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Believe it or not, Fergie's very first acting role was voicing Sally Brown in numerous Peanuts cartoons when she was a kid. That led to her singing stardom, but she still has had a few TV and movie appearances since. One was a big one, as the Peas played themselves in

a 2004 episode of the NBC show Las Vegas — which was where she met Josh Duhamel. Fergie has noted acting isn’t her forte, but does enjoy taking some gigs here and there. That includes 2005’s Poseidon, a remake of the classic disaster movie. She’s the main singer on a cruise ship who performs a few nice songs for the passengers on a New Year’s trip. However, a massive tidal wave capsizes the boat, letting it be upside down in the ocean. While a variety of passengers escape, the captain and others stay in the ballroom. This leads to a dark scene of them seeing the windows start to crack, Fergie just goes to hug the captain and waits for the end as the waters rush in. It was a dark end but she stood out with her gorgeous dress and singing voice, so her time in the movie was a very bright spot.

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