15 Pics Of Clint Eastwood's Hot Daughters He Doesn't Want You To See

Clint Eastwood has five daughters, and they’re all sexy and have a bit of a wild streak. Kimber Eastwood is his eldest daughter. She was born to a woman Eastwood was having an affair with, Roxanne Tunis. Alison was born nearly a decade later. Her mother is Maggie Johnson, a woman to whom Eastwood was married for over thirty years. Rumors suggest that he frequently cheated on his first wife. In 1988, he fathered Kathryn Reeves. He was still living with his wife, Maggie, when he conceived the two children he’d have with their mother, Jacelyn Reeves. His youngest daughters are Francesca and Morgan, both of whom have different mothers. Francesca’s mother is the actress Frances Fisher. Morgan’s mother is Dina Ruiz, Eastwood’s second wife. They married in 1993, and although there were no verifiable allegations of infidelity during that time, they divorced in 2013.

It seems Eastwood has changed his playboy ways, but his daughters seem to just be beginning theirs. Despite having a ridiculous number of kids and a laundry list of former lovers, Eastwood is kind of an uptight guy. Politically, he’s a conservative. He’s a registered Republican and once held office as the Republican mayor of Carmel-by-the-sea, California. He’s not a staunch conservative; he's more libertarian-leaning and is pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-environmental protection, and anti-war. Despite these progressive values, it’s unlikely Eastwood would want you ogling these photos of his daughters. From Francesca’s drunken antics to Alison’s centerfold spread in Playboy, Eastwood’s daughters are as unhinged as their wild dad.

15 Francesca Topless On A Florida Beach

Somewhere in Florida, a series of photos were taken of Francesca sunbathing to avoid tan lines. The 23-year-old had no qualms going topless on a public beach. There were few people about, but there was a photographer there to capture it all. Unfortunately, we can’t show the more risqué photos, but these were taken just moments before and after she ditched her top. It’s unlikely Clint Eastwood is happy that topless photos of Francesca (or any of his daughters) are floating around, but Fran seemed perfectly comfortable losing her top. She even went as far as to stretch and pose, so it’s likely she knew the photographer was hanging about and wanted him to photograph her. Who can blame her? She’s got a great body and all the trappings of a professional model. She’s got it, so she should flaunt it. Too bad she has a boyfriend. She’s dating Clifton Collins Jr., one of the stars of Westworld and 2013’s Pacific Rim.

14 Alison Eastwood’s Playboy Spread

Alison was a Playboy cover girl in February 2003. She took it all off for the magazine in a daring, country-themed spread. She bared it all, but it’s unknown if this embarrassed her famous dad. Little is known about Alison and Clint’s relationship, but around election season, she posted some stuff to her Instagram that would suggest they maybe don’t get along. She posted a picture of an “I Voted” sticker, which included the message: “I Voted and now Dad and I don’t talk anymore.” It’s unknown if this indicates more serious problems in the relationship. As far as her Playboy cover goes, Eastwood has never officially commented on his daughter’s daring choice. Alison told the New York Post that as far as she knew, her dad was “fine” with it, or, at least, that’s what her mom and stepmom told her. Alison admitted she didn’t tell her dad about the nude photo shoot before she agreed to it.

13 Morgan And A Friend Showing Off Their Assets

Morgan’s Instagram is a debaucherous place full of scantily clad photos and party pictures. 20-year-old Morgan seems to know how to have a good time and always seems to be doing something silly with her friends. She’s an outgoing girl, and beautiful, just like her sisters. Her A-list dad doesn’t have an Instagram, but if he did, he may not follow his youngest daughter because of photos like this. Most dads don’t want to see their daughter’s *ahem* assets, nor, do they want others to look at them, too. But Morgan wants the attention. She lists her career as "actress" but has only had a few minor roles in her dad’s films. In 2008’s Changeling, she played “Girl on Tricycle.” In 2004’s Million Dollar Baby, she played “Little Girl in Truck.” She also starred as herself on the family’s short-lived reality show, Mrs. Eastwood & Company. Her wild and sexy Instagram can only help her career, so hopefully, her dad understands.

12 Alison In The Buff In The 90s

Of all the Eastwood daughters, Alison had the biggest wild streak. Luckily for her, most of her antics took place before paparazzi could use the Internet to hunt down celebrities. Since then, she’s calmed down and doesn’t get into too much trouble. Back in the 90s, she frequently appeared in b-movies with sexy plots, but she also had problems with drugs and alcohol. In 1999, she was arrested for drunk driving, but judges let her off easy. She received probation, and her mug shot hasn’t seen the light of day. What can be found online are these 90s bad girl photos she had taken. Alison is a real beauty, and she had that awesome bad-girl image back in the 90s. She frequently posed nude for magazines and other photo shoots, and now, all those photos are just a Google search away. She was the quintessential 90s girl with a long bob haircut, sun-kissed skin, and jet-black eyeliner.

11 Morgan Looking A Little Too Lolita

Morgan is twenty, so it’s legally okay to be attracted to her; however, she’s selling a childish Lolita-esque look in this picture. The sunglasses, the ice cream cone… They're all selling a barely-legal look, and that’s a nightmare for any dad. Clearly, Morgan wants attention. She captioned the photo, “Hi.” And with more than 6,000 comments, she got exactly what she wanted. A lot of her fans even commented “Lolita,” so I’m not the only one who thinks she’s channeling the Russian-American novelist Vladimir Nabokov’s controversial character. If you haven’t read the book, you may have seen either of the two disturbing films based on the book, one directed by Stanley Kubrick, the other directed by Adrian Lyne and starring Jeremy Irons. It’s the Kubrick film that features a young Lolita sporting a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses and sucking on a lollypop. Both films are very disturbing because there’s nothing sexy about pedo behavior, unless, of course, you’re a perv… Morgan can do what she wants, but she may want to consider less controversial poses if she cares at all what her dad thinks…

10 Francesca In A Skimpy Swimsuit

Francesca shared this photo on her Instagram and captioned it: “Time to redecorate.” Except no one was looking at the well-decorated modern space surrounding her. All comments were on her barely-there bikini, and that’s obviously what she wanted. Word to Francesca: you don’t need to make up an excuse to show off your body because that’s exactly what your fans want you to do. It’s just probably not what your dad wants. The last thing any dad wants is for 2,000 thirsty dudes to comment on his daughter’s pictures things like, “That body, damn…” and “That’s one way to keep paint off your clothes!” Who can disagree? Francesca has admitted she struggled with weight issues until she started taking spinning class, and clearly her hard work in the gym has paid off. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Unfortunately, Francesca has some haters, too. A few less-inspired folks commented that she's “dying for attention” and that she needs “to eat a hamburger.”

9 Francesca Before Her Bath

His daughters may be the reason Clint Eastwood doesn’t have an Instagram. As a father, he’d be logging in every day to see photos like this… And, there are very few dads who want to see their daughters in various stages of undress. In this photo, Francesca is enjoying her rich digs in a barely-there couture robe. Pictures, such as this one, have had TMZ and other paparazzi rags speculating that Francesca has had some work done, specifically that she has breast implants. Fake or not, she looks great, and there’s no shame in her game. Probably, though, if he had his way, Eastwood would cancel his daughter’s Instagram, wrap her in an oversized robe, and demand she stop showing off her body in this way. He isn’t exactly known for promoting heightened sexuality. His career has been more badass than grabass, but his daughters understand the age-old Hollywood wisdom that sex sells.

8 Francesca And Morgan “Smoking”

The youngest Eastwood girl, Morgan, shared this to her Instagram for her older sister’s 22nd birthday. She and Francesca are wielding cigarettes, which could be interpreted to promote smoking. The caption reads, “Happy 22nd birthday to my sister @francescaeastwood! Throwback to the days of chocolate cigarettes and getting yelled at for playing Titanic in hotel hallways.” Okay, the cigarettes aren’t real; they’re made of chocolate, but it’s still odd to see a little kid smoking (even if it’s just simulated smoking). Clint may want to ask himself where his daughters learned how to hold cigarettes like that. This picture isn’t that big a deal, but a lot of the commenters were dismayed that Morgan was so young and such a nasty habit was being promoted. They argue that children shouldn’t know what cigarettes are and certainly shouldn’t be photographed pretending to smoke. Both Francesca and Morgan have grown up a lot since this photo was taken.

7 Francesca Accused Of Breaking Into Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Home

Back in late 2014, Francesca had a particularly nasty breakup with her boyfriend, Tyler Shields. She and a few friends visited his home while he wasn’t on the property, and his neighbors notified the police. With police looking on, Francesca continued to carry stuff out of Shields’s home. This is normal after a break-up; sometimes, the leaving partner has to retrieve belongings that were at the ex’s home (toothbrushes, plants, pictures, clothing, etc.). In this case, it’s not exactly clear what Francesca was up to. According to Shields, when he returned home that evening, he found his front door window was smashed and alleged it was Francesca who did the smashing; however, police refused to charge her with burglary because her name was still on the home’s lease. Shields was clearly distressed by the broken glass, but when reporters questioned him, he did the right thing and didn't implicate Francesca, nor talk poorly about her.

6 Francesca And Ex-Husband Jordan Feldstein

For a week in 2013, Francesca was married to actor Jonah Hill’s brother. Jordan Feldstein may be a relatively obscure person, but he's a successful music producer. He manages Maroon 5, so it’s not like he was just some actor’s creepy brother. It’s rumored, but unverifiable, that Francesca and Jordan briefly dated. What's completely verifiable is that the two were married while on vacation in Las Vegas in a secret ceremony. The couple were hitched in front of an Elvis Presley impersonator at the famous Simple Wedding Chapel. Sources close to Francesca say that she immediately regretted the nuptials, so she rushed into an annulment almost as fast as she had rushed into the marriage. Her father was relatively silent on the issue, but her stepmother, Dina Eastwood, told E! that the wedding wasn’t a publicity stunt. “They don’t get that they are tied to Clint Eastwood or that they have a little bit of success on their own,” said Dina. “So, [Francesca] calls me and says, ‘I didn’t think anyone would find out.’ Are you sh-tting me? Like what are you doing? Get home. I just want to ring her neck, but I am going to hug her, too.”

5 Kathryn Eastwood On The Set Of Virus Of The Dead

Compared to her sisters, the lovely Kathryn Eastwood keeps a relatively low profile. She’s an actress, but she’s yet to find her breakout role. She does alright at the craft, but hardly anyone’s seen her biggest role to date. She starred in one of the segments of the anthology zombie horror flick, Virus of the Dead. The film was shown at a festival and looks horrific, but little is known about its content (if it’s good or not). There are few professional reviews for the low-budget film, but check out Kathryn. She looks terrifying as a zombie. Who’d want to see their daughter like that? As a parent, a picture like this one is likely to scare Eastwood. Plus, if the movie turns out to be a flop (and it’s looking that way), Eastwood may be embarrassed simply because she's his legacy and choosing films he’d never choose to act in himself.

4 Francesca Burns A $100,000 Birkin Bag

Francesca probably didn’t know taking part in an art project (aka publicity stunt) would result in hundreds of online death threats. At the time, she was dating Tyler Shields, and they had the grand idea to film and photograph her destroying a $100,000 Birkin bag. People saw this as Marie Antoinette, ala “Let them eat cake,” bourgeoisie and materialistic behavior. It was wrong to do and likely embarrassed her famous dad and the rest of her family. Some people were so angered by Francesca’s behavior they sent her death threats on Facebook and Twitter. “Some of us actually have to work and live check 2 check, spoiled rotten b---ch to burn 100k bag,” said one commenter. Another wrote, “You’re a stupid wh—e. How f---ing dumb can you be.” Not to nitpick because I agree Francesca made a bad choice, but the commenters aren’t making themselves look much smarter with that grammar… Among the worst messages, was this gem: “You should kill urself, ungrateful b—ch – wasted money when families can’t eat.” It’s safe to assume Fran won’t be burning any more bags anytime soon.

3 Alison In Sexy 90s Rom-Coms

Alison co-starred in a lot of B-movies in the 90s and early 2000s, including the sexy romantic comedies, The Spring, Just a Little Harmless Sex, and Friends & Lovers. These films, about twenty-somethings looking for love, feature steamy sex scenes that are so NSFW. Alison wasn’t afraid to bare it all during the postmodern 90s and early aughts of the millennium, and she made a name for herself as a bad girl with a perfect body. There aren’t many dads who want people to ogle their daughter, so it can be assumed that Clint Eastwood wouldn’t want you looking at stills from her various intimate scenes. Unfortunately for him, Alison stripped down for nearly every role she had that decade, including a celluloid intimate scene in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, which was cut from the film but can be found on YouTube. For even more Alison, check out the films If You Only Knew and The Lost Angel.

2 The Forgotten Child

Clint Eastwood seems like an okay dad, but for a long time, he wished no one knew about his eldest daughter, Kimber Tunis Eastwood. Kimber keeps a relatively low profile compared to her sisters, but she’s spoken publicly about her relationship with her dad. From 1960 to 1975, he was involved in a secret relationship with his Rawhide co-star, the beautiful Roxanne Tunis. Together, they made Kimber, but the birth was kept secret. Roxanne Tunis told no one who Kimber’s father was, but it’s rumored their Rawhide costars were well-aware of the relationship and the child it produced. The rest of the world wouldn’t learn about Kimber’s existence until 1989 when the National Enquirer broke the story. Although Kimber doesn’t speak to the press that much about her father, in 1997, she told an interviewer that she “tried to make an appointment to see him, but he always has other commitments.” Eastwood himself has spoken little of his eldest daughter, so maybe he wishes we’d all just forget she exists.

1 Francesca With Clifton Collins Jr.

No dad wants their daughter with a much older man, so Clint Eastwood probably wouldn’t want you looking at pictures of Francesca with her older man, Clifton Collins Jr. The actor is twice Francesca’s age; he’s 46 years old! Although there’s quite an age difference between them, Clifton and Francesca get along well enough. They’re frequently spotted on their date nights, alternating between casual eateries and high-end restaurants. They frequent nightclubs together, so it seems Clifton is young at heart. But would she be with him if he didn’t have a big role on Westworld or have roles in Pacific Rim and indie comedy, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World? Would she care at all if he wasn’t the voice of Scar and Weasel on Hub’s Pound Puppies? Just kidding. I doubt she cares about that last one. Francesca’s pretty wealthy all on her own, so I’m going to engage my suspension of disbelief and defend this relationship. These two are totally in love, and they’ll probably be together forever…Forever, by the way, is about a year in Hollywood…

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