16 Pics Of Celebs Living It Up In Dubai

The largest city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has transformed itself majorly in the last decade. Not just in terms of business but also for its popularity with the world of entertainment. Located by the Persian Gulf allows a lot of shipping and a large amount of beaches which has given rise to some of the most elite resorts in the world. Thanks to trading and oil, the region is quite rich and allows itself to be shown as a glamorous place. Dubai has wisely welcomed the influence of the West and that allows it to be seen as far more attractive than much of the Middle East. True, its wildly expensive prices mean you have to be pretty rich to stay even a night but if you can, you’re in for a great experience.

The city has been shown in movies like Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and others that enhance its glamour. That makes it a great place to stop by for various celebrities. Some come for movie shoots, others for events and some just for a vacation but all seem to have a good time. True, the heat is major but offset by the cool nights and the lovely ocean breezes. From riding camels to boating to the variety of clubs, Dubai is a terrific getaway for the rich and famous. For many famous ladies, the city is a wonderful place to really cut loose and they enjoy showing off. Here are 15 pics of ladies enjoying Dubai and why it’s so popular.

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16 Kim, Michelle And Friends Enjoy The Yacht Life

Michelle Rodriguez isn’t who you’d think of when it comes to a wild party lifestyle. The actress became famous for the Fast and the Furious movies, known for her tough mentality and open on her sexuality. She hit Dubai when filming Fast 7 which included a scene of her fighting Ronda Rousey. Perhaps more surprising is that Rodriguez struck up a friendship with Kim Kardashian. That led to this trip as the Kardashians took Rodriguez with some other friends on a boat trip around the city. Clearly, you can see Rodriguez keeping to her own style, a tank top and jeans while Kim, Khloe and the rest are in hot dresses. Yet Rodriguez still looks very hot with her own special aura and actually seems to be having a good time. She did some skydiving there too which was clearly more in her wheelhouse as an adrenaline junkie. The idea of the action heroine and the Kardashians as friends may be offbeat but it did make for a very nice sight.

15 Nightclub Paris

You can say a lot about Paris Hilton. She pretty much invented the “famous for being famous” mantra that’s been used by numerous folks since. Hot for a time with a reality TV show and fame, Hilton is also infamous for her ego, some clashes with the law and a bed-hopping past. But when it comes to glamour, she goes all out and that includes Dubai trips. Sometimes she’s alone, other times with pals (like on-off friend Kim Kardashian) and even her sister Nicky. Paris continues to treat a trip to Dubai the same way some folks would go to a local lake house. She may do nothing of note but she does it very well.

14 Bella Skydives

Supermodels and Dubai just seem to go together well. Victoria’s Secret has done numerous shows and shoots there as the country just adds to a lush lifestyle. As one of the top models around, it should be no surprise Bella Hadid has hit Dubai a few times. The model enjoys the parties and events such as a boat trip with various folks in blue bikinis. But Hadid showed her wild side by agreeing to go skydiving while there. She clearly had a great time, going all out with the jump and while she may look like she’s screaming, she tweeted “never felt so calm in my life.” She even compared to “flying with the angels” as she took the drop. True, she was with an instructor but still pretty daring to risk herself on a big leap like that. At least she had a good time and it made sense to have one lady of Victoria’s Secret enjoying a true flight.

13 New Year’s Rocking

Now here’s a great way to ring in the New Year. As 2014 moved into 2015, Selena Gomez hit Dubai for some year-end parties and a nice vacation. She wasn’t alone as joining her were some friends such as Shay Mitchell, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Mitchell shared some videos and photos such as skydiving and enjoying the sights while Gomez had a fun time as well. This pic shows the ladies gathered together and clearly enjoying the nice night life of the city. They all look terrific, Gomez in a lovely sequins gown while Mitchell is in a very nicely designed dress. The night background of the city makes it look better and they’re all clearly having a good time. It showcases the power of Dubai and why the city is the best way to ring out the old year and welcome the new in grand style.

12 Alessandra Is No Secret

It’s hard not to be notable when you’re a Victoria’s Secret model. Alessandra Ambrosio sure proves that. The lady has hit Dubai several times in various events for the line and always looking terrific during it all. She also had a great time posting pics such as emerging from a lagoon like Ursula Andress (“Bond style”) and hanging around the popular Polo Classic event. She would run sand in her hands in the desert and robes and hood for the night life (“Arabian nights.”) Of course, she couldn’t stay away from the beaches and for that, fans should be grateful. Ambrosio rocked a fantastic bikini and looked great, the sun at just the right level to shade her wonderfully. The models always have a great time in Dubai and Ambrosio just makes it an out of this world trip which is a key reason the beaches of the city as such a popular spot.

11 Desert Katy

Anything Katy Perry does is a big deal from TV appearances to the Super Bowl. So it made a bit of sense in 2015 when she did an invitation-only Airshow Gala concert at the Atlantis resort in Dubai. It was a big event, Perry performing her hits and going pretty all out. She also took in the sights and naturally the lovely waters of the city. Like many a celebrity, Perry also took part in some tours of the area. That included camel rides and she took this shot while out. It’s a fantastic one, Perry framed by the sun, hair blowing back and a great outfit that matches the camel’s carpet. Somehow Perry always manages to dominate a camera and even if she’s more clad than in many of her pictures, she’s having a good time, tweeting the pic out with “I Love Dubai.” She sure seems to as the desert seems to love her back by making her look so glamorous.

10 Selena On Safari

Selena Gomez clearly loves having a good time. The former Disney Channel starlet has become a successful actress and a major hit music recording artist. With her sexy manner and yet fun humor, she’s attained a huge following that she uses well. Gomez had to cancel a 2016 concert due to health issues with rumors of a near-breakdown. It’s a shame as she clearly loves going there, including a trip with several friends like Shay Mitchell. Gomez enjoys the night life but can also be fun hanging around the actual desert area and touring the place. This pic shows her in a native garb of cloak around her head to block the elements. She also has a peregrine falcon on her hand, a bit of a surprising touch. It showcases how Gomez gets into the Dubai mentality and looks great so one can hope she enjoys herself more on her next trip.

9 Kardashians Get Wild

That title can easily lend to something a bit different but it shows how the reality show clan always enjoy a vacation in Dubai. They go pretty out there and several episodes of their TV shows follow them around. Such a case is this trip as Kim looks lovely in the desert setting, a smile on her face and clearly loving the attention. She and mom Kris Jenner were shown doing some shopping and gossiping, hitting the major shot spots and having a good time. No doubt pushed by producers, the two took a camel ride, both laughing wildly as they were pulled along with Kim clearly having some trouble keeping up. It did work out and adds to the funny vibe the gals have which does make them popular. Kim really did seem to have a good time and shows off nicely in Dubai to bring a bit more heat to the desert sun.

8 Demi Rocks It Out

Demi Lovato has proven herself a survivor. She was just another squeaky-clean Disney starlet with a TV show (Sonny With a Chance) and doing various music deals. But then she had a public breakdown, quitting the tour to go to rehab for issues involving depression and even cutting. Emerging stronger, Lovato has now gone on to further success, open about her past and not above flaunting her body in magazine shoots. Lovato had been scheduled for some Dubai shows but had to cancel due to various issues. She finally hit it in 2017, doing photos of her and her crew on a camel ride and having a good time. But the concert was a truly amazing one, Lovato going all out with a wild time and loving it. The outfit was terrific, dark, sheer in places but not overtly so and fitting for her nice form. The show was a showcase for how Lovato has grown stronger as a woman and performer to give the Dubai crowds a good time.

7 Lana’s Hot Honeymoon

CJ Perry is a throwback to the old days of wrestling where you had “Russian Heels” played by Americans. While her real-life husband Rusev is from Bulgaria, Lana was born in Florida and lives in Nashville. But she soon became a major crowd favorite as this “wicked Russian” in very hot suits and a nice accent. She and Rusev have had ups and downs in creative but in real life are a true couple. Their wedding was a classic Bulgarian one with a band and plenty of dancing. For the honeymoon, the two hit Dubai and Lana hinted that there were plenty of pics not fit for public viewing. What could be seen were her and Rusev enjoying the sights and hiking around and even enjoying the night life. The two truly seem to be in love and having a great time as Dubai is a popular honeymoon spot. She may be a wicked lady in the ring but this pic shows Lana enjoys a fun time on her own.

6 JLo Steams It Up

There isn’t a field of entertainment Jennifer Lopez hasn’t dominated. Music, movies, TV (both as star of Shades of Blue and judge of World of Dance), J’Lo has been terrific. She’s hit Dubai a few times, often for concerts where she cuts loose with some terrific dance and song numbers to rock crowds. She also enjoys the club life, as shown by this pic of Lopez at the popular Cavalli Club in the city. She’s wearing a nice nearly sheer but printed top and white pants, great with her always top-notch form. Lopez has a bright smile highlighted by her colored lipstick and the purse tops it off. The club was celebrating its third anniversary as one of the hottest places in town and Lopez was with several local models and beauty queens. Yet this outfit put them to shame to remind everyone there’s only one Jenny From the Block.

5 Lohan Party Style

Given her infamous partying history, it comes as no surprise that Lindsay Lohan has hit Dubai. True, Lohan has been doing her best to clean up her act and handle things better but it’s hard not to see her at a club in any city she goes to and so she hit the Dubai nightlife. This shows her having a good time, blowing a kiss at the camera in a nice dress to show off her legs. Lohan headed to Dubai again in late 2016 but then surprised everyone by revealing it wasn’t just a brief party stop. In early 2017, she wiped her social media clean with the message of “assalam alaikum” which translates to “peace be upon you.” Lohan soon made Dubai her residence for a time as she took a break to recharge before heading back to London for some filming. While reports of any wild stuff were low, one can be forgiven in thinking Lohan made Dubai’s night-life even crazier.

4 Rihanna Goes Dark

The superstar singer is no stranger to controversy (just ask Chris Brown). But she caused a major fuss in 2013 when hitting Dubai as part of her concert tour. Clad in an all-black outfit, Rihanna did a photo shoot outside the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. She probably thought it was okay as it’s far more concealing than many of her outfits, covering her mostly up with hood and long sleeves. However, she was asked to leave as it was felt she was “violating the sanctity” of the mosque. When the photos hit, it caused a fuss, many feeling it was disrespectful and even sacrilegious. Other backed her up as having her own style and covered up but it can be argued several of the poses are a bit much. It makes sense that later trips had Rihanna keeping a more low-key profile with only a few selfies as having a good time is nice but ticking off the country is another.

3 Stephanie Takes In The Opera

Professional wrestling is a bit of a “soap opera” already, mixing athletics with entertainment. Stephanie McMahon has grown up in that world and evolved amazingly well for fans. She started as just an innocent young lady who’d be kidnapped before turning into the wicked “Billion Dollar Princess” helping husband HHH as the top heel couple. As time has gone on, Stephanie has stepped up in a true leadership role in the company, a mother and cares for the workers and the business. Earlier in 2017, she headed to Dubai to take part in a Leadership conference of major women in business. She also took to talking about WWE’s partnership with UAE and clearly helping push the brand there. Stephanie also took in the sights with parties and this pic showcases her outside an opera house, something that may pertain to her with wrestling. As hot as the various ladies of WWE are, Stephanie shows why she’s the boss in so many ways.

2 Penelope Cruises Along

Some women just don’t seem to be touched by age. Penelope Cruz is one of them. The Oscar-winning actress remains as stunning a knockout today as when she broke out in the late 1990s. Putting her in a setting like Dubai just adds to her amazing sexiness. Cruz has attended several posh parties and occasional film festivals and the sight of her on the red carpet in a glamorous dress never fails to suck up the cameras. She also enjoys downtime with the sights, including the boat docks where posh parties take place. While Cruz in a bikini is a stunning sight, even just a regular dress is amazing. This proves it, the light dress looking amazing on her curvaceous body, hair swept back and overall a true vision. True, a bikini is great but just wearing this dress is enough to get heads turning and imagining things much hotter around her. Cruz was promoting a Sama by Damas jewel line but this pic shows she’s the true jewel in the desert.

1 Eva Goes Glam

The former Desperate Housewives star brings the heat wherever she goes. So just imagine what she’s like in a desert city. Eva Longoria has hit the place a few times with then-husband Tony Parker but has stepped up trips since their divorce and her engagement to Jose Antonio Baston. One trip was notable for her and Melanie Griffith palling around, including a wild bit of Longoria lying on the street in a fancy suit while Griffith stood over her. But better is when Longoria took part in the various charity work and events of the city. This from a 2016 party showcases Longoria’s lovely form in a lush black dress, looking amazing as ever despite her small size. Longoria always manages to look stunning and so it makes sense she brings her A-game to a Dubai party to add a little Texas heat to an already smoldering country.

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