15 Pics Of Fergie To Show What Josh Duhamel Is Missing

This month was supposed to be a big one for Stacy Ferguson, AKA: Fergie. After a decade of waiting, Fergie was finally about to release her long-delayed second solo album. It’s not like she’s been doing nothing since. She’s reunited with the Black Eyed Peas for some hit tours and she’s collaborated on a few hit songs, even a Grammy winner. Most importantly, she got married in 2009 to actor Josh Duhamel, best known for the Transformers movies, after five years of dating. The two were great together, having a son and Fergie was always there to support her husband and vice versa. In interviews for her new album, she spoke warmly of the support and how her family had changed her music and how she was eager to have them with her on her new album.

Which is why it was so shocking when word broke that the two were separating after eight years of marriage. Fergie has been doing new interviews noting that the marriage has been over for a while and that they were putting on a front; a surprise given how they seemed so close. It is shifting expectations for the album, and there was a question if Fergie could handle this rough change to her life. But it also reminds people of how Fergie boasts one of the best bodies in the music business that never fails to entertain. Here are 15 pics of the Duchess that makes one wonder why Duhamel would let such a knockout go.

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15 Silver Screen Star

Believe it or not, Fergie's very first acting role was voicing Sally Brown in numerous Peanuts cartoons when she was a kid. That led to her singing stardom, but she still has had a few TV and movie appearances since. One was a big one, as the Peas played themselves in a 2004 episode of the NBC show Las Vegas — which was where she met Josh Duhamel. Fergie has noted acting isn’t her forte, but does enjoy taking some gigs here and there. That includes 2005’s Poseidon, a remake of the classic disaster movie. She’s the main singer on a cruise ship who performs a few nice songs for the passengers on a New Year’s trip. However, a massive tidal wave capsizes the boat, letting it be upside down in the ocean. While a variety of passengers escape, the captain and others stay in the ballroom. This leads to a dark scene of them seeing the windows start to crack, Fergie just goes to hug the captain and waits for the end as the waters rush in. It was a dark end but she stood out with her gorgeous dress and singing voice, so her time in the movie was a very bright spot.

14 Silver Style

For years, it was joked that the world could be coming to an end and Dick Clark would still be doing his New Year’s Rocking Eve specials. The long-time host of American Bandstand was often the source of humor (including from himself) on how he appeared to never age and was a top-notch TV host. But as it happens, it did finally come as Clark had to call quits on hosting the annual event after a stroke and finally passed away in 2012. To fill in the gaps, ABC had various celebrities take over hosting duties at various points. Among them was Fergie, who got a great style fitting for the New Year. The silver outfit isn’t overt but still very hot, and dying her hair the same color was a brilliant touch. She truly looks like the classic “ball” about to drop, fitting in for the night and gloriously hot. It was a great way to stand out and Fergie proved herself worthy of hosting this big event.

13 Grammy Gal

For a while, the Peas were a hit band but hardly what one would call musical award darlings. They had some stuff, like Billboard and American Music Awards, but it looked like they’d have to settle for being more popular with fans than critics. Likewise, Fergie’s solo album was a sales hit ignored by the Grammys. But even they have had to give nods via awards to both the Peas and Fergie. Award-winners include hits like “My Humps” and “I Gotta Feeling.” In 2012, Fergie also shared a Grammy with Kayne West for his hit “All of the Lights”. This pic shows her boasting one of her Grammys, clearly happy to be at the top of the game. The dark blue dress and her jet black hair are terrific to showcase her beauty and sexiness and the addition of the Grammy just makes it even better. It’s also great to see a hot lady awarded by critics, and Fergie manages to make this time even better by dominating the red carpet.

12 All The Meows

Fergie and Josh Duhamel seen arriving at the Casamigos Tequila Halloween Party Featuring: Stacey Ferguson Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 30 Oct 2015 Credit: Michael Wright/WENN.com

Something about cats just appeals to Stacy. She has done a few songs and videos using them, as well as a notable for a brief one-night stint with the famous Pussycat Dolls burlesque club. She’s also done photo shoots in a cat outfit and a few cat-themed costumes for her concerts. A famous bit had her and Kim Kardashian both wearing sexy cat outfits on one Halloween, with fans comparing them to each other. So it makes sense she’d do it for Halloween with then-husband Duhamel. He went as legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and Fergie was his beloved cat Choupette. This one isn’t overtly sexy, but still goes nicely with her white fur outfits, her bright smile, and is a great showcase for her beauty. The white wig is fun with whisker makeup and the addition of a megaphone may seem offbeat but also oddly fitting for her. The designer bag is another nice touch and showcases how this lady is truly the cat’s meow in hot outfits.

11 Got Milk?

The “Got Milk” ads aren’t as popular as they once were, but they're still around. It was obvious, just a celebrity holding up a glass with lips marked in milk and pushing the health advantages. Several famous ladies would have some hot shoots with it and boost it up more. Leave it to Fergie to put a spin on it for a magazine shoot. This pic is one of the tamer from the shoot, others having her pour milk all over herself in a very seductive manner. The tight black shorts look like they were sprayed on and the “Slippery When Wet” shirt fits her perfectly. Her soaked hair adds a special motif as well, along with that very alluring look. Fergie knows full-well how amazingly hot she is, and this pic is a great showcase. Again, the pics of her dousing herself with milk are hot, but a bit overly so with the sexual overtones. In this case, it just shows how Fergie is a naturally hot gal who can make milk sultry.

10 Double Dutch

Russell James

For a while, Fergie knew she needed a nickname to handle herself more in the business. Sure, “Fergie” was nice, but it needed a spin. As it happened, the choice was obvious. More than once, the singer jokes that whenever she saw a story on “Fergie”, she had to take a moment to figure out if it meant her or Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. The ginger-haired royal became infamous in the 1990s as a tabloid target with her divorce from Prince Andrew, and soon notable for her nutty antics. For a while, Fergie resisted but she finally decided to accept it, thus why her first album was named The Duchess. Thus, Double Duchess fits for the follow-up and she does her best to handle it. This pic shows a lovely style in a white dress, that sexy smirk and a “come hither” look at the camera. Today, most think of Fergie when “The Duchess” is named, and thus fitting for her as a far hotter version of the two women.

9 Stretching

Fergie’s unique looks are from her fun mixed ancestry of Irish, Mexican, Native American and Scottish. Raised at a Roman Catholic high school, she proved her smarts as a straight-A student and a cheerleader. The latter should be no shock given her terrific legs on display in plenty of pictures. Fergie loves to show them off and this pic shows she still has her terrific style in place. The outfit is fun, with nice short to show the legs off and a good blouse. Her balance is terrific, her hair bouncing back to fit it, and that sultry smile on her face. Fergie just looks terrific here and keeps to various exercises to keep in shape. It’s no doubt that she’ll be showing it off more as she goes on tour to promote her new album, and it's remarkable how she’s now divorced and ready to get back on the market and no doubt show off some very hot cheer moves.

8 Made in the Shade

Born and raised in California, Fergie has always been a beach-loving gal. She has admitted being self-conscious about her body in her teens and some weight fluctuations. However, she does her best to build on that and remain in top shape, even after kids. Some call her a “butterface”, which can be argued about. But her body is a knockout, especially in a bikini. This pic comes from a period where Ferguson was testing various hair colors, lightening her natural dark locks up a bit. Thus, she stands out well with this look, the green bikini holding up her very ample bosom and showing her curves off. The mirrored sunglasses are terrific, flashing the reflection of the sun and the beach and the sand behind her adds a special ingredient. Overall, this shows that as hot as the lady is on stage, just at the beach is something fantastic.

7 Ab-Tastic

Fergie at the gym is a common sight. She always had a flair for athletics, being a former cheerleader in high school. That carried over as she pulled herself out of drug addictions, using exercise to help herself out. It continues in motherhood, as she gets back into shape and it’s obvious she has to be in top form for her concerts. After all, it takes a lot to fit into those complex outfits night after night and do some wild performances. Fergie at the gym is great, and paparazzi love to check her out. So it’s no surprise she’s quite proud of showing off how it gives her some killer abs. She does so, boasting her mid-riff with a nice shirt, jeans, and jacket. Fergie smiles as if knowing full-well how much attention she’s getting for them. Whatever one has to say about her facial looks, there’s no denying that Fergie boasts one of the best bodies in music to shine quite well.

6 Super Style

The Super Bowl halftime show has become one of the hottest performances of the year. Once just a dumb bit of parades, the NFL now has packed it with some of the biggest names in the business, out to get the most out of 12 minutes of performance. It’s a daunting thing, handling the quickly assembled stage and trying to top each performance. The Black Eyed Peas were chosen for Super Bowl XLV in 2011, performing a medley of hits with guest appearances by Usher and Slash. However, the performance wasn’t well received, some complaining about their botched lyrics and being off-key. But there’s no denying how hot Fergie looked, not switching costumes a lot like others but sticking to one in particular. It was a great one, showing off her legs, flashing with lights and perfect for this over-the-top escapade. While the performance itself may not have been the Peas’ best, at least Fergie looked hot for it.

5 White Hot

Fergie’s rise to fame has been great and she is known for a strong style and great intelligence. However, she is upfront on how she has gone through some rough times in the past. In her younger years, she got into major trouble with drugs, especially crystal meth. She finally kicked it and has been using hypnotherapy to keep herself clean. Fergie has described it as “a boyfriend you can never get over” and wants to teach others to avoid it. This pic shows a bit of a crystal mode with Fergie in a terrific white unitard focused at the camera. The smoky makeup around her eyes makes it even better and she seems to burn her vision into you. The Duchess is continuing to rise up even after having a family and her tough separation. It’s great seeing her rising up from her rough past to be a star and take off as one of the hottest ladies on the planet.

4 Leggy Knockout

Before her fame with the Black Eyed Peas, Fergie worked with a pop band called Wild Orchid. It included her Kids Incorporated co-star, Renee Sandstrom, but had trouble finding a label and a regular record deal. This led to a bit of Fergie falling into drug use, something she’s deeply ashamed of today. This also included a dose of bisexuality and some wild times, stuff she’s done her best to put behind her. But that sexy status remains and has grown over time. That includes putting her terrific legs on display in hose, and Fergie knows the effect it has. Her dancing experience is well-known in her concerts, and she seems out to prove herself at 43 and now single again. Those legs are among her best features and Fergie knows it, rocking them nicely as much as she does any musical tune to be among the hottest singers alive.

3 A Nice Climb

Her rise has been amazing. From a child star to a troubled teenage time — including drug use and more than a bit of bed-hopping — Fergie finally found fame with the Black Eyed Peas to launch some fantastic hit albums and make her a huge star. From there, she launched her hit solo album with “London Bridge” and other singles. She and the Peas did a guest appearance on Las Vegas which was where she met her future husband. That led to family life, a return to the Peas, and a delay in her career. However, her career was always a great rise in many ways. Thus, it makes sense to do a sexy pic by a ladder with a nice style that shows off her legs and a nice top. She has a bright smile as well, knowing she’s rising up; the ladder seeming to signify her climbing to the top. It’s taken a decade, but Fergie is ready to dominate the charts once more and establish her stardom to show how far she’s been able to climb to reach her goals.

2 Boa Look

This is among the hottest looks ever for Fergie, and one that stands out. It’s amazing to think the woman was once a starlet on the classic show Kids Incorporated about a bunch of kid singers. She showed her pipes there and slowly but surely it led to her great career taking off. Fergie’s style has been unique, working a variety of outfits and handling the fame to her career as both a Pea and her own solo work. With attention on her more than ever following the split and her new album, look for her to step up her game a bit in terms of some sexy stuff. It shows with this amazing look, the shading in the picture showcasing her beautifully. The boa wrapped about her chest is well done, the sexiness not overt but still clear. Her sultry look just makes it hotter and it’s a perfect showcase of her beauty. Duhamel should be kicking himself for letting a lady like this go as it shows how steamy Fergie can be.

1 Mistress of the Night

A big reason to miss Fergie and Duhamel together is how a great couple they made. They were fun on the red carpet, at various events, and just hanging out together. That includes Halloween, as the duo always did their best to have fun outfits to match for the night and hitting a variety of parties. In this case, Fergie chose Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, the classic buxom brunette bombshell. She pulled it off wonderfully with a black dress showing off some leg and very ample cleavage, as well as the gigantic wig. It was a terrific likeness, even the real Elvira had to appreciate it. Fergie looked amazing, having a fun time and looking terrific, and it’s a shame she and Duhamel no longer are going to be able to handle these fun couple outfits down the road. But one hopes Fergie keeps it up for her own sexy costumes.

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