15 Pics Of Denise Richards That'll Make Charlie Sheen Regret Cheating On Her

For years, scientists have spent countless hours trying to uncover the answer behind the world’s greatest mysteries. Is the universe truly infinite? Is time travel possible? And why did Charlie Sheen cheat on the incredibly beautiful Denise Richards? Some questions just can’t be answered. Denise Richards toured the world as a model and left audiences speechless with her performances. Denise Richards has appeared in several memorable films throughout her career, such as Starship Troopers, The World Is Not Enough and Love Actually. She is known for her incredibly breathtaking beauty. Denise Richards found herself in the headlines due to her turbulent marriage to the unpredictable and controversial Charlie Sheen. At one point Charlie Sheen was the highest paid actor on television for his role in Two and a Half Men. Their marriage, problems and divorce were often the center of attention. Charlie Sheen has many vices, including drugs, alcohol and a plethora of women. It was soon revealed that Charlie Sheen had been cheating on his gorgeous wife that contributed to the eventual end of their marriage.

When the news broke that the marriage was over the same question came to everyone’s mind: “Does Charlie Sheen realize how hot Denise Richards is?” Denise Richards is one of the hottest and most beautiful women in the entire world. It would be surprising if Charlie Sheen didn’t wake up every morning regretting his actions. If he doesn’t, these pictures will certainly achieve that. Here is a look at 15 Hot Pics of Denise Richards That’ll Make Charlie Sheen Regret Cheating on Her.


15 Beautiful In Blue

At one point in his life, Charlie Sheen got to wake up next to the incredibly gorgeous Denise Richards. In this pic, Denise Richards is stunningly beautiful in a blue dress showing just how hot she is. In 1991, Denise Richards first met Charlie Sheen on the set of the film Loaded Weapon 1, in which both had cameo roles. They reconnected in 2000 on the set of Good Advice. However, they didn’t start dating until Denise guest starred in an episode of Spin City. They became engaged in 2001 and were married roughly a year later in 2002. The wedding ceremony took place at the estate of Spin City creator Gary David Goldberg. The wedding was a major deal at the time and was widely covered. That was possibly one of Charlie Sheen’s luckiest days of his life and later they had two daughters together.

14 Beautiful Smile


Most people when looking at this picture probably don’t notice the phone in her hands. That’s because the sizzling hot Denise Richards draws all the attention. In this pic she seems to being taking a picture with her phone while wearing a tiny bikini. Not only is Denise Richards smoking hot but is also a fantastic mother to her daughters. Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen have two daughters together, Sam J. Sheen born March 9, 2004, and Lola Rose Sheen born on June 1, 2005. After her marriage to Sheen ended she adopted a third daughter, Eloise Joni Richards, born May 24, 2011. Charlie got remarried to Brooke Mueller and had an equally turbulent marriage. Together they had twin boys, Bob and Max, born March 15, 2009. However, child protective services removed the boys from the home because of Mueller’s increasing drug use. Also, Mueller filed a restraining order against Sheen because she claimed he was insane. Eventually, Denise Richards was given temporary custody of Bob and Max.

13 Red Hot

Denise Richards is so hot that she makes this red dress red hot. She’s looks absolutely stunning and breathtaking in this picture that’ll leave her fans in a love daze. If her fans aren’t careful they might fall in love with this stunning beauty. If Charlie Sheen saw this pic he’d probably fall in love all over again. In 2005, while she was pregnant with their second child, Denise Richards filed for divorce. She later filed for a restraining order against Charlie Sheen as well. He apparently made several death threats to Richards. She also claimed that he had issues with drugs, alcohol and a passion for other women.

12 Ice Cream Melting


In this hot picture, Denise Richards shows off her incredibly hot body in a New York Jets bikini while enjoying some ice cream. At the age of 45 and after having two kids, Denise Richards is clearly the hottest woman in the world. Denise Richards and Charlie’s divorce ended up being a pretty nasty proceeding but it was finalized on November 30, 2006. It also stipulated that he had to stay 300 feet away from Denise Richards and their two daughters except for supervised visits. Richards revealed that at the time she was ostracized from Hollywood and received a lot of hate from his fans. She said in an interview with Us Weekly, “I was surprised how much that affected me work wise… I was perceived as being a lunatic and crazy.” Later, she was heavily criticized for including her daughters in a reality series revolving around her daily life. Charlie Sheen even told his fans to boycott the series. However, this smoking hot beauty was able to overcome the negative backlash. In an interview she said that, “There are people that have [since] come up to me and apologized for drinking the Kool-aid… It was hard.”

11 Simply Gorgeous

In this pic, Denise Richards looks stunning and beautiful in this pink dress. She posses on the grass and her gorgeous smile could light up a room. It seems that the older Richards gets, the hotter she gets. However, she’s always been beautiful and hot, which simply means she gets more beautiful and hotter as she ages. In her early film career she usually played the sweet good girl. However, that changed with her appearance in the highly sexual film, Wild Things. John McNaughton directed Wild Things, which was released on March 20, 1998. The film starred Denise Richards, Neve Campbell, Matt Dillon and Kevin Bacon. It was one of the first times that Richards played a villainous character. It also featured several hot and steamy scenes between Denise Richards and Neve Campbell. Chances are Charlie Sheen avoids watching Wild Things.

10 Seductive Eyes


On May 26, 2008, the reality series Denise Richards: It’s Complicated debuted on the E! Network. The series revolved around Denise Richards and her daughter’s daily lives as she dealt with the fallout and attention she received from her divorce from Charlie Sheen. The series aired for two seasons and was caught up in controversy even before the series premiere. There was some backlash against the series because of the involvement of Richards’ kids. Charlie Sheen was also very unhappy with their involvement. The situation became very nasty when Sheen took Richards to court to prevent her from including the girls. The judge denied Sheen’s request so he urged his fans to boycott the series. They later came to an understanding and the children participated in the series. Denise Richards claims that she simply wanted to show her side of the story when it came to Sheen and the divorce. In this steamy pic, Denise Richards shows off her stunning legs and gorgeous eyes. She strikes a seductive pose that could make Charlie Sheen fall out of his chair.

9 Bond Girl

Getting the chance to be a Bond Girl in a James Bond film is a high honor. It often leads to more exposure from a wider audience. Denise Richards played the role of Bond Girl Dr. Christmas Jones, in the 1999 film, The World Is Not Enough. Michael Apted directed the film, which was released November 8, 1999. The plot revolved around the assassination of a billionaire and James Bond being tasked with protecting the billionaire’s daughter. Denise Richards played Christmas Jones, a nuclear physicist who aides Bond in his mission. Richards said she was attracted to the role because her character was both athletic and brainy. Additionally, she felt the character had more depth than previous Bond Girls. In this picture, she wears a red bikini while showing off her athletic body that is simply stunning. Not only does she make James Bond drool but this pic possibly reminds Charlie Sheen of the gorgeous beauty he gave up.


8 Gorgeous In Purple


Denise Richards looks unbelievably stunning in this purple dress. Charlie Sheen would probably rather not look at his ex-wife looking hotter than the sun. According to Denise Richards, it wasn’t always difficult being with Charlie. In fact, she said that he was a different person when they first met and married. She said, “Charlie, when I married him, he wasn’t a bad boy. He was sober for almost four years. He was a very different person. His lifestyle was very, very different. He was a former bad boy, I guess.” It appears that eventually Charlie returned to his old ways during the marriage. This picture clearly demonstrates that Denise Richards is truly beautiful and gorgeous. There is a good chance that Charlie Sheen kicks himself when he sees his ex-wife looking so incredibly beautiful.

7 Hot Everyday

At one time Charlie Sheen had it all; he had money, fame and was married to this hottie with a body. In this pic, Denise Richards struts her stuff in her yoga attire. She looks incredibly beautiful with her hair up as she goes about her day. In recent years, Richards and Charlie Sheen have been seen together with their daughters. It appears that they’ve tried to work together in raising their children. In 2013, Denise Richards and her daughters moved into a 9,000 square foot mansion owned by Charlie Sheen. This was so Sheen could be closer to his daughters but it was also very convenient for Richards as the girls' school was only about 5 minutes away. However, at the time Sheen was living with adult film star Brett Rossi, who was not pleased with Sheen’s beautiful ex-wife being near their home. Rossi was apparently jealous of Richards and was able to convince Sheen to evict Richards and their daughters from the mansion. The situation became pretty nasty when Sheen wrote a poem about Richards that included him calling her a “pig”. Perhaps, Sheen should look closely at this smoking hot picture of Denise Richards showing off her incredible beauty before calling her a “pig”.

6 Simply Beautiful


In this picture, Denise Richards looks gorgeous rocking this simple black dress. She shows off her beautiful legs that’ll leave her fans in a daze. In her younger days, Denise Richards modeled all over the world, including in Paris and New York. Later, she appeared in several memorable TV shows of the 90s, such as Beverley Hills, 90210, Seinfeld and Married… with Children. After her breakthrough she made several guest appearances in numerous popular series, including Spin City, Friends and Two and a Half Men. In recent years she appeared in Blue Mountain State, Twisted and 30 Rock. In 2009, She was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars. In 2011, she released her memoirs, The Real Girl Next Door, which became a New York Times Best Seller. She continues to be successful and she continues to be smoking hot.

5 Denise Richards Is Winning

In this pic, Denise Richards wears an elegant green dress that shows off just a tiny bit of her legs. She looks smoking hot here and it would be surprising if Charlie Sheen didn’t look at this picture and become all hot and bothered. That’s pretty much what happens to anyone that looks at this pic. Following their divorce, Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen continued to have their problems. They were often locked in court battles over the custody of their daughters. However, Charlie Sheen married for a third time with his marriage to Brooke Muller. His third marriage was very turbulent, abusive and filled with drug use from both. In 2011, he was fired from Two and a Half Men after publicly insulting series creator, Chuck Lorre. Sheen had a very public meltdown and coined the phrase, “winning". Unfortunately for Sheen this sizzling hot picture of Denise Richards proves that Sheen is doing anything but winning.

4 Young Denise Richards


In this pic, Denise Richards wears a short dress that shows off her smoking hot legs. It’s from her younger days and this pic demonstrates that some people are just beautiful forever. Denise Richards is now very happy with her body but in her younger days, she didn’t feel that way. In 1990 at the age of 19 she had a rushed breast implant procedure. She admits to not researching the plastic surgeon that ended up giving her larger breasts than she had anticipated. She found a new doctor to have a corrective surgery but again ended up with larger breasts than she wanted.

She’s much happier with her body now and said: "This is the size I wanted them to look at 19! There's a long investment with breast implants. They're not going to last a lifetime and things can go wrong." She went on to say, "I'm happy with them now, but in a year that could change." In addition to being hot and beautiful she’s also done some charity work. She’s appeared on Access Hollywood in a monthly segment for shelter dogs up for adoption. She’s involved with several animal welfare programs, such as Best Friends Animal Society.

3 Long Black Dress

Denise Richards looks unbelievably beautiful as she struts her stuff in this long black dress. It’s amazing that Richards can look stunning and gorgeous pretty much all the time. This picture will certainly leave her fans and Charlie Sheen in a daze because of her incredible beauty. There were many reasons for the end of Richards and Sheen's marriage. He returned to his bad boy ways and was known for his abusiveness, alcohol and drug use. He also cheated on the smoking hot Denise Richards with his assistant. Sheen had a history of cheating and enjoyment of escorts. In 1995, he was named as one of the clients of Heidi Fleiss and her escort agency. In 2008, Sheen married his third wife Brooke Mueller, and the marriage soon broke down. It was revealed that Sheen had cheated on Brooke with an escort and allegedly did so in the bed he shared with his now third ex-wife. 

2 Too Hot To Handle


Denise Richards turns heads and makes tongues roll in this hot black bikini. It might be a bit surprising to some after looking at her incredible body that she has given birth to two children. Things between Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen improved and they have attempted to work things out for the sake of their children. However, they do continue to have problems from time to time. In 2010, Charlie Sheen gave sole custody of his daughters to Denise Richards. She was given sole custody because of Charlie Sheen’s personal issues. She was later given temporary custody of Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s twins due to concerns over drug use in the house. Denise Richards had previously taken care of the twins while Brooke attended rehab. Additionally, both Sheen and Richards have made cameos in each other’s work. In 2012, Denise Richards made an appearance in Charlie Sheen’s series Anger Management. Later in the year, Sheen made an appearance in Richards' film Madea’s Witness Protection.

1 Pretty In Pink

Denise Richards shows off her incredible beauty in this pink dress that is barely staying on. In 2004, Denise Richards posed nude for Playboy, which caused many of her fans to pass out from pure joy. She is widely regarded as one of the hottest and most beautiful women in the world. She has appeared on Maxim's Hot 100 list and FHMs 100 Sexiest Women list several times. Her posing for Playboy came at a time when she was having a difficult time in her relationship with Charlie Sheen. It was also a few months after she gave birth for the first time. She said in an interview, "I wanted to encourage women that it's OK to embrace your sexuality even though you're a mom.” She also revealed that her difficulties with Sheen took an emotional toll on her. She said, “At the same time, I was having some problems in my marriage and I didn't feel sexy and felt I had to prove something." In this picture, she poses in a short little dress showing off her beautiful legs, while giving a devilish look to the camera. This sizzling hot picture leaves the rest to the imagination.

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