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15 Pics Of Ivanka Trump Her Husband Doesn’t Want You To See

15 Pics Of Ivanka Trump Her Husband Doesn’t Want You To See

via:Pinterest/Cyberspace & Time

Ivanka Trump is poised to become one of the most influential first daughters in history. It has been said that she and Jared Kushner will become the most powerful couple in the world and that they will rule Donald’s Trump’s America.

Ivanka has accomplished a lot in her life. Not only did she have a prominent role in the Trump Organization, but she built her own empire around empowering women. In her father’s presidential campaign, she was the one credited with Donald’s child care plan, the first for a Republican nominee.

On the way to the top, however, Ivanka has been caught in more than one compromising situation. In the years before she became a successful businesswoman, she was a model, walking the runways of Versace and posing for Harper’s Bazaar. She cultivated a portfolio of racy photographs like you have never seen before – certainly nothing like the conservative Ivanka we know today. The photos below may shock and surprise you. These are the pictures that her husband, Jared Kushner, does not want you to see, the ones he wished were for his eyes only.

15. Dress vs. Gravity

via popsugar

All we can say is w-o-w, Ivanka Trump is really not holding anything back in that tiny black dress. And it looks like it has slipped down a little bit revealing an extra amount of skin. Even her diamond necklace can’t detract our attention away from the main attraction, which we probably don’t have to identify for you. Ivanka is poppin’. In any case, the point is that Jared Kushner doesn’t want you to see this photo – he’s protective like that. We can’t see Ivanka wearing anything like this today – she is usually quite conservative, especially now that she is at the forefront of politics. It is usually an honor for a designer to dress the first lady, but many designers have already publicly stated they will not dress Melania Trump. One designer said this is because of “the rhetoric of racism, sexism and xenophobia unleashed by her husband’s presidential campaign.”

14. Eight Months in a Year?

via twitter

We hear what you’re saying: “That’s not Ivanka Trump!” but it is her Twitter feed, with a pic of her youngest son, Theodore, born in 2016. Ivanka’s seemingly benign comment turned into a viral sensation and was also the source of mockery late last year when she wished her son a happy eight month birthday. The horror! Since his wife was being mocked with this picture, we can assume Jared would prefer that you didn’t see it. The Tweet even caught the attention of Mr. Robot actress Stephanie Corneliussen, who Tweeted something snide in response. While we don’t know what the original Tweet was since she deleted it, Ivanka had a laugh, tweeting back at her with “Lol. Of course, you are right! Only in a baby’s first year of life would a parent ‘celebrate’ a child’s birthday on a monthly basis!” Interestingly, Corneliussen ended up receiving death threats, Tweeting that “Literally just got death threats for making, what I thought was a fun/sarcastic observation, that even the mother found amusing. Done w this.” In short, don’t mess with Ivanka.

13. Losing Her Cool

via bravo

Ivanka Trump is always so composed and poised in public. It seems difficult to comprehend that she could be in any way related to Donald Trump, who will say whatever he wants whenever he wants to say it. Ivanka was credited with softening her father’s image during his presidential campaign and was also said to have controlled his temper on many accounts. While we all can get angry from time to time, Ivanka is very careful to remain calm and collected in public. This photo, however, shows her finally losing her cool at Ted Cruz after he made the statement “Vote with your conscience.” This photo does capture a very candid moment and it’s certainly an unexpected side to Ivanka that we never get to see. We’re assuming that Jared would rather you not see this picture of his wife losing her cool, and the same probably holds true for Ivanka herself.

12. Heckled On JetBlue

via youtube

This is a picture of Ivanka Trump in the midst of being confronted (some people have called it harassed) just before her flight took off to Hawaii where Ivanka was going to vacation with her family. The man on the plane yelled “Your father is ruining this country!” He was then booted off the plane. People who were also on the plane said that Ivanka ignored the man and distracted her children. The angry passenger’s husband initially Tweeted that “My husband chasing them down to harass them #banalityofevil,” however, he later changed his story to “my husband expressed displeasure in a calm tone, JetBlue staff overheard, and they kicked us off the plane”. Do you think this was inappropriate or do you believe Ivanka deserves the criticism?

11. Hot Side View

via ebl

Ivanka Trump looks like a smokeshow in this picture. No one will disagree with that. The picture is definitely a little bit cheeky, with a little snippet of her undergarments and a little side-boob making it into the picture. We’re going to go ahead and assume that Jared doesn’t want you to see this picture – after all, it shows you his wife in a state of undress. How scandalous! We kid, we kid. We will never see Ivanka like this anymore, especially since she is expected to take on the role of the “kind of” first lady. If you haven’t caught up with the goings on in Ivanka’s life, she has since stepped down from her both her own fashion business and the Trump Organization. She will be moving to Washington with her husband and children. She will be helping them settle into their new city – for now. She has already been making very important calls with officials regarding her child care plan.

10. On Display

via thecouchsports

Ivanka Trump looks stunning in this photo. What a gorgeous specimen! However, her assets are very obviously visible – they are the main attraction, really – and we can’t help but think that Jared Kushner probably wished the world didn’t also get to see it all. Of course, it goes without saying that Ivanka Trump is obviously much more than her pair of tig ol’ bitties. The New York Times hailed her as the most influential first daughter since Alice Roosevelt Longworth. She is an educated woman who built her own million dollar empire and who speaks out about women’s issues on top of all of that. You get the point. Fun Fact: speaking of breasts, did you know that humans are the only primate to have permanent ones? All the other primates only grow breasts when they are pregnant. Just pull that one out the next time you’re sitting at the family dinner table.

9. Donald Trump Getting Grabby

via reddit

The many pictures of Donald Trump being a little too hands on with his own daughter must be deeply uncomfortable for Jared Kushner to look at. Unfortunately, this very meme-worthy picture has already been seen by a lot of people. We don’t need to go over all of the inappropriate comments Donald has made about his daughter over the years, but they are enough to make a person squirm. On top of the comments, there are the many awkward, inappropriate photos of the two of them looking a little too close for comfort. In many of them, Donald is much closer to his daughter than his wife! When Ivanka Tweeted out a link to the outfit she wore to her RNC speech, the photo became even more controversial. People were not happy she was using her platform to promote her own business. Do you agree?

8. A Compromising Situation

via:Le Parisien


The above photo of Ivanka, Jared and Japanese President Shinzo Abe was the source of much controversy in December 2016. Part of their conversation pertained to Ivanka’s licensing deal with retailer Sanei International, which the Japanese government happens to have a big stake in. Conflict of interest much? Indeed, that has been the theme of many of Donald Trump’s own interactions with foreign leaders since he won the election, and now Ivanka may be doing some wheeling and dealing of her own. According to Donald, however, he will put America first, tweeting that he will leave the family business behind, although, and perhaps most importantly, “While I am not mandated to do this under the law, I feel it is visually important, as President, to in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses.” The key word here being “not mandated.” In any case, Jared Kushner does not want you to see this questionable photo of his wife’s business ethics.

7. Um, Pregnant Playboy Bunny? 

via twitter

Somehow a pregnant woman dressed up as a Playboy bunny seems just… wrong? It’s like this thing where the baby itself gets wrapped up in the sexualization of the photo and, well, we’re not sure, exactly, but it seems kind of weird. That is exactly why Jared Kushner does not want you to see this pic. Now, let us say: Ivanka does look good, like, really good, especially as a woman who is obviously quite pregnant. When pregnant mothers are forever told they can’t be attractive, this photo proves the exact opposite. Maybe that’s the point of this picture? We commend Ivanka for that. But, this picture is just Bazaar bizarre. The picture, taken in 2011, was actually a recreation of a famous 70s photograph of the jewelry designer Elsa Peretti. While Ivanka seems to be fond of Playboy, Playboy, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be particularly fond of her, which was evident with the article “Ivanka Trump is Not Our Saviour,” where they said that “Ivanka is just as entrenched in conflicts of interest as the rest of the Trumps. She won’t save us.” Ouch!

6. Getting Undressed

via imgur

This picture would make anyone want to take Ivanka Trump to bed. Wait. Did we just go too far there? Maybe. With what looks to be like lingerie underneath her wool coat, this photo is ultra sexy without being too much. It leaves us asking for more. That said, we’re sure Jared Kushner doesn’t want you to see this picture. She looks so good, he wants it all to himself. It’s no wonder Maxim once put Ivanka on their Hot 100 list. Unfortunately, we are going to have to savor these pictures of the gorgeous Ivanka because her modelling days are long behind her. Back in the day, she even appeared in advertisements for Tommy Hilfiger. She was even on the covers of Forbes and Harper’s Bazaar. Ivanka has accomplished a lot in her 35 years on Earth.

5. Lady in Red

via yenimobi

Ivanka Trump is a straight up knockout. Look at this pic! Much like the dresses Ivanka wore in the pictures above, she probably won’t be wearing anything like this sheer dress to Inauguration Day/Night, the keyword here again being “sheer.” Ivanka looks absolutely gorgeous in this picture, but the real standout is the exact shape of her breasts. Jared Kushner does not want you to see this! Somehow we manage to see way more in this seemingly innocuous dress than in many of her more revealing photo shoots. Somehow, we believe that may not have been Ivanka’s intended purpose, but many people probably enjoyed Ivanka’s choice of dress that night. Unfortunately for Jared (and Ivanka), this is actually the much tamer version of this particular photo. It has been manipulated to reveal a much more.

4. Bird’s Eye View

via taringa

Most people in committed relationships, likely Jared Kushner included, don’t want others’ ogling eyes to see their partner’s assets. You have to protect the goods, right?! Unfortunately for Kushner, everyone can get quite a good glimpse at Ivanka’s goods thanks to her former modeling career. But he probably doesn’t like it. This picture is certainly one of her more revealing photos, showcasing her lovely bosom and the outline of her curvy figure that would make any Kardashian jealous. Yet, in true Ivanka fashion, the picture does not meander into trash – the picture still has an elegance about it. This is certainly the kind of picture we won’t see Ivanka sharing on Instagram account now that she is a professional businesswoman with a brand that is centered around professional women (#WomenWhoWork) and a mother of three. The only person that will be seeing Ivanka in any state of undress is her husband (okay, and maybe Donald Trump).

3. The Whip

via pinterest

First of all, Ivanka Trumps looks super hot in this picture. It has the trappings of everything you could want in a picture: a gorgeous woman donning heels, fishnet stockings and a whip, with her breasts looking particularly perky. It clearly has a dominatrix vibe to it, like 50 Shades of Grey kind of stuff. Can you say, kinky? Ivanka is definitely playing the part of the temptress in this one. What a smokeshow. Indeed, this is not an image that Kushner wants you to see. It’s almost too sexy. Whew. It’s getting steamy up in here, isn’t it? Maybe Ivanka could whip Donald into shape with that whip. We kid, we kid. We obviously don’t condone violence of any kind. Actually, with all of the “Help Ivanka Move’ protesters that plan to set up shop outside of her NYC home as she moves to Washington, Ivanka may need her own backup.

2. Jared’s Shirt?

via celebrity

We are getting to the good stuff: Blonde bombshell Ivanka Trump modelling a black bra! Look at those lips! Rawr. This is a pretty intimate photo given that Ivanka is wearing a bra and the morning-after boyfriend shirt, so we can assume that if Jared Kushner was able to remove pictures of his wife from the Internet, he would probably choose to take down this one. It certainly doesn’t help that Ivanka has that smoldering look. And those fingers in her mouth! There is definitely a lot of sex appeal going on in this picture – Ivanka looks absolutely gorgeous. In fact, the photo is so intimate that it could pass as a leaked photo. Thankfully for her, it is not. This is definitely an Ivanka like we have never seen before.

1. Young vs Old Ivanka

via drunkenstepfther/chi-photography

On the left is a wardrobe malfunction that occurred during Ivanka’s runway modeling days, and was leaked just before the election. Notice the dark hair, crooked nose and smaller breast size. On the right we have a flawless, heavy chested blonde. Is that even the same person? Regardless, some may say comparing these two photos is very scandalous! The woman on the left is certainly not the Ivanka that we know today. Nothing a few surgical procedures can’t fix. And for those reasons, this picture is the mother load. This is an image combo that not only Jared Kushner doesn’t not want you to see, but Ivanka doesn’t either! We would assume that most women have a few pictures they regret taking, and for Ivanka, this list has them all!

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