type of thing that every parent wants to hear about. She revealed that she would have a bit of explaining to do in regards to her parents. In the meantime, the photo became a huge success and she was strikingly beautiful in a way that seemed like an impossible physique in the photo.

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15 Pics Of Kaley Cuoco Showing Why She Should Be The Highest Paid Actress