15 Pics Of Jennifer Lawrence That Are Hot AF

Aw, J-Law, so sweet, so charming, so damn relatable and so damn gorgeous. Not many people can be nominated for four Academy Awards, achieve the title of "Highest Paid Actress in the World" and be named one of Time Magazine's "Most Influential People in the World" before the age of 30 without getting a big head, and yet, Miss Lawrence continues to surprise us.

Amidst a chin-high ocean of whiney reality television stars, ego-driven celebutants, and pretentious social media-obsessed starlets, Lawrence remains to be a breath of fresh air. Her acting abilities range from mutant mid-century revolutionary to trashy wife of a grifter and everything in between. But what makes her a true favorite, is her personality. This is the girl that talks about how hungry she is on every red carpet, and even tripped on her gown while ascending the steps to receive her Oscar, and somehow she does it all with class. Yeah, it doesn't hurt that she's regarded as one of the hottest celebrities on a planet currently orbiting the sun, a title that if you ask this correspondent, is rightfully deserved, and to prove it here are 15 photos of Jennifer Lawrence that are hot AF:

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15 The Babe In Black

Via Laughspark

If everyone wasn't so interested in seeing fourteen more pictures of this hottie, I could end the list right here because this picture is proof enough that Jennifer Lawrence is a specimen of modern beauty. Too melodramatic? Well, sue me. What's she looking at in this shot? A rare bird? A low-flying airplane? A UFO perhaps? Who even cares. Just be grateful that the woman has enough class to pull this look off without seeming trashy. When Jennifer wants to really switch on the lust factor she can do it at the drop of a hat, so it would seem.

14 Not Even Photo Ready

Via Pinterest

You see those big round light bulbs in the background? No, I said in the background you silly goose, the ones around the mirror. Those are vanity lights commonly found in celebrity dressing rooms and/or trailers to ensure every angle of that money making face (or body) is ready for a closeup. From this, we can determine Lawrence is getting ready for some sort of shoot, but notice her tasseled hair? It isn't even styled yet. This means that she's not even as beautiful as they're going to be making her. That's how good J-Law looks. This image is certainly a testament to her natural beauty.

13 Hisssss and Hers


Whoa. Holy smokes! The only thing hotter than this photo of Lawrence is that headline. Am I right?! It's hard to imagine why someone would want to cover Jennifer Lawrence in anything at all, but I suppose if it's going to happen, a python is as good a thing as any. We can all agree that was pretty ballsy on her part, but we're not surprised (she was Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, after all). She seems completely unfazed while that snake makes itself right at home and solidifies itself as the only snake in the history of Planet Earth to make me jealous and to make contact with this hottie.

12 Blue Crush

Via Wisetrail

Nothing gets the internet fan boys worked up quite like a good old-fashioned candid bikini shot. Seriously though, this photo proves that even when the girl goes all-natural at the beach she's still the best thing going. There's a whole gaggle of these pics that made the rounds on the net this past year, and I'm really sad to report that not all public reviews were positive, though (we know, we know, it doesn't make sense to us either). Which just goes to show you, not all of the public is smart enough to recognize perfection when they see it right in front of their eyes.

11 The "I've Been Running Home From A Pool Party For Hours" Look

Via Sharenator

This photo is six years old and it's still laptop wallpaper material, or if you're a little more old school - poster above the bed material. Wouldn't you agree? Here we see J-Law in her natural environment. Where that is, we're not exactly sure. What we do know though, is that she's doing that low-cut spandex outfit a heck of a favor (and doing us a favor, too). We know her lips have been set to "full pout" and her mascara is running which either means she's been crying or sweating, or more likely she just got wet judging by those soaking golden locks.

10 It Totally Looks Like She's Reading This Headline

Via Boompopmedia

This one looks similar to the one above it at number eleven, but don't be fooled. This is an entirely different low-cut red ensemble (just as hot, nonetheless). Her hair is just as wet, but she seems to be a bit sweatier in this shot. I mean, one look at her exposed skin and you can't help but notice it glistening in that unknown light from above. This picture is one of my favorites for reasons that probably don't need explaining, so I won't waste anyone's precious time. Instead, use this extra time to appreciate all that is happening in the above image.

9 Faux Leather In The Northern Wilderness


Don't ask me what the hell is going on in this photo. I have no idea where it's from or what it's even promoting. What we could say though, is it's likely a photoshopped photo of Jennifer Lawrence making its rounds on the net. I'd guess it has something to do with those popular X-Men movies... somehow because Lawrence looks to be on the early side of her career in this one (fake or not). Regardless of the connection, this should satisfy any Catwoman-esque cravings one may have at this time of day. Which one might think isn't many of you, but I'd bet a penny or two the other way if I'm being completely honest.

8 Lean Back

Via HD Wallpapers

In my opinion, this one proves that if Lawrence couldn't make it as an actress, like if she was born with a debilitating stutter or something along those lines, she would have just fallen back on modeling (and she would have likely been as successful a model as she is an actress). The idea isn't exactly a hard sell though. I mean, this mesh one piece should have really been saying thank you to her the moment that left hand slid down the back of that sexy thigh. And again, we have the staple of any sultry photoshoot - dripping, wet hair. Just in case anyone thought the image wasn't steamy enough.

7 Paying At The Pump In Those Pants

Via CMHD Wallpapers

In Los Angeles, it's honestly uncommon to not have workout clothes on 24/7, and it truly is beneficial (and hot as hell, especially if you look like Lawrence). It makes everyone think you just came from the gym, they're wildly comfortable, and we get to see celebs in candid photos like the one above featuring J-Law casually pumping some gas like it ain't no thing. Well, it is a thing, Miss Lawrence, because by doing so you've interrupted the rest of America's important work day. Who the hell can/would want to concentrate when one of the sexiest women in America is parading around in pants that are practically spray painted on?

6 Chic Cutouts

Via RedCarpetInsider

Are chic and sexy mutually exclusive? If you ask me the answer is a firm "no." And flawlessly proving my statement, complete with precisely 10% of her right boob showing, is the lady of the hour, Jennifer Lawrence herself. Not many women could pull off a look as daring as this one, but J-Law can. She's completely slaying in that dress, and with the blonde hair pushed back before it even touches the shoulder, I mean can someone get me a glass of ice water over here, cause I'm burning up. Okay, if you can't appreciate the fashionable side of allure, then feel free to concentrate on the 10% of her right boob.

5 Insert Your Very Own Shag Rug Joke Here


Well. My oh, my. just another hot pic of Jennifer Lawrence. This is a true favorite of the Internet trolls and fans alike. The overall allure of this photo comes from the use of flash because it looks like an old picture you found in your older brother's drawer. Even when posing as a partied out Hollywood Hills industry girl, complete with glitter shorts, messy hair, and even missing a top button, she still manages to stay in the realm of likable-leading-lady. Not many women can say that they've done that, at least not splayed out across an all-white shag carpet.

4 Going Green On The Red Carpet


I don't know, maybe it's the bangs that really skyrocketed this photo to the tail end of this list. I have always been a real sucker for a girl with bangs. Can you guys see any other reason why this image would be featured here today? Ah, yes, of course you would. Her immaculate deep green dress with the pleated skirt. All jokes aside though, Jennifer Lawrence is nothing short of a vision here (or anywhere really), as if it even needs to be mentioned at this point, right? Is anyone even still reading these captions or is everybody just skipping from picture to picture? We wouldn't blame you if that's what you were doing.

3 Bra Burner



Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you all to the platinum blonde version of Jennifer Lawrence who should have been arrested for how many jaws she must have made drop to the floor (seriously though, be careful out there, guys) while she was promoting her new movie, Passengers (alongside Chris Pratt). And yes, if you haven't noticed already, that logo is there for a very specific reason. It would seem that Miss Jennifer Lawrence decided to check her bra at the door the evening this photo was taken and donned a simple, and (very) sheer, bodysuit to the event.

2 That Strut, Though

Via Imagebank

You might be wondering how any images would follow a see-through red carpet bodysuit, and the answer is very simple - curves. Lots of sexy curves. Jennifer's got 'em and boy oh boy does she know how to use them. If you can stop gawking at her million dollar grin for a few seconds then you'll have a chance to realize Lawrence is wearing the hell out of that dress and whoever tailored it deserves a certificate of thanks from anyone presently reading this. And let's be honest, those heels aren't hurting anything either. It's just... the entire package here... it's all pretty darn well put together. There is not much else that could be said.

1 Let's End On A High Note

Via Got Celeb

Why not, right? She's back at it again, straight up not giving a damn who says what just as long as she looks good doing it. And after fifteen images of Jennifer Lawrence that will have you scrolling up and down this article, I'm confident that I've proven how unstoppable this girl's look is. From head to toe, in every piece of clothing from see through fabric to spandex, Lawrence flaunts her internationally known beauty. And here she is in her most famous look of all, sporting her signature double "wow" pins to preserve her modesty. Nah, I'm just kidding. I put those in. In the real photo that sheer fabric was no match for the flash of a camera.

Sources: celebmafia.com

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