16Kim, Michelle And Friends Enjoy The Yacht Life

Michelle Rodriguez isn’t who you’d think of when it comes to a wild party lifestyle. The actress became famous for the Fast and the Furious movies, known for her tough mentality and open on her sexuality. She hit Dubai when filming Fast 7 which included a

scene of her fighting Ronda Rousey. Perhaps more surprising is that Rodriguez struck up a friendship with Kim Kardashian. That led to this trip as the Kardashians took Rodriguez with some other friends on a boat trip around the city. Clearly, you can see Rodriguez keeping to her own style, a tank top and jeans while Kim, Khloe and the rest are in hot dresses. Yet Rodriguez still looks very hot with her own special aura and actually seems to be having a good time. She did some skydiving there too which was clearly more in her wheelhouse as an adrenaline junkie. The idea of the action heroine and the Kardashians as friends may be offbeat but it did make for a very nice sight.

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