15 Pics Of Greer Grammer Kelsey Doesn't Want You To See

American actress Kandace Greer Grammer was born in 1992. As well as being known as the daughter of Frasier actor Kelsey Grammer, she's famous in her own right for playing the dim-witted (but lovely) cheerleader Lissa Miller in the hit MTV series Awkward.

The offspring of Kelsey’s relationship with stylist Barrie Buckner, Greer, now 25, is carving out a life for herself as a talented actress. The former beauty queen has certainly had her fair share of family upheaval, having lived through three of her father’s four marriages and various other relationships.

Named after the major box-office star of the 1940s, actress Greer Garson, Greer Grammer always had the potential to follow her father into the entertainment industry. She studied performing arts in high school and at college and, most recently, was a recurring character throughout seasons 1 and 2 of Awkward, promoted to a regular in season 3.

Greer always had a passion for the theatre and began acting in school plays from the age of five. As her schooling continued, she began to show real promise and attended Idyllwild Arts Academy for two years in her teens. She then studied a theatre major at the University of Southern California, graduating in June 2014 at the age of 22.

She's since joined the distinguished American sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma, “an organization of intelligent, strong women,” according to their own website. But beneath all these accolades and best behavior, we think we’ve found one or two pictures her daddy doesn’t want you to see. Read on to find out more…


15 Winner of Beauty Pageants

Entering her first beauty pageant at the age of 16, Greer was destined for three years of success. She was crowned Miss Teen Malibu in 2008; in 2009, she retained the crown. From 2008 until 2010, she found herself in the top ten of the Miss California Teen competitions and, in the following year, won Miss Regional California Teen (2011). Again competing for the State competition, she was placed in the top ten but, soon afterward, 'retired' from pageantry to concentrate on acting.

Speaking to Nylon Magazine in 2014, Greer recalls the pageants as high maintenance. “I’m naturally very, very pale. So whenever I did a pageant, I had to get spray-tanned twice. It was awful. Spray tans kind of smell.” We think she countered all the effort pretty well, if pictures like this are anything to go by. We just wonder how Kelsey would view his little girl now.

14 Her Big... Break


Greer’s first break came with an appearance in Nickelodeon’s teen sitcom iCarly, which focuses on teenager Carly Shay, who creates her own online broadcast with the help of best friends Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson. Greer then starred in a series of independent films, namely, Almost Kings, Chastity Bites, and An Evergreen Christmas. From then on, she was cast for Awkward, MTV’s long-running teen comedy series.

In Awkward, she played Lissa Miller as a recurring role in seasons 1 and 2 and as a main role in seasons 3 through 5, which took her from 2011 until 2016. Awkward follows the story of Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards), a Californian teenager struggling with her identity, especially when an accident is considered a suicide attempt by her friends and family. This picture taken at a Los Angeles premiere in 2016 shows us just how much Greer’s grown up.

13 Recent Works and Bosom Buddies

Named Miss Golden Globe in 2015, it looks as though Greer’s foray into show business is heading in the right direction. Let’s face it: with a father such as Kelsey, it seems inevitable she’s hitting the big time. Toward the end of Awkward, Greer guest-starred as McKenna on Melissa & Joey for three episodes of the final season. She soon landed a part for Lifetime original movie Manson's Lost Girls, which was released in 2016.

She's since starred in four hit TV series, including Cupcake Wars (2016) and Rush Hour (2016) and three films: Emma’s Chance, Altitude, and Burning at Both Ends. She also announced she would be starring as the “tough, outspoken, take-charge character” of Summer Roberts in The Unauthorized O.C., a musical stage adaptation of the pilot episode of American teen drama television series The O.C. This picture taken with Jillian Rose Reed is just the kind of thing Kelsey wants banned!

12 On Playing a Lesbian in 'Life Partners'


Greer’s first major film role was as Mia in Magnolia Pictures' Life Partners. The comedy film focuses on the friendship between Paige Kearns, a straight girl, and Sasha Weiss, a lesbian. It stars Leighton Meester as Sasha and Gillian Jacobs (Visions, Dean, Dr. Ken) as Paige. Greer says, “Mia, my character...she smokes pot, she’s cool, she’s a lesbian, and it was just a totally different role. I was really nervous about how I was going to play it, but it was also awesome.”

The film was not overly well received despite its promising cast. It premiered on April 18, 2014 at the Tribeca Film Festival in the Spotlight section. The film was released in November to on-demand platforms and in some theatres later that year. However, Rotten Tomatoes Film Review site conceded it was “two appealing leads adrift in a sitcom-worthy plot,” adding, “Life Partners doesn't do quite enough to earn viewers' commitment.”

11 The Return Of The O.C.?

On 30th August 2015, Greer appeared in a one-night-only performance of The Unauthorized O.C. Musical, a stage adaptation of the hit show. The O.C. was an American teen drama television series created by Josh Schwartz, which ran from 2003 until 2007 and starred the likes of Peter Gallagher, Kelly Rowan, and Adam Brody. For the stage performance, which was shown to a packed house at the Montalban Theater in Hollywood, Greer played Summer Roberts.

It was a part she enjoyed by all accounts. Glamour quoted her as saying, “I was so happy, but a little sad at first that I wasn't Marissa. I was told all the time I look like Mischa Barton, but Molly (who is playing Marissa) is so good and has this incredible voice that works so well for Marissa. I'll be so nervous that night. I'm already aware of it. I already know I'm going to get onstage and have to pee, and I'm gonna have nerves, and I'll probably forget everything. But then once I get on stage and start singing, I'm fine.”

10 Not 'Awkward' When Disrobing


Grammer describes the character of Lissa as a “fun-loving, naïve, Christian cheerleader.” In a recent interview with Glamour, she said, “Lissa and I are very similar. She’s extremely peppy, upbeat, and happy, and while I’m not as energetic as she is at times, I am pretty much the same way. I always say first season Lissa is like freshman year Greer. We’re a nice mix of each other.”

From what we can gather, the team that brought us Awkward was welcoming and fun to be a part of. She refers to the cast and crew as “family” and adds, “I’ve had the most amazing time on the show, getting to grow with people and have this other family that’s so constant in my life.” With Lissa being the classic virgin-gone-bad trope, we thought we’d include this picture of her, which we’re sure her dad would disapprove of!

9 A Future Disney Princess?

Seeing as Greer is a season ticket-holder for Disneyland and, by her own admission, virtually lives there, it’s no surprise that the fairy-tale life the franchise portrays was what attracted her to acting. In a recent interview with Glamour magazine, she said, “I did always want to act. As a little kid, I was a different Disney princess every day. I’d run around the house in my costume and fully embody the character I was playing.”

And in terms of her aspirations, she added, "I would love to voice a Disney princess or guest-star on ABC's Once Upon a Time. I'd also love to be in a live-action Disney film! I'm a Disney-obsessed person! I wanted to do Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella, but that didn't happen. I'd love to do a Girl, Interrupted type film and play something dark."


8 The Hottest In The Family


Greer has an extended step-family, which is due, in no small part, to her father’s four marriages. She has three half-sisters: Spencer, Mason, and Faith and three half-brothers: Jude, Gabriel, and James. Spencer Grammer, the half-sister of Greer, was born to Kelsey Grammer and dance instructor Doreen Alderman. Spencer also has acting credentials, having appeared on Cheers when she was a child, as well as Greek (for four seasons) and Ironside.

In an interview with Your Tango last year, Greer said of Spencer, “I grew up with my mom, and she grew up with her mom, so we saw each other on holidays and occasions, but we didn’t grow up together like normal sisters do. We didn’t become closer till I was about 15 and she was 23 when the age difference seemed like less of a gap.” Could it be Spencer is jealous of Greer’s fine physique?

7 She's Still Not Married, So There's Still A Chance...

Cody Ankrim and Greer have been dating since 2013. While there’s no public talk of marriage yet, there are lots of pictures of them enjoying time together. Greer’s love of Disneyland certainly must've been taken on by Ankrim since her visits don’t seem to be getting any less frequent! “I love Disneyland,” she told reporters back in 2015. “You will find me at Disneyland every single week. I go all the time, especially during the holidays. I’m a huge Disney nerd.”

The tolerant beau also seems to be involved in Greer’s career or at least the premiers and award ceremonies. Speaking to the LA Times in 2015, she explained his reaction when she declared herself to have been chosen as Miss Golden Globes 2015. “I got the call, and I screamed! My boyfriend was like, ‘What is that?’”

6 Loves A Morning McMuffin


According to, Greer Grammer has always been down to earth. Despite the commotion she must've had to endure in her early years, she seems not to have earned a reputation for being a fame-thirsty sellout. After filming season 2 of Awkward, according to the online magazine, she got a job in a juice bar, which must've at least kept her feet on the ground, literally.

And when other stars are heading off to 5-star restaurants or swanky parties, Greer keeps things real. On the days of award shows, according to reports, Greer visits her local Golden Arches. She told one reporter in 2015, “Usually on award-show days or crazy days, it’s so hard to figure out what to eat. My go-to is an Egg McMuffin. They’re fast, and they’re so yummy. They’re McDonald's, so they’re not healthy-healthy, but they’re healthy.” Those McDonald's breakfasts seem to be filling her up a treat!

5 On Ex-Stepmom Camille

Played out on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it soon became public knowledge that Kelsey Grammer had been having an affair with Kayte Walsh, a British flight attendant 25 years his junior. The pair was married in New York City on February 25, 2011, two weeks after the finalization of Grammer's third divorce, from Camille Grammer (née Donatacci). Despite the ensuing court battles, Greer is still fond of her ex-stepmother.

But Grammer’s opinion of Walsh is no different. She's a fan of both of them, according to an article in Glamour. “Camille was always really nice to me,” she told reporters. “So, I can’t say anything about her and my dad’s relationship because I really only saw them at holidays and birthdays and things like that; I didn’t know anything about what was happening. I’ve seen her since, and she’s always been kind to me.”

4 Does Famous Father Cramp Her Style?


Greer’s father is best known for playing Dr. Frasier in the 11-year hit show Frasier. But he's an acclaimed actor, notwithstanding the international success of Frasier, having won 5 Emmy Awards, 3 Golden Globes, and a Tony Award. Outside of her dad’s fame, the Mail Online said of Greer, “It is clear the girl has some serious acting chops, and that may be thanks to genetics, as she is the daughter of none other than Kelsey Grammer.”

Talking about her dad, she said, “It wasn't until I was older that I realized who he was or why people would ask for his autograph and take pictures. For the most part, I had a regular childhood. Sometimes, though, I would wonder if people wanted to be my friend because they liked me or because of who my dad was.”

3 Her Globes (Golden Ones, That Is)

To get the job as Miss Golden Globe, you have to be the son or daughter of a celeb, but so too does it help to have some acting credits to your name. It’s seen as a position for up-and-coming starlets, hence why in 2015, Greer was awarded the role. It’s more a glorified stagehand than anything, but it does afford the lucky incumbent great publicity, and of course, you get to dress up.

Kelsey would probably be shocked by how quickly his daughter has grown up. And we wonder what he must think of pictures of her like this looking so hot. Remembering being told of the award, she told US Weekly, "[My parents were] both so excited. They were so happy for me. My mom, the first thing she said was, 'What? That's amazing!' She knows how much I've wanted this for a couple of years now.”

2 No Bling Ring


As understated as she is, we think Greer is not someone who wears a lot of bling although admittedly, she was snapped at the Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood Party in Los Angeles wearing some rather expensive bling -- Danielle Queller's Large Silver Mist Waterfall Earrings. As describes, the “stunning statement pieces by the NYC based designer feature grey quartz, topaz, and diamonds set in 18K gold and .925 silver” are not listed with a price.

In a Glamour article, she was quoted as saying, “I love diamonds, as I think every girl does. I don’t know what kind color -- that depends on what dress I end up choosing. I love blue diamonds.” For a celebratory dinner after finding out about the Golden Globes, Grammer was spotted by wearing, “a Patricia Bonaldi dress, Armani shoes and clutch, a Haati Chai cuff, and Erickson Beamon Rocks earrings.”

1 A Double Helping Of Her Globes

It’s surprising to know that not all celebrities are overly self-important. In an interview with Glamour, she was asked what she may have done differently in the Golden Globes Ceremony. While some might have said, "Nothing; I was perfect," Greer takes a different look. "Stand up straight! And don't slouch!” she said. “I actually talked to Dakota Johnson, and she said to make sure to stand up straight because there was all this footage of her slouching.

“At one point, I walked out, and Kevin Hart and Salma Hayek were doing my introductions, and I did this hunch thing like shrugging my shoulders. I guess I thought it looked cute, like I was being grateful, but it didn't; it just looked weird. Then, I was in the back of almost every awards speech because of where they placed my blue mark, and I didn't realize that.”


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